3 Reasons Sun & Moon May NOT Live Up to the Hype

Too much hype?

We’ve spent what feels like an eternity salivating over each new detail revealed about Pokémon Sun & Moon, but what if they don’t meet the enormous expectations fans have built up around the pair of titles. I’m not necessarily saying they won’t, in fact I’m quite optimistic that they’ll be great games, but today let’s look at three worrying signs that these games may not get the amazing reception we hope they will.

1. They revealed too much

Ever seen a movie trailer that reveals an important twist about a movie before its even out? We’ve been seeing those kind of trailers for about 9 months now. There are details we may not know about Team Skull or the Aether Foundation, but it doesn’t seem like there are many characters we haven’t at least glimpsed.

sm-final-evosOne of the most entertaining aspects of the Pokémon franchise has been discovering and catching new Pokémon, but this time around there won’t be many new faces that haven’t already been used in promotional clips. After Game Freak handed ROM hackers the information on a silver platter it confirmed that we’ve basically seen everything.

Even what could have been a great post-game secret for longtime fans was revealed in the last Sun & Moon information release; imagine how many mouths would have dropped to suddenly see Red and Blue stroll up for a battle, looking older just like the players themselves.

2. Island Challenge still untested

Many fans have wanted some sort of change to the typical gym setup that Pokémon games have been using for the last 20 years, but it remains to be seen whether or not the new Island Challenge format will be an actual improvement. One of the things I’m personally most worried about is the potential for overusing fetch quests which simply require players backtrack and grab an item without much real gameplay.

sm-fetch-questsWe’ve already seen that the Pyukumuku “sidequest” lacked any real animation and Mallow was seen asking the trainer for not one, but four items that need to be gathered. Maybe each requires a battle to get, but I want to train Pokémon, not kill 10 rats.

3. Z-Moves are meh

The first time seeing your favorite Pokémon pulling off a special Z-move: amazing. The hundredth time? Probably significantly less so. These once-a-battle attacks have a unique premise, but it isn’t quite clear why players will care to use them if they have to sit through 5-10 seconds of animation when a regular attack would probably wipe the floor with an NPC’s Pokémon.


Apparently these are supposed to give currently non-competitive Pokémon a fighting chance to stand up to top-tier threats, but I’m still unconvinced Eevee will suddenly be able to go toe-to-toe with its Extreme Evoboost (although Baton Passing those stats is a bit mouthwatering).

Judging by the way Mega Evolution was treated, we may not even want to invest ourselves in the system too deeply for fear of it getting yanked away a generation later.

Looking Ahead

There are other things I could have mentioned, such as shoehorned typings (Lycanroc… Lurantis…) or the lackluster Alolan Forms (Meowth, Rattata), but I think the above three are what worry me the most.

Hopefully these will all be unfounded fears and the games will have enough content to blow our minds. We’ll see in two weeks!

    1. I mean that Lycanroc barely has any rock-like features (especially bad on Midnight version), Lurantis is obviously a bug, they’ve tacked on Fairy-type to quite a few Pokémon, etc. Doesn’t seem to have a natural flow, more like they were meeting quotas

      1. I don’t think that’s all that new to the franchise. There’s plenty of Pokémon that look like they belong to another type. I used to think that Phanphy was a Normal type…
        Really, I think they’re stepping out of their comfort zones with these designs.

      2. I see what you mean. I agree with both you and Narukami below. Some designs have nothing to do with their types, but Yu brings up a good point that many pokemon throughout the franchise have a type that doesn’t really reflect in their design: palkia, charizard not being dragon, etc.

      3. Just like how people can look at me and say alolan Neckboi is a dragon. I get what it’s based off of, but Gyrados is actually based of a dragon, and is that a dragon type?

      4. Fomatis and Lurantis are grass creatures that imitate bugs. Fomantis’s name literally means faux mantis as in a fake mantis.

        It’s just like how Sudowoodo is a rock that imitates plants. It’s the same concept.

  1. YES FIRST! FINALLY! and I like alolan Persian. I feel the z moves will be alright, its really to too much different from watching your pokemon mega evolve each battle, just a little longer. I’m really excited for it. I do agree with the trials, I feel they will have many more story segments to include more battling, because the trials seem to not have much, if any at all. here’s hoping these games are good.

  2. What about the theory of gym leaders coming back before the league? Actually all those empy spaces look weird, but gyms seem a bit unrealist too. What do you think?

  3. I actually started a rant about this topic that spiraled out of control and turned into a six page essay (sorry, I love to write)

    If I emailed that to you, would you be cool posting that as some kind of editorial? I really want to know what people think in response, but youtube comments are not the place for intelligent discussion.

  4. Yes it could 100% dissappoint. Same as XY and ORAS dissappointed.
    Not because of all the Pokemom being revealed but because of the low numbers of new Pokemon (using Alolans as an excuse for not making new Pokemon).
    Also I’m not yet fully on board with the whole trials thing. I don’t see how they will be engaging enough or keep us motivated to do them. The Gym Leader / E4 thing has been done to death I agree, but that at least gave us something to work towards. We had to ‘collect’ the badges, then face the E4 and finally the Champion. You got a sense of accomplishment at the end.

    1. How did ORAS disappoint? It was a remake you more or less already knew what you were getting.

      1. That’s the point. I knew it was a remake. But I expected it to add in some extra stuff like FRLG and HGSS did. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case or at least not to the same extent as the previous remakes did

        1. I loved OR/AS but my one pet peeve is that you still couldn’t re-battle your rival daily. That was something from the original games that really should’ve gotten changed/updated.

          1. Also I honestly think there actually WAS potentional to make Delta Emerald into it’s own whole game, contrary to what some people think. I mean emerald had you battle both teams, and because of this added some entire new hideout areas. And the part where you team up with steven to battle magma leader and admin at once. That never happens in OR/AS, only admin & grunt together. My other gripe, which I also had with X/Y, is that the admins are just plain weak and have very few pokemon on their teams.

      2. Oddly enough, its nostalgia factor was perfect for me…in that it brought back a number of negative feelings by dropping things that were in a previous installment, just like the originals did.

