Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Announced

The Pokémon Direct has revealed brand-new games in Generation VII of the main series! Called Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, the games feature a new story as well as Pokémon that didn’t originally appear in Sun & Moon. Both will be released globally on November 17, 2017.

What do you think? Were you hoping for a Switch title or are you happy these are on the Nintendo 3DS?

  1. God dammit, why? the 3ds can’t handle the new Pokemon games,the fps is so bad, and now they’re adding more to Sun and Moon? just give us a main pokemon game on the switch and i would prefer it to be Gen 4 remakes because after playing Sun and Moon i haven’t touched the game

    1. The new 3ds can handle them though, this is probably why they are coming out with the new 2ds xl so that people can get a cheaper version. I agree though, I wanted to come to the switch

  2. Ah yes, screw Mega Evolution. Hello Ultra Evolution.

    Although both Lunala and Solgaleo looks kind of bad in these supposed ‘Ultra’ Formes.


  4. Wait, so when they say “Pokemon that didn’t appear in SM” do they mean new Pokemon or old ones not in the dex?

    1. Most likely the latter. Its just an enhanced port. Think Pokemon Emerald or Platinum. An improved version of the game, now split between two versions. Genius!

        1. But it’s not a direct sequel. It’s supposedly at alternate version of the story.

        2. Has it been said though its a new story? They said “Alternate Story” implying again something closer to those games, but events being slightly different. So we should still expect Team Skull, team Aether and Cyrus-light to be our villains, as well as crappy trials and the such.

        3. They said it’s an alternate story, so it’s more in line with Emerald and Platinum. Not sequels.

  5. And with that all interest in the mainline of pokemon dies for another year. Screw this crap. But glad to see Pokken getting a much needed port, and everyone’s favorite new starter is joining the roster.

  6. YES THIS IS FANTASTIC NEW MAIN GAMES AND GOLD AND SILVER RERELEASE??? Nintendo I love you so much. Now if only you’d give us a little more than the tease there will be an alternate story 😉

  7. Finally the Stars rumours can die.

    Anyway what I can guess from this is, New alola forms for Gen 2 Pokemon, and Necrozma merges with Lunala and Solgaleo. Kinda like a Third Version/Sequel hybrid, vibes of B2/W2.

    Also is everything being ported to the switch from the Wii U?

    1. At this point it feels like all the good games from the Wii U will either be ported or given a sequel on the Switch. :/

      1. It’s good and bad.
        Good cause they’re good games and people didn’t get a wii u and can enjoy them on the Switch.
        Bad cause it’s annoying now I feel I’m missing out if I don’t get the updated ports of them all but at the same time outside of Main Pokemon I don’t like having the same game more than once.

    2. I wouldn’t call death to the Stars rumour just yet. We still got E3, which is entirely focused on the Switch! Nintendo is porting a ton of stuff! If makes sense because the Wii U had such a small install base.

  8. They can’t afford to make enhanced ports for a game on an entirely new console halfway through the generation. I reckon the next gen will be on the switch.

      1. If it was, they would’ve killed the 3ds and made the switch backwards compatible considering the game hardware is nearly the same. Clearly they want to keep the 3ds alive and separate from the switch for some reason.

    1. I’m not gonna go that far, but I would’ve rather had them have a similar main story to SM and just focus all their efforts on the extra stuff.

    2. My thoughts exactly. I think it’s a poor choice for them to try and make updated SuMo on the same console especially when the previous games struggled to run as they were.

    3. It’s mentioned that the game story is in alternate universe. It’s definitely not the post game however it will be different

      1. It’s gonna be Emerald/Platinum in terms of a story rehash. Same general story, with Necrozma thrown in and other differences. Emerald and Platinum were great for their post-game content on top of the story differences. Will wait and see if the same holds true for US and UM. GameFreak is 0 for 3 so far with 3DS games content wise, so I’m not holding my breath.

  9. I know I shouldn’t be holding out hope for this, but what if they announce a Switch port of Ultra SM at E3 so they can talk about it during the spotlight? I wasn’t expecting a switch game, but I’m still a little dissapointed that it’s gonna still be on the 3DS. Especially since they sorta trolled us at the beginning.

    1. Its not going to happen Ith. Its still too soon. From a business perspective this is the right move for them. And of course that’s ignoring the debate that we’ve had many times that the Switch isn’t a very good handheld and it could be entirely possible that their holding off for Nintendo to release a proper handheld before continuing development.

