Amazon Reviews are Tanking for Ultra Sun & Moon

While many of us have enjoyed our foray back into Alola in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on the Nintendo 3DS which was released just days ago, not all fans have been happy with their purchase. Japanese gamers who expected more than an end-game scenario and expanded regional Pokédex have taken to Amazon to vent their feelings.

Over 50% of the games’ ratings are currently onestar with many reviewers complaining about the overt similarity between the new releases and the original titles Pokémon Sun & Moon. Games, anime and manga are often taken very seriously by Japanese fans (and not just when there are micro-transactions involved) and missteps by publishers and designers can sometimes prove disastrous. We will monitor the situation and watch if GameFreak offers commentary or an apology (the latter is a very common step to take by Japanese companies).

English-speaking players have also used Amazon to voice their frustrations, but on the US site Pokémon Ultra Sun remains fairly well rated with half of players giving it 5 out of 5 stars.

What is your rating for it so far? Tell us down below and include where you are in the game!

  1. I see and share frustrations with these low ratings, but this does not make Ultra Sun or Moon bad games by any means. They might be minuscule upgrades over their predecessors, but Alola is one of the most engaging and fun regions I’ve played through in a long time. The games are just joyous and even in a second or third or tenth play-through, there’s always different steps to take. Based on the pre-release content that was shown, I don’t know just how much these reviewers were expecting! Don’t let any of this steer you guys away from a revisit to Alola, it’ll still be worth it 🙂

    1. lol revisit. from what ive heard, youd probably enjoy the games more if you hadnt played SM since a lot of the games is the same

  2. I’ve been thinking about it more and more. I think the real problem is the fact that they released 2 additional alola games. This sorta gave the feeling of them being sequels which was obviously expressed that they are not months before the release. Thinking of “middle” games or as some (Joe) might call “enhanced” versions, it was clear that past ones were enhanced versions and expected as such. But I’m pretty sure they fixed things in the split before released. Crystal I have heard fixed a lot in terms of obtaining items like fire stone just to name one example. I also think the trailers they have shown were a problem. They released multiple trailers showing off this whole ultra space aspect of the game, but from what I have heard, the entirety of the games are almost identical to SM with the addition (not even much from what Ive heard) of the ultra space.

  3. That’s why im not going to buy this game because the experience of SM is fairly new to me…. even if i havent played it for moths tho..
    Also they just make the story complicated that’s already lackluster and shallow….
    So far its like the worst Gen for me Gen 5 was far better than this because of BW2.

  4. As much as I’m enjoying the game at the moment I can’t really argue with these reviews

    @Luigi0301:disqus summed up some up a huge problem. Then Crystal, Yellow, Emerald and Platinum were released, no one had issues with them. But B2W2 was totally new. The fact that there are two games is bad advertising that makes the consumer expect something entirely new. And no text bubble on the back of the box is going to help that.

    The issues is furthered by the fact that Mele Mele island is the worst experience in a pokemon game to date. I was so bored while playing this part. It took an hour to reach the pokemon center and five hours to leave the island.

    That is 5 HOURS on a boring island with no significant differences from SuMo. That’s insane. I was regretting the purchase while playing it. I was bored, I was sad. And when i lost against Illima it didn’t feel like a signal that I need to try again, it felt like a sign to put the game down. Which I soon did after a bit more playing. I stopped playing for three hours to play with my little brother instead as he got Lego Marvel Super Heros 2 and right away had a great time

    When I am more captured by a damn lego super hero game than one of most successful franchises on the planet that has been a part of my entire life, There is an issue.

    Currently I’m nearing the end of Akala and enjoying it alot more. But for most people, they will just stop after 5 hours of boring gameplay. I mean why shouldn’t they? That’s alot of time they could be dedicating to things that they enjoy.

    This is a major issues with the game and it baffles me that they didn’t fix it in Sun and Moon. To me that makes it even more unforgivable.

  5. As somebody who’s just now now finishing up Poni island… I am not the most reliable source on this…. I got a lot to say…. so … just … I’ll need some time to sort it all out

  6. An Alolan fanboy’s lament

    So… as you may have all recalled there was a silly little game called Evolve something around two years ago. The game itself was a fun experience and had its own niche but the marketing for it was flat out abysmal.. the game died soon after launch
    Another game about a year later that I became fascinated in came out.. it was called Battleborn. The game literally suffered the same fate but with additional stupidity-filled choices from the company….

    Skip to yesterday, the release of Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun. If you want my honest opinion, these are probably my second or first favorite game in the series… why?

    Because I was perfectly content with SuMo… I just wanted a bit more added on… and USUM did just enough for me…..
    What they didn’t do was market it as a game like that…. this game has been referred to as gen 7.5… and it’s honestly more like a 7.1. Imagine if Pokemon was to make a second savefile with a moderately different storyline, updates, and added it onto the main SuMo game for the price of forty dollars… that’s what this is, the forty dollar ad on,

    And the saddest part was this…

    the parts that were actually added are some of the best additions to date

    -An easier way to get BP
    -One of the best regional dexes
    -An interesting way catch legends
    -Photo club

    So many requests were answered… and that so many translates to about 5% of what was actually needed.

    They made promises of something new and spectacular…. and well… the spectacular part was met but….. new? Not in the slightest….

    And… this is just scratching the surface of the issue…

    (Part 2 continuing below)

    1. Part 2…

      When you look at the new additions… It almost seems like Pokemon is preparing for something bigger. Intractable overworld Pokemon and minigames…. Some of these things are a tad interesting for a Pokemon game aren’t they?
      But.. Well… it isn’t much else….

      I’m going to make this clear

      this.. is probably among the most amazing games in the franchise. It does a lot right…. but it almost feels like the third version needs a third version

      And on that topic… we didn’t need two games
      Especially since ultra necrozma is the real mascot and the forms? They’re nothing more than figureheads with some disgusting stats. . This basically invalidates the whole idea of this being two games… This game honestly feels more like the SuMo team took the game and said “Look at all this cool stuff I can do!” while adding a bunch of small edits. It honestly strikes me as a 40 dollar rom hack….

      I’ll be honest… I loved so so so much in this game… but a part of me feels hurt… This is more the “test” for some Ultra game in the future…

      When you think about what this really is… this is a gamefreak deciding that the best way to mend an unfinished game was to turn it into a testing ground for other things..

