Nintendo Confirms Existence of Sun & Moon Demo

In advance of Italy’s annual game show Milan Games Week, Nintendo of Italy issued a press release with an interesting tidbit: the show wouldn’t feature the demo version of the upcoming 3DS release Pokémon Sun & Moon.

le demo di Pokémon Sole e Pokémon Luna […] non saranno pronte per Milan Games Week.

While this is perhaps disappointing for Italian gamers headed to Games Week, it does confirm in a roundabout way that there is a demo for the pair of games and may just make its way to gamers at a later date.

Nintendo & Pokémon offered no such advanced notice of the absence of a demo in the case of PAX West, which took place in Seattle, Washington at the beginning of September.

With the Korean Ratings Board already having passed judgement on a “trial” version, it does seem like we’re going to see one… but when?

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  1. Quite a few pros of cons of a demo, maybe we’ll see it this coming month for a limited time, also if there’s gonna be a demo exclusive item akin to the Mega Stones

    Really wanna play S&M, see how it feels & looks
    But if it’s like ORAS, everything will be out there (which will annoy some people, not me tho), plus it’ll make me want the whole thing already!
    November can’t come fast enough

  2. Pokejungle looks different… More quadrilateral. I think it’s just the profile pic of the article’s author lol.

    1. Didn’t ruin it for me, once I heard they’d leaked stuff I just stopped looking at pokemon stuff until the day of release.

  3. Cool. At least we could get a feel for S/M before it’s release. Honestly, they need to leave out a lot of stuff from Demo. Nobody wants S/M to be data-mined by impatient people. I could see the Demo releasing around the release date of the game in November to dissuade data-mining until the actual game releases.

          1. I guess thats the good thing growing up in a time without internet! I never had the urge to be connected all the time, thus it easy to avoid the places that i know will spoil me!

          2. I still use my computer every day, but I don’t go on the internet on my phone and I’d have no problem avoiding the social areas of the internet because I don’t use facebook and I only occaisionally visit Twitter (I don’t have an account).

    1. “AY BITCH you know that we know about the concept art, now stop playing innocent and tell us what the deal is”

  4. Hi guys, could someone enlighten me?
    I live in brazil and there is a 0.1% chance that i can play the game on the release with a physical copy!
    So i will get sun digital, and wait for moon to arrive…
    But, will the game be available in the eshop on the 18th 00:00h ?????
    Am i going to be able to download it and play on the date?
    I still need to buy nintendo coins…. Been procrastinating this cause its a little expensive to get 50 bucks(turns something like 200)
    Another question, is there a pre download if i buy online? Or something of the sorts?

    1. I live in Argentina and I’m planning on buying the game digital too :/ The overprices here are awful -_-

    2. It should be up at midnight for the 18th. It potentially might be a little off since you can imagine a lot of people will be downloading the games, but typically the downloads start as soon as the actual day starts lol As for your’e second question it really depends. Idk if all regions get pre downloads or whether it’s just some. I know Japan usually has the pre download option, but I can’t say for other countries.

    3. Hey, I live in India, but my region settings are in the US (primarily because there IS no regional option for India)… my eshop is also set to the US, but my card info gets rejected for some reason and so i’ve been unable to purchase anything online… could you tell me how you buy stuff on eshop?

      1. I buy the nintendo e shop points in a local store, or on my local ebay! I dont have a valid cresit card adress in te us, so thats the only way i manage to buy online

    1. Incidentally it won’t make a difference for me, the UK gets the game 5 days later than Japan and ‘murica so the ‘muricans will have spoiled it for everyone getting it on the later date by that point anyway.

      If the datamining happens I’ll be happy in a way since it will spoil it for everyone and not just one group.

      1. The only thing I really dont want spoiled is plot details, which are going to be hard to avoid because it’ll take me a while to finish the game. I’m in college and the release is near finals, of course. Perhaps we can see if PJ has any solutions to this. Maybe an article where people can go to talk about spoilers and then regular articles for talking about the non-spoilery news and such. Just a thought.

        1. Or confining spoilers to the forums for a month.
          The forums need more love anyway.

          There definately needs to be something, espeically for that 5 day gap.
          If they had something in place I wouldn’t need to completely blank them.

          I’m also not as worried about pokemon being revealed because I’ll probably end up peeking at moves and evolutions anyway so I can decide what to teach my pokemon. I still don’t have the motivation to go in completely blind 😛

          P.S. I still find the American education system weird.

