Ice-type Appreciation: Pokémon

One of the oft-neglected Pokémon types is Ice; their attacks are great for taking down formidable Dragon-type opponents, but the typing leaves much to be desired in terms of defense. It’s for this reason that they have often struggled competitively and now even have to contend with Fairy Pokémon trying to take their spot on teams.

There are still plenty of cool choices among the coldest Pokémon though. Collectors have often sought them for their beauty and style even if they fell short in battles. Generation I included no pure Ice-type Pokémon but did introduce us to classics such as Jynx, Lapras, Articuno and more. Further generations only bolstered the number of Ice-types available and even added an Eeveelution to the mix.

Let us know in the comments below your favorite Ice-type Pokémon from each generation, any memorable anime episodes featuring the type and any other stories you remember!