      And godforbid the switch games end up bombing too.. .lets just say things will go horrifically wrong

      Of course there’s one last point I’m not mentioning

      Part 3, in progress

      1. Lemme open up by saying this

        Black and white 2 are the most important games in this entire franchise

        I don’t mean the best… I mean the most important.

        This was the first time in the series we ever saw a third game that was actually a third game

        They were different.
        I mean don’t get me wrong, games like Emerald, Platinum, hell even USUM themselves added some much needed fixes to the game.
        But were they REALLY worth 40 dollars? Honestly, no. Let’s face it, these three are really just glorified dlc packs. The difference was that the first two were accepted because of the situations and resources. USUM is an entirely different story.

        Black and white 2 were the first time we saw something truly WORTHY of being a third game.

        So I’ll be honest, do I really mind spending 40 dollars a year later on a third game?

        If it’s anything like BW2 were, I’d be perfectly fine with it, and so would plenty of other people.
        But in order to achieve that, the game can’t feel the same… This game honestly feels like a false advertisement.

        You want a game to nuzlocke? This is the best in the series
        Want to see the characters from SuMo and the story itself to get a more satisfying conclusion to their arcs? It happens
        You in the mood for having a game that lets your competitive and collector sides shine? This is perhaps the best in the series for that as well

        But do you want a Pokemon game because you expect it to be different from the last one or to feel even remotely like a new experience?
        If the last one applies to you, stay away from these games, save your forty dollars and just go play Pokemon showdown to fuel your competitive drive.

        Maybe the overall reaction these games will receive will possibly deliver an “Ultra” shock to gamefreak and make them realize they have to step up their game. I mean they clearly are capable, Rainbow Rocket as a whole may be short but it clearly shows GF is perfectly capable of making something amazing .

        Gamefreak needs to stop eating the edges of the pop tart and just plunge straight into the center.

        Go all in Game freak, the cards are in your hands now. Sun and Moon wowed us because it showed you can create an amazing story. USUM told us you can finish a story amazing

        Now, your job is to make us understand that you can make a game with gameplay of the same quality of everything else in it…

        ~A small excerpt from a certain member
        (note: I’m up to Kahuna Nanu as of now so I’m not entirely done with the game. I’ll be giving a review on the game itself in oppose to the atmosphere once I finish)

          1. I mean I guess but in a sense they kinda are, They’re a “third game” in a sense and if Pokemon continues the tradition, BW2 is the more ideal model

          2. what tradition? BW2 were sequels. Kalos didnt have any third game. USUM arent sequels. so there are only two cases of the third game because two versions, but one was a sequel and the other was an alternate universe and not requiring 2 versions. the necrozma forms were pointless except for its ultra form so it did not need 2 separate versions

    2. one more thing, you say “perfectly content with SuMo” so dont let me take this the wrong way but are you saying that because you liked SM you liked USUM? Because I can understand that considering they are basically the same. But like me personally, I didnt like SM that much, so that is turning me off even more

      1. Somewhat, I mean I liked these games becase basically they were exactly what I expected

  7. I honestly don’t care what others say at this point. The games are what they’re supposed to be. Hold overs until we get to gen 8. It was never gonna be something crazy brand new. Could it be better? Sure, but they are what they are. I’m still having fun playing

    On another note I’m not sure how I feel about Mantine surf. I’ve done it a couple of times and I’m somewhere between it’s frustrating and it’s usefully fun. It’s a dumb game that I can’t see myself using EVERY time I go from one island to the next, but it seems like an easy way to earn BP so it’s not all bad. Should be more fun once I get more tricks to use and get better at it

    1. That is totally fine, you are allowed to have an opinion. And in the end youre completely right, they are hold overs. Nothing more. And that is how they should be treated.

    1. what??? as a shiny hunter you like increased rates for shinies???? b-but Joe complained about that. He hasnt gotten any non event shinies and now that hes getting shinies, he wants a patch to fix rates. People say that it lowers the value even more which to me (unpopular opinion alert) is crazy because shinies lack value in the first place lol

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  8. It’s sad but it is kinda deserving it. Not 1 star maybe, but it’s to raise voice. Although I’m happy that they are still making new Pokemon games and generations, I gotta admit that I’m not happy where this franchise is heading towards.

  9. Definitely, DEFINITELY doesn’t deserve that much backlash. I don’t know how they did it, and I haven’t been rushing myself so I haven’t experienced most of the new things, but even then I almost feel like it’s a different game entirely. I can’t really explain why, the different trainer encounters and wildly different early Pokemon just gives it a unique feeling. Of course I wish they would have done more, but we all love Platinum for making the same quality of life improvements as Ultra Sun and Moon do. I certainly won’t be applying double standards like many of these uneducated reviewers.

    1. I’m gonna start US today and im 100% positive they will be much better than reviews suggest!
      I’m glad you can see through all the rubbish, ShinyXatu :]

  10. I never even asked you guys. Here’s something I need to know about USUM. after reading Seraph’s long posts it made me think, did they actually fix one of the main problems with SM? The alolan pokemon, are they still difficult to find at 5% chance?

  11. I also gave it a 1/5
    But that’s because they didn’t deliver the Pokemon Center pre-order goods that I ordered along the doublepack for me and my roommate..

    1. Yeah but… the game can still be good… the game’s quality has nothing to do with this sad fact…

      1. That’s why you have to read the reviews. I also left it on a different listing, not the one in the article. Mine was on the Doublepack, which had no reviews prior to mine.

    2. New flash buddy, the review area is for the product itself and not the delivery of the item. You’re not really helping anybody.

  12. I didn’t buy these, but have seen some playthroughs on YouTube and I must say I’m fairly disappointed with the storyline.

    For me URS doesn’t bring much to the game. It’s an additional team for a region that seems overpopulated with teams; Skull, Aether, URS, RR.

    If I have seen right (someone pls correct me) they chose to remove battle with ultra beast Lusamine. That was one of the most epic battles in Pokemon games for me, ever. And it was one that explained why Lusamine acted the way she did, because of the Nihilego poison. Without this the storyline seems kinda dumb for me.
    And I haven’t seen Mohn in any playthroughs. Does anyone know did they explain his storyline? Do we finally know why is no one paying attention to him? I get it he lost his memory, but his family members didn’t, are they unaware of his whereabouts?