          1. Yeah, forums would definately work.
            They could have an entire section dedicated to spoilers and ban them elsewhere so it’s nice and easy for everyone else to avoid them.

            Mainly the terminology and the way it’s organised.

            College in the US means something very different to college in the UK.

  5. Well I can’t say I’m surprised that the demo itself is actually real. After the rating in South Korea happening and now this it’s obvious that there is a playable demo of some sort. The question is whether the demo is for home use or will be shown off at a con or something. Do we know of any big conventions or events that will be happening before the games come out? Games week happen on October 14th-16th I believe so that’s pretty late into the month as it is. I can’t imagine them releasing demo too close to the actual game release so I’d imagine it’d have to be close to a month before November 18th if they wanted to get it out. I think we may hear about it pretty soon. Even if the demo comes out later in October they may start talking about it sooner rather than later. Otherwise I can’t see a reason to informally state that it exists, but also deny that it’ll be at an event that’s happening almost 3 weeks away.

  6. The only thing that keeps me from being excited for a demo is data mining. They ruined everything that was left in ORAS. Sure there wasn’t much, but Hoopa Unbound would’ve been a cool surprise. As long as the demo they release isnt built on the full version of Sun and Moon, we should be fine.

    1. I think one thing people need to keep in mind is that the data mined info can be avoided to a degree. Sure you can’t stop people from talking about it, but iirc all the info from the ORAS mine was simply put up on a pastebin. In order to actually have first hand spoiling happening you’d had to go to the page and read it for yourself. At least that’s how I remember it anyways. lol

      1. Literally every pokemon website reported on it. Plus it’s all over my twitter timeline when something happens, so yeah. It’s more than just paste bin. Especially since there were models for Hoopa Unbound found in ORAS and models, names, and moves found for Volcanion, Diancie, and Hoopa in XY before they were revealed.

        1. The websites can report on it without actually spoiling it though, they can tell people the info has been leaked, but if people choose to read the info they are doing so with full consent.

          Twitter is easy enough to avoid, just don’t go on twitter until after the game is released.

          1. It’s harder then you think
            Information on a game everyone wants is just like cocaine
            You get a taste, den you’re hooked
            You say no I’ll just avoid the stuff
            But deep down it nibbles away your restraints until BOOM you’re soaking up every fraction of info and you never leave full

          2. Solution: more self restraint.
            You can’t complain if you knew in advance that you were about to read leaked information.

            I managed it with XY, I can manage it here again.
            A few weeks of avoiding Pokemon news is easy enough.

            I plan to blank Pokejungle the moment America gets SM anyway because I know everyone here will be discussing their games and ruin it for all the people who have to wait 5 more days.

          3. Easier said than done considering I use it to promote my sales, keep in contact with people, get instant news for TCG, etc.

          4. Proof that putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea.
            Hence I try to use different services for different purposes.

            Also I would never use social media for anything business related if I could help it.

        2. That’s fair. Like I said you can’t control other people…….I guess you can’t win lol

          1. When Volcanion etc were first leaked, I thought they were just fakemons hacked in until I went to the trouble of looking for an article.

            Didn’t really spoil anything for me though, if I hadn’t found out until close to them being released I still wouldn’t have been that excited because they’re just event Pokemon.

            I wish they’d go back to when event pokemon actually involved navigating a dungeon to earn them instead of the modern approach of ‘insert code, out comes pokemon’, it means obtaining them is more of a non-event. The first event pokemon I ever got was Deoxys and I remember having to actually battle and catch it on Birth Island, that made it more special.

          2. Yeah, though I found out about them as soon as they were leaked from datamining, I didn’t care about the event legendaries because the game was out and the real blowout had already happened. Actually when it comes to things like hidden pokémon I really enjoy the datamined aspect because it still gives them an aura of transgression and mystery.

            I couldn’t agree more on the idea of reintroducing event legendary quests as well, that was half of what made them exciting tbh. It’s nice to still have an NPC or two tell you about the lore, but honestly GF have just dropped the ball by getting more and more lazy with event content since gen IV. Gen V had a few related sidequests to get items/moves, but gen VI literally only requires you to visit a pokémon center or shop.
            As you say just dumping in a code and getting a pokémon is pretty boring, and though it works fine for Whitney’s Miltank or some Charizard with a special move, it honestly feels like a waste when applied to mysterious new legendaries we know nothing about. They used to have event items too, those were great fun! Plus having exclusive hidden locations for the legendaries made them feel like part of the region’s lore, whereas nowadays they’re just artificial gifts.

