New Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon Information [OCT 14]

It’s that time of the month again! The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel has just dropped a new trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon showcasing information on Silvally, Kommo-o and even more Pokémon

Check out the trailers below as well as a summary of the information contained.

New Trailers

New Information

  • Type: Null evolves into Silvally, a Normal type Pokémon. Silvally has the RKS System ability that allows it to change type while holding certain items, it can change to any of the 18 types.
  • Silvally’s new move Multi-Attack matches the Pokémon’s current type
  • Hakamo-o and Kommo-o are Jangmo-o’s evolution. They are both Dragon/Fighting type with the Bulletproof/Soundproof ability
  • Kommo-o has a unique move: Clanging Scales
  • Steenee is Bounsweet’s evolution, which evolves into Tsareena
  • Tsareena has a new ability called Queenly Majesty and move Trop Kick
  • Cutiefly evolves into Ribombee the Bug/Fairy type Pokémon, with the ability Honey Gather/Shield Dust
  • Grimer and Muk both have Alola Forms and are Poison/Dark type
  • Mega Kangaskhan’s ability Parental Bond has been adjusted so that the second move now does 25% damage
  • Olivia is the Kahuna of Akala Island, she specialises in Rock type Pokémon, one of which appears to be Nosepass
  • Ilima is a Trial Captain who specialises in Normal type Pokémon


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