  10. I’m honestly so hyped about shiny hunting in Gold and Silver VC that this stuff is just extra 😛




  11. i said yesterday on discord that if next main game is on 3ds and not switch and related to sun and moon i may not buy. rip me. trying not to be annoyed but 1) fusion again? cuz clearly thats necrozma on sol and luna. 2) i have no interest playing my 3ds. 3) couldnt think of a better name than ultra? the way the logo looks with the word “ultra” on it literally looks like bad photoshopping

      1. honestly its hard to look at sol with necrozma…its like smiling and that looks like bad photoshopping too

    1. Ultra cause of ultra beats or has everyone conveniently forgotten them x)

        1. Yeah. Or even Eclipse. But hey, everyone thought black 2 white 2 was a cop out name but their story was great.

          1. at least the logo looked good with 2. and 2 screams sequel. ultra screams just additions. not saying it wont be a sequel but the logo is bad, and solgaleo smiling is sorta scaring me

  12. Interesting! Ultra S/M seem like an improvement to S/M. We’ll obviously get a trailer at E3! I still feel like a Switch announcement is concerning these games!

    1. The thing is, the spotlight at E3 is focusing solely on Switch games, so if they want to transition well into a trailer, they’d have to announce a Switch version. But then again, they did SM stuff at the BotW-only E3.

  13. So i guess we’re getting ultra pokemon forms now….this gives me a reason to pick up my 3ds again :/

    1. Imagine (And it won’t happen but imagine)
      Imagine, that they had 2 forms, one that resembles Necrozma, and one that Resembles Zygarde

  14. We now have the Eclipse version. And the sequel versions on 3DS was more than expected. Its B2/W2 all over again.

  15. Actually what if Necrozma doesn’t fuse. It would seem a bit repetitive after B2/W2, but what if, instead, those are new forms they change into under the Influence of Necrozma or something like that, it would be new.

    Oh look I started speculating like I said I wouldn’t…..

  16. People failed to realize that Gamefreak will not released one version like emerald or platinum back then. It has to be combo just like b2w2. Pokemon star is just a star. Hello USUM

  17. They intentionally made things vague about the new Pokemon. It doesn’t really give a clear indication whether or not it’s brand-new Pokemon or just some which weren’t in the Alola Pokedex before. Sneaky…

    1. didnt they say like pokemon not in sun and moon? sorta sounds like more alolan pokemon which isnt too exciting

      1. don’t get your hopes up, they’re probably talking about Pokemon that were unavailable in Pokemon Sun and Moon

  18. it’s funny that the best thing about this direct is the Gold and Silver virtual console other than that it’s all bad, what’s worse is that even though i love Mimikyu i think game freak is just doing fan service now that they gave him his own Z-move

  19. It’s all a big troll. I smell something fishy coming up, like a new trailer at E3. The way this was structured was so bad, like it had to be intentional.
    First stage: denial.

    1. i hope so. please put on switch. it doesnt look good on 3ds. and lets hope they change the name last minute lol

    2. it looks bad because it is bad, it’s another Pokemon game that’s too big for the 3ds

      1. I just can’t get over the aliasing and framerate anymore. Ugh, why Gf why. Make it cross-gen please.

        1. i seriously have not touched Pokemon S&M since i finished the game in November because of how bad the fps is, i didn’t even do any post game (not that there was any)

  20. Since this happened before coro coro leaked we might be getting more info within the next few days. Also its been a while since i’ve been on here

  21. I hate to look ahead all the time, but it’s what I do. I think we could have another gap year next year, then Gen 8 in 2019, then Diamond and Pearl remakes in 2020. Or Diamond and Pearl remakes next year and Gen 8 in 2019. All on the Switch, of course. Notice how the Wii U in the room has been replaced by the Switch…

    1. did anyone really wanted an enhanced S&M if they weren’t on the switch?
      i didn’t, i wanted D&P remakes or S&M on the switch but if i have to wait until 2020 for Gen 4 remakes i’ll be so upset

      1. Some people still wanted 3DS games and that is fine, but I feel like they lost their purpose a bit now. There’s a reason why BW2 were the worst selling games.

        1. it would be fine if it was D&P on the 3ds, i wouldn’t mid that, but i honestly hated Alola

          1. it would’ve been great, part of the reason i didn’t like S&M is that it’s too much for the 3ds

      1. Don’t waste ur time we will not get any new pkmn but we can have have many new forms though.

    1. Gen 7 pokemon? Or just old pokemon, like how platinum had “new” pokemon from D/P…we will see

      1. We know Lycanroc is supposed to have a 3rd form because of some placeholder. Mimikyu too I believe

    2. The question is do the mean “New” as in brand new pokemon or just pokemon that weren’t in the original dex originally. Or maybe new Alolan forms?

    3. they mean Pokemon from other regions, not actual new species of Pokemon.
      probably with new Alola forms.


