Pokkén Tournament Confirmed for World Championships, Switch Version Coming?

The big confirmed news of the day is that Pokkén Tournament will be returning to the Pokémon World Championships 2017. It was noticeably absent from the schedule that was first announced for Worlds, but Japanese sources have confirmed that the fighting game will be returning again this year according to Serebii.

Various tuning tweaks are slated to go live for the arcade version in Japan on Tuesday, but the Wii U version remains noticeably behind. The console version even lacks playable characters that have been available to arcade players for months. Fans will hopefully see an update, but nothing official has been announced.

One interesting prospect raised by presence of Pokkén Tournament at Worlds is the possibility that it will be re-released for the new Nintendo Switch console. With Wii U production officially ended it wouldn’t necessarily make sense to promote a game for a dead console. It seems likely that the title will see a port which may include the features and updates that the Wii U version currently lacks. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for news on the matter!

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