Showdown: Villainous Teams — Round I: Leaders

Showdown is back and better than ever! For those that don’t know what our Showdown series is, or need a reminder: Showdown is where we hold a series of polls on our site and ask readers to vote for their top choice until we found our champion.

Showdown: Villainous Teams will work a little differently this time however: rather than a winner from each round moving forward into a finale vote-off, votes from each round will influence the final score one all rounds are complete. This time will have four rounds: Round 1: Leaders, Round 2: Grunts, Round 3: Plans, Round 4: Overall. The final winner will be the team that receives the most OVERALL votes.

You can pick your favourite by voting in the polls on the site. At the end of the voting period, we’ll add up all the votes, publish a results post and get started on the next round!

NOTE I: Teams that appear in more than one Generation are classed as one team. For example: Team Aqua from Generation III is classed as the same as the Team Aqua from Generation VI and will receive combined votes. This also means Generation III Archie and Generation VI Archie will have their vote combined, for example.

NOTE II: Team Rainbow Rocket and Aether Foundation have also been excluded from this series.

Voting periods will run for one week at a time and new rounds will begin on the following dates:

Round I: Leaders — December 2nd
Round II: Grunts & Admin — December 9th
Round III: Plans — December 16th
Round IV: Overall — December 23rd
Winner Announcements — December 30th

Up first in Round I are the leaders of each villainous team. These are responsible for giving guidance to their teams and often the main “bad guy” trainers face in their Pokémon adventures. Every region has had their own unique team excluding Johto, who share Team Rocket with the Kanto region.

Giovanni: Team Rocket Leader

Appears in: RBY, FRLG, HGSS, BW, B2W2, USUM

Giovanni is the Leader of the original villainous team, Team Rocket. Team Rocket has appeared in the largest number of Pokémon games, in many different iterations. Giovanni himself is the only Team Leader to hold a Gym Leader position.

Many of Giovanni’s actions within story events reflect upon his selfish nature. He has abandoned his team on several occasions, despite this they still remain loyal to him.

Giovanni also leads Team Rainbow Rocket in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Maxie: Team Magma Leader

Appears in: RSE, ORASUSUM

Maxie leads Team Magma in the Hoenn Region. He wishes to create an ideal world for humanity. Maxie is often calm yet sensitive in game, making his true personality difficult to understand. He pays extreme attention to the tiniest of details, but believes that some sacrifices cannot be avoided if he is to achieve his goals.

Maxie is able to utilise the power of of Mega Evolution and Mega Evolves his Camerupt during battles.

Archie: Team Aqua Leader

Appears in: RSE, ORASUSUM

Team Aqua is lead by Archie, who dreams of creating a perfect world for Pokémon to live in. Due to his big heart he has earned unending loyalty from subordinates within his team. Despite this, he does not care for the wellbeing of himself or his team if it means he can achieve his ultimate goal.

Archie is a Mega Evolution user and will boost the power of his Sharpedo using it.

Cyrus: Team Galactic Leader

Appears in: DPPtUSUM

Cyrus heads Team Galactic and is perhaps the most twisted of all the Team Leaders. His childhood rejection led him to believe the problems of the world were caused by emotion. Ultimately he dreamed of destroying the universe, so he could create another with himself as its god.

Cyrus is often portrayed with little to no emotion and is happy to exclude himself in the unknown after being defeated by trainers in the Distortion World.

Colress & Ghetsis: Team Plasma Leaders

Colress appears in: B2W2, SM, USUM
Ghetsis appears in: BW, B2W2, USUM

(Note: Ghetsis unpictured)

Ghetsis and Colress are leaders of Team Plasma in Black/White and Black 2/White 2 respectively. Ghetsis at first appears to be a kind-hearted individual merely wanting the best for Pokémon. However, as events progress his true megalomaniac personality becomes apparent. He is willing to stop at nothing in order to achieve his dream of liberating Pokémon from humans.

Colress has less far insidious intentions and joined Team Plasma in order to research the true power of Pokémon, thus unlocking their full potential. He is extremely helpful and polite towards the player and even offers to rebattle them after his defeat within Team Plasma.

Lysandre: Team Flare Leader

Appears in: XY, USUM

Lysandre is the leader of Team Flare in the Kalos region. He sees the beauty within everything, but unfortunately takes his obsession with it too far. He wishes to make the world a perfect place and despite the beauty that they hold is willing to destroy all Pokémon and humans that do not follow Team Flare.

Guzma: Team Skull Leader

Appears in: SM, USUM

Team Skull’s Leader is Guzma. His plans are far less wicked than that of the other Leaders, with him instead merely wanting to bring fear and chaos to the Alola region. His looks gain him a lot of respect from most in the Alola region, but in reality he lacks confidence in himself and wishes to be seen as a confident Pokémon Trainer.


