Alolan Rattata/Raticate and Snorlium Z Announced!

Alolan Rattata has just been announced in today’s 3DS Direct. The Dark/Normal-type Rattata has a new appearance and changed after Gumshoos was introduced to control the Rattat popuation. Alolan Raticate are said to lead groups of Rattata. Alolan Rattata has the Ability Gluttony/Hustle. Alola

Some Pokémon have their own Z-Moves. For example Alolan Raichu can use Stoked Sparksurfer. In addition to this a special Munchlax download was announced. The Munchlax will be available to Sun & Moon players and will arrive with the Snorlium Z item that allows Snorlax to use the Z-Move Pulverizing Pancake. The Munchlax will also know the moves Hold Back and Happy Hour.

Players in Japan can receive 12 Quick Balls if they download a digital version of the game to their 3DS, or a Snorlax TCG game if they purchase the retail version of the game.

  1. Disappointed that was all we got, but that only further proves the Chinese leak. Oh well, the snorlax waking animation is priceless so at least there’s that.

    1. I wasnt expecting big and also. its not big but its good, and also the chinese alolan list is still iffy

          1. In all fairness though that could be the victim of auto correct. The words for fire and ice in Chinese are similar enough that auto correct could have changed the spelling to Fire by mistake.

          2. also it may have atleast 1 or 2 things that seem a little off but it still has that high credibility, enough evidence that it can possibly be true. in the beginning i actually hated this leak purely because i didn’t like the evolutions designs, but since then ive actually warmed up to them even Littens, and thats saying something since its bipedal haha! so if that leak turns out true, i actually wouldn’t mind that at all. and to be hionest since im in europe we get the games 5 days after everyone else so wonder trading for the starters would definitely be going on, that way ill have all three, but litten is still my adorable boy <3

        1. Yeah, I was just gonna say that. They probably didn’t just call it “Pikmin 4” cuz they’re developing that for the NX.


  3. Am the only one who got mad are Super Mario Maker 3d and Poocy+ yoshi wooly world. we got 3 great wii u titles ported over to 3ds now.

    1. I’m excited because I still get to play them even even though I’m waiting for the NX. I was going to buy a Wii U but didn’t.

      1. its good for people who dont have it! but i own all 3 titles already and they are great titles. I just hope these are it you know lol, i dont wanna see MARIO KART 8 3DS

      2. Well now you don’t have to, though I bought it for Mario Kart 8 so that was long enough then Splatoon took over as the game of choice.

  4. Well I’m not gonna say this pretty much confirms a theory I had but it is definitely strong evidence for it. Legendary pokemon will probably have their signature moves reclassified as Z moves and will have the corresponding crystals for them. Or they’ll all get new signature moves that are Z moves.
    Also that leads me to believe that Sunsteel Strike and Moongeist Beam are Z moves

    1. I… don’t think so. Because if they were, there’d be words on screen.

      Well I think, but they could always edit it out to hide it.

      1. If I remember correctly the video showing the attacks began after even the normal point of the game saying “blank used blank!” So it could have been after the animation showing the name. The video put the names of the move outset and in a different font for the purpose of the video I think

        1. Well what makes me think it’s not a Z-Move (besides the edited out words)… I didn’t see the