RUMOR: Gen VIII Games Coming to Switch in 2018

BE CAREFUL: As with all rumors we treat these as discussion points and not something to based your hopes and dreams on. Do not treat them as fact.

It isn’t a rumor that GameFreak is working on a main series Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch, but exactly when is a point of contention. Many gamers thought that “Pokémon Stars” (later revealed to be Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon precursor or even just a tech demo) would be the first main game on Nintendo’s new console after gaming journalists erroneously reported on it last year. One year later and nothing concrete has been announced, but that could change soon.

A Reddit poster with a history of correctly leaking gaming news posted, DasVergeben, recently posted a new topic about some of 2018’s plans from Nintendo. Relevant to Pokémon fans is the fact that GameFreak is under pressure to release Generation VIII next year for the Switch. That means if all goes according to plan we could see the first “console” main series game within 12 months!

Do you think it’s too soon off the release of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon or would you prefer GameFreak to keep generations shorter than they have in the past?

Via MyNintendoNews