So, there you have it, all 8 contenders in the Leaders round of this showdown. Get voting for your favourites and be sure to comment below with your thoughts and opinions only who deserves to win!

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Be sure to check back next week for Round II: Grunts and stick around for more content as part of our ongoing Advent event!

  1. This took waaaaaaay more time than I expected. If you find a mistake please let me know.

    PS Lusamine being excluded isn’t a mistake xox

  2. Gotta go with the one with the better battle theme :^)

    And why Guzma has that many votes like why

    1. He’s the leader of an evil team tho. Skull for sure isn’t giving candy to baby Pokémon and helping old man Nanu cross the street

  3. The layout. The visuals. The descriptions. Showdown is BACK BlTCHES and its better ?? than ?? ever ??

    1. The winner of PJN showdown receives a 1 year supply of Aether Foundation Beast Balls and 100,000 Pokédollars! Gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best villain win!

      1. I just wasn’t a fan of the ORAS designs for both Maxie and Archie. Plus i thought the originals looked more menacing…

      1. Don’t worry I’m used to my opinions not aligning with the majority.

        Looks like Maxie is going to end up near the bottom with the current number of votes. Still my favourite though…

  4. Of course Giovanni deserves to win, being THE original villain
    p.s he also hires the hottest Grunts <3

  5. Incineroar should have been given a ”wrestling spirit” type of HA

    -When HP falls below half, it moves first in priority and all physical attacks are always critical hits

  6. I’d hesitate to call Colress a villian. Yeah he sided with Team Plasa, but it was clearly for his own scientific development.
    My vote goes to Cyrus, honestly.

  7. Well I finally found a Sandygast
    I originally was gonna SR until a modest one but I found a Rash one
    Only because Sandygast has really bad moves until he gets Shadow Ball or Earth Power

    Now I have my full team

    And as for Villians I gotta go with my gut and pick Giovanni, original Villians hold a lot of sway, if I didn’t choose him I would’ve easily picked Ghetsis

  8. I like Archie and Maxie the most but chose Archie as i played OR (albeit only because AS was out of stock.) The reason why is that I like the ending with them and how they amend things up, they were great villains that ended on a good note.

    1. However I’d also go for Giovanni as a close second especially because of Episode RR on how he managed to form such a powerful and vicious group from all across the world, and how at the end he calmly, maturely and respectfully accepts his defeat, plus I like how he admired the trainer who battled him’s strength and that special last scene afterwards of him in AP before disappearing.

  9. I feel attacked that Lusamine isn’t on this list! But I can see how she isn’t a villain or the Aether Foundation isn’t a villainous team.

    Also, is there going to be a vote for the admins? They’re some of the best characters in the games tbh.

    Finally, I vote for Team Plasma this round. Ghetsis was a fantastic antagonist

    1. I might either switch the Grunts round to Admins or combine the two. There’s not really a huge amount to say about the grunts, but I sort of feel like they deserve to make an appearance.

      Maybe combine the two.

        1. I have 5 boxed games and 3 digital ones, but two of them are 80+ hours adventures and the rest are all respectably over 20 hours, how much time do you think I have?
          Being kid: have no money but lots of time.
          Being a student: moderate money and moderate time.
          Working class adult: lots of money, no time.

    1. I updated before I saw your comment, but yes.

      I can agree he wasn’t a villain, but I added it just because I was merely mentioning appearances.

  10. Gotta rep for muh boy Guzma. I honestly think he’s one of the more complex team leaders. He’s got a back story people can relate to. Bad history can cause people to do bad things. he may not have had the most lofty of dreams, but it’s certainly one of the most interesting.

    1. That’s one of the reasons I voted Geovanni. He has that evil leader look. I also like how he isn’t a boom till you bust type of a leader. The others generally get over powered or quit whereas Geovanni is more calculated in his approach and never gives up.

          1. Well I mean if USUM Giovanni is from another world he still gathered all those Grunts and stuff

        1. He returns with RR forming a team with all evil leaders.
          In the anime he makes major appearances in Unova and in Generations displays his determination to come back.
          Name me another leader except Colress who has had the same or even a fraction of significance in the entire Pokemon universe.
          “smh” yeah sure.

          1. Anime, Generstions, and game are all different aspects of the character. They may share the same basis but their achievements don’t stack.

          2. True but that’s what forms the basis of my opinion. One of the reasons why I like him. He always comes back in the anime or games!

          3. Spoilers – But that’s a Giovanni that actually achieved what he wanted and never got beaten by a 10 yr old so that’s not a fair comparison.

          4. But…

            He’s that has never failed and thus never given up so if you’re trying to argue that Geovanni never gives up, RR wouldn’t be a good example really

          5. That’s an AU Giovanni th didn’t fail and you just threw together a bunch of different canons
            Like don’t get me wrong, he’s cool, but he isn’t the best villain.