  22. I am so disappointed. I don´t want to invest on 3DS games anymore now that I have the Switch.
    Why such a bad decision of making the SuMo remakes for 3DS, again, with all the performance and graphical limitations they have?

  23. Main games make more sense on the 3DS.
    I mean, have you seen the battery life on the switch when it’s off the dock? That’s not suited to a Main Pokemon game at all.

    1. Wait, when is the last time you played your 3DS. It’s almost as bad as the Switch’s.

        1. Not true. Switch lasts 2h30 on full brightness + wifi when playing Zelda. It lasts 3-4 hours for other game with moderate brightness, but the screen itself is brighter than the 3DS screen. 3DS is maybe like 30 minutes to 1 hour longer.

      1. Maybe if you have it on max brightness, sound maxed and various other things that can drain power, but if you dim it a bit it last’s significantly longer.

          1. But not by much. Generally the 3DS still tends to last notably longer without needing to sacrifice brightness. And that’s also ignoring if the Switch long term has any flaws with its charging leading to the deterioration of the battery form being constantly docked, lowering that battery life even more.

    2. What? 3DS doesn’t have great battery life either. I rather play S/M at 60fps than 30-25. Switch is both a handheld and console, Pokemon has an easy home on it!

      1. Except the Switch isn’t really a handheld, its a home console that can be taken portable. Everything about it is treated like its a home console and should be thought that its a home console first, as Nintendo has said. Heck even if you want to call it a handheld, its far from a good one with pretty horrible battery life, being far too big to be easily taken around and a library of games that doesn’t really work well for handheld gaming.

  24. Wow, I forgot how entitled Pokemon fans think they are…

    It’s only been half an hour and we have limited information but everyone’s putting the game in the grave already, unfortunate.

    No wonder I left the Pokemon community, too much negativity and entitlement lol

      1. I’m trying!! Can’t wait for a new UltraSM trailer to get a better idea of what this game’s gonna be about!

    1. I’ll still play the game but why not for switch 1 HD 2 FPS 3 pokemon on tv

      1. The switch JUST came out this year, what if they’re working on the next gen game for the switch?? Same reason BW2 came out on DS instead of 3DS while working on XY, don’t alienate players from playing the sequel, keep it on the same platform.

    2. It’s because they all were 100% sure it was switch when we’ve never had a gen change console + the whole of Gen V was on dated hardware

      I’m hyped asf, from the tiny bit we’ve seen it’s like tons more than a third version tbh, it looks more like a super fucking enhanced alternate dimension clusterfuck and I love it

      1. We have had a Gen change console, Crystal Was GBC. However the GBC was basically like the New 3DS, just an upgraded version of a console and while they were GB cartridges, Gold and Silver were in GBC boxes.

        1. That wasn’t a console change, that was just an enhanced port for a straight upgrade console, not a completely new console

          1. I literally just said that, it doesn’t stop the cartridge being GBC exclusive though, unlike Gold and Silver, it was the closest example.

          2. Then why mention it if GBC and Switch are totally different?

          3. Because as I just said it was an example of a console change mid gen. Even if only slight, it was significant enough and had the internet existed in it’s current form back then, people would be complaining that it’s not normal GB. Cause that’s all people ever seem to do, complain.

          4. It’s not the same as a full console change tho, it’s literally just putting it on an upgrade which is natural compared to a whole different console with its one gimmicks

          5. I’m just trying to make the point that Crystal and Gold/Silver were on different consoles. Which might be why Crystal isn’t on the VC.
            I’m all for Main games staying on Handhelds, it’s where they belong, and the Switch while can be handheld is still at heart a Home Console, they just don’t belong, at least not yet.
            I expect US and UM to have N3DS enhancements though, which reminds me wasn’t there meant to be exclusive games like the GBC had to the GB?

    3. If you replace the word ‘Pokemon’ with anything , or even if you leave it blank it still holds true.


    4. Are we not allowed to be disappointed? Im paying my money for this game, and if I think I wont like something Im gonna share my ideas, I mean this is a pokemon site. Im not going and crapping on others for being positive.

