PokéJungle Advent Calendar 2017

Welcome one and welcome all, to the PokéJungle Advent Calendar 2017!

Today marks the start of December and the official countdown to Christmas Day has begun. Hopefully you’ve all opened the first door on your own advent calendars, but for those who haven’t (or those who just crave more sweet, delicious goodness…) we’re happy to kick off our new Advent Calendar event!

From now until December 25th we will be publishing daily articles for our readers to… read. So what can you expect to find?! I shall tell you, young Trainer, just read on!

Saturdays will mark the return of our Showdown series, in which you guys vote for your top choice in order to see it win the round, hopefully make it to the final round and take the crown.

Sundays will remain the spot for our usual Weekly Wrap Up (but keep an eye out for some hidden extras).

Mondays will be where you can look forward to a new series, something we think you can only find right here in PokéJungle.net.

Tuesdays will mark the return of JungleAsks.

For the remaining days of the week we will be publishing a jamboree of other exciting content, including things such giveaways, competitions and special one-off articles! Of course, if there’s anything you’d like to see from us, just let us know and we’ll do our best to get something together!

So, here’s to a great festive season wherever you are in the world! We look forward to seeing everyone in the comment section as we count down the days until Christmas together!

PS: keep your eyes peeled for our Christmas theme coming very soon!