            All the villains are pretty similar in complexity honestly and Giovanni is on the lower end of that complexity

          6. I like them all and yeah he is probably the most simple of them all as is TR.
            That’s what I like about him.
            No nonsense yet calculated approach.

  11. If you have a fakemon region: Who is your Professor? Do they have pokemon? What do they study?

    1. Well before Kukui beat Professor Banyan to study Pokémon moves

      I guess he can switch it to Pokémon Biology

      The Eyanu region is teeming with life and that life has spawned Pokémon of all sorts of shapes sizes and types

      1. When beat do you mean Kukui beat him at a competition or race or something, or did he raise his hand at Banyan?

    2. Region: Mediterra
      Based off of: Mediterranean Sea and islands.
      Professor: Palm
      Their Pokemon:
      – Lvl. 85 Mediterran Diancie (blue and rock is clear)
      – Lvl 40 Mediterran Mantine

    3. Professor Stick
      She researches how Pokémon react when drunk and compares them to an anonymous human subject that goes under the synonym ‘Dr. Partovatree’
      She has a Graphire, a masculine grape counterpart to Cherubi, four Spinda, and a ‘Regional Vanilluxe’ which just has vodka poured onto it

    4. No professor! 🙂
      If I were to have one it would probably be something to do with ecology/habitat study or the origins of Pokemon

    5. Oak cuz I’m too lazy to make a professor in my own

      Spoiler, just an old female professor that studies the mechanism and secrets of a Pokeball, and no, her ace Pkm is not an Electrode

    6. I have two, they’re a pair
      Proffesor Pine
      Male, 24 years old, Dark beige hair, green eyes
      Studies Population of Pokemon, Specializes in Rock types
      Xnillinx (Normal/Rock), Mineon (Rock), Solidostallis (Rock/Fairy), Resistox (Poison/Rock), Tyranitar (Rock/Dark)

      Pokemon Fir
      Female, 24 years old, Black Hair, Brown Eyes
      Studies Pokemon Communication, Specializes in Ground types
      Slavian Gastrodon (Ground/Rock), Giantato (Ground/Grass), Platerrus (Rock/Ground), Zzzand (Fairy/Ground), Garchomp (Dragon/Ground)

  12. Well I want to finally introduce in my first formal Pokémon evolutionary chain of my region the Hygnic region being my Regional Bug.

    The Webbing Pokémon
    Bug type
    Ability: Tinted Lens, Compound Eyes HA: Sniper
    Gender ratio: 50/50
    HP: 30
    Attack: 45
    Defense: 40
    Spec. Attack: 35
    Spec. Defense: 40
    Speed: 50
    Overall: 240
    “A common sight to see across the Hygnic region; despite being feared by many they’re webs are sometimes seen as a sight of beauty.”

    Move Pool
    Start- Tackle
    Lvl.3- String Shot
    Lvl.7- Fell Stinger
    Lvl.12- Sticky Web
    Lvl.15- Bug Bite

    At level 10 Weblet evolves into…

    1. Kaleidicoon
      The Shelling Pokémon
      Bug/Psychic type
      Ability: Tinted Lens, Compound Eyes HA: Adaptability
      Gender ratio: 50/50
      HP: 65
      Attack: 50
      Defense: 70
      Spec. Attack: 45
      Spec. Defense: 75
      Speed: 40
      Overall: 345
      “After gaining enough experience a special chemical kicks in, inside a Weblet’s brain causing it to change into a cocoon; they say it’s growing more intelligent every second till it evolves.”

      Move pool
      Start- Harden
      Lvl.15- Hypnosis
      Lvl.17- Camoflage

      Then at level 20 it finally evolves into…

      1. Hylluweb
        The Hypno Web Pokémon
        Bug/Psychic type
        Ability: Hypnotic Web, Tinted Lens HA: Illusion
        Gender ratio: 50/50
        HP: 80
        Attack: 100
        Defense: 80
        Spec. Attack: 70
        Spec. Defense: 85
        Speed: 95
        Overall: 510
        “It now can turn the tables on its opponents with its web that completely confuses its enemies and prey into doing whatever it wants; its been said this Pokémon’s intelligence is much higher than that of a human.”

        Start- Bug Bite
        Lvl.22- Confusion
        Lvl.26- Spider Web
        Lvl.28- Calm Mind
        Lvl.34- Psychic Fangs
        Lvl.37- Signal Beam
        Lvl.39- Magic Room
        Lvl.41- Lunge
        Lvl.43- Trick
        Lvl.46- Leech Life
        Lvl.48- Topsy-Turvy
        Lvl.54- Psychic

        Hypnotic Web- All contact moves have a 30% chance to confuses opponents

        So you like Hygnic’s Regional Bug

        1. I’m going to be honest. It has a higher BST than Leavanny, Scolipede, and Vikavolt, which are all Pokémon you’d typically get around Level 30.