            My first event was also the deoxys event on Leaf Green, and I remember the exciting boat trip to Birth Island, the weird puzzle with the triangle, and the epic fight to capture deoxys clear as day… That’s another thing actually, back then we had to earn it by catching them.
            Sadly though I’m pretty sure Game Freak isn’t going to go back to that, it wouldn’t be coherent with their current or general behaviour.

            Also, where the hell is Eternal Flower Floette??? I still want it!

          3. I would also prefer that method of obtaining the event Pokémon because it would make SRing for the one you want way better.

  7. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but will Alolan Vulpix have a different evo method? Not sure if a fire stone makes too much sense anymore, but who knows…

    1. We don’t know at all.

      Fire stone isn’t too crazy though, technically Ice burns.

      The difference between freezing and burning is the direction the thermal energy goes – exothermic vs endothermic reactions.

        1. That’s because, all new evolutions introduced have a new method of evolving not present in past Generations that way is not like, “Why does it work now, but it didn’t then?” Kind of thing.

          1. Exactly my point.
            That’s why I’m saying having an Ice Stone won’t change the evolution method for Eevee onto Glaceon.

    2. It and some of the others could just evolve normally through leveling up without the aid of a stone.

  8. Top 5 things I want in Sun/Moon
    5 An extremely difficult to obtain 1 per game Item that turns 1 Pokemon shiny
    4 Hidden ability capsule
    3 Improved GTS (Prevent requesting legendaries for normal Pokemon, shows us the Nature and IVs of offered Pokemon)
    2 Destiny knot to pass all 6 IVs
    1 Destiny Knot to pass the highest IVs from each parent

    People might say this makes the game super easy and less people will feel interested.

    I say it will give more people the chance to enter the competitive side of the game and will only make 6IV breeding the entire pokedex easier lol

      1. Well you seem like a much more hardcore fan so I guess you know what’s best for the series. What do you think about putting the IV Judge in the Day care?

    1. The “extremely difficult” way to get a shiny is already in the game in the form of full odds encounters. Naturally, you’re going to choose the method that is the easist and w/highest odds. Since this item would be difficult, I believe the Masuda method would still be easier.

      1. The key is that it takes an already existing pokemon and converts it, which means you could use it on something with max IVs, a good nature and a good ability.

        It would be a good reward from the Pokemon lottery or something.

    2. 5 I’m indifferent
      4 Would be handy
      3 Most wanted
      2 Would probably end up making IVs worthless in the end. We’ve already got the bottletop mechanic so it’s not really needed
      1 Would ruin the fun of spending hours breeding pokemon with high IV levels, might as well just have a machine that accepts a pokemon and spits it out with full IVs at that point

          1. Yes, I feel that’s a different issue in a way. Bottlecaps might *help* resolve the 6IV legendary problem, but again, depends on how readily available they are to us. I always felt that they needed to crack down on generated mons but I know nothing of programing so I don’t know how they would do that

          2. If you know how to cheat, cheating will always be easier than actually doing the in game stuff because writing to the game’s memory is quicker than navigating a bunch of in-game menus.

            It’s quicker to load a pokemon by cheating than it is to go out and catch one and it’s also quicker to fill all your PC boxes with Shiny 6IV Arceus through cheating than it is to catch a single non-shiny non-perfect IV Arceus through an honest method.

        1. Ummm…what’s fun about grinding your Pokemon to a certain lvl? Should be able to automatically level to whatever level you want.

          Breeding is part of the game in my opinion. Taking that away is like removing a massive portion of the game…

          1. Well of course it’s fundamentally part of the game….but that doesnt mean that it needs to take numerous hours and days for one pokemon. Some people are okay with spending that much time and others aren’t. I dont think there’s anything wrong with wanting it to be easier. A lot of people who want to do competitive just dont have a lot of time to waste and I think that should be respected because many of them are adults with jobs and lives. There’s always the long way if you really want to do it that way.

          2. I just say “5IVs is good enough” and it usually is.
            It takes longer to train them up to level 100 than it does to actually acquire the 5IV correct-ability correct-nature Pokemon in the first place.

