New Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Trailer Reveals New Ultra Beast

Following on the heels of today’s earlier trailer released on television in Japan, more information has been revealed in a new English trailer.


  • Player will be able to traverse an Ultra Wormhole on the back of Solgaleo or Lunala in a mini-game of sorts
  • You’ll be able to battle Ultra Beasts at their home dimension/space by traveling through the Ultra Space
  • Ultra Megalopolis (pictured right), can be reached by traveling through the Ultra Space and has had all of its light stolen by Necrozma
  • New characters are part of the Ultra Recon Squad and have had their names revealed as Dulse, Zossie, Phyco and Soliera – the latter two will have major roles in Ultra Moon, while the former two are more prominent in Ultra Sun
  • Player is seen battling members of the Squad
  • A new Ultra Beast, UB: Adhesive (Poison Pin Pokémon), has been discovered. It’s a Poison-type with the ability Beast Boost
  • UB: Burst (Fireworks Pokémon) is Fire/Ghost-type and knows a new move “Mind Blown” which causes it to lose half its maximum HP
  • UB: Assembly (Rampart Pokémon) is Rock/Steel-type