        No longer being able to connect to previous games
        No more customization
        and yes, the too much water thing is a legit complaint. If you want a region with ocean like waters, rebuild a mechanic around it, don’t just leave wide open routes with cave like encounter rates. They could have zeroed out the encounter rate, made it over the shoulder and then had wild pokemon appear as shadows on the map that chase you if you get too close

    2. ORAS is my favorite remake. lol Kalos as a region being so empty was definitely disappointing. Like, they hadn’t made such an empty world since the original games, but those were different times. BUT XY introduced 3D models, Megas, and Fairy so it’s hard for me to stay disappointed for longer than 30 seconds.

      1. I never really played the original RS but Emerald is my favourite Pokemom game to date. I just expected ORAS to incorporate some of the elements from there (like HGSS did with Crystal). But alas it wasn’t meant to be.

        Yeh I still enjoyed traversing through the newly updated Hoenn region but it didn’t do enough for me unfortunately

        1. Fair. I will admit I wanted the extra story elements added from Emerald. But, for me personally, it didn’t effect my love for the games.

      2. ORAS is amazing and XY were kind of prototypes for the 3d and new models, overworld and stuff they were never going to be the best imo

  5. There is no objective, proper noun “The” hype. If your sitting here expecting this game to be 100000x cooler than what they’ve revealed then that’s your fault, in my honest opinion. Going off of what they’ve revealed, I’m very excited to play with the new Pokémon, improved battle menu, IV training, Battle Tree, and explore the new region.

    1. Remember when people thought Pokemon Go was actually going to introduce real life Pokemon into the real world…

  6. I don’t see it dissapointing.
    All I want is a good story, and awesome aftergame, and some cool mons.

    1. Oh and almost every Alolan is trash with Ninetails, Sandslash, and Muk being exceptions

  7. This article reminded me that I have to expect nothing good from SuMo to avoid any disappointment.

    I am curious what will IGN score these games , 4.8 “Too much Fairy” ???

        1. By the way…when are we getting the first reviews? We are 14 days from s/m. When are we expecting Famitsu and the others?

    1. I know :3, that makes me ultra hyped for this….. ultra beast game 😉
      I kid I kid, but hey, if all else fails, there were a LOTTA good designs this gen

  8. Also side note: Being a fan of Pokémon doesn’t require you to hunt down every single source of information on new games. You don’t HAVE to read about every new reveal. I have friends that play Pokémon but don’t follow the news. So if for some reason you need everything to be experience for the first time in-game, then stop being self-defeating by staying up to date on all the news.

  9. Listen, don’t get mad at him for shitting on the game prerelease. We’ll always still love it. Thing is, we’ve seen a lot of new advancements that further the series, but in the long run, nothing new that really pushes what this type of game can do. It’s an upscaled pokemon game, not a revamped experience. There’s a game out there, right now, that’s already doing some of the things we still wish pokemon would do.

      1. Yeah. Comparing the two games may seem like apples to oranges (and it is in many areas) but there is a lot that pokemon could actually learn from that title.

        1. 1. I don’t see how YW is doing “some things we still wish Pokémon would do”. In fact, in some aspects YW is backwards compared to Pokémon. (i.e. Competitive battles).
          2. It’s funny because people have been complaining that Pokémon has been taking too much from Level 5; from the character ages, to Rotom Pokedex, to the Z-Ring, fans have accused Game Freak of cribing from Yo-kai Watch’s success.

          As someone who’s an avid fan of both series; Pokémon can never truly be Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Watch can never truly be like Pokémon. And that’s for the very best, like no one ever was.

          1. Like I said, theres’ a lot of apples to oranges in there. Pokemon will always have a more in depth battle system because that’s really what it’s meant to be at its core, a battle simulator. Yokai watch completely overshadows Pokemon when it comes to things like exploration, world detail, writing (feels more natural whereas pokemon still feels full of forced whimsy) and world immersion.

            Like, the most immersed I’ve ever felt in a pokemon game was in gen 6 when I could finally sit in chairs. Yokai watch 2 has a segment featuring a simulated railway system that really sets the mood. Yokai’s also got better character animations in cutscenes whereas pokemon (sun and moon mind you) suffers from stock motion syndrome. One of the bigger things is that Yokai can be played entirely with 3D on, something gen 6 and 7 have failed to do. Most importantly however, you actually use the titular yokai to solve in game problems in little vignettes whereas pokemon never requires you to have a specific pokemon to do anything other than in game trades.

            I could really go on with this. Don’t get the idea that I think Yokai is the superior game, mind you. That series is full of obnoxious, archaic designs, such as Level-5’s notorious 1000 item inventories. I’m just saying, there is A LOT pokemon could be doing to be a better game overall instead of just being a better pokemon game and leaving it at that.

          2. Ah, you fell in love Level 5’s little touches. When it comes to YW, the developers really like the small details that you don’t see in many games.

            Also, it’s natural to feel immersed more in YW; YW takes place in a normal town where all the paranatural stuff is naked to the human eye. Pokémon on the other hand takes place in an alternate world where the creatures are a part of every day life.

            Going of on that, the way each game handles their monsters is different; Yo-kai are supernatural beings that work behind the scenes to meddle with humans and can be negotiated with. Pokémon are basically wild animals that can be tamed. Basically, it’s like comparing a genie to your horse.

            Also, keep in mind that YW and Pokémon run on different engines. YW uses smaller sprites due to the fact that you usually face them three at a time and at a fixed camera angle. Pokémon on the other hand has to use bigger models and uses different angles during battles.

            As for 3D, I don’t get it; when it was first announced there was legitimate complaints about it. It drained the battery, you could only see the effect at a certain angle, it was over all gimmicky. Now that Nintendo is scaling back on it, why would anyone want it back?

            And of course, the rest falls under opinion. You might find the simulated train ride engaging but others might find it boring and tedious. I personally couldn’t wait until I unlocked the Mirapo.

            There’s nothing wrong with wanting a better game but comparing it to another game and holding it to those standards isn’t the way to do it. There’d be more problems than taters in Idaho.

          3. Look, at the end of the day, I don’t feel like the pokemon get enough attention in their own game. I mean good on Gen 7 for keeping the mon amie thing (and expanding upon it!) as well as that PC box island mode, but I’d like to start seeing more involved side quests featuring them. I grew up watching the show and that’s how I imagine things go in my games for the most part; I get a team of quirky personalities and we adventure together.