            ORAS gave us a 2-3IV detection feature on the Pokemon radar anyway, and XY has friend safari (which also means hidden abilities, but punishes those who don’t collect friend codes) so getting a head start is easy enough. From there on out it’s just strategy, maths and a little bit of luck. Getting your first group is always the hardest, but once you’ve done that, you can start spreading out.

            For example, when I first started IV training, I focused on Swablu. When I had a 5IV Swablu (Flying and Dragon groups), I cross bred it with Pelliper (Flying and Water1), which meant I could build up a 5IV Pelliper in half the time. From there on out, I just used the other dual-grouped egg pokemon to bounce the IVs across until I had full coverage of all the needed egg groups. Once you’ve got that, it doesn’t take that long to get a new family of 5IV pokemon of the right species, then it’s just a matter of getting the Nature and Ability right, but you can always hoard Natures too and use Everstones to pass them on, meaning the only issue is the Ability.

        2. Because if you could just hand a pokemon to an NPC and have them give it back to you with perfect IVs, IVs would become meaningless, they might as well get rid of them completely.

          If there’s an element of randomness such that there’s a 1/32 chance of getting a pokemon with 6 perfect IVs, it at least gives the IVs some meaning.

          Also having to breed for IVs means you accumulate Pokemon along the way, and they often end up with different natures and abilities, which means you can then use them to breed with other species to get 5 IV versions of another species quicker than you would if you started out with the 3/4 IV ones you can catch in the wild. Basically once you’ve got a handful of decent pokemon from various egg groups, it’s no longer hours, it’s 10-20 minutes, in some cases less.

    3. Since we have hyper training, I can see them altering breeding IV mechanics unless hyper training is uber hard thing to do.

    4. #5 is stupid. People will find a way to cheat and clone those items, therefore effectively ruining shiny pokemon. Same with #4. #3 maybe someone is trading it to themselves? #2 gamebreaking. Makes competitive play too easy.

      1. If they’re using cheat devices then they can already turn any pokemon shiny.
        Otherwise they’d need a cloning glitch to be in the game, and the last time (that I can remember) that we had one of those was Gen 4, and it was risky and involved the GTS.

        Again, if they’re determined enough they can just alter pokemon to use their hidden abilities.

        As for 3, anyone attempting that would be pretty stupid, they can trade with themselves locally, they don’t have to use the GTS.

        Agree with the other two though, that would make getting 6IV Pokemon too easy, getting 5IV Pokemon is easy enough as it is.

  9. If you live in North America, and missed out on the Darkrai event earlier this year, the second chance event just went live.

    Mystery Gift>get with code>Darkrai20

    1. Well lets compile everything we know so far about Z-Moves and Z-Crystals
      -One for every type
      -Wrist mounted inhibitor
      -requires a pose and movement to activate
      -There exists some that are genetically attuned to specific Pokemon
      -can only be used once per battle
      – “combines the power of both the trainer and Pokemon’s wishes” to attack
      – so far Kanto specific Pokemon
      – Use of the letter Z
      -Hala gives you a Z-Ring after the first Island Challenge
      -Professor Kukui studies these attacks
      -they require the same type of a move or specific move to be used

      Anything else I’m missing

      1. Somebody on Bulba forums thinks he figured it out.

        This particular Kanji means ”Human Z”. In Pokémon terms, this would mean ”when Pokemon and humans are perfectly synchronised” this could of course result in several things, but the before mentioned ”Z-forms” might be a possibility now.

  10. Omode (the person who wrote most Amourshipping moments) just dropped a tweet saying she has one more amourshopping moment to write and that she’s very sad about it. So this is final confirmation that Serena is gone after XYZ. To further wound the amourshipping fans ;(

  11. Its basically dead on here, but I wanted to share this either way.

    The version mascots have partly Latin in their names
    Sol=Latin for sun
    Lun=Latin for moon

    Now, we know that Marshadow is a trademarked name for Pokemon. Guess what Mar means in Latin? It means sea. So literally it translates into Sea Shadow.

    Marshadow is a part Water-type legendary, calling it now.

        1. That’s cool because it’s another land, sea, and sky situation, yet the focus isn’t necessarily on those aspects.

    1. Marshadow is apparently a mythical Pokemon instead of a legendary Pokemon, which means it wouldn’t be the third Pokemon to the mascots.