    Finally, I was hoping team RR would have bigger role in the games. Didn’t think it would be just one short episode in the end game. Seems like nothing more than a Pokemon anniversary/gimmick/nostalgia thing.

  13. Not adding anymore alola forms is disappointment within itself, they didn’t have to add alot of them just 3 or 4 would of added more variety and some incentives

    1. Like some sort of trade-evo item to change Arcanine to a dual type. Something fairly simple.

  14. It’s a shame. People are giving it one star to protest an outdated business model (third versions and split versions) when the reality is, this game is far more deserving of good reviews than Sun and Moon is. It addresses the complaint that it takes you like half an hour just to get a Pokémon, makes the long boring Nebby bridge scene a bit less boring by adding a battle in, and has upgraded the difficultly but has kept it so you have options to make the game easier if you so choose.

    Are these games, as third versions, not address the right complaints? Yes. They added a whole lot, but not where fans wanted it. There’s a lot of love and effort put into Mantine Surfing, Photo Club, Warp Ride, and the little side scenarios you encounter the game. There’s lovely little details such as Alola being more bright and vibrant, seeing wild Pokémon in the background in the overworld, and small world building facts such as what happens to boxed Pokemon when their trainers die. But the thing is, GameFreak needs to start appealing to consumer demand more. If they didn’t rush these games for a year, like Platinum and Emerald which came out two years after, we could’ve had all these amazing additions and more. Not necessarily a Battle Frontier, but possibly something like the PWT, or something completely fresh and new.

    Basically, what I’m trying to say is that they fail as third versions because Alola didn’t need changes as much as Hoenn or Sinnoh did. It needed to be elaborated on, not refined. You could move a lot of plot points of USUM into a sequel and it’d still make sense.

    As an individual experience, they pretty much render SuMo redundant in my own opinion. So individually, I believe they deserve higher scores than USUM.

    But I can also underhand the disappointment the Japanese fans have, and if I’m being honest, it does deserve low stars for what it is. It’s a third version for a game that really needed sequels, and they didn’t even take the opportunity to add in things that the fanbase has been asking for for like ever.

    If they’re really just filler to prevent a year gap when we just had one before USUM, to make Gen 7 last longer, or to tide us over until next year’s Switch game (if it’s not a 2019 release), it’s ashame they didn’t do all they could with these games. They’re really good as individual experiences, but they weren’t needed and just make the thing you spent like £40+ on last year and played for a long time extremely redundant.

    1. A bit of a fact check, This is the 3rd game of Pokemon history as far as the handhelds go as far as versions that has been done in under a year. (Yellow, gen 2, and Crystal if I recall were barely a year a part.)

  15. Im sorry but I agree with Japanese players on this one. Pokemon USUM are what Pokemon S/M should have been. This 3rd version thing really needs to stop. I think if USUM were a update patch or DLC which they should be imo, people would be less upset. I adore Pokemon but I can’t justify GameFreak actions anymore, this a blatant cash grab. Move tutors, old legendaries, and all the small things they added should been in the original game. Charging full price for the same game with minimal changes is ridiculous. I’m glad fans are calling bullshit.

    1. At the very most USUM could have been a paid DLC around £5-10, with the choice of endgame being decided by a series of choices you make around the mid-game area. That might have been an interesting idea.

      I guess they could have also given you choice of which totems to fight by choosing one of two paths during the trials. Now that’s something I would have liked to see…

      1. I agree 100%. We have DLC and patches now. Having a 3rd version of Pokemon games is obsolete now.

  16. Although I purchased US on release I have not started the game as I was completing AS and didn’t want 2 rush myself.
    Therefore until I have I can’t give an accurate reflection on games but I feel 1 star or anything less than about 4 is greatly exaggerated from what I’ve seen.
    I’ve heard positive reviews but many negative however I reserve judgement until I play. People can say whatever they like, it doesn’t change MY experience.
    However what I will say is that these reviews will push and motivate GF for gen switch which is perfect but poor GF they don’t deserve this, they do try and are passionate. But like I said this works out in the long term for better games!

    1. I think it may sway people who want to buy these games as Christmas gifts for kids. Basically people who don’t know or care about Pokemon…

      But hard-core Pokemon fans won’t really care.

      1. Those people wouldn’t even care regardless, they’ll just buy their kids a Switch and if they don’t they’re bad at parenting.

  17. I think Im gonna write a blog type review for these games whenever I finish detailing the good and bad. I have a lot to say and I only just left melemele. So far the upgrade has not been worth it, but we’ll see how I feel later on. I’ll probably have part of the review look at it as the game itself and part of it comparing it to SM and the improvements it made/failed to make.

  18. I havent been able to play much since i got it Friday night but I will say its already different than SM especially with how early URS is introduced to the players (am i the only one who’s a fan of their background music). The battles run smoother and I love the new battle option screen. I cant say on how much has changed but from what I have played its definitely has a better feel than SM did

      1. I wasnt expecting them as early as before the festival. The beginning cut scene obviously we knew about since it was shown but i wasnt expecting them to pop up til we get around to the AF

  19. I wanna weigh in here…
    I love pokemon, I really do… But they did everything in the game to try to make me despise it, it was an uphill battle with boredom Until you get around to fighting necrozma at the peak of your respective altar, then it went from boring to ok. The ultra wormhole is honestly better after you swap controls to circle pad, gyro sucks in this use, even afterwards it’s still not easy to control… Ultra Necrozma was stupid hard, moreso than it should have been imo, and even after becoming champion, i still felt underwhelmed, and don’t even get me started on episode RR…
    The point stands that they honestly put zero to minimal effort into the games and it shows, I agree B2W2 were better than this, by a long shot…

  20. So this open world Pokemon Switch game rumor leaves me with doubts. I don’t doubt the guy may have connections and I certainly don’t doubt Nintendo is pressuring GF to make a game that is on a much grander scale to keep up with BOTW and Odyssey. Fully open world tho? I’m not sure I see it. Not yet anyway. They’re on the right track I think, but they’re not there yet. I think what’s best for Pokemon on the Switch is a Mario Odyssey style sandbox structure. They can make each area separate and manageable, but also be able to dabble in some open worldness. Odyssey while not really open world has open world qualities. Each individual world allows you to move around freely for the most part. This is what I think GF should strive for. Then maybe in gen 9 they can take what they’ve learned from gen 8 and string together the different open areas to make a full open world. By taking these steps they can make a solid game that feels complete. My one fear for an open world Pokemon game is that they sacrifice the story just to make the gameplay open world. At which point the only objective is to collect the 8 badges and then you’re done…..I think they need to practice making bigger small areas first and then can move onto creating a vast land.

