Elite Four Showdown: Kalos

Greetings Junglers, Evan here! Once again I’m bringing you the Elite Four Showdown. But first: the winner of last time. It’s Caitlin! She won with 37% of the votes. She’s followed by Grimsley (32%), Shauntal (21%) and Marshal (10%).


And now: the last region for this Showdown. Pick your favorite and let us know who it is in the comments below!


  • Top right encounter
  • Fire
  • Pyroar, Torkoal, Chandelure and Talonflame
  • Name: Malva (a flower genus) or lava
  • Trivia: She is the only Elite Four member who is part of an villainous team.


  • Bottom right encounter
  • Water
  • Clawitzer, Gyarados, Starmie and Barbaracle
  • Name: Siebold’s crabapple and sea
  • Trivia: Siebold is also a famous chef.


  • Top left encounter
  • Steel
  • Klefki, Probopass, Scizor and Aegislash
  • Name: Wikstroemia (a tree genus)
  • Trivia: Wikstrom is the first Elite Four member who appears in a Pokémon movie.


  • Bottom left encounter
  • Dragon
  • Dragalge, Druddigon, Altaria and Noivern
  • Name: Dracaena (a tree genus) and dragon
  • Trivia: Drasna’s grandparents were from Sinnoh and taught her the myths of Dialga and Palkia, which inspired her to become a Dragon-type specialist.

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Note from moving: This Elite Four Showdown will last slightly shorter than the previous episodes. We’re excited to start our new Showdown format, so we’re speeding things up! Get your votes in now!