          1. don’t forget it has enough strength to endure 3 days and 3 nights of towing over 10 tons
            so it can exert over 20000 pounds of strength

          2. It’s the only Mudsdale pic I had on me
            I’ll be outta work in 10 min

            You can wait to be violently threatened

      1. Yes but riddler hasn’t been wrong about anything so far. Besides, there was an unscheduled reveal of the Zygarde forms after somebody in Taiwan leaked footage to Youtube.

          1. It might just be about the demo though, since Nintendo Italy sort of confirmed that it is real.

          2. I feel like he needs to elaborate on what this info is then. Or at least some sort of hint, since he does riddles and shit.

      1. From GF. But I’m starting to think it’ll just be the demo announcement, not anything new in-game

    1. They Love that thing in Jap tho.. but YESSS
      That’s maybe why their new console in basically an enhanced to be presented as something new

    2. The Vita is the best! the only reason it didn’t sell well was because Sony is dumb and didn’t put enough resources into it’s marketing. The actual system is really solid and it didn’t get what it deserved. The Wii U on the other hand all kinds of marketing going for it, but it still sold crappy…..says a lot don’t you think? lol

    3. The only reason people buy vitas is to hack them open and do homebrew. If I remember rightly, the idiots used webkit in their web browser. Webkit is (so I’ve been told) one of the easiest things to use as a backdoor into the OS of an embedded system.

    4. its interesting to note though that it is well known now that the Wii U is at the end of its life, many people considering purchasing one now know about the NX so they don’t end up purchasing one. At this point the Wii U’s sales numbers will pretty much almost stand still as the NX really isn’t that far away, its only natural for other consoles (that do not have a replacement coming) to start outselling it. Its also interesting to note that the XBOX One only passed the Wii U itself at the very end of the year, 2 years ago, which is interesting as it is said to be a more powerful console and was expected to sell as well as PS4, where as at the same time PS4 sales were already double that of both the Wii U and the XBONE. Seeing as how nintendo offers a unique experience on their consoles more so then say xbox compared to PS I think that when the NX does release, it will dominate alongside PS4 while XBONE will continue to fall behind.

      Also at the end of this article the guy basically calls LOZ: BOTW flop looking…. Ill just let that sink in…

  12. The most repeated question on twitter “Will we be seeing new Mega Evolutions with SM, or will we only be seeing the Megas introduced in gen 6?”…..I think GF can answer this …at least.

    1. I think they will give us only a handfull and no as much as last games gave us. Maye the Johto starters. and one or two more thats it.

  13. someone recreated gladion’s theme from the trailer so it wouldn’t have sound effects interrupting it. it sounds great!

    1. WHY HASN’T SOMEONE RECREATED ROUTE 1?!?! It’s amazing music, yet no one has done it, and we have like 10 team skull recreations. It’s been over 3 months and still no one has done it. . .

  14. Guys, guys!!
    Nintendo NY tweets: “Due to a private event, the second floor of the #NintendoNY building will be closed off until 1am”

    1. The private events usually are of no great importance to the general masses. It’s usually training for new employees,a small event for only those in the area, or someone rented out the space for a party. I doubt it means anything. If we DO get anything before the 4th it’ll come from Masuda and Ohmori who are in London for press interviews about Sun and Moon.

    1. i think he was either punished or trying to avoid SM info til the day
      The fellas on Discord said he will return

          1. My browser is set to auto-delete history upon exit. If nothing else it helps to reduce wasted HDD space 😛

          2. My way delete Google history than delete all history in every way to cover up the evidence Excuse me a moment

          3. well maybe some of the things you want to see you got to buy/illegally torrent
            man i lost out on 4 things i’ll never get back

          4. I’m not joking, a ‘friend’ of mine does He even took pride in showing me how he hides it in folders in folders so that his parents don’t see. We’re both 21.

  15. Hatched a 31/31/31/22/31/00 Shiny Karrablast, Adamant with No Guard yesterday, really good seeing as I wasn’t actually trying for it. Also ran into a Shiny Prankster Sableye in Friend Safari not long after. Nearly as good as the day I hatched twin Shiny Amaura 😀 Of course now I’ll have terrible luck with everything for a while. I hope there’s some good looking Shinies in Su/Mo.