      1. You’re basing your opinion on 20 seconds of footage of a reveal trailer that wasn’t even about that game. It was a 3 minute trailer for Pokken and they’re like “hey fuck it here’s 20 seconds of a new Pokemon game”. It may not be the game that you want, and in that case don’t play it, that’s fine. But dismissing the game altogether off of 20 seconds of teaser footage is irrational, premature, and makes you seem entitled because you’re crying that “it’s not what I wanted”

        1. Yes, I agree, its too early to judge if I want the game or not, but its not too early judge my liking of something.
          In that 20 seconds:
          -Welll when they say “Alternate story” that pretty makes reboot. Yes, they can change it heavily, GF have been breaking patterns, but I think its pretty fair to say its reboot based on previous “Alternate stories.” Yes its too early to judge if I want the game or not, but its not too early judge my liking of something.
          – The seemingly Same protagonists thus pushing the reboot idea
          – New forms, I can safely judge them and my first impression is dislike. They dont look good to me.
          20 seconds may sound short, but with what they they put in, I can definitely say what I like and dislike

  25. Urrrrrrrgh I can’t handle it y they treat Necrozma like severed parts they better give him a new form or I will get mad ……….finally the the 3rd Legendary was my favorite pkmn in SM and wat they decided? just made him like accessories GRRRRRRAAAAAAA I hate this world.

    1. For all the people complaining about it not being on the switch here you go. Will you give it a chance now?

      1. of course i will give it a chance if it’s on the Switch, that’s what i wanted all along, hopefully it’s true

      2. I will give it a chance even if it is on the 3DS, I’m more complaining that their messaging is god awful. We don’t even know what the games are about.

        1. It’s meant to be a teaser tho? And we literally have E3 right around the corner

          1. Rule #1 is marketing is that you don’t create a confusing narritave. Are these sequels? Just new versions? Totally new Pokémon? Why is this trailer 15 seconds while the Pokken one is 3 minutes? The ORAS reveal was much better in that regard.

          2. The ORAS reveal was literally just showing their names

            This is meant to be a confusing clusterfuck, it exists to give blond hype and nothing else. We’ll know what it is more at E3

          3. Well, yeah, that is how you do a teaser. Now you created confusion, nobody is sure we’ll get more info at E3. Before you know, you’ll have set a bad name regarding to PR. It can be damaging to a brand.

          4. It’s laughable to think we won’t at least get something at E3 ?

        2. My comment was more directed to those who were saying that they wouldn’t give it a chance if it was on the 3ds. Which is just silly to me

    2. I think it might tbh, but it’ll probably at least get a port maybe a bit later?

      1. I couldn’t see the two-game model working very well on the Switch, but you never know. Pokemon Ultra Stars in 2018 could be interesting, but I’m sure this is the last we’ll see of Alola.

    3. This is likely from Pokemon Brazil (don’t quote me though). They similarly listed Mario & Rabbits for Switch like this.

      1. Moon in brazilian portuguese is Lua, not Luna… Also, we do not translate the names of the games.

        1. Your not wrong! I’ll correct that, it might have came from a different Latin American country! Apologies!

    4. Yeah its most likely a mistake or someone trying to prepare for the possibility. We really shouldn’t expect it given as you admitted the two game model wouldn’t work well on the switch and it kinda seems like an odd move for them if they do; effectively releasing the same game a third time and assuming people will buy it because it looks slightly better.

      1. Anything is a possibility until Nintendo’s E3. Also, better graphics and performance would entirely drive the Switch version if it happens. A lot of people would love to play Pokemon in HD on their TVs.

        1. A lot of people would buy a pokemon game for HD, but would they buy the same game a third time. That’s what I’m getting at. If it were a new game that nobody’s play before, then yeah it would sell like hot cakes, but this isn’t. Its going to be sun and moon again with some added features. And a switch version would simply be sun and moon again with some added features and better visuals. The fact that it is the same game would detur some people from buying it, like we saw with people complaining about Mario Kart 8, saying that the addition of better visuals and a battle mode wasn’t enough for them to buy it, and this is even less then that.

          1. I haven’t seen many complaints from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe concerning that. Wii U had a small install base, so it makes it easy for ports. Either way, having a 3DS and Switch version would appease them. You keep your large 3DS fanbase, while introducing it to a new Switch owners. If it comes to both, you can’t go wrong. Also, I’m assuming the image comes from Nintendo/Pokemon of Brazil; their notorious for approving stuff like that early.

          2. Then you really didn’t look to a lot of coverage of the game, but it was very common place. Between the trailers for it, to just random people on youtube playing it. A lot of people weren’t happy. Could they have been a vocal minority? yeah, most likely. But it still shows that this sin’t something that should be ignored. And yes and no with it being good. In most cases it can be good to have your game on multiple consoles, until you run into the issue if they can communicate with one another. In the case of the 3DS and Switch, Jury’s still out on it. We know through MHXX that they can communicate together online, but only that. We don’t know if they could interact with one another locally, and for that reason alone it would be enough to keep the games to a single console then multiple ones.

            Also I’m still leaning in it being a mistake. After all Hugo responded to you saying that pokemon moon would more likely be named Lua, not Luna(spanish) and that they don’t post translated names like that. Its likely just a mistake by someone.