            However the game doesn’t reflect that in any way. All my pokemon are just interchangeable tools used to progress through the game; any thing else is all in my head. I don’t get that with Yokai watch because I know that the ones I collect can often be used to solve some event or that the lore based around them is actually reflected in game. Like, I’m just waiting to see how much of the lore described about these new pokemon actually has any relevance to the games. I was legit blown away when I saw that pyukumuku actually has a non combat related event tied to its lore. If sun and moon is filled with things like that, then this will be all I could ask for. However, it seems that, yet again, the pokemon are taking a back seat to story an human drama.

            I don’t know what this game will hold, but like I said, playing Yokai watch really made me spend a lot of time thinking “what if” and killed my hype. There’s like less than 3 weeks left to go, we’ll see.

          4. Again, let’s go back to the genie and horse analogy. Yo-kai are completely sentient beings, for the most part, and have their society and personalities. Pokémon on the other hand are wild animals and have been consistently portrayed as the equivalent to dogs and cats. The reason Pokémon had personality in the anime? They needed to have personality in order to carry the stories in anime. The anime couldn’t work as well if they just acted like the wild animals they were in the games.

            And I’ve seen the human drama complaint when it comes to films like Godzilla and Transformers but I don’t think that applies to Pokémon. Anytime there’s “human drama” it always comes back to Pokémon. Little girl lost in the woods? Pokémon. The temperature rising up and heating things up? Pokémon. Time and space is distorting before your very eyes? Pokémon. Comparing the two games, I think there’s more human drama in YW than Pokémon by nature of the side quests. A big part of YW’s side quests revolve around helping out people in your neighborhood…and even then Yo-kai is why.

            Playing the two games, I never ended up craving the other. I played Yo-kai Watch but I Pokémon never entered my mind; the games were too different that them taking after one another would seem off putting, even if we would like to see that. Can you imagine catching Yo-kai like you catch Pokémon?…That would be so much less stress.

  10. ALSO: I still hope you all enjoy the game. I’m not actually angry at anyone here who fear buyers remorse. I just think you guys are overthinking it a tad.

    1. I think the game will be great. At least GF stepped out of their comfort zone to try and keep fans capitaved by their games. The music and graphics alone are charming and inviting.

    1. What if after you battle them that’s when you get to go to another region? Or you battle them after becoming the champion in another region. I still feel like the 3.something gigs is too much space for one region with 4 islands and pretty much the same content as the gen 6 games. I know there’s new stuff, but not 1.5ish gigs worth of new stuff.

    2. I said that the day they were revealed, it was kind of pointless to reveal them before release tbh

    3. Plus…. then there’s the real life kid videos and he goes back home. Which is weird. Why would they show stuff like that if it’s not in the game. Something is off. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN THE NEXT TRAILER/NEWS WILL BE?

        1. Last night the Japanese channel reposted the live trailers all together. I feel like there’s going to be a trailer with the real reveals.

      1. I don’t think the Train On videos are all that related to the in game content tho.

  11. Here, you guys want something that’ll justify buying the games? Boot up the demo and do these two things

    1) walk while rapidly tapping B
    2) without holding B, spin the circle pad repeatedly.

    If the game has more features like that then fine, I’ll shut the hell up.

  12. So the night before last I’m sleeping and there is this weird noise coming from right outside my bedroom window. It’s the strangest noise and I figured it was just in my head or I was imagining it. The next morning as we were walking the dog, this GIANT owl is in the same tree. The owl has never been there before. It’s a sign… that I need Decidueye on my Moon team…. Then my two sun versions will have Incineroar and Primarina. BUT I feel like the real me, personality wise, would have Decidueye, and then there is this owl outside my bedroom window talking to me…

        1. Why not just restart with a new starter, send all your pokemon to bank after beating it and then back again when playing a new file?

          1. I may cancel one Sun version until later but I have Cosimo (My alter ego) who has Incineroar, Jeff (the real me) who has Decidueye, and then Aurora who was the female character and has Primarina

      1. I canceled the second Sun version. Here are my teams:

        Jeff (Sun):

        Lycanroc (Midday)
        Ninetales (Alola)
        Oricorio (Baile Style) or Salandit2

        Cosimo (Moon):

        Lycanroc (Midnight)
        Anchor Wheel
        Pikipek3 (the Toucan)

      1. i mean the suprise aspect of pokemon seems to be over, Corocoro used to be a main source of reveals now its just trailers, we got 2-3 trailers per month with pokemon being shown in like everyone. so i can see why people think we revealed too much but i think revealing alot is what draws people in because we barely even know the story still

    1. To be fair since ORAS is a remake they needed SOMETHING to show us. It’s not like there were crazy story details we didn’t know about. The main story still happened roughly the same way as the originals. lol

  13. My hype shall not die regardless because the demo alone had me excited like it was my first christmas lol NOTHING CAN KILL MY HYPE NOTHING!!!!

  14. I agree with all of this.

    But that doesn’t mean the games are going to be bad, just dont expect anything mind blowing

  15. Z powers are just an awful idea… & I thought mega’s were horrible when revealed. Compared to Z I love mega’s..

    They shouldnt change too much in pokemon games… I miss the gyms already..

    1. See thats the mentality that kills games. If developers aren’t allowed to try new, innovative things the franchise will never grow. If Sun and Moon fails they’ll learn from their mistakes, hopefully. I personally dont miss gyms. They are small rooms with simple puzzles some trainers and a boss battle. I mean as long as Trials have battles in bewteen and a boss battle they’ll be close enough to a gym, I’d think.

      1. i didnt say no new things, only not change too much..

        Hopefully this isn’t gonna be a game like yokai watch.. I got that vibe though while playing the demo.. C-mon taking pictures of pokemon..

        1. They didn’t really change too much, though. They took gyms and placed them in nature. At least that’s how I view it.

        2. Taking pictures of Pokemon! It’s not like they’ve ever done that one. With all the throwbacks in his game, a Pokémon Snap-like mode is not surprising, nor unwelcome.

        3. “Pokémon is taking too much from Yo-kai Watch.”
          “Pokémon isn’t taking enough from Yo-kai Watch.”
          Can’t we all agree they’re different games that do different things?