    1. It would also be helpful so you don’t accidentally miss some of their moves by going over their level of evolution.

      1. That’s one of the things the re-learner is for, otherwise you’d have to keep pressing B after each level after it’s evolution level if you didn’t want it to evolve yet, for obtaining pre-evolution only moves, faster raising etc.

      1. To quote what I told Green.

        “They should have been more creative. E.g. Spookium or Spirium for Ghost,
        Chitinium or Carapacium for Bug, Shadium or Umbrium for Dark etc”

        1. Yes.

          It’s Electrium not Electrum, but it’s the only one that sounds decent.

          They should have been more creative. E.g. Spookium or Spirium for Ghost, Chitinium or Carapacium for Bug, Shadium or Umbrium for Dark etc

          1. I thought you might have misread because ‘Electrum’ sounds like ‘Plectrum’ and would also be cool.

            Plus (as I said in my long winded comment to Shady) ‘-um’ was the traditional Latin suffix for chemical elements, which would have been what Alchemists use. (I still think a lot of the Alchemy stuff is coincidence, look to any fantasy game and you’ll find traces of Alchemy here and there.)

        1. Actually ‘-ium’ is the modern suffix, ‘-um’ was the traditional Latin suffix, e.g. Aurum = Gold, Ferrum = Iron, Cuprum = Copper.

          Besides which, there are so many chemical elements named with the ‘-ium’ suffix it’s practically a trope (in fact there’s a trope named “unobtanium”).

          Sodium, Potassium, Uranium, Titanium, Ammonium, Coppernicium. Note that most of these come in metal or crystal form, or can be used to form ‘salts’.

          So it’s clear that the naming is inspired by chemical elements, but that doesn’t confirm an Alchemy theme.

          Also, notice that some of the foreign names use the ‘-ite’ suffix, which is a suffix typically used to indicate minerals/ores. I think they’ve just gone for generic stone/metal/crystal suffixes to make things easy.

          1. Solgaleo’s steel typing and Azoth in ORAS confirms an alchemy typing, whether we like it or not

          2. I didn’t say anything about those, I said that the names of the Z Stones don’t confirm an alchemy theme. I’m not arguing whether there is an alchemy theme or not, I’m arguing that the naming scheme of the Z stones don’t confirm an alchemy theme.

        1. True, they could have named them ‘pancakium’ or something stupid.

          I wanted something clever though, like Cloudium for flying types, Chlorium for grass types, Ignium for fire types etc.

    1. Water/Normal

      Water- My favorite type and I practically live in my bathtub and pool

      Normal- I’m too average to be anything else

    2. Ghost/Normal. The ghost aspect comes from my introvertedness and my general aversion to being social, while the normal comes from my caring and empathetic nature and the joy I get from helping others.

        1. I guess that works, but I was thinking along the lines of Chansey or Audino. I certainly wouldn’t complain about being Fairy or Psychic though.

    3. Let’s see. . . Electric/Ghost/Poison. I know that’s three types but I don’t care
      Electric – I’m super impatient, and thus rush (the logic here being speed = electric)
      Ghost – same as Wes, introverted
      Poison – as much as I hate doing this I have a bit of a toxic attitude which tends to effect people

      1. Steel: I can be fairly distant and robotic sometimes. I’m independent and also ace, so I feel this would be my primary typing.
        Dark: I have a depressive side and tend to dwell on feelings that I don’t understand. This is more of an inner thing that’s hard to descibe. I wouldn’t say I’m evil at all, but I can be selfish sometimes.
        Psychic: I’m a wallflower and very observant. I prefer to watch things from a distance. I also value knowledge and learning

        Well that sounded depressing

    4. Water/Normal/Psychic
      Water because I love the ocean and swimming.
      Normal because I’m funny and have a laid back personality.
      Psychic because my brain can never stop thinking of stuff… It gets annoying at times

    5. Probably a Fighting/Electric
      Fighting cos I am a semi good person and I am heavy!

      Electric cos I am a very quick and excitable person!

  16. I wish headbutt hunting wasn’t so tedious in HGSS. It’s taking forever, all I’ve seen so far is Spearow.

      1. I always change trees. I doubt it makes it better, but I do things like that. I also hold down the trackpad and b button to “help” catch Pokemon.

        1. Speaking of useless things we do for luck, I used to ALWAYS do these things when trying to catch a Pokemon:
          1. Hold down the bottom part of the B button, but not enough that it registers
          2. Stick out my tongue slightly
          3. Shake my head as if it was the ball
          Yeah I was a weird kid, okay?

