I don’t use caps in titles very often, but when its the release day of a new Pokémon game you better bet I’m keeping my pinky close to the CAPS LOCK key to shout about all the GREAT NEW STUFF waiting for Pokémon fans. After months of eagerly anticipating the enhanced version of last year’s hit titles Pokémon Sun & Moon, it’s finally time to dive into Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!

Now live in Australia, Japan, and mainland Europe, the games will be debuting soon elsewhere. And fans are encouraged to share their progress in the comments below! Please be respectful to fellow fans and refrain from sharing spoilers about the storyline.

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I would also like to take time to remind everyone in our Disqus community down below to please treat your fellow trainers amicably and be polite. When moderating I never like to take a heavy-handed approach, but please do not make me get out my ruler to smack knuckles. Keep discussions appropriate, don’t insult people – All those great rules for life you learned back in primary school 😉 I know we can do it Junglers!

Love you all

<3 PJ