Final Ultra Sun & Moon Trailer + REVIEW WRAP-UP

Well friends, the final chapter of our Alolan adventure is almost upon us and the final trailer before the release of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon has arrived.

The review embargo for the games has also been lifted, so here’s what official outlets are saying:

  • Nintendo Life 10/10 – “You’d be forgiven for not wanting to jump back into the same world again so soon but, in their own right, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are truly incredible entries to the series that deserve to be sitting amongst the elite Pokémon titles.”
  • GameReactor 9/10“The story is much more engaging this time around, there’s plenty of call-backs for long-time fans, and the title’s proceed to push the 3DS even further.”
  • Gamespot 8/10“Though they aren’t very different from their predecessors, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon make enough changes to stand apart as the definitive version of the seventh generation games.”
  • EGM 8/10 – “The definitive edition of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon encapsulate the elements of what made the first set of games great—and also carry forward some of the games’ flaws.”
  • TheSixthAxis 8/10“Plenty of new features and details will make fans of the franchise very happy and while I still mourn for the DexNav to this day, the new content is well worth becoming Alolan Champion once more.”
  • GameXplain ‘Liked-A-Lot’ – “They feel incredibly familiar to those who have traveled to Alola before”
  • Famitsu 36/40