    1. That’s literally what was said, wasn’t it? Open world esque drawing similarities from Mario Odyssey?

      1. Was it? I didn’t actually see what they said directly. Only heard that the rumor was Nintendo pressuring GF to make a full open world game more like BOTW. If it’s more like Odyssey then maybe I can see it.

        1. ” Damiani said that he heard from trusted sources that due to the success of Breath of the Wild and positive reaction to Odyssey that Gamefreak might being doing something “disruptive” like those two.”

          1. What do they mean by “disruptive” Is there another meaning other than the typical one?

          2. I think it means doing something new and fresh, like BotW and SMO have done for their franchises.

          3. Hmmm I guess that makes sense. I have no doubt that the Switch game will be different in some way. I just don’t see them jumping straight into full open world. Again maybe more like Odyssey, but we shall see. Even that may be a bit over their heads.

    2. A full scale open world Pokemon game is literally impossible unless technology makes a jump 10+ years

      1. How do you figure that? Zelda literally had a full open world game this year. It would be the same premise only maybe no jumping and climbing. It’s more a matter of whether GF is up to the challenge.

        1. I think it’s more because of the number of 3D models and Pokemon information the system will have to load causing it to lag hugely, which are greatly reduced between loading screens

          1. I would assume the battles would still be turn based and how they are now. It would just be the overall gameplay that would be open world.

        1. Yes? A full scale open world game with +800 animated 3D models is not even possible on the latest gaming PC lol

      1. Why was I playing both UM and SM after 9 pm and it was dusk? Not night nor day. And then I’m playing UM right now (6:45 am) and it’s orange skies again.

        1. UM is 12 hours removed from US. Just like SM. So when you play in the evening (in irl) US will also be evening and UM will be early morning. Dawn and dusk look very similar in some of their phases in the games I think. I was playing UM last night and as it transitioned from night to day it was similar to how it looked when turning from day to night. either that or one of your 3ds’s (if you’re using more than one at a time?) has it’s clock off.

          1. I changed my consoles to reflect the time change. And I swear it was after 9 pm and both US and UM it wasn’t day or night in either. Maybe I’ll try again after 7 and see


    Hakamo-o fought tooth and scale to rescue the stolen Yungoos, for it knows the pain fear and sadness of being taken from its home. Rain poured heavily in the streets of Po Town and Guzma waited atop his throne watching the Scaly Pokemon obliterate grunt after grunt looking for the Yungoos. As we busted our way up the mansion he waited eagerly to fight. With his menacing ace Golisopod he attacked relentlessly, these armored warriors exchanged blow after blow neither giving an inch. Suddenly the Golisopod struck Hakamo-o with a powerful Slash attack nearly knocking him out with a crit, the impact cost him a few scales. Wounded and battered Golisopod seized the moment and clasped his claws around him and started draining his energy with leech life! Biting through his exposed flesh he shrieks in pain as he had his power drained

    immobilized by the Hard Scaled Pokemon’s six arms all Hakamo-o could do was struggle and squirm. Feeling powerless and weak Hakamo-o thought this was the end. But for some reason the pain started to trigger a realization, this battle was not to prove he was stronger, but to protect those in need! That Yungoos was taken from its home and deep down in his heart he burned with righteous indignation!!!

    A gleam sparked in his eyes as he glared right into Golisopod and roared as he began to evolve! The power of evolution liberated from the Leech Life and transformed into the powerful Kommo-o! His scales shined brightly as he readied himself and unleashed the full power from within Clanging Scales!!! The powerful shockwave rattled and pierced through Golisopod’s great armor weakening it to preform one final Sky Uppercut sending it flying and winning the battle.

  22. Does anyone know the levels of the Totem sized Pokemon? I want to know if I should trade over this egg I have of one of the species or if I should just wait and use the Totem Pokemon

  23. Any helpful Pokémon to get me through that Poplio at the trainers school? Feel like the level is a bit high and I’d have to hit a grind already.

      1. Heyy I replied to your reply on the other article. Anyhow, it would be great if we could do the trade now. Also you’ll have to kinda walk me through it since I’ve never traded besides wonder trade. Annnnd if you have a spare kelpsy berry that would be great. I’m planning to plant a host of ev reducing berries in pelago but I just can’t seem to get kelpsy and I accidently got a bunch of attack EVs on my Kadabra.

        OR if you could put friendship cafe as your first stall in festival plaza that would be great too. Just checking though, if you can help. All I really need atm is the Alakazam.

        1. Hey, sorry I must’ve missed that. I have planted the one Kelpsy I had so I don’t have one at the moment. FC: 0748 – 2744 – 4660 IGN: James

          1. Thanks a ton! I’m just starting to get internet on my 3DS which is why I’m so new to online features and never bred competitive Pokemon. Thanks again!

    1. Zorua + something that resists water (I don’t think magnemite is available yet, so maybe wingull by Kukui’s lab). If not then you can hope Zorua will live a hit.
      The strategy I used was with Zorua and Wingull. Zorua leads with it’s illusion transforming it into Wingull. Have Zorua spam leer as many times as possible. Go from there.

  24. Lol… I have always noticed.. they disable the comment section under Every video on Pokemon’s official JP YouTube channel. At least under Every game related video. Has anyone else noticed this??
    Dang.. the Japs are Far harder to please, and they know this.
    I can’t say I blame them.. having so much be the Exact same does sound quite unacceptable.
    Though I’ve yet to play.
    I feel bad for the poor team of new guys who created this….. Oh well..
    I guess they’ll never be trusted alone again..
    That’s how that cookie crumbles ?

    Oh. And this pretty much guarantees Pokemon Switch will come out sooner than expected.. not saying when.. but sooner than expected by many.

    And it will likely be very good to protect the franchise… How business works

    1. It’s normal for corporate videos, comments can be really shitty and you don’t want to associate your product with them.