  16. I don’t think knowing about certain things before the release means the games will be disappointing. We still need to experience finding/catching/battling/etc all the Pokemon for ourselves. That alone can be a treat. Yes finding a brand new Pokemon they’ve never shown is exciting, but you have to take what you can get. While a lot of the Pokemon WERE revealed officially, there were still some that weren’t. You can blame data mining for us knowing the remaining Pokemon. lol I think I can agree on the Z moves. Eventually they’ll just become common place and the overall effect will wear off and it’ll just be another animation we have to sit through. The same can be said about mega evolutions tho. Sure they aren’t as amazing as the first time you use them, but their function still remains useful and that’s all you can really ask for. As for the trials…..Whenever a new game comes out, and it doesn’t have to be a Pokemon game, there is always a risk that the main story/mechanic/whatever is going to be a dud. It can be said of any and every game that has or ever will come out. It’s a risk that all gamers have to take when buying a new game. It’s one of those things that you won’t know until you try it and even then it’s up to the individual to decide whether it’s a change they like or dislike. Some may enjoy the trials and some may not. That doesn’t mean it was a useless attempt tho. Whether Sun and Moon are good in this way or not the fact remains that GF are trying to change things up. I’d rather have a game that’s slightly flawed then have to play the same story over and over again just because of a saying “If it’s not broke then don’t fix it” We will just have to wait and see if this new adventure is worth the time. Hopefully it is. We may have nearly all the new Pokemon, but there are plenty of surprises and plot details that we don’t have. It’s up to us to watch the story unfold.

    1. Same for me. Like, I know it’s not the full game but I honestly didn’t feel very excited about it.

    1. probably the fact that there are no type differences between the Midday and Midnight forms, especially when Midnight Lycanroc could have EASILY been a Rock/Dark type due to being a werewolf

      1. That’s not Lurantis :p

        As for Lycanroc, it’s not really ‘evil’ though, and tbh I trust GameFreak more than anyone here when it comes to types.

        1. oh right sorry XD In the article they are both mentioned together and I’m still very asleep XD (just woke up)
          Maybe he means that Lurantis could have easily been Grass/Bug instead of Pure Grass

          1. The thing is though Lurantis’ very concept is the fact its a reverse orchid mantis, if it was Bug or Bug/Grass it’d defeat the point of its theme

          2. Also, as much as I like Dark, I’m glad that Lycanroc is pure rock. Lol “I am a pokemon who like to takes hits, but im 4x weak to getting hit by a fighting mon so ill probably die in one glorious blow unless i have a focus sash on, but most enemies will see that coming from a mile away.” XD

          1. Yeah, it’s just hot blooded, not based on evil or any sort of evil trait (such as gangs like Pangoro and Scrafty)

          2. Yeah but it’s more a ‘dark is not evil’ thing and it still has some thug behaviour, it’s just a thug with a heart of gold

    1. Personally I still think Alolan Lunatone and Solrock with Minior’s ability would have been nifty.

      1. Whilst some do and I’d say not to say such things, I do agree with the sentiment that I personally don’t care

        Oh no irrelevant old Pokémon didn’t get anything in a new game because the hilarious joke factor

          1. Snorlax, Pikachu, Raichu and Eevee are actually iconic though

            Solrock and Lunatone are irrelevant Gen III pokemon nobody cares about before now

  17. Tbh I think we can all agree on one thing

    Alola has better Fairies than Kalos ‘w’

    Like they probably all have legit reasons but they don’t have the excuse of old Pokémon that get retyped to not look as ‘Fairy-Like’, I can think of a reason or two for Dedenne to be Fairy but you have to dig deep, it’s not immediately obvious as it should be

      1. Sylveon may be good but it doesn’t carry Kalos to Alola standards

        Vice versa for Morelull

      2. Just watch that stupid thing be an absolute pain in the butt anything with Spore causes trouble easy
        Minus Parasect

    1. Fehhh too many of one type is blatant favoritism
      If it were me I’d go as far as 5-6 fully unique lines of every type that way no one type gets special treatment

      1. TBF they have to play catch up, it’s obvious they want it common and it isn’t right now

        If there’s special treatment from Gen 6 all the way to Gen 8 then I’ll complain tbh, two gens is enough

        1. Not counting Gen 7, There are 36 Fairies, and 37 Ice, it would be nice for more Ice Types too.
          Though I’m only going off a copied and pasted list, so this might be wrong.
          “Water – 121
          Normal – 99
          Flying – 98
          Grass – 94
          Psychic – 83
          Bug – 71
          Ground – 63
          Fire – 61
          Poison – 61
          Rock – 56
          Fighting – 51
          Electric – 50
          Dark – 48
          Steel – 47
          Ghost – 44
          Dragon – 44
          Ice – 37
          Fairy – 36”

          1. Pretty sure Ghost and Ice have the same amount rn

            And the thing is Fairies (along with Ghost, Normal, Flying: basically, types not immediately tied to a specific biome to live in) are easy to just to make and stick into a region, so unless they make a colder region (or a lot of Water/Ice like in Gen I) then they probably aren’t increasing majorly soon

            That said I want a snowy region

          2. Tbh I want a really mountainy cold region, like extreme Sinnoh, seeing as Sinnoh had the best Ice, Ground and Rock-Types imo and I think they need some love after the VI and VII

          3. Russia, a powerful organization where they force a communistic demeanor over Pokemon Trainers
            Everyone must have the same partner, no over training. And those who disobey will face severe reprimands

          4. I’ve decided to count them myself. If you lnclude Megas and form changes, there are indeed 36 Ice Types (I’m excluding Gen 7).
            But I can only count 38 for Ghost so I’m not so sure this list is right.

    2. Yeah, I think fairy needs to be defined better. I’d like them to all have a mystic power or quailty.

      1. The thing is though, IRL Fairies are a loose group, it’s just that some Pokémon aren’t even closely attached enough to the many aspects of Fairies

        Like Slurpuff, Aromatisse and Dedenne all seem to be based off of objects coming to life on their own or via outside interference, but not via possession (Ghost) , or mechanics/electricity (Steel and Electric)

        And whereas Aromatisse and Slurpuff display it quite well, Dedenne doesn’t, as the theory it’s a literal computer mouse may not even be the reason it’s Fairy, and if it is its purely defined because you wouldn’t notice until someone pointed it out and even then some don’t see it which could indicate its untrue

        1. No, I totally agree. I mean Jigglypuff and Clefairy make sense to me, but then we get to mon like Marill and Mawile. Mawile should have been a dark type considering its origin. Marill I guess isn’t too weird, but it’s a stretch.