          3. I understand your concerns. Also, in Hispanic regions; Sun and Moon is Sol and Luna.

          4. Yeah, except for Brazil. Brazil is the one country in South America that primarily speaks Portuguese. Hence the concern.

  26. B2W2 was released on Nintendo DS “~ one year” after 3DS was released. Not a surprise there.

    There still a possibility for upscaled version on Nintendo Switch though, just like MHXX.

  27. Guys Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are going to have worldwide releases again! Hyppppe

  28. Imo it’ll get ported to the switch soon, PLEASE DON’T LET THE HYPE DIE

  29. Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak Ultra Beasts stronger

  30. As someone who doesn’t own a Switch, I’m glad it’s still on 3DS.
    Maybe it will get a port soon.

  31. To be honest Lunala looks more majesty and bossy in this form but Solgaleo looks like a joke.

  32. Look close at the end of the trailer… the trainer does a Zmove and changes the direction the crystal is pointed…. I feel as if that is important

  33. Do we think these are squeals to sun and moon or just retelling of the original story with new bits thrown in?

    1. The fact we see the characters in the original bedroom in the first game makes me think it’s like a third version on crack

    2. They said it was like the same events with a bit of an alternate story iirc

  34. I didn’t buy Pokken on Wii U. But with Decidueye being added, I may buy it just for that reason alone.

  35. So that’s really really weird that Diamond and Pearl weren’t on the shelf. For how many years are they going to promote these remakes before releasing them? (Probably just one)

          1. They contain a new narrative tho. Hell even remakes are there

          1. Nope. Completely original story and only direct sequel. That’s unlike every other version release ever.

          2. I’m talking in terms of play ability. Ignoring the story line it hits all the same notes as regular third versions.

            -expanded Pokedex
            -areas that were inaccessible or non existent in the original paired games
            -a new form for the third legendary

            It’s basically a third game with an updated story.

          1. i didn’t enjoy Sun&Moon even though i loved the new Pokemon but it’s the region that i really don’t want to visit again

          2. See I’d agree, I don’t like Alola either, much rather return to Kalos.
            However, I didn’t like Sinnoh in D/P, but loved it in Platinum, so it’s worth a shot.

          3. you’re right, but why couldn’t it be on the switch?
            i don’t even own a switch but i’d buy it for Pokemon :'(

          4. I have a switch and am dissapointed that they didnt do the oblivious thing for ones

          5. Maybe because it’s still Gen 7, and with the exception of Crystal (Even then the GBC is basically just a N3DS situation), they like to keep Main Gens on the same console, which is also why B2/W2 is on the DS.
            Depending on Nintendo’s plans, we still dunno if they really are gonna use the Switch as a dedicated handheld, the way the 3DS is right now it seems unlikely for now. If D/P remakes exist this Gen, then they’ll probably be 3DS too.
            For Gen 8 however, it’s either Switch, or the 3DS’s successor, if that will even exist.
            However, nothing’s ruling out a Colosseum style side game for the Switch before then.

  36. To everyone confused, here’s what it is by analysis
    It’s Sun and Moon, not a sequel, but the story is altered
    So kinda like platinum on steroids

    1. I’ve been analyzing the fuck out of this trailer
      Also Mimikyu Zmove

    2. ‘an alternate story taking place in the world of sun and moon’ is how they describe it

  37. So new pokemon can either mean:
    A) Old Pokemon that were not in Sun and Moon (AKA an expanded national dex)
    B) New pokemon forms (alolan or just those new legends)
    C) New UB’s. (Ewww….)
    D) New Pokemon altogether. (Which is the only reason I would buy these games).

      1. I don’t think I’d be too confident. No one saw USUM coming so I wouldnt claim anything as fact yet.

  38. I’m now convinced that they are better versions of SuMo and not sequels.
    The titles even have ultra rather than 2 and they said “alternate story”
    Kinda disappointed,but SuMo was good and this looks too be better.

    It should be on the switch,but gf even released bw2 when the 3ds was out so this isn’t anything unusual. Plus it’s probably easier and quicker to make this game by reusing assets.. i think.

    Kinda odd they showcased all this now Rather than e3 tho

    1. Hmmm not a sequel is disappointing.

      However alternate story can be very interesting

      Make Kukui the bad guy and Lusamine the professor and i am down

      1. … that’s probably not what they meant.
        But maybe actually expand on ultra space,team skull,and other characters and I’m down

        1. Yeh, it’s probably not what they meant, but you have to admit it would be interesting.

    1. you should really notice the difference between the official art of Solgaleo (which looks amazing) and the in game one (terrible), that’s why it should be on the Switch

  39. I don´t understand Nintendo repeating the same B2W2 formula…
    let´s see if the plot and the additions are convincing…

      1. True. Everyone flipped when they outright said they weren’t doing a grey version so the B2W2 formula was a big shock.

    1. These games aren’t actually a part 2, though. Oddly, these are petty much remakes.

  40. AND we have E3 a week from today (with other conferences even earlier). We’re probably getting Super Mario Odyssey and Pokémon USUM within a few days from each other. This has been, and will be, a fantastic year for Nintendo.