          I also feel the names could use work but if I’m being honest, the name isn’t as important as concept, design, and statistics.

          1. Honestly just because it’s a regional bug doesn’t mean it needs to have sh*t stats. That’s really part of GF’s problem. They need to break from molds like this where we see clones across regions. It makes the pokemon and experiences we have boring and similar.

  13. Great article. Though I think it’s important to point something out about Cyrus. He didn’t want to destroy the world just so he could become a god. “Becoming a god” was more the side effect of his actions/something integral to achieving the endgoal. He wanted to create a world free of emotion and spirit because, like you said, he believed they caused strife and ultimately led to war. This is also kind of how the spirit trio fits into the Galactic story. Their inclusion always seemed a bit random until you look at how they’re utilized. They’re the emotion, willpower, and knowledge pokemon, which are the things Cyrus determined you needed to control a god. And when you control a god/when you control emotion, willpower, and knowledge, you become a god.

    Something I do find interesting about him though is that he seems so subdued most of the time, but he’s not emotionless. We see him flare up with anger. So even if he had succeeded with his goal, it wouldn’t be the perfect world he envisioned because he is fueled by his own emotions. His quest against emotion was causing his own war. He’s a beautiful hypocrite.

    So this is why I’m voting for Cyrus. I think he’s the only team leader other than Guzma who has any amount of complexity to him. Unfortunately for Guzma he’s bogged down by a horribly boring and poorly-thought-out evil team and a plot that doesn’t give him enough screen time.

    1. Whether Cyrus has the best evil leader battle theme is debatable but he definitely got the best remix in USUM really

      1. I haven’t heard it. Trying to hold off till I battle him. Really slogging through the game rn

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  14. We could see our first signs of a 2018 game if Zeraora is revealed this month: Volcanion was the first revealed aspect of its movie and was revealed in December 2015, which allowed for Magearna to be the surprise Pokémon of Movie 19 (when usually the surprise Pokémon is a mythical of the Gen the movie is in).

    The fact we’ve gotten absolutely no hint head or tail of Movie 21 makes me think it’ll be revealed with Zeraora this month tbh

      1. If Zeraora is revealed this early, it won’t be the surprise and then the early next year surprise mon will be a Gen 8 mon or form. At least that’s what I’m predicting based off of past trends.

        1. If it’s based on past trends then I wouldn’t be so sure, GF changes trends and always want to be unpredictable

      1. Ash – Decidueye Feathersuit
        Kiawe – Incineroar Fursuit
        Lana – Primarina Fursuit
        Lillie – Nihilego Cosplay
        Mallow – Tsareena Fruitsuit
        Sophocles – Togedemaru Spikesuit which becomes torn and he’s rescued by Zeraora who offers to pretend to be Sophocles in a fursuit

        Sophocles then returns the favour by singlehandedly defeating the villain, an Otherkin who finds furries offensive

        1. Guzma makes his first appearance as a Masquerain fur suit. Don’t even question how that works

    1. It’s pretty likely we’ll get Zeraora this month as well as a general place holder title for the movie. They always reveal the next movie in December. I think we’ll definitely know for sure by the end of February. If no info comes by then it’s probably not in the cards for a new game next year.

        1. I can answer that from my view point at least

          He has a down to earth and relatable goal of world domination and isn’t too heinous about it. Most of them use their members as pawns (excluding Guzma who treats them more like younger siblings), but looking at games and manga (He isn’t there or as relevant in the Anime tbh) he seems like a good leader.

          Also based on the facts I’ve read about him, he’s the only one who’s goal wasn’t completely destroyed as Bulbapedia states that Team Rocket hails from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova (After the original teams were taken out, he took over)

          That’s just me, but I won’t judge you if you dislike him

  15. Something that came up in a convo I was having: Mega Latios and Latias are a cool design. And they’re just that. A cool design. It’s literally one design.

    1. Looks like they wanted to make their megas like a fusion between the two and had no idea how to make two distinct designs with that same idea in mind

  16. Why is Colress here? BIG SPOILER GHETSIS IS BACK… I’m pretty sure he was still in Charge during B2W2…

  17. Fond memories of any Pokémon announcements? As we saw a teaser of Pikipek in the SuMo announcement, me and my friend spent all the E3 demo chanting ‘give us Trailerbird Daddy Masuda’

    We were catfished by Yungoos and then screamed with happiness when they showed Pikipek in all its glory

      1. I was more meaning special events like E3 and directs but this trailer did reveal some bomb ass Pokémon

      1. They changed Landorus, Entei & Cresselia’s BST to 60 to make Crabrawler seem OP lmao good times

  18. Hey guys I need some feedback
    Do you think similar to Breath of the wild Pokémon USUM has a high battery consumption?

