Pokémon Bank Sun & Moon Support Announced

In a trailer uploaded on Pokémon Japan’s official YouTube channel, it was announced that support for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS titles Pokémon Sun & Moon would be coming to the storage application Pokémon Bank, also for the 3DS in January 2017. This is two months after the games’ November launch.

Pokémon Bank allows players to transfer Pokémon from Generation V games to VI and now to VII as well.

<3 PJ

  1. Ohmori tweeted to watch out for trailer, I think it’s the first time he did that.

    That’s mean we wait something significant.

  2. I swear if that was the Pokemon Sun and Moon news today i’m going to spank Miyamoto to de-I mean make him promise us to give us BETTER news. Hehehe….on a higher note it’s my birthday! 😀

    1. AYO HAPZ BIRTH to you hahahaha HOPES that the trailer will be good and gives us more new reveals and info to speculate about!!!

  3. I really don’t mind. Back in XY I was anxious because I didn’t know if transferring from Gen 5 would even be possible. But now Bank exists and it will be updated only a couple months after the games release. It gives us time to appreciate the Pokemon in Sun and Moon and in the mean time work on the Alola Pokedex.

    1. I dislike that pal park didn’t make a come back but hey bank is pretty cool disputes the $5 a year thing

      1. I can’t believe people complain about having to pay to help maintain the cloud storage of millions of Pokémon. I like that I pay. It helps me feel confident Game Freak won’t just up and close it one day.

        1. I get that you have to pay for Bank but honestly, the transferring should be free. I’m not asking for storage space, just the ability to move my Pokemon locally from one paid game to another paid game. They offered it free in the past and should never have given it a price tag imho.

  4. Yay three months of nobody bringing the same shit to Sun and Moon mucking up the meta
    But this also means no Ditto transference to breed competitive Pokemon….
    I mean you could just breed and Ev train natures and whatnot, it’s not like they’re going to hack it the day it comes out right…right?

    1. I did enjoy the Mini Game in Gen 5, but why would they go back to doing it for Free when they can make more money?

    2. It’s 5 dollars/euros per year. If you can afford to buy the game I’m sure you can also afford to pay 5 dollars a year

      1. US people actually get it cheaper. It’s over £4 for us in the UK.

        It’s only a little difference but I don’t see why it should be different at all – we all get the same product so should pay the same price.

        1. 3-4 pounds is basically the same. Of course they want more money but 5 dollars/euros/pounds is not that much if you earn in those currencies

          1. “basically the same”

            No, it’s not. US people pay $5 for Bank. UK people pay £4.49.

            $5 converts to £3.85…and that’s only because the pound recently crashed against the dollar. $5 before Brexit was even less.

            Sorry to sound pedantic but it’s not the same. And it should be. We are all getting exactly the same service. It’s annoying enough that the games are actually more expensive in £ than in $, why should we pay more for global services too? Not to mention that we in the UK get the games later.

          2. You’re being too extra now. If you were nintendo would you make people pay 3.85? No, 5 stills looks fine. If you’re gonna cry for less than two pounds then don’t buy the app at all. In the US 5 dollars isn’t much just like 5 euros isn’t much in Europe. You can still trade pokemon with other people without the use of internet, the bank just puts everything together and makes it easier for people to stock them somewhere. And unless you’re living in the middle of nowhere I’m sure you have access to internet. If you happen to not have it at your place just go to a macdonalds and voilà lol.

  5. popcorn,peanut butter jelly sandwiches and hopes and dreams rely on the Pokemon starters of Generation 7 to get their evolutions finally! 😀

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  6. Omg this is not fair, what about the Zygarde who I can help change its form? Must it torturously suffer 90 days of pain and torture to come into this game? Is Alola anti-Pokemon immigration?

    1. I’m not so sure the Gen 6 Zygarde can change it’s form, as It needs the ability Power Construct in order to change forms, which the Gen 6 Zygarde doesn’t have

  7. I’m interested to know if Bank can be used to move Pokemon to X/Y/OR/AS from S/M that are coded into X/Y/OR/AS, like how you can’t move stuff from OR/AS to X/Y if it has something X/Y doesn’t have.

        1. Well considering you can’t move Pokemon back from X and Y to BW/BW2 I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet you can’t do that either….

          1. Except Gen 5 can’t use bank the same way. As far as I can see Gen 6 and Gen 7 Both Use bank. So unless they have seperate Banks, they both share it, meaning that it could be possible. Obviously you can’t move New Pokemon Backwards, or pokemon with new moves or abilities, but I’m not sure it would be impossible to move ones already in Gen 6 Backwards, as they’d already be on Bank wouldn’t they, so there’d have to be something in the update that stops them moving into Gen 6. Think it through.

  8. Why delay it until January? I would have to rebreed competitive ‘mons that I want to use until then

      1. It’s not fun when everyone is going to bring the same Keldeo, Landorus, Ferrothorn, Chansey and whatever generic OU/OP shit

      2. It’s not very fair when others will most likely hack in perfect ‘mons within a month of the games’ release

  9. I’m bored, and I can’t sleep
    I’ve been up since 2am because of my horrid sleeping pattern
    I should’ve just woken up but nooooooool

  10. Just realized that we’d have no 6IV Dittos or Shiny Charm until January. They better make IV’s easier to pass down or at least make bottle caps easier to obtain cuz boiiiiiiii

      1. OH RIGHT
        Just use bottle caps on Dittos. Derp. Hahaha
        But if Dittos don’t exist in Alola, that would be a huuuuge inconvenience

  11. That is AMAZING news! When the game launches, people will only use Alolan Pokémon for the first 40-60 days or so! This is what needed to happen.

    1. And people who didn’t want to use Alolan Pokemon? :/ Part of the joy of the Pokemon series is surely the choice of over 600 monsters.

      I actually do want a team of Alolan Pokemon, but I wanted them in eggs, with good natures and 2 flawless IVs, plus any good egg moves they might have. I was planning – as I do every generation – so offer people mythical legendaries in exchange for breeding me these eggs. I’m in Europe so that gave the rest of the world 5 days to play through the games and IV breed my little team of 6.

      Now, unless ditto is native to Alola, IV breeding before Bank is gonna be that much more difficult. Maybe people won’t want to help me out.

      I’m so disappointed. I don’t want to wait until January to start my Sun version.

  12. this is debatable because i train my 6 team competititve pokemon and transfer it to the new game (i did it on ORAS) because i dont like many of the new pokemon or i want to start and play later competitive with the pokemon i care with in the journey. now they force me to play with the ones on this game. still even if i like them, i wont use them competitively because of evs and ivs. so debatable …

  13. That’s actually the one thing that really disappointed me. I have two Pokemon, which I really wanted to use in my new Alolan teams. They’re not even competitive. They’re just my favourite shinies, which I’ve bred especially to celebrate Sun and Moon. I am not too fond of the new Pokemon tbh. And now I will have to use them anyway.

  14. All those dislikes = everyone who was looking forward to starting their Alola journey with transferred Pokemon 🙁

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