  25. I’ve been playing UltraSun, but I feel like I’m floundering a bit. I’m trying to get attached to my pokemon, but some of the ones I want to use I’ll catch later in the game (Togedemaru, Turtonator). I wasn’t expecting the game to be straight-up copy-pasted from Sun and Moon so far. Only difference is less Team Skull and more Daft Punk. I played through SunMoon 4 times in the past year: USUM had better get more different pretty soon.

    I just got to the second island because I keep getting distracted playing with the friendly pokemon by the road, looking for stickers, catching ones to fill the dex, backtracking, and Mantine Surf. That minigame ROCKS, as does Alola Photo Club (reminds me of those goofy but fun XY PR Videos).

    I *am* enjoying finding new pokedex additions without prior knowledge of them. Like the first time I used the Poke Finder camera, what appeared but a majestic specimen of my beloved Dunsparce? I freaked out: I had no idea it was in the dex. I caught a very aggressive one, and though I won’t use him for too long this playthrough. After all, I beat Sun with just a Dunsparce early this year; I want to use different ‘mons.

    For my starter, I picked a Litten that I named Whiskers. I haven’t been feeling too creative lately. He’s got a gentle nature and an *abysmal* defense stat. Been using my Mantine Surf to get Irons and try to buff him up. I think he can learn Bulk Up, so whenever I find that, I’ll probably teach it to him.

    Haven’t gotten special Rockruff yet, but I’m probably not going to use him this time around, or any Lycanroc. I used one 3 of the 4 times I’ve played. So he’s going in the bank. If it lets me, I can even restart UltraMoon a few times and stock up.

    So… does it get significantly different after the first island, or will I continue to be sorta disappointed? Also, do we get a national dex at the end?

      1. If I’m really disappointed with US, I don’t think I’ve opened my copy of UM yet and I could probably return it.

        I have bank and multiples of most Legendaries, and I can trade like a boss.

      1. No, I picked Litten and only just made it to 2nd island. I mean floundering in motivation and bonding with my pokemon and deciding who to use, and so on.

  26. I’m really glad people are upset by these games. I mean not for the people playing, I’m with you, we kinda got cheated, but it means that Game Freak might learn they can stop doing this sh*t

    1. This. I like these games individually but for what they are, they shouldn’t of existed. This is what we should’ve gotten last year, or more effort put into them even if it meant delaying release.

      1. Or they should’ve made this a 3rd version and announce that they’re sorry this gen was kinda shorter, but they’re busy making the Switch Game

      1. The best option would be Pokemon Prism, in Alchemy (Which Gen 7 is heavilly influenced by) Sun, Moon and Prism together can create god-like powers

  27. Something I thought was hilarious when I found the Flyinium Z: You go grab it and I’m thinking “A totem’s going to attack, oh man!” but out of the cave pops Kahili. She’s like “Let me show you the dance of my people!” does the Z-move poses and disappears back into the nowhere she came from.

      1. It would’ve been better with a totem battle, but what happened was just so absurd I started laughing.

    1. Flyinium Z – Totem Trumbeak
      Psychium Z – Totem Oranguru
      Icium Z – Totem Alotails/Aloslash (depending on version)

      1. They definitley needed more totems. I know we get the Groundium Z from Hapu (iirc), but i for one would have welcomed Totem Mudsdale or Pallosand.

  28. Gotta go: I have to be at church in twenty minutes. I’ll talk to you later, my PokeJungle friends / acquaintances and also Earthen.

    1. Depends on what you mean by rework. How much would it change? What would be different and what would be the same/similar? Any examples?

        1. Hmmmm that could be interesting I suppose. More of an mmo style of battling I guess? It would certainly change things dramatically. I also think it’d be something that people would need to get used to. Turn based battling is super easy to latch onto and is far easier to comprehend than the Xenoblade battle style

          1. This… true….they do love their tutorials. And for once it would warrant a tutorial. I’d actually want to watch it as opposed to the tutorial on how to catch Pokemon in UM where I basically put my 3ds down and went to the bathroom as it played out hahaha

    2. I would welcome it, so long as it doesn’t devolve into basic button mashing.

      I like the turn based system which is the mainstay of the core series, are you suggesting this be replaced in the core series, or for something separate?

  29. This day is pretty much ruined
    My beloved cherish gazebo whom I’ve spent my summers in relaxing in my own personal area, playing my DS, watching movies on my iPad and even dragged a TV extension cord and Wii out there and played Super Paper Mario from start to finish was destroyed in a windstorm
    This I blame entirely on myself for not dismantling it earlier by the end of summer

      1. It’s bent and snapped, and in the world of metalworking snapped metal is dead metal

        My dad is pissed off and my mom is gonna try to save it but my last shred of happiness is pretty much gone

  30. Man… being in the exact same spot as I am in Sun in Ultra Moon is kind of surreal. It’s almost weird for some reason lol

  31. What are you guys talking about? the togedemaru totem was so easy. I just leach seeded Toge and Skarmory and had constant health then switched to Salazzle to finish them off

  32. Why did I try to go to my store on Sunday… It’s a madhouse on the weekends normally but this is the last few shopping days before thanksgiving

  33. My thoughts and initial early reactions to USUM will be posted as soon as I get a little deeper into Melemele.
    So far so good but I haven’t played enough to give a solid opinion. Will post later on.

  34. I just took Kiawe’s trial…I was sufficiently challenged to say the least. Totem Marowak and ally Salazzle caught me off guard and Dartrix and Eevee were the only ones who survived. Everyone else fainted in one turn O_O

  35. Ok a few things, first why are the surfers so weird looking? (His face just looks super weird) and I’ve made it tad bit farther

    My teams all lvl.12
    Furball, Lola and Dusty
    Litten, Buneary and Rockruff respectively

    Gonna soon go to the Verdant Cavern and fight the first Totem. Oh and question when does photo booth open up (after the trial or Kahuna?)

  36. Wow Totem Araquanid actually gave a hard time. I wasn’t expecting that given I was a few levels above it. I even ended up using a Z move to get its health down. I never felt like I had to use Z moves last game so this is kind of refreshing. That said I don’t want to have to rely on them very often. I’d rather win based on merit and hard work than spam the Z moves and auto take down my opponents. The real kicker? My Dartrix was at lvl 23 and once I beat Araquanid it leveled up to 24 and learned Pluck. If I had Pluck right form the start I prolly wouldn’t have needed the Flynium Z. So that’s real lame haha

  37. Totem Lurantis took so much longer this time around for me to defeat than in Sun and Moon. Had to restart the battle three times before a stroke of luck with Rotom giving me a second Z move. Glad to see a spike of difficulty though, it’s very refreshing! Update on my team after the second grand trial:
    Primarina lv 34
    Lycanroc (Dusk) lv 32
    Noibat Lv 31
    Next up is the Aether Paradise!