          1. Mawile is based off of what is equivalent to a Japanese Fairy tale, as some yokai are actually very similar to western fae

            But tbh I think either type fits it

          2. I suppose. But, I feel it’s more sinister, however, they were considered to be awe-inspiring beautiful women, if I recall correctly. So I suppose fairy could work.

          3. For Mawiles case, I feel it fits well against it’s counterpart, Sabeleye, who is Dark/Ghost. A Dark/Ghost paired with a Steel/Fairy feels fitting to me for some reason.

          4. Eh, but I’m talking about it as an individual not as a verison exculsive duo, but I see your point. Though, Sableye gets screwed in that pairing.

    3. And Dedenne was only a Fairy because Fairy types was Gen Five’s bread and butter and just threw it on their just to promote it through one of their constants aka Pikaclones

      1. To be fair though there is the animated objected coming to life theory

        But I do agree that Dedenne could’ve been made a better Fairy looking Pokémon, bell even throw dumb looking Fairy wings on the thing nobody tales Pikaclones seriously

        1. It’s a stupid hamster with radio antennas what possible object should that come from

          It was a slap on fairy just to have it, they didn’t even bother to let it learn any special Fairy moves because it’s fairy typing is so unimportant

          1. A computer mouse

            And the thing is it didn’t really suit any of the special Fairy moves whilst still very loosely fitting into Fairy

            If anything it highlights Fairy needing more varied moves

          2. It’s not a computer mouse, a hamster
            (that’s my Fakemon Pikaclones btw I call it Hyjakk)

          3. And saying GameFreak literally just threw it on is lacking, guess we have that in common

    1. And once again we are reminded why Sinnoh was amazing. Also it’s nice that we have a little closure to Cyrus’ fate.

        1. If we see it. Though personally I’d love to see something related to races at this point. Like one based off of that unused event

  18. Am I the only one who actually preferred if they had kept the traditional gym system? And also, that they had never created Z-Moves and just kept going with Megas, expanding the mechanic?

    1. In all fairness, I do see them bring megas back for the remakes. They kind of have said they are working on megas in a tongue and cheek way, and really their isn’t much more they can do with Z moves

      1. Thank you! Everyone is saying they miss gyms when they haven’t even played the game yet to see how all the trials are as a whole.

        1. We could end up liking the new version better than gyms! Who knows… Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

      2. i completely agree, people are only going by what we have seen so far, its too early to judge it until we have played them ourselves, i can garentuee we will think differently once we play them

    2. no, the no-gym format is why i soured on this game early. I also didn’t like in the demo when it told me which moves were super effective against the foe. I understand it may come in handy for younger people, but i just dislike it.

      1. Did anyone else playing the demo notice the HUGE EMPTY PARKING LOT with a

        Machamp in it that looks like it could fit a Gym?

    3. You’re not, no, I love gyms and was very disappointed to get that news. However, if you think of the island trials as extended gym puzzles, and kahuna and totem battles as gym leader battles, it’s not so different after all 😉 let’s give it a shot with an open mind…I’m sure gyms will be back for the inevitable gen 4 remakes!

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    4. It’s not that different, think of Jasmines gym, you had to effectively cross an ocean and get a potion and fight through the lighthouse before you could battle her. That was her ‘gym puzzle’ it’s effectively the same with the trial captains and the kahunas.

      1. finally someone gets it! i completely agree!! people are judging by what they have seen, when we should just wait to play them and THEN judge,

          1. Well… to be fair the developers promised things that weren’t in the game. I would say pokemon is safe pre-ordering at least at this point near its release. :3

          2. Nintendo games are a safe pre order…. either they look bad at first or they look good lol.

          3. No mans sky you didnt know what to expect since it was new and overhyped atleast pokemon you can get a idea what you will see

          1. The “gym” in Saffron City that gave you Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan instead of taking their badge.

  19. So let’s try to bring some optimism back to these threads.(You’re excused, Earthen, due to your diplomatic immunity as a Warlord.)

    What are some things you like about Sun and Moon?

  20. “Judging by the way Mega Evolution was treated, we may not even want to
    invest ourselves in the system too deeply for fear of it getting yanked
    away a generation later.”


  21. No, we need to have hope!! D:
    Seriously, what was the point of this article? Let’s all try to enjoy the game rather than looking at the negatives (before it even came out, I might add). I’m going to continue to have hope that these games will be the best, they are celebratory after all, so they should be good in that respect.

    1. I don’t think it’s a particularly negative article…honestly I’m seen more negativity in the comments section towards the article than I saw in the article itself…

      I think the point of it was just to take a criticial look at some of the info we know so far, admit some of the potential disappointments as well as discussing our hopes, and to remember to temper our expectations. That’s it. He’s not saying ‘the games are going to suck, brace yourselves’. LOL. I’m sure all the staff here at PJ have the childlike night-before-christmas hype for these games that all the rest of us do!

  22. So I just had a thought
    If we can all transfer from RBY virtual console, I wonder what genders and abilities they would have

    And what if… Dittos transferred have a higher chance of 4-6 IVs

    Because need I remind you all if you should ever spend time and Bottlecaps on Hyper Training the very first thing you should make is a legitimate 6IV Ditto

  23. I think everything is FINE!!!! If you don’t like it fine, but it doesn’t mean that you have to bring it down.
    There are PLENTY of ways to train your stupid Pokemon, or do you only train them in gym’s? If so, LOL, I don’t see how you get very far at all while playing ANY Pokemon game.

    They didn’t revile to much, we still don’t really know anything about the story line, and THAT’S supposed to be the main thing with the game. And as for what the hackers reviled, well I personally didn’t really get very much info from it, other than Pokemon. And THAT didn’t even spoil anything for me. If you don’t like how much info was given out by Nintendo themselves, well no one forced you to watch the video’s, or look at the dex entries on the official web sight, or PURPOSELY go looking for the spoilers. You did that on your own, so you really have no one to blame but yourself for being overly spoiled as you put it.