    I barely had my 3DS running, mostly closed and idle for maybe 20-30 mins and did an ultra warp or 3 and its showing 1/2 battery bars (really wish it was shown in percentage)

    I’m concerned that either my 3DS battery is dying or that USUM is a high cost game

    1. USUM won’t be any higher costing than SuMo because it’s pretty much the same game. I think you might just be worrying too much.

          1. The system plays normally
            Occasionally a failed menu opening (where say I close Sun and it goes to black and doesn’t go to the home menu and I have to hold the power)

            And I will replace the battery because I am not abandoning my 3DS now nor ever because I still use it very often and wish to keep using it indefinitely, that’s definitely worth the 20-150$

        1. Buy a new battery, they still produce them since it’s the same battery as for the Switch Pro Controller.

      1. And it still isn’t fully the same after wards, I have had this experience as at full battery mine lasts about 3-6 hours, then at 3 bars lasts at max an hour then it will go screwy and switch between 2 bars, red and blinking red

    2. There are two sides of this stick. On one end, USUM and SM are basically pushing the limits of the 3DS, which is sensible for it to ue up battery quicker. On the other end of the stick, your 3DS may be old or you may have run out of storage. On the centre end of the stick, you might be hallucinating.

    3. And it’s probably just its old and needs a battery replacement as since only playing USUM mine actually lasts longer

      But before you buy the battery this is URGENT!!!!!!!!!!! Figure at what type of screws your DS uses as I bought a battery and they cane equipt with either an unfinished one or the wrong driver (it had no tip just a flat friggin’ circle at the end) some research what kind you need and go buy it or you’ll need to go and buy one later with no idea what to buy and spend a fortune for it

  19. Is it even possible to get a legitimate gen 7 starter with their HA? I’ve been looking for a Liquid Voice Popplio since SuMo release, but nothing.

    1. No and frankly Liquid Voice is kinda the worst starter HA ever because Sparkling Aria does the same thing as Liquid Voice Hyper Voice

    1. As much as I admit he uses my partner Pokémon for his main

      He is trumped by Giovanni and Guzma to me

      My favorites

      If Colress was one I considered he’d be below Maxie

    2. Cyrus was kinda meh to me tbh, I kinda wish we got to see more of him, which is something we may get in the remake, because he definitely has potential.

  20. I don’t even have Overwatch rn but I really hope they’ll make a Doomfist skin inspired by Infinity War Thanos

      1. *inspired*
        And actually what you said destibes the creators of Smite, they make lots of pure reference skin

  21. Is there a correlation between soft resetting and slow down in the games? I feel like while I’m SRing for Stakataka there’s some lag when I run around.

  22. Anybody on that can help me move around 20 things in a little bit? I can breed you something for your troubles.

    1. 20 things, 20 items, 20 pokemon, 20 sages, 20 chaos emeralds, 20 coins, 20 lives, 20 rings, 20 poke, 20 whatchadoodles?!
      What are you asking for?!

          1. Anything you want bred (not shiny). It’s only moving stuff, you’ll need 20 junk ‘mon or I can trade you back the ‘mon you trade me after mine are moved.

          2. Awww, no shinies?
            That kinda kills it…
            You’re asking for almost 40 trades, i think you should offer something rare…

  23. While Ghetsis is not there I am out ………….who in the hell this punk to put it as Plasma leader??

      1. Technically he is. While his intentions may have been pure, he was still a part of an organization that did evil things.

  24. @starstorm295:disqus Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is officially being removed from Coco screenings! Victory!!

          1. That’s a shame. The shorts are always one of the things I look forward to most, they settle you in for the film.

          2. Whatever I can’t remember everyone’s affiliation

            Let me just feel some god damn feels you SOB *Points a gun at you*

      1. It’s ~30 minutes long and delays the movie, so if you go there at ~7:00-ish and expect it to be done by 8:30ish, NOOOOPE! Frozen’s short extends it up to 9:00.

          1. It should’ve just been an exclusive clip on some sort of Frozen Mania disc, with Frozen, Frozen Fever, that Lego Frozen short thingy, Olaf’s Frozen adventure, and Frozen 2. I mean, it’s pretty clear they’re going to do more shorts like “Elsa’s Frozen Beach Party” “Frozen Festival” or something around those seasonal/event-driven shorts.

      2. It’s 22 minutes long, which is insane to ask people to sit through before a movie that is already 1hr 49 minutes long

          1. I think with the first Frozen too, otherwise it’s not worth price of admission. That’s still like 2 hours long.

  25. I just found a shiny Kartana. It’s even Jolly.
    This is my first shiny legend. I started to soft reset just a couple of hours ago…So happy!!

  26. Which system had the best launch lineup in its first year? How many systems did you buy in the launch window, and are there any where you regret doing that?