  38. I don’t know what’s going on with me…
    I’ve lost once to the teacher at the Trainer’s School and again to Ilima. Crazy!

    1. To be fair the trainers in USUM seem to have stepped up their game. In SM the only npc I think I ever had trouble with was an old woman right outside of Paniola Town. Her Carbink was too tough for my Torracat, Trumbeak, and Charjabug. I had to catch a Mudbray in order to take her out. (was honestly the start of me loving Mudbray/Mudsdale). This time around I find myself having trouble with a number of npcs and those are just the regular ordinary ones.

      1. I haven’t had any issues with other trainers since BW2’s Challenge Mode! I am pleasantly surprised.

  39. Well after trying to unscrew my broken sanctuary apart and salvage what I can and running to the store to resupply for the week, still gotta go back to beg my bosses for more days this week and to come home to my brother throwing a fit

    I finally made it to Poni Island, I think I’m just gonna dick around catching stuff and fill up boxes for pokepalago

    And I’m thinking I’m gonna change up my Ultra Moon team

    Snowslash via Sandshrew as my starter
    Lycanroc Midnight
    Ugh A. Marowak or Turtonator

    1. Your cat came back the last time didn’t? (I’m assuming based on your statement) I don’t see why it wouldn’t again. Cats are known for leaving home and then coming back. Also maybe if you get you cat back don’t let it out of the house? Not trying to be that guy, but if you’re afraid of your cat running away and not coming back then don’t let it get out.

      1. Was my parents fault for letting him outside again earlier while they knew the fence is busted which allows him to jump across.

        1. Got ya. Also sorry if what I said felt a little callus. I do really hope you cat comes back. I’m sure it will. Especially if it did the last time

  40. Honestly, these games are really good. But at the same tine they’re trash. The games standalone are pretty good and I’d say are the 3rd best Pokemon games, but considering they came an year after sumo, they’re trash

  41. Would it make sense to name A Sandshrew Coldsteel? It is a hedgehog and it’s an Ice/Steel type

  42. Totem Lurantis complete! That was actually a lot easier than Kiawe’s trial, which makes sense given the type disadvantage, but still much tougher than I remember.

    1. I’ve only had issues with Totem Togedemaru so far, actually had 2 deaths in that battle.

  43. I have two very good comments to make about USUM:
    1. The level curve is noticeable and gives that extra little buff to make the game more difficult. Very happy to see this.
    2. Little details add a whole new layer to Alola, and it’s just a joy to discover said details.

  44. So in my games, it’s always dusk! It’s not night or day… it’s 11:40 am and both games show its dusk (orange sky). Is it because of the Rocruff I haven’t picked up yet?

    1. Your 3ds clock might be messed up. It’s not because of anything with Rockruff. I’d check out your 3ds first and then work from there

  45. What’s that Flynium Z thing you were talking about? I’m about to get to Acerola’s Trial and I have No idea about it. Where should I go to trigger this ”event”?

  46. Loving the game so far. If I had to rate it I’d give it four stars. Grinding my pals up to level 20 before I take on the kahuna and leave Melemele.

  47. In my opinion I enjoyed Sun and Moon a lot so I did enjoy Ultra Sun. I agree that it does NOT deserve the one star review it gets. The game is still good “objectively” and it’s by all means a playable and enjoyable experience. However, there are too many major flaws that really hinder this game and prevent it from being great.

    This is the only time I’m saying it, but they really should’ve just made this game DLC. Or something elae. Really. I’m usually against that kind of stuff, but it feels like it here. At least with Platinum, Emerald, and Crystal they have more than enough so they don’t need to be DLC but what else would you find in USUM that isn’t in SM? Yes it fixes clear issues and the difficulty, but the game still feeds you tutorial island ( though not as a bad as before) and the game adds very little extra content to do.

    And I’m not talking about the side quests or Ultra Beasts either. What I’m talking about is that they should’ve and COULD’VE added new Alolan Forms, they could’ve added a skip tutorial button( they did this in GS). And in my opinion the game could’ve been way better.

    Now, this is not to say the game is complete trash. Calling it that is unfair. It really is situational here. Do you like SM? Did you want to get this game because you were interested in it? Try this then. Did you not like SM? I can’t recommend this game to you then. IMO, There is not enough I’m this game to make someone who hated SM like it. In that case, skip it and play something else.

    This opinion is also coming from someone who usually like and defends 3rd versions if it means anything.

    1. I definitely agree that USUM could have been more, but Alola is such a great region to me, definitely in my top 3. It makes it hard to miss coming back.

      1. Me too. I love Alola and the aesthetic to it. I love the characters too. I’m gonna miss it, but I wish there more.

  48. Wow that was a Mild difficulty. Gumshoos really was only a bit challenging when Yungoos would leer and it would Tackle

    It took Lola down (I forgot to use Endure) after I did some damage, Dusty Bit the Ally out, then Furball came in to finish Gumshoos off with 2 Fire Fangs

    Well my team is now
    Furball level 14
    Lola level 13
    Dusty level 13

    Plus 1 Z-crystal

  49. Im not the only one who finds this game to be longer than SM? Theres more battles even before you get to Ilimas trial and my pokemon are on level 14/15 (dusk rockruff, litten, grubbin)

    1. Obviously this is hinting at the fact that we will need two Nintendo Switches just to play one version of the the games next generation.

  50. Can we all just stop bashing the games please. Yes they are rehashed games yes it feels like a cash grab but we bought it no? We weren’t forced to buy them as we weren’t forced to buy yellow, crystal,emerald or platinum.i personally have bought every main series title ??‍♀️ That’s just me though and i know what I’m getting into a Rehash of story elements from dual copies in the “enhanced” version but i enjoyed them all my opinion yes i know but just stop all of the negative hate enjoy the games beat them than sell them if you wish. Apologies to those this may offended.

    1. This is stupid

      They are a cash grab. The people who bought these games did not expect them to be literal copy pastes of Sun and Moon. This isn’t acceptable in 2017 after Platinum and especially after B2W2

      Saying we aren’t forced to buy the games is a cop out. People who play competitive actually are because they have to buy these games just to keep up with the meta.