    1. I think Alola’s music is fitting from an objective viewpoint, but holy fuck

      New music please

      1. That’s exactly why.
        They should have linked it with zinnia and the delta episode.
        More az and war stuff as well

          1. Ruby Sapphire are my favorite pkmn games and dp make it up for with the music (and nostalgia)

    1. Good thing it isn’t third versions but third and forth versions :p

  41. Has anyone else noticed that this is sort of like an alternate DIMENSION for Sun and Moon? Huh, I wonder which Pokémon could be responsible for such a thing.

      1. I think Necrozma the Pokémon who responsible for Z-stone we have many clues of that.

  42. We’re only five months away from release (which makes sense because this isn’t a whole new generation). So when will we get the all-important box art?

    1. The official art for Ultra Solgaleo and Lunala are on the official sight right now. Dont know if it will be the same art on the box tho

  43. The wording on the Nintendo UK website is weird, not once does it mention which console Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon are being released on.

    Nintendo UK
    “During Pokémon Direct, viewers also saw the first footage from the newest titles in the Pokémon series, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon. Two new Pokémon forms were shown resembling that of the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon have been powered up with new additions to the story and features from Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon are scheduled to release worldwide on November 17th, 2017. More information about the games will be revealed later this year.”

  44. I still didn’t understand Y GF skipped Z game ….did they want to test something?

        1. Because if you don’t have time to develop you’ll make a shitty game and tarnish your reputation

  45. What I love about Ultra Solgaleo is that it looks somewhat like a griffin now. And I’ve always wanted myself a griffin Pokemon so bad, so now I’m pretty satisfied with U-Solgaleo fitting that role in a sense.

  46. Since this is a reboot, do you guys think there will be anything changing in the Pokemon League?
    Like Plat changed the gym order, because it was HORRID n DP, but what about USUM? New Totems? Mina actually having a Trial? Improved Trial??

    1. I think that there’s going to be new trials, like the Lycanroc and Togedemaru cutscenes point towards new trials from what I’ve seen. Then again, it could be regular cutscenes so I’m not entirely sure

        1. I don’t think so for Toge tbh, it looks to be in a building

    2. Maybe totem pokemon would actually be owned by the trial captain? thus adding a more “gym like” feel.

  47. Does anyone else see that that last clip of the player is in a much higher quality than the rest of the trailer? Because tPCI seems to love to throw in little hints like that and it was honestly the first thing I noticed

    1. i thought it was just a cut scene thing, but if you’re right and it’s a hint i’ll be hyped again for this

      1. I considered that too but if I recall, the cutscenes couldnt get that good good HD treatment, the 3DS can’t handle it.

    2. Serebii has posted that this game is listed with a switch release date of “to be announced” but then it was deleted… probably a clip from the switch version 🙂

  48. Alright since this is an alternate version of Sun and Moon as well as being enhanced, I will say this:


        1. That’s been my dream since Sun and Moon were announced 🙁 Couriway Town….sigh

      1. RBY and RS both had terrible post games but were followed by games with great ones

        1. Usually the third games in a gen have the most expansive post-games in Pokemon, so I’m hopeful about this one.

      2. I never really got the big deal about post games.
        GSC and HGSS were the only ones to live up to the post game hype.

        1. but then they realized that adding a second region when they can just do a remake is more games sold, which is sad for us fans

          1. Not really.
            Also, Johto is the only to ever do the combined regions thing.

  49. It is currently noted that The Pokémon Company International’s press site is listing Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon as being on the Nintendo Switch with a “To Be Announced” date. It’s currently unclear if this means they will come out on Nintendo Switch in the end but we’ll provide all details as and when they come. They have since deleted this note.
    they deleted the note to crush the hopes of thousands.

          1. because imagine an HD Pokemon game man, it’s really a dream for all Pokemon fans. i’ll buy a switch just for that

          2. Meh, Pokemon has never been about flashy graphics.
            It’s whole existence started on the end of the Gameboy’s lifespan, with all the limitations that it entailed.

    1. Two possibilities:
      1. It was a mistake, just an error.
      2. It was a mistake, which detailed a Switch version before E3.

