Oha Suta Drops New Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Trailer

The final countdown is on until new footage is shown of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon on Japanese children’s show Oha Suta!

We’ll be covering it live with information added to the bullet list below (refresh page to update):

Live Coverage

  • 07:05 – The program has now started
  • 07:06 – Hosts are visiting Pokémon Company’s headquarters
  • 07:08 – Taking a look at the various Pikachu goods
  • 07:12 – Showing off Pokémon decor
  • 07:13 – Showing off new merchandise and plushies
  • 07:14 – Taking a look at all the Pokémon game boxes
  • 07:16 – The Pokémon Company has Usain Bolt jersey and shoes which were a gift from the athlete after working on commercial together
  • 07:17 – A brand new trailer is being shown!



  • New mysterious character shown with the moustache’s name is Shionira
  • The text interspersed throughout the trailer reads “There has been a sign of darkness. This is no longer the Alola you know”
  • 0:08 – Kukui: “Yeah! It’s said that long ago when Alola was covered in darkness the people and Pokémon of Alola vanquished the darkness with light.”
  • 0:15 – Burnet talking about how rare it is to see cracks open up in the sky (Ultra Wormholes). This scene was in Sun & Moon.
  • 0:22 – Shionira: “Necrozma, the Pokemon that controls light…does it plan to steal Alola’s light?”
  • 0:58 – Guzma: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend, huh?” (literal translation: “It’s ‘keep the enemy alive, so we stay alive too, huh?”)
  • 0:59 – Gladion: “If mom dies as well…!”
  • 1:00 – Lusamine: “Get out of here…He’s…He’s a monster!!”

Don’t know about you guys, but this trailer has convinced me: Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon is going to be epic!