Nintendo Confirms Existence of Sun & Moon Demo

In advance of Italy’s annual game show Milan Games Week, Nintendo of Italy issued a press release with an interesting tidbit: the show wouldn’t feature the demo version of the upcoming 3DS release Pokémon Sun & Moon.

le demo di Pokémon Sole e Pokémon Luna […] non saranno pronte per Milan Games Week.

While this is perhaps disappointing for Italian gamers headed to Games Week, it does confirm in a roundabout way that there is a demo for the pair of games and may just make its way to gamers at a later date.

Nintendo & Pokémon offered no such advanced notice of the absence of a demo in the case of PAX West, which took place in Seattle, Washington at the beginning of September.

With the Korean Ratings Board already having passed judgement on a “trial” version, it does seem like we’re going to see one… but when?

<3 PJ