        2. Also did you just come up with the down and B button method? Because my friend told me that worked when I was like 8, so is that one of those “new under the truck” playground rumor type things? O_0

          1. In GO, my lucky action was to hold my phone as far away from my brother’s phone as possible.
            Remember when I said I was a weird kid? Well I’m still kinda wired I guess.

          2. Yeah, I think it’s just those middle two years that are rough. But senior year (where I am now) is so much more relaxed.

          3. Ah, I hated freshman year. Sophomore year is so much better IMO, but that’s purely because I know my way around the place and I know my classmates. As a freshman I started off knowing 1 person. Good luck either way!

          4. Nah. I’m just going through puberty faster. I’ve been having growth spurts since I was 11. Then I was 5′ 5, Now I’m 6′ 1

          5. Yup. It’s the largest growth spurt I’ve ever had. Well, maybe it’s more like from April to September, but still.

          6. Yeah, but it’s not a complaint. I think beards are gross. There’s also a correlation between being able to grow a beard and baldness. I’ll keep my hair

          7. I mean… I never keep my beard because I hate it, but wow thanks for getting my hopes up for the future D:

      2. From Serebii: “In these games, every single tree is a prospective Headbutt Tree. However, if you headbutt a tree and it does not cause a wild Pokémon to attack, then this tree will never have any Pokémon on it. If the tree does have a Pokémon come out, this tree will always have a wild Pokémon encounter when you headbutt it.”

  17. Going off of my conversation with Green below, does anyone else do any “lucky” actions in Pokemon games? This is really interesting.

    1. I used to spin the D-pad in a clockwise motion whenever my pokemon was confused. Someone told me if I did it when it was about to attack, it wouldn’t hurt itself.

    2. Another thing I do is when there’s a patch of grass, I go in a spiral. I start on the outside and work my way in in a spiral.

      1. I could never do that. I tend to take the shortest route through grass unless it’s my first time through the game.

    3. Since Gen IV, I shake my head along with the Pokeball (I’ve gotten so many weird looks). And prior to Gen IV my method was even more complicated:
      1. Spam right on the d-pad after the ball is thrown.
      2. Hold B when the ball opens.
      3. Hit A on every bounce when it falls.
      4. Hold B + left/right, alternating as the ball shakes.

  18. Ok, im bored so, name some of your favorite (and least favorite) characters from Nintendo games!

    Pokemon: Cynthia/Iris (Anime)
    Zelda: Midna/Tutorial Owl Guy
    Mario: Rosaline/HI IM DAISY
    Kid Icarus: Viridi/I dont know actually they are all pretty cool
    Xenoblade: Firoa/Freaking Tatsu
    Star Fox: Falco/Slippy
    Earthbound: Ness/Pokey
    Pikmin: Brittany/Louie
    MegaMan (ok not technically nintendo but im running out of franchises) Zero/Beck :3
    Sonic: All of the above

    1. Should clarify on sonic , all of the above is my least favorite characters.
      I dont like sonic
      I dislike sonic
      I hate sonic
      I freaking hate sonic

    2. Pokemon: Misty, Volkner, Cynthia/ Chuck, Lysandre, Brock, Rosa
      Zelda: Epona, Fi, Impa/Tingle
      Animal Crossing: Peanut, Tia, Tipper, Gala/Kabuki
      Kirby: Kirby, Meta Knight/can’t really hate anyone from this series
      Mario: Bowser Jr and Koopalings, Yoshi/Wario & Waluigi

        1. Well Ocarina of Time was one of the first Zelda games I played and, like with Hedwig, I feel a special connection with animal companions to the main character, especially when they’re given their own theme. Epona’s song is so beautiful and nostalgic for me now and Epona is so cute and you have to win her freedom and everything and then she helps you out all the time and is just a great friend and this is a really long sentence but I just love her.

    3. Pokemon: Blue/Charon
      Mario: Bowser Jr./Wario and Waluigi
      Zelda: Fierce Diety (does that count?)/HEY LOOK LISTEN
      Never played Kid Icarus
      Xenoblade: How could you not love Tatsu?!/Mumkhar
      Starfox: Falco/Peppy
      Not a fan of earthbound
      Pikmin: Alph/President guy
      I’m going to add Fire Emblem: Leo/The victor twins (or any reincarnation)

          1. I wish it was longer. The story was just getting good and then it was over. Something that would make it better IMO would be a mechanic similar to Majora’s mask, but with one set time limit. It makes no sense for the clock to only go down when you do something important. Other than those minor issues I thought it was a ton of fun. Original is still better though.