    And as for the Island Challenges, well I think that they are going to be AWESOME! Hell just from doing the one on the demo version, I could tell that they were going to be fun, and NOT to much of a problem to do. Everything for the challenge can be done IN the challenge area, you don’t have to go backtracking all over the place to find things. And even if you did, if you have a problem with those type of games, then perhaps then this is NOT the game for you anyway. These games are meant to be played at leisure, and to have fun with, NOT to bloody well zip through them as fast as you damn well can. If you want that type of game, than go play a time based game.

    And with the Z moves, well there just fine as well and I love the animations and I don’t give a fuck if it adds more time to the battle, for me it just adds more time to the game, so its not as short as they usually are. If you don’t like them well, no one is forcing you to use the damn things just like no one forced you to use Mega’s, and they had a “longer than necessary animation” as well. The only time I’m a speed battler is when my damn battery is staring to run dangerously low, or if I’m in a hurry to save my game because I have to be going somewhere.

  24. My main problem is the amount of new pokemon (if it really is the low number we think it is). They haven’t learned from X and Y i guess. So many missed opportunities, and weak designs. I have no problem with how many get revealed, but as long as you have a good number of unrevealed ones to back it up. But other than that the game looks interesting. I really like the scenery, and it seems like theres a lot of exploring to do which is definitely a plus for me. Hopefully post-game has a lot to do too. Taking away gym leaders was risky, but atleast they’re trying something new. I just wish they would change up the plot a little bit. I’m tired of having your neighbor as your rival, and having to stop a team of grunts. That could definitely be touched up on. I played the demo the other day it was kinda bland, and I quit half way through cuz I didn’t want to spoil anymore that i’ve seen already due to leaks.

    1. Mhm. Not particularly a fan of this article. I hope the next one gets back to being positive.

  25. whats the problem with lurantis type? its genious! it’s based on a orchid mantis, which is an insect that looks like a flower… well, lurantis is a flower that looks like an insect!!! that’s why it’s pure grass. they reversed it, i think thats really cool.

  26. I loved XY, but it certainly had its disappointments and one of those were the reveals of way too many of the new Pokemon. Felt like there wasn’t much of a surprise afterwards.

  27. In the spirit of taking the bad with the good:

    – Yes, I am disappointed that they revealed so much in the pre-release period. With every new trailer, I was confident in thinking ‘wow, if they’re showing us this many Pokemon, it must mean there’s so many more to be fund in the game!’ Turns out…nope. That was a letdown, I will confess. This, combined with the smaller amount of new Pokemon (and a large part of that number taken up by Alolan Forms and UBs) was a downside for me. However, on the bright side, I do love many of the new Alola mons and find them very well designed with a lot of thought put into them – Mimikyu, for example. Also since there are fewer new mons, it means I can catch up with raising some of the older Pokemon I always wanted to train but never got around to – Rapidash and Mamoswine, for example!

    -The idea of not having gyms surprised and annoyed me at first. I do feel it’s one of the few things I never want Pokemon to change, because I love meeting new gym leaders and their teams, finding out how they fit into their respective towns and cities, and overcoming the gym puzzles. However, are the trials really that different to a kind of extended outdoor gym puzzle? And instead of leaders, we get kahuna and totem battles. It’s actually not that much of a change if you think about it, so I’m happy to welcome it and see how it goes. I hope that Gamefreak have made it enough of a challenge. And hey, it seems like we even get to create our own league at the end! That’s not so bad at all!!!

    -Z Moves? Eh. I thought they were gimicky and stupid since the first time I saw them, same as Mega Evolution. So you know what? I won’t use ’em. Simple! There’s plenty more of Alola for me to find enjoyment in!


  28. My biggest disappointment if the lack of new Pokemon. I wanted over a 100.. not to mention only one Dark type… too many Normal types again.. Same old, same old

  29. Also I have to think that the reason they’ve revealed so much is because there is much more content then in past games.

  30. The only complaint I have is that they tell you what moves are super effective… I feel like that’s something you’re supposed to learn over time.. makes you a better player. I came back to Pokemon this year not having played a game since Pokemon emerald and was in shock when my salamence’s dragon claw did nothing to clefable

  31. I really don’t mind how much has been revealed.. just pokemon pretty much right?
    As long as not story.
    I do wonder if the challenges will be held back by the ever so basic 3DS, could see them being very minimal and repitive as stated above..
    I also have no doubt megas will return eventually.. they basically said flygon only didn’t get one due to creators block. I think it was smart to focus on one new mechanic at a time. Why they make you wait til end to use megas again.
    I’ve never used this option but i’m sure its still around.. where you can turn off all animations.. sure it works with z moves.
    I also was a little weirded out by them displaying effectiveness, until I realized the types on my team.. I simply Can’t remember everything that’s super effective against them or an opponent.
    I’m not too familiar with using these typings. Not to mention immunities, and dual types. So this will be helpful to people like me, and kids from the get go. At least it’s only after you battle the pokemon once. Not to mention just remembering the types of the new pokes from the get go can be bothersome..
    So yeah. Basically i just can’t wait til pokemon games are made for the switch. I feel the biggest hindrance is still the 3Ds and not just with the graphics.
    Their on the right track!

  32. I think if they just move pokemon to the Switch, and bring in the same team from the Gamecube game, Gale of darkness (one of my favorite pokemon games), improve this formula, mix them with the Sun and Moon team.. then they’d be on the way to creating the most Perfect Pokemon game of our Dreams!

  33. I don’t think they revealed too much, rather on the Pokemon front they didn’t create enough new ones. Such a small roster, but still the general spread of those that have competitive value and those that do not means that we likely won’t actually be seeing many Gen 7 Pokemon in competitive play.

    In terms of other content, revealing Red is a big deal; however, the character had a much bigger impact in Gen 2 returning, because it was literally who the player character was before. It’s Gen 7 now and there are tons of other former player characters that, if they are included, would still be jaw-dropping. And revealing that Red is in there, teases that maybe other player characters from other Gens with updated teams might be there too. Honestly, Red isn’t even my favorite. I would much rather fight N or Hilda/Hilbert from Unova. And now that might be a possibility, so it’s something to look forward to.

