Pokémon Generations Episode 18: The Redemption

Pokémon Generations Episode 18: The Redemption has just been released on the Official Pokémon YouTube Channel!

In The Redemption, a new champion rises, an ancient king returns, and a sorrow that has lasted 3,000 years is brought to an end.

This marks the end of Pokémon Generations! What did you think about the whole Generations adventure?

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  1. So AZ’s Floette has finally kind of been acknowledged by the Pokemon company.Hopefully this means that they will plan to use it as a mystery gift Pokemon.

    1. It was shown in the XY credits.

      That and this episode still doesn’t “confirm” Eternal Floette is a Pokemon with data in the game, which we know of thanks to the data miners, but as far as Game Freak is concerned it still doesn’t exist officially…

    1. They said from day one that it’d only cover from Kanto to Kalos. Though it is dissapointing that there was no Alola one.

  2. They have the main character my least favorite starter of all time….but they did give him my favorite gen 1 starter

    1. Chestnaughts your LEAST favorite starter of all time?? What about samurott, serperior, meganium, typhlosion, fucking emboar???

      1. I like typhlosion samurott, serperior is my third favorite starter.I dislike emboar almost as much as chesnaught

        1. Welp when it comes to Pokemon I have to learn to understand that it’s a to each it’s own thing when it comes to overall designs lol. They’re are certain Pokemon that I ADORE and all my friends think it’s horrible, and vice Versa. It’s so funny how all these monsters rub us in different ways

  3. As i said in the last article. I like the episode, but I’d much prefer things not shown in game. The perfect one is showing how and where they got the Cocoon of destruction. They almost mirrored the same art style in the flashback from the game which is kinda lame too. Generations was fun. I appreciated them, it made me look at pokemon in a different light

  4. That felt rushed… also good to know Earthen was part of the Pokémon war

    Also, the flower kinda looks like a Celesteela

  5. Just watched it, and for some reason I felt it could have been better tbh. It just recreated the story almost entirely as in the games. Though I will say it is a fitting way to end off Generations.

    1. i agree. fighting would have been ok, not sure what type would have been best, but should have been duel typed

    2. I agree, I just don’t know what typing would be best. Maybe grass/steel with a few slight modifications

  6. I hated all the Kalos episodes. Really brings to light just how stupid and convicted the entire region is

  7. “So…that man murdered many people and pokemon, mommy?”

    “Uh….yeah, I guess he did. Hm. But he said he was sorry so. Wait, no he didn’t.”

  8. I love how the champion had Chesnaught and Charizard! That’s who I beat the elite 4 with my first pllaythrough!

  9. Wow this was a wonderful episode, I loved the Generations episodes as a whole and I’m so glad we got to watch these shorts. This has to be one of the best ones, absolutely beautiful and a nice way to end it 🙂 it makes me wish we could see more of Kalos

  10. Great ep, as usual!
    This has been a great series, though I think it got a little less exciting as time went by and they took less chances with what they were showing us, mostly rehashing stuff seen in game or skipping moments that would have been more interesting to tackle. Still an amazing series overall though
    Really wish they’d consider making more of these, even as a paid series they would doubtless effortlessly make the money back. it’s kind of mystifying they wouldn’t even consider it, especially as older fans are a bit starved when it comes to video content that goes a little deeper than the anime. Then again it’s TPCi, a GF and Nintendo associated company, how could they ever be expected to act like they have a clue how to be a truly fan-savyy company.
    I was kinda expecting us to get three extra sun and moon episodes, and I guess it’s still possible but I doubt it. Oh well, fingers crossed. This was by no means a bad episode to end on, but really it feels like any other episode and that’s kind of jarring to me. I feel like Generations lacks a decisive global ending , but they were never really going for that…
    Maybe a single episode about the main character going to Alola could have worked? That would have been perfect! (in fact what would have been perfect would have been for the whole thing to air before the games were out, and for us to get some sneak peeks, like Mega Charizard X for X and Y.

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