  50. Heyyyy Guys, you know what I realized, we didnt have a single 3rd version in 6th generation. 3rd versions are always the better versions! Think of all the 3rd version mechanics that may return!!
    – Challenge Mode
    -Battle Frontier
    – Move Tutors
    – Improved move animations
    – Medal system
    – Improved Pokemon movesets
    -Old Pokemon coming in.
    Ok. Now Im getting a little hyped

  51. Why are there complaints about US and UM being on the 3DS? They are main Pokemon games, and every main game is on a handheld system! Everybody getting hyped up for ‘Stars’ have no one to blame but themselves and whoever started the rumours. I love the alternate timeline idea, and the new Solgaleo and Lunala look badass!!

    1. It’s a 6 year old console which could barely run SuMo.

      HD Pokemon, on the big screen is still nothing more than a dream. It’s 2017 and Pokemon needs to get with the times.
      The handheld part is redundant now because switch is a handheld as well.

      The real reason is it’s simply easier to reuse assets of Sun and moon

      1. I agree with Armaggedon16 and nowadays with Internet and WiFi, the handheld-only argument for the Pokemon franchise it´s just an excuse.

    2. I’m guessing you don’t have a switch and didn’t know that it can do something called “handheld mode”

      But yeah let some keep doubting the switch and it’s portability all because we don’t own one personally.

    3. “Handheld”. The Switch could do it as well. I’m sick of the “Pokemon only on handheld argument”. It’s time to leave the 240p screen of the 3DS, to the 720p screen on the Switch. Moving US/UM to the Switch isn’t an arduous task. Is a Pokemon game with better performance and graphics something negative to want?

    4. They’re Gen 7 Still, so it makes sense for them to be on the 3DS, people thinking otherwise are kidding themselves.
      Like B2/W2 were DS.
      Gen 8 is another matter, the question there is, will they Move to the Switch, or will they introduce the 3DS’s sucessor?
      However what no one is realising, that there’s still the possibility of a Colosseum styled game on the Switch.

    5. I mean, the Switch is like $300 without anything extra. Example: you have 2 kids and you want to get one Sun and the other Moon for Christmas. The Switch is the family living room console. Pokemon trading and battling locally are important parts of the Pokemon idea. The social aspect i.e., why they make 2 versions of the same game.

      You have one Switch, but two games, and unless you want to cough up another $300, your two kids can’t trade with each other or play at the same time. BUT if they each have an $80 2DS, you won’t feel as bad when the little buggers break them. Because you can still be playing Breath of the Wild in the living room, not trying to replace a Switch that you trusted an 8 year-old to carry around safely

  52. So U-Lunala looks fine in my opinion. I think the crystal parts from Necrozma look neat on it, but like the arms seem off.

    1. It would be a cool idea to have the trials and then after the trial is done the captain can say “you’ve completed my trial but the real test is fighting against the gym leader.” Shouldnt be hard to make gym leaders have corresponding types to the trial captains/z-crystals

    2. Plot twist: Hau secretly buys them all and builds malasada shops on every lot.

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    1. Bye, hope you have a good game/life/etc if you don’t come back?

  53. I just realised

    Necrozma’s ability is Prism Armour

    And now it’s literally armour

  54. They could potentially use the key system from BW to B2W2 with SM to these games. I hope they do. Also that link (cant remember the actual name) where you could use the data from BW to add story elements/features to B2W2. For example catching N’s pokemon.

    1. Or just have a normal difficulty selection like a every other rpg?
      But that’s too sensible for Gf

        1. That’s not a bad thing but is implementing a simple easy, Medium,hard difficulty selection at the beginning that hard?

          1. No but Pokemon has gotten along fine without it.
            The real fun is creating your own difficulty.

      1. Difficulty keys should’ve been a available from the beginning of the game if they wanted to do the version exclusive bs tbh

      2. oh man don’t get me started on the difficulty thing, Pokemon games are too easy now

        1. Tbf i think the main reasons older pokemon games were hard was because a lot the mechanics were broken. Or limited amount of good moves if you wanted to use certain pokemon

        2. I think Gens 1-2 were more difficult due to weird mechanics tbh and if you dont keep Exp. share on in SuMo I’d say it’s closer to Gen 4-5 in difficulty

        1. We also had Alola Sandshrew and Vulpix lines.
          Then again, there’s always been a laughably small amount of Ice types in every region.