    I’m glad there are only 7 Island Challenges, because my concern was that it was going to be repetitive. You can come up with 7 interesting sidequests in the game that aren’t all the same. And the gym system needed a serious change, or at least experimentation, because they were become more and more just hurdles and completely disconnected from the world they were in.

    I really hate Z-Moves, primarily because they stopped a good thing, i.e. Mega-Evolutions. And, like you mentioned, they don’t really seem that useful. Sure, a non-competitive Pokemon might now have a shot at a K.O. thanks to a Z-Move; however, unless that is the last Pokemon the opponent has, you haven’t really fundamentally changed the game. Next turn you are still going to have a non-competitive Pokemon. Juxtapose that to a Mega-Evolution, which in many cases, made some Pokemon that were not competitive and moved up them up several tiers. Z-Moves are clearly a Generation gimmick. The only thing we can hope is that it isn’t the same fate for Mega-Evolutions.

  34. I’ve bought every single new Pokemon game after Gold/Silver but after X/Y and S&M. This game is the straw for me. I buy to discover the new stuff not the recycled materials like Megas or Alolan formes.

  35. No new evos or megas for existing lines is the biggest thing for me. We might be wrong, who knows, but don’t you dare tell me the best thing they could think of was a Ice/Steel Sandslash who as a mono Ground type only sees the light of day in NU. Or a stupid form of Exeggutor who has an arbitrary dragon typing. I’m just really not impressed by the lack of foresight for the competitive metagame.

    1. I think they’ve put some thought into meta and how to change it up from the stale stuff we see right now.

  36. I like some of the Alola forms and since their typings are so different from the originals, they’re like getting a new Pokemon gameplay-wise. I mean, Ice-Fairy Ninetales isn’t going to learn the same moves as regular Ninetales.

  37. I’m glad there aren’t any gyms, i love them but its nice to change things up after two decades. Wishing there would be more trials tho, only seven is way too little, even with 4 Kahunas to deal with before departing each island to advance.

    I am worried the game will be very short and too easy like X&Y.

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  39. So far the worst blog post of 2016 in Pokejungle, sorry but if you want to be a killjoy keep it to yourself.

  40. In regards to them revealing too much. Really though the fans themselves have that responsibility. The info is there if you wish you seek it out. But if you genuinely care for a spoiler free experience. Try not following the press releases?

  41. see i completely disagree with your opinion’s. sure their are people out their who just aren’t interested in the z-moves, they care more for mega evolution’s but i for one love them, ofcourse it gives pokemon usefulness, the once not viable pokemon are now viable, because they can either get a strong z move or a strong boost z move, a lot of people have complained in the community itself that we always do the same thing, with the same story, defeat 8 gyms, get the badges, beat our rival/s, go to the league, defeat the E4 and Champion, the villianous team, the legendary cinematic parts, yet when they finally change up the formula, people still complain because it is SO different, okay i can see why people are scared about this new change since it’s not going into a gym and having a full on battle, but having trials is all about the connection between you and your pokemon as a trainer, a friend towards them, and surpassing your goal, i can see how it would be a little bland with just the fetching items quests but im pretty positive that’s not all we get, they wouldn’t just give us a trial of fetching certain items and then getting a z crystal, as we could see in one of the recent gameplay video’s, the first trial you look for the alolan rattata, along with team skull messing things up, that might seem like nothing to you but that sure as hell seems cool to me, and in any case the totem pokemon are almost like bosses for these trials we get afterwards so it’s not completely “boring” for you, i could go on about how much i disagree on your thoughts but i won’t. i just think you think highly of your opinion’s and you will stick to them, but my point in all this is, it might seem like the trials we get seem bland and not well thought out, but thats just what we have seen, we have yet to play them and i think once we do play them, we would most definitely think differently of what we thought before hand, their is only once thing i agree on, alot was leaked and that makes things a little underwhelming but i don’t think we have seen all of it yet, thats what im counting on and hoping for. sorry if ive written a long comment but i just had to tell you my thoughts on my disagreement’s and my own opinions of these games. i think in the end what your saying is just YOUR opinion on these games, and your making it sound like it’s all fact, apart from the leaks part that is, that was right. but still i just really love these games, the starters, the features, the battle tree and league, the trial captains and kahuna’s, the totem pokemon, the pokemon, i love it all. their is NOT one thing i dislike. but in the end that is just my personal opinion.

  42. this article is so negative. don’t get me wrong, you have a few good points i admit but most of them are your opinions alone, way to snatch peoples hype, i think alot of us are still hype for these games, we shouldn’t start judging for whats been already revealed, we should play the games and see how they play out and THEN we can judge, weather they’re good or bad points, we cant just judge by what we already know, once we play them im positive we will think differently about them. im still hype, i love EVERYTHING about these games, the pokemon, the trial captains and kahuna’s. the features, everything looks amazing in my book. im happy with them and thats all that matters to me, but your negative article is really killing the atmosphere….

  43. “the only way to enjoy pokeymanz is to go into it as clueless as a blind toddler in a cave blah blah”
    I’m so sick of hearing that stated as if it was an indisputable fact. I never went into a Pokemon game blind, and neither did my friends in Primary School, most of us had the strategy guide and those who didn’t visited kids who had it to look at it. And we’ve enjoyed it plenty.

    All we know about Team Skull, the Aether Foundation and UB is that they exist. OH NOEZ! Ruined foreverz! It’s not like during the Red and Blue days kids already knew Team Rocket from the anime show or some crazy thing, no siree, not at all!

    1. In some cases, I like knowing more than blind wandering. I got really frustrated when I didn’t realize some evolved by trading or stones (or where to get the stones), or that Meowth wouldn’t learn Payday if you let it evolve before level 30, etc. Or what are version exclusives (recalling my Vulpix hunt in Red -_-)
      Also, I totally ruined my LeafGreen Abra by leaving it in the daycare and when he evolved into Kadabra, he couldn’t learn his first move anymore, I had to use a TM.
      And TMs in Red, which I went totally blind into? Man, they made me SO mad, because the game didn’t tell us what they did, and you couldn’t reuse them.
      That’s why I like some info.