          2. They were super complicated, so I just chose a cheap one, colored it to look cool, and went on with the story. They definitely broke the exploration aspect through. You had spent the whole game exploring the continents and now you can fly over them in a minute? :/

          3. The world building was great though, I’ve got to admit. I hope they make a sequel, the ending was ambiguous at best.

    4. Favorites
      Mario- Baby Mario/Yoshi
      Kirby- Kirby/Chilly
      Digimon- Terriermon/Calumon
      Yo-Kai watch- Topanyan
      Miscellaneous- Q*bert

      Least Favorite
      Pokemon- Shauna
      Yo-Kai watch- Duhwheel he was the worst boss in history
      Miscellaneous-Mashtooth from Starfy, Snake from Metal gear solid (cause of Brawl)

        1. I adored that game when I was younger! I just wish it had more replay value. I’ve tried to play it again, but I can never get too far before I get bored.

    5. Oh this reminds me i am currently writing a fan game for Nintendo’s smelliest anti-heroes Wario and Waluigi
      I call it Wario & Waluigi: Quest for Cash
      These boneheaded bad guys once again are broke and without piles of cash, fed up with their low treasure supply they soon hear of a special report of a shipment of rare golden treasures plundered from a temple far away and are to be store at the museum, The two morons decide that they will pull a daring heist to swindle the treasure and live like kings
      They arrive at the museum only to find that the treasure was stolen by a unknown thief, the mushroom Kingdom PD suspected three of the local bad guy gangs responsible for the crime and the dastardly duo hunt down each gang in hopes of stealing it back

    6. Pokemon: Jasmine, Alola Exeggutor/Kris
      Mystery Dungeon: Wigglytuff/Primal Dialga
      Zelda: Deku Link/Princess Zelda
      Mario: Bowser Jr., Captain Toad (In Mario Galaxy), Rosalina/
      Pikmin: Breadbug, Hermit Crawmad/Swooping Snitchbug

      Shovel Knight: Specter Knight (Designwise), Plague Knight, Mona/The Enchantress

    7. I’ve only played a few games, so I’ll do non-Nintendo as well.

      Pokemon: Benga/Tierno
      Zelda: Link/Navi
      Mario: Toad/Luigi
      Fantasy Life: Damien Helbourne/King Erik

    8. Pokemon: Clay
      Zelda: Darunia
      Mario: Wario/Bowser
      Kid Icarus: Cragalanche
      Sonic: Knuckles (Pre-Boom)
      Shovel Knight: Mole Knight
      Kirby: King Dedede

          1. It’s super fun. But keep in mind that modern fire emblem is very different from classic fire emblem, so it depends on what you play. I reccomend both.

    9. Zelda: Pippit/Falbi
      Mario: Daisy, peach or Vivian/ Rosalina
      Kirby: Waddle Dee/ None
      Pikmin: Louie/Charlie
      Pokemon: Lucas/Dawn
      Animal Crossing: Sable or Kicks/Elise
      Sonic: Cream (so many others)/Sonic?

      Pretty much all the nintendo games I have played that I can think of

  19. Question: if you play the DS Pokemon game on a 3DS, do you tend to use the circle pad or the d-pad? I always use the d pad for DS games, it seems wrong to play otherwise.

    1. I use the d-pad on the DS games, but I prefer the circle pad overall because it’s easier with my long fingers. :p

  20. Alright I have another question: what Pokemon best represents your personality? I have to give this one some thought.

    1. Ok I’m going to say Sneasel. Not very extroverted, but can sting. Or maybe slowpoke: it wants to be with everyone else but doesn’t try that hard.

    1. Because you probably said that before. The same way my phone autocorrects Sinnoh to SENO because I say SENO CUNFURMD to my friends a lot

  21. translation for up above

  22. I hope it:
    a) gets released in Canada
    b) has unique features and a Pokemon to transfer
    c) similar to ORAS, has some features which show off its uniqueness.

  23. imagine that a dual type pokemon can choose between 2 Z-moves?
    I hope ground Sandshrew and sand based pokemon get more sand based moves and maybe a good Z-move.

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