          1. it’s really sad that we’ve only gotten 3 ice type lines in the past 2 gens, Ice type is one of my favorite types

          2. Thinking back, I think there’s usually just 3 ice type lines per region. Just look at Glacia’s team.

    1. I think it’s more of a phantasm look than ice. It is a Ghost-type, after all.

    1. Your username reminds me that I need to get Fire Emblem Echoes.
      Looks so good.

    2. no lol, this is just a retelling of sun and moon’s story. we’ll see lillie again, but she won’t be returning from Kanto

  55. Assuming its the same pokemon avialable, Whats your tea gonna be?

    1. I already used up a Litten team and a Popplio team, so…


    2. Untra Sun:
      Lycanroc (Midday)

      Utlra Moon:
      Decidueye or Primarina (gotta see how I like Primarina cause I just restarted my Moon version with Popplio as mu starter)
      Ninetales (Alola Form)
      Lurantis/Wishiwashi (depending on starter)
      Oricorio (Baile Style)

      I hope that we get more evolutions for Pokemon, like Drampa, Tortunator, Togedemaru, Oranguru, Dhelmise….

  56. the necrozma +lonala ad solgaleo looks crapy imo…but I hope that the games take place few yeas after sun and moon

    1. it’s unfortunately not gonna take place after sun and moon. it’s just gonna be a retelling and revamp of sun and moon’s story

  57. As much as I wanna use Prim…. I gotta go Deci again… it feels right to me

  58. Okay, first of all, no DP remakes. Fuuuuuuuuck! Now, with that out of the way…
    You know. Initially, I thought these were Solgaleo/Lunala forms with Necrozma attached, which made me disappointed cause I want Necrozma forms, not Solgaleo & Lunala with pieces of it attached to them. But after seeing a comment online, I now think these are indeed Necrozma forms. Seeing as they show Solgaleo and Lunala in their Rising Sun and Full Moon phases respectively, in a seemingly permanent state, I think these forms are Necrozma using Light projections (since it absorbs light) of Solgaleo and Lunala, with the form depending on if it absorbs sun light or moon light. How this will work in game, I’m not sure, but it could draw energy from Solgaleo and Lunala themselves to achieve the transformations. There will be most certainly a key item though like the DNA Splicers for Kyurem.
    As for the games themselves. I don’t like the fact that we’ll have to go through Alola again, as I don’t like the region that much. I hope they expand it somehow. And please, if these are anything like B2W2 as they seem they are, just put a bunch of post-game content, bring in the move tutors, at least.

    1. possibly it was their original forms when they came throught the wormhole, solgaleo and lunala are technically UB’s afterall

  59. Hey everyone. It’s me, I’m back after a long hiatus.
    The Pokemon crave is hitting me again.
    Anyone remember me??
    It’s been quite a while..!

  60. All I want for Sun and moon ultra is an online function built in the rotom dex instead of the plaza again.

    1. I agree I hope PSS makes a return. Festival Plaza is horrible killed the game for me.

  61. I’m pretty excited about US and UM despite it not what I was expecting, at least we’re getting new Pokemon games. And I’m pretty sure there’ll be new Pokemon in this game, at least that’s what i’ve read. I just hope that either there’ll be new gyms, or at least completely brand new Trial captains and a completely different villain.

  62. I am happy as long as this is an extended storyline to Sun And Moon. I hope the Champion of the Alola Region is Lillie. It would be cool to see how she would turn from a timid girl who dislikes Pokémon battles to a fierce and intense Pokémon Trainer!

    1. Lies! I’M the Champion of the Alola Region. Professor Kukui said so! XD
      Naw, but really, it’d be awesome to see Lillie again.

    2. You realize they said in the direct that its an alternate version of Sun and Moon. ‘These titles offer an alternate story taking place in the same world’ – Masuda
      Its not going to be like Black 2 and White 2 where it takes place 2 years later.
      Although, its a cool idea…

  63. Okay, the two main things I’d like from this game:
    1. We find out why the hell Lillie & Gladion’s dad Mohn is hanging out at Poke Pelago since he discovered the wormholes and his wife went insane and got possessed by a space jellyfish and almost killed a bunch of things and he’s like “I love rainbow Pokebeans!”
    2. They do something with those walking / running pokemon animations they datamined in SM so we can have the pokemon friggin’ follow us. Please.

  64. i hope to see first some new pokemon maybe, id especially love to see more UB’s some new alolan forms. but most of all id like it if gen 7 pokemon, especially the water pokes, werent so rare, and a little less gen 1 sword swallowing in the wild pokemon list

  65. I’ve heard this is an alternate timeline, but I can’t find the source

  66. I’ll admit to being a tad apprehensive. The main game just came out last November and I’m still trying to beat the Battle tree and win the mega stone prizes.

    On the other hand, this could be a fun continuation. We’ll see Lillie again, perhaps reunite the Aether family. Maybe Hau followed in Hala’s footsteps and became a captain or kahuna.

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