      Apologies to those who may be offended

      1. But for those who aren’t competitive players, are not forced though

        And your saying its not ok to do another Platinum? (I can get the part after BW2) But Platinum isn’t the perfect example of a third game so that’s like saying we didn’t need a Platinum after an Emerald or either after a Crystal.

        1. Actually Platinum is a good example because it actually fixes the issues in Diamond and Pearl

          And ya know why it’s not ok anymore? Because we have DLC now.

          1. We’ve had DLC for a while now. Doesn’t really affect whether Game Freak does third versions or not. It’s gone past the point of being ok or not to just being tradition. And Japan is big on tradition.

            Plus, DLC has proven to be controversial in the past, which makes it odd that people want more of it. Of the top of my head, I remember there being a big ruckus over SF x Tekken’s DLC.

      2. How is it stupid? Another persons opinion is stupid? Please tell me when it became acceptable to bash another person on their opinion especially on a community site? Like what? Literally for what 16 or so years all third versions have been general copy and paste jobs yellow exact same plot as RB with Pikachu added, rival gets eevee Jessie and James some inclusion and exclusion of Pokémon. Crystal same they added what new areas maybe changed level up moves added suicune to the story but not really gave you esuine, emerald same story but with both teams as opposition added the BF changed certain story elements. Platinum did the same stuff as well changed were you get your starter added new mons to the dex, expanded galactics goals added a BF BLAH BLAH . Than you have the sequels b2w2 which were designed to be that way all of gen 5 was designed to be the way it was that’s why they were sequels instead of an third title the story content was to much for a singular set so it’d stupid to say you bought it than bash on someone’s opinion? Thank you I️ understand your entitled to your opinion but please just stop for the past 6-7 months since these things were announced you’ve been a dark cloud on this site bashing people for general excitement.

        1. Calm down…. have some dip

          Yellow Crystal and Emerald came out years ago.

          Platinum fixed the issues that made DP garbage and made Gen 4 amazing

          B2W2 stepped up everything and basically showed that there is no need for third versions when you can make sequels

          Now we have USUM that fixes hardly any of the actual issues with Sun and Moon, split up into two versions for no reason and is released in 2017. WHEN DLC IS A WIDESPREAD ACCEPTED THING

          Please kindly get your head out of your ass because you do not have to defend these outdated anti consumer practices

          1. There is no defense! All I’m saying is GF has done this for years no one truly complained until now the minute that trailer dropped in June it was expected on what they would be and yes it could have been dlc but as you’ve seen since your a fan of the series GF isn’t to happy to provide dlc that’s literally all i am trying to say( and to just enjoy the games for what they are and hope Pokemon switch is this saving grace game for the franchise) that is all. And it felt like you were attacking me on that comment apologies Star!!!

          2. So hang on. How is 10-20$ DLC worse than two 40$ games?

            It’s inexcusable to do this now. Especially when it hasn’t fixed any of the issues with Sun and Moon

            MeleMele is STILL a boring slog

            Z Move are unskippable

            Many characters still don’t have their arcs resolved

            Festival Plaza is still hot garbage

            So. Many. Cutscenes.

            Trials are still boring and more simplistic than even gym puzzles

            They had an entire year to fix these games and flesh them out and they did what a rom hacker could do in a month

      3. They are a cash grab.

        No more of a cash grab than Yellow, Crystal, Platinum, B2W2, Z…oh wait.

  51. If Acerola’s Trial is just next to a Black Sand Beach, wouldn’t it make more sense for her to have a shiny Pallosand?

  52. Ok I think I want to say what I think I want for my team plus items

    -Furball the Incineroar with Incinium Z (♀️)
    -Lola the Lopunny with Normalium Z (♀️)
    -Dusty the Lycanroc with Lycanium Z (♂️)
    -Minty the Dewgong with Waterium Z (♂️)
    -Luna the Shiinotic with Grassnium Z (♀️)
    -Not sure exactly yet, but I will make sure it’s Male (I still am not super happy that Furball was a girl) it also will balance 3 girls and 3 boys

    Know any good Pokémon that could be added that don’t over lap in type?

  53. On Route 2 the Ultra Recon Squad mentions paging their President to try and get into Verdant Cavern… who could their President be?

  54. Your biggest interest outside of Pokémon? Does it overlap with why you’re interested in Pokémon at all?

    1. What do you mean by interest? Professional interests, interests of leisure, interests that should not be mentioned in the comment section of games targeted at children…

    2. Well I would have said Yo-kai Watch, but now because I’m learning way more about in the last few month’s

      Kirby is my biggest and closest competitor for my favorite game.

      Or if non game related, than that goes to drawing my own cartoon characters

    3. I guess movies, since I tell myself that those are what I want to help produce as a career without actually knowing if it’s a good choice or not.

    4. Photography, Drag, Food… honestly I’m so busy with the army I don’t get to enjoy my interests unless it’s the weekend

      1. Hey, man! Could you please help me trade my shiny Mimikyu from Sun to Ultra Moon? I already have you in my Friends List

  55. So I’ve been taking a break from the main story and spent some time doing Mantine surf and….I love it, the waves at dusk and night just speak to me, a feeling of enigmatic spirit

    And I’m focusing on getting top ranks on the beaches which mean moar BP

      1. I get like 6-8 BP per run and I’m gonna need to do it in moon if I want Lycanroc to learn Fire Punch

          1. It’s really just a rhythm
            Gain speed and spam tricks
            Avoid stupid poopyheaded tentacool and wailords
            And just focus on trying to beat ranks because BP is based on points, so more points means new tricks, new tricks means more points, more points means more BP

  56. Since Black and White I have bought both versions of Pokémon games, but this is the first time since then that I won’t be. Partially because I’m a college student and I am broke af, but mainly because they’re is not a lot of change to warrant me getting both versions. I really hope GameFreak ends the double version gimmick because they really don’t make significant changes to them to warrant buying both. (Black and White were amazing at this).

    1. There’s no problem with picking both versions up at vastly different times. I did that with most of my games, even ORAS, but then got those dual packs they began offering with Sun and Moon.