      1. I hope you understood that I am in favour of things being revealed and was just making sport of the adamant attitude some players have that nobody may have info because it “spoils” the game 🙂

        Exactly, knowing all that stuff can prevent frustration and can enhance your enjoyment.
        If I hadn’t known the evolutions for the starters in Sun/Moon I would have chosen Rowlet and I would have ended up really disappointed with Decidueye.
        But thankfully I know them and know that I want Popplio for Primarina.

        And yeah I agree on the story, I don’t want to know the story either that’s

        why I don’t look at news or threads connected to the story, I was want to know the Pokedex, what types they have, where to find them and how to evolve them.

        1. No hard feelings.

          Let the “we must be blind” purists play it their way, and if they accidentally wreck their Abra/Kadabra or end up with an evolved starter they regret, that’s their thing to deal with.

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  45. Apart from the shoehorned typing spoint (whic I disagree with), I think this is absolutely spot-on.
    Now don’t get me wrong, I think sun and moon will be amazing, but to me all we’ve seen is very much crushing my hopes that game-freak actually pulled an absolute a-game with this, and instead it seems they’re just doing an XY all over again (games I love, and the backlash for which I resent to some extent, but that I recognise are clearly flawed in certain aspects…flaws I’m now pretty convinced SM is doing nothing to cover), with a little bit more hype, flair, and pizazz.

    I’m already very disappointed with the new amount of pokémon, which seems to be reduced purely because we’re approaching a thousand (and don’t give me that quality v quantity bullsh*t, IMO gen V is absolutely one of the best out there), not only that but the fact we’re not even getting cross gen evolutions, not even getting megas, but instead getting those horrendous UBs, and the massive squandering of an amazing idea that is the Alola forms (hats off to GF for that one, it absolutely wouldn’t have been hard to pull it off right, but instead we get a pathetic number, having them all Gen I, shoehorned typings and a third of the being jokémon)… AND THOSE DON’T EVEN ADD UP TO XY’s TOTAL…
    But on top of that, we get a what, 80-90% reveal rate, be it pokémon wise, form wise, character wise, feature wise… Leaving only the story and the locations to truly discover on your own (and to be to some extent disappointed by, the way things are going). Frankly I think it’s just criminal, a careless move, an insulting way to treat fans-they didn’t need that degree of reveal to get these sales. And it’s not like these are avoidable leaks-they’re official reveals that are all over the internet within less than a day. I know some people like knowing everything going in, but I’m pretty sure a lot don’t either, and those that do could just look at leaks (which I wouldn’t have looked at if it turned out they were worth avoiding to be pleasantly surprised).

    On the second point, I thought the trials seemed like a great idea, though the lightweight content they were hinting at was a bit foreboding (minus the totem battles, those are awesome! )… Until we discovered there were only 7 of them, and then my creeping suspicion this whole game bore the usual signature of GF’s usual Half-assed attitude was pretty much confirmed.
    We could have had 14, with pretty much equal numbers on each island, but instead we get a number that doesn’t even reach that of gyms… for content which, based on the demo and early game showings, seems pretty basic (fetch quests and that sort). At one point I thought if GF were given more development time they might craft real AAA games that feel like lovingly crafted masterpieces, but a friend of mine pointed out GF might simply not be capable of that as they are by now just designed to churn games that are a level of quality I’d call “adequate”.

    On Z-moves, I was always apathetic to them, I never really saw the point of confusing the lore further with super moves in a world where legendary signature moves are a thing… And I think it’s great they’re trying to allow all pokémon to be viable, but I’m just feeling these moves aren’t gonna help the metagame as they’re just gonna give you a free moment of OP each battle, no skill required…

    So yeah, I’m still gonna buy the games and enjoy the hell out of them, but I know they’re not gonna blow me away.. They’re just gonna be business as usual, leaving me with a bitter taste of what they could have been if more effort, or more productive effort, was put into them. So the hype is kinda dead a bit. Saying that, seeing the recent leaks is making me kind of impatient to see it all for myself, so that’s something!
    As to if they’ll live up to other people’s hype, I guess it depends how sensitive they are to GF’s usual infuriating dev style.

  46. I hope that there is more to do post game rather than just dealing with the 3rd cover legendary, and capturing all legendaries from previous games (ORAS) I wanna go back to Kanto or Kalos.

  47. Honestly… what’s so great about gyms though? Some of them have mini-puzzles but it’s basically “enter, battle, move on”, not really that interactive. I suppose it’s nostalgia and tradition.

  48. megas are coming back and Z moves also should be now a thing for next generations.
    We will wait for new megas and new Z-moves.
    Atleast things more unpredictable then pure type coverege.

  49. If they do a 3 game and fix some things people complain and criticize about it will be a good generation.

    Buff new starters a little bit up with movesets and abilities. (stats are great if used with partner mon and if extra moives come in)

    fix Gengar and allow it to have Levitate or Cursed Body like Bronzor line does and all will be happy.

    Take Pallosand and its ability it would need to boost both stats +2 or +1 and that before damage calculation and reduce water type damage atlest by half. (Sandsport- 5 turns reduce damage of water 67,5%)

    We Like the new weather casting pokes this generation, hope for more of this and for the terrains.

  50. I’m actually quite disapointed in the pokemon themselves….looking at the pokedex I feel like something is missing…so many pokemon needs evolutions or pre evolutions, and considering he fact that this is based on a tropical island …I would have loved to see more pokemon based on tropical animals rather than some random stuff and unoriginal humanoid pokemon…this new black legendary pokemon is awful…and we thought 50% was bad

  51. Z-moves are good, would like next a stone similar to Mega stones but one that would allow a pokemon to use all its abilities(first,secret and hidden).
    Gyms will come back but they need a buff into strategies, more dual typed pokes and more focus on abilities.

    The only thing that bothers me if they have buffed Cursed Body(let it automaticaly activate after the pokemon faints and by every physical contact, even if you attack the oponent first)(the same should be aplied to static, flame body and poison touch if you think of it longer and right)???

    Gengar in future should be allowed to have both Cursed Body and Levitate(first or secret or hidden abilitiy), like Bronzong, Alolan Marowak and others have. Or somebody of the datamine and leakers makes jokes of us.

    1. and reduce the % to 20% becuse now you have a turn of physical attack of your oponent and one of your own pokemons attack.

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