    1. Nintendo Switch by 50,000 light years. I bought BOTW immediately with it, followed by MK8 Deluxe about a few weeks or so later, followed by Splatoon 2 in the summer, and then most recently exactly on release date, Super Mario Odyssey. Currently I have no plans on buying another new game, but here are some stuff I’m hyped for;

      – Mario Kart 9 (yeah yeah, 8D came out this year, but I’d really like to see a new MK version also on Switch.)

      – Super Smash Bros Switch

      – Super Mario Galaxy 3

      – Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Glittering Pearl (my name for the gen 4 remakes)

      – Pokémon Switch (Gen 8)

  27. Well I just got destroyed by dewpider in Lana’s trial…. wasn’t expecting that but okay lol on bright side I have Laura’s now so I think I will go catch a water type before I try again. My question is who will it be ?

      1. I will go ahead and tell you it won’t be magikarp or dewpider. Have used both before plus I do not want to add another rock weakness to my team. Was planning to use mantine but the rock thing changed my mind lol

  28. Ok being on the receiving end of Clangorous Soulblaze is annoying
    Three teams in a row were running it

  29. Okay what idiot at gamefreak thought it was a good idea to only give poison sting and funk shot as the only physical poison level up moves for the ekans line. Seriously now. So I am stuck with either acid or poison sting until very late in the game…..

    1. Same problem with with Vikavolt line. He evolves too late to get Bug Buzz and the stupid move relearner is basically post game content.

          1. Why bother it auto learns thunderbolt
            But if I can’t get little Charjie to Blush Mountain before 30 I might just send it to Sun

            I’m gonna have to send Snowshrew back there when I find the ice stone and change his name to Snowslash

          2. I’m just sayin, if you plan on using vikavolt in competitive, you need electroweb pretty much

          3. Well I have my Shiny Vikavolt I lucked out with, I think it was rash

            But whatever
            Bug Buzz
            Thunderbolt/Electroweb/volt switch
            Energy Ball
            Flash Cannon

          1. Although now that I think about it wouldn’t our rash hesitant spurs of violence lead to them having MORE brain damage

    2. If anyone has access to the poison jab tm could they please help me out here lol don’t have much to offer here but I really do not want to have to drop my ekans

  30. Whaaaaat! This place is full of Sinnoh Babies. The greatest evil villain is definitely Guzma.
    #1. Guzma is easily the hardest bug type specialist.
    #2. Guzma was hilarous and very quotable.
    #3. Not only was he funny, he was very intimidating too, He just destroyed Gladion, so you dont know if you can beat him (in SM I didnt)
    #4. He actually has a rivalry with his Kukui, do any of the team leaders actually rival with any other good character?
    #5. He had a backstory. The other leaders are seemingly evil just cause. Guzma was hinted to be abused which would very obviously cause the behavior he has.
    If you dont vote Guzma…

      1. Are you kidding? His in game team is so hard unless you have specific pokemon to counter it. Ive struggled on every Guzma match

          1. Mehhhhh. Personally since Guzma (and in turn Team Skull) was working for Lusamine, I saw it as them doing bad things to take the people’s focus off of Lusamine, and focus on how Team Skull is the ‘true’ bad people.
            Also, the article is strictly for the leaders. Do NOT include their grunts into how you vote

          2. Either way, I think Cyrus has a better battle theme, better team, and better role in the story. Guzma’s a close second. Very close..

        1. Exactly. What’s even cooler the Punk NPCs are the grunts too. It just adds more that it’s just punk kids just trying to cause ruckus

        2. That’s not the point. Team Galactic had clear goals. Team Skull didn’t. So they’re trying to disrupt the trial system. Okay, that’s cool. Too bad like 90% of the interactions we have with them have NOTHING to do with that. And then their extremely poorly written collusion with Aether Foundation that I still don’t get the point of. Should have either kept the two teams separate of interwoven them better.

          Acting stupid as hell and waving your arms around 50 million times doesn’t automatically make you the best. Team Galactic was better simply because their motives and interactions weren’t all over the place.

          1. Clear? Are you sure Clear?
            Like the time they were stealing honey for some reason.
            Or the time they blew up Pastoria Marsh for another odd reason

          2. 1) They weren’t stealing honey…they were harvest energy from the windworks.

            2) Pastoria Marsh was a distraction so they could get to the lake spirit

          3. Actually yes they were stealing honey. Literally. They were stealing honey. The other fuckers were getting energy. These idiots were trying to steal honey.

            Remember when they stole the Bike dude’s weak ass Pokémon that aren’t even hard to find?

            Why did they need all that energy anyways if they were just goona make a red chain. They never tie those things together.

            Meanwhile Team Skull doing random stuff makes sense because they’re just a gang

          4. Okay well yeah some of the grunts were abusing their power in the current situation then lol.

            Yeah, I’ll give you the eterna city part. I’m sure there’s some sort of motive there, but eh it doesn’t do much to further their plans.