      1. Very true, but lately with how busy I am with school I think Ultra Moon will tide me over until Gen 8 comes out. Also I am extremely sad, because I wanted to pre-order the steelbook, but it was sold out, so I opted for just Ultra Moon, and now I find out that it’s back on amazon 🙁 (Maybe I’ll get Ultra Sun later on in life….as a gift….cuz I’m broke)

  57. I made it to Aether Paradise, but I NEED to stop playing for now since I literally cannot afford procrastinating anymore. I can’t decide if I’m having more fun than when I played Moon a few months ago because honestly, the middle part of this game is nearly identical in every way. When I pick it back up (hopefully late tonight) I’ll be excited to reach the point where the story becomes more unique. I’ve expressed my love for Necrozma before and I can’t wait for those cutscenes…

  58. Is it sad sometimes I play USUM just to Mantine Surf? Pokémon needs more stuff like this, interacting with the world in a way that is alternative to battling

  59. I need someone’s help to trade my shiny Mimikyu from S to UM. Anyone could do it? Pretty Please?

      1. No? (Yes I am trying to guilt trip you into helping me, but I’ll also be just real happy if you do it)

        1. No but seriously, every time I land I immediately get a sharpedo rammed up my ass

  60. USUM feels like getting a stolen gift

    It’s a great gift but the way you got it is rather worrying

      1. I love how last night I wrote three separate paragraphs on what I was saying because I couldn’t find the right words
        And here i said it all in two sentences

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  61. Can you battle the trial captains after beating their trials? I went back to Ilima’s house, but he’s not there

      1. Oh…….and here I thought I could make it for not battling them immediately in SM. Nevermind I guess

  62. I’m planning to use Litten, Rockruff, Wimpod, Stufful, Sandygast, and Morelull on my Ultra Moon run, but I also wanted to include the Electric-type Oricorio or Togedemaru. Thoughts?

    1. You can use Totem Togedamaru in Ultra Moon. So if I were you, I would be leaning to that side.

      1. It’s great you acknowledge people don’t want your terrible opinions.

        jk pls don’t hate me

  63. I just finished te main story in US. I expect muuuuch more. Litterally the same game until the altar of the sun. Then just 10 minutes of difference and by the way, is it just me or s/m main story was 10 times darker and better then this?

  64. Wow I was at the edge of my seat when battling the second totom pokemon. After getting a +1 boost to her stats my noibat survived two aurora beams and surivived with one hp. She then proceeded to wreak both the totom and its ally with air cutter

  65. Your favorite non legend inherits your favorite legends ability and their secondary type becomes the same as the legends primary type

    How good if your non legendary fave now?

    1. I’m not sure what my favourite Legendary is so I’ll go with:

      Teravolt Fire/Dragon Infernape

      Seems pretty good actually.

    2. Huh, which sounds scarier?

      Water/Fire, Psychic, or Steel type with Pressure?
      Water/Dragon with Turboblaze?
      Water/Fairy with Fairy Aura? Or…

      Water/Psychic with Shadow Shield?

  66. Still going to be salty about only one (Thank you, Super Waluigi Odessey) answering me earlier about suggesting a 6th Pokémon…

    If you would like to suggest one now here’s my team idea
    “-Furball the Incineroar with Incinium Z (♀️)
    -Lola the Lopunny with Normalium Z (♀️)
    -Dusty the Lycanroc with Lycanium Z (♂️)
    -Minty the Dewgong with Waterium Z (♂️)
    -Luna the Shiinotic with Grassnium Z (♀️)
    -Not sure exactly yet, but I will make sure it’s Male (I still am not super happy that Furball was a girl) it also will balance 3 girls and 3 boys”

    1. I wasn’t here earlier. I thought you were using Mantine? I’d give Lopunny a Fighting move and that Z-crystal, though you’d better off giving general boosting items as you’ll only get at most 2 z-moves per battle but it’s up to you. You lack Fairy coverage so something with Steel or Poison attacks would be helpful. Vikavolt could work, iirc it gets Flash Cannon.

  67. If you were the main character of a show, piece of literature, or video game, what genre would it be?

    Random question to spark convo

    1. Seinen and Slice of Life. Because I am an ordinary person that also happen to be a maturing adult.

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  69. I am one of those unhappy trainers and I got the dual pack. Yay.

    I expected the main story to be a copy of SM with tiny differences true, but I also expected to have a big postgame and not this… I am very deceived. It has been done to content the veteran fans but the plot lacks of substance and had the opposite effect, at least on me, because of the lack of a deeper plot in the postgame. It’s even shorter than the S/M one (without considering catching all legends and UBs).

    I won’t say anything about Ultra Megalopolis, because yeah, sadly there’s nothing good to say about it. I thought we would have a complete new world to explore there. But huh, well the artworks were very nice.

    Conclusion, It is like playing Sun and Moon with minor changes and some new forms and Pokemon, as usual, but nothing very original apart from the plot revealing the secrets of Sun and Moon.

    It feels like Game Freak was very lazy doing this game or they did just what they could, anyway I would have waited until the Switch games, that I hope they get much better without so much limitations (like 4GB per game or the removal of triple battles just because of the big framerate drops).

    1. I also don’t get why we catch the legends in the ultra space and we don’t warp in their original regions… like warping in Johto in the Burned Tower just before it burns to rescue the legendary dogs. That would have been amazing..
      and with the Team RR episode: you just defeat them and that’s it, really?? you even don’t need to move from the same building. That’s a lame and lazily done plot.

      1. I got to say this. I called it so much and yet I get called out for being the negative nancy for the generation. I hated the generation since I said that the 7th gen is the Movie and Smogon generation and by flipping Arceus… I so called it!

    1. I’ll just ask, what was it that really did it for you? The gameplay, the storyline, the interactivity, or something else?

      1. Mainly that pokemon was becoming less innocent, more dark pokedex entries, etc. for example:
        I know this kinda thing has always been in pokemon, but Sun and Moon just kicked it up by a huge notch I could hardly stand it… the only possible saving grace would’ve been infinite love balls… but no… ?

          1. The lore of the games can be mixed (1 reason I am iffy of listening to Pokedexes) and people wanted the games to get dark….how funny that we are getting it in ways not wanted in some ways. Then again I’ll say that also it’s a bit sour seeing the Mega evolutions are getting blasted and treated as something really evil when they are better gameplay machanically for improving Pokemon of the past than Z-emergency moves.

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