            He needed the energy to remove the crystals from the legendaries and craft the chain. Has pokemon ever been that specific on science stuff? Nah.

            I think you’re going easy on Skull. Doing random cutesy stuff only holds its charm so long. They’re funny every now and then, but does being funny make them good? I don’t find a lot of their interactions interesting. Woooo they’re kicking a bus stop post….neato. I’d much rather have them focus on disrupting the trials, but Aether Foundation just bogs them down.

          5. So they feel more real, yeah, but they also could be removed from the story and nothing would change. Seriously take them out and what changes? Plumeria getting Lillie to surrender Nebby is the only real bearing they have if I’m not mistaken. Then again, haven’t quite finished USUM so not sure if they do more for the plot.

          6. I think the game would be better if you removed Aether actually (as much as I love the AF).

            A face off ridding the region of Team Skull’s low scale crime sounds like it makes way more sense. It’s low stakes and low scale. Which makes since because let me remind you


            Dealing with a small scale problem makes much more sense and feels more real than the fate of the universe

          7. I definitely agree. They couldn’t handle both teams. I like ultimately what Skull wanted, but a re-write of the plot would’ve helped. Too bad it seems USUM didn’t take as many risks as I was hoping. So far almost nothing has changed and I’m at the end of Ula Ula.

          8. Fam. They’re a gang of punks. Their goal is to f*ck sh*t up and chill out with eachother and loiter.

            Team Skull is a family for outcasts and misfits that stick together because they are all they have. They unite under Guzma because of how rad he is

            Why do Team Galactic grunts follow Cyrus? It’s supposed to be like a cult but he doesn’t have the charm that a cult leader needs to have to sway idiots into following him. Like Platinum makes him better by showing him interacting with him but still. It makes no sense for him to have that many followers.

          9. From his speech in the HQ:
            “Fellow members of Team Galactic! Hear me! My name, as I appear to you today, is Cyrus. This world of ours is a crude one. In a word, it is incomplete. It has been, and always will be, a struggle to survive in this world. We humans and Pokémon are likewise incomplete. Because we are all so lacking, we fight, we maim… It is ugly. I hate the incompleteness. That we are all incomplete, I hate it with my entire body and being. The world should be complete. The world must change. Then, who will change it? Me, Cyrus. And Team Galactic. Yes, all of you. Together we pored over myths and exposed their secrets. Together we captured legendary Pokémon. And now, Team Galactic has obtained the energy to change the world! The power of dreams is within our grasp! Understand it, fellow members! My long-held dreamworld is on the verge of becoming reality. All those headed to Mt. Coronet, and those who remain here… Though our missions may differ, our hearts beat as one. Let there be glory for Team Galactic!”

            He promised them a world free of war basically. He doesn’t need to be charismatic if he can promise them something that actually sounds like it would be nice while also demonstrating that he’s capable of making it a reality, and he did. He came really close. Giratina stopped him pretty much, not the player.

          10. But… no. Anyone can promise that stuff. It takes a certain type of charisma and personality to make people actually believe you.

            And actually you brought up something. Giratina stops him, not you. What business do you have fighting this team? You’re 10.

            With Skull, they’re the gang that screw stuff up with low stakes. It makes sense you would try to stop them. You’re close in age too. Of course that gets muddy around the climax but for most of the game, thy are a threat that actually makes sense for you to be dealing with

          11. Does it take a charismatic person though? Just give the people a common enemy and they’ll want change. Was Hitler particularly charismatic? Yeah, the whole Nazi thing is over compared, but Hitler convinced people mass genocide was the answer and thousands flocked to him because he gave them something to blame their problems on. Cyrus promised people a new world and blamed their problems on emotion. And if the anime is anything to go off, Cyrus can be very charismatic when he wants. I’m sure he can fake it.

          12. I wouldn’t compare Cyrus to Hitler as much I would a cult leader. A Charles Manson type ya know.

            Cyrus doesn’t have any real political power. He isn’t in the public eye. He’s just some weird guy. The guy literally has no emotions. How does someone with no emotion or charisma or personality or anything sway anyone to do anything?

            Sure maybe some people will fall for it, but that’s what the admins are for. He shouldn’t have a freaking small army

          13. He doesn’t have no emotion though. Everything he does is fueled by his anger. Honestly I would have to replay Platinum to full analyze him more than I can. As far as I’m concerned, we would need a more omnipotent point of view to really make sense of most of the pokemon evil teams. They just kind of exist and we have to piece it together. We see everything from such a limited POV.

            But playing USUM has actually made me like Guzma more and made my problems with Skull stand out. It just seems Guzma and his team want different things. It doesn’t feel like they mesh

          14. That’s the irony. We clearly see he has emotion when he flares up with anger. It’s not hard to see

    1. I personally got several sections for Villans as far as the leaders go.
      Most Psychotic: Ghetsis
      Most Personality: Guzma
      Most Unearving: Guzma (For bashing himself for losing, I mean check the comics…) and Cyrus (For wanting to erase emotions, willpower and likely knowledge.)
      Most Annoying Battle: Ghetsis (For seriously under-leveled Pokemon.) and Guzma (HOLD STILL YOU ANNOYING BUG!)
      Easiest to Stomp out: Archie of Aqua (If you are plotting to swim, be sure to have thunderous Pokemon with you.)

  31. Not sure what I am going to do with it ekans as of now. For now I think I will take a little break

  32. Yo
    The junglers are asking to hear my voice
    The jungle is making a difficult choice

    If you were to ask me who I’d promote…

    Guzma has my vote

  33. One cannot underestimate Ghetsis’s goal, his brainwash ability is top notch, able to convince whole grunts and half of population to believe in PETA.

    Still I voted Guzma with no reason

  34. Also might as well list them from best to worst
    #8. Colress. Ehhhhhh he was kinda weird. I dont really like the “Im not an evil villain, Im just doing this for myself.” Archetype which he was. Plus why did he work with team plasma anyway?
    #7. Maxie. Sure he was seemingly intelligent, but what did he do to live up to that intelligence he has? Just talk smart?
    #6. Giovanni. He has the most basic look, but it’s ok. He’s a pretty normal gang leader. Wish he was a bit more cruel.
    #5. Archie. Arrrrrg. I like his rough new design. And the way he talks is pretty cool too.
    #4. Cyrus. He’s pretty cool, I like his mindset that he just wants to make another universe with no faults of humans. He actually got what he wanted in Platinum which is cool. He doesnt see the wrongs in his ways because hes so crazy.
    #3. Lysandre. He’s a bit too much like Cyrus, but hes still very cool. I like his crazy motives on supposedly a well liked person
    #2. Ghetsis! He was amazing! I loved how he literally raised a child just to fit his needs. He literally probably made N break mentally! Hes such a evil villain.
    #1. Guzma See below

    1. Lysandre is a more insane version of Cyrus. Basically wanting to commit suicide and bring the world with him. He’s seriously f*cked in the head. He might’ve been a good villain, imo, if pokemon was allowed to be really dark. Seriously he’s trying to kill himself in the most extra way.

  35. Dear GameFreak…

    Make Pokémon Switch more HGSS and less XY

    Stop trying to tell a complex save the world narrative in your Pokémon game. You suck at it. Just stop interrupting me with story and let me play the game


    Some whiny idiot in the internet

    1. Yeah I’d like a completely new plot structure..less rehashing. Maybe no evil team? Idk. Make it new.

      1. Or here’s an idea





        I just wanna waste some fuckers with my ripped af Furret and explore a neat world

        1. Also less shoehorning the legends into the plot…rarely do they ever do it well. Also maybe don’t feature them on the box art? Seriously I want something different.

          1. And like… god damn it legends are way more rewarding when you have to discover them. Finding Virizion on a whim was such a crazy surprise when I was an idiot kid playing Black version.

            Now virizion is a special Pokémon to me because of that experience of finding this powerful force of nature on my own.

            That’s why Lugia and Ho-oh are cool. They aren’t being snatched by an evil team. They recognize how strong you are as a trainer and wanna see your rad skills.

            The regi trio side quest is great because of this

            The events in gen 4 and 5 are awesome

            Just make legends part of the world. Give them sidequests. MAKE THEM LEGENDARY

          2. I wanna make my rom hack “Pokémon Wish” at some point which is like a remixed Hoenn except it had good water routes with things that are interesting and I just wanna make it about you being a hot boy gamer girl exploring a cool world ya know

    2. That’s basically been Nintendo’s entire development philosophy with the Switch…letting players decide what to do, when to do it, and with little interruption. Considering how the Switch itself is marketed towards the hardcore market (looking at DOOM and Skyrim especially), they’ll have to move away from the childish Rotom Dex thing onto something else. I don’t know about you, but I could see something that’s a mix between Black/White and Red/Blue in terms of tone.

    3. Actually their narratives aren’t bad, it’s interrogation between game play and story and pacing that they’re bad at. They’re also not very good at explaining character motivation in a clear way. If you just casually play SuMo you’d probably never realise Mohn’s disappearance is the thing that had the biggest bearing on changing Lusamine for the worse

    1. Right your mons are usually really good. But that gila monster slays every other one of your designs. It’s like literally amazing. Thing looks more like a Pokémon than some real Pokémon. Amazing job dude ?

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  36. Ngl the biggest disappointment of BW2 was how little they changed the Elite 4. The only blatant change to them outside of challenge mode is that Shauntel drops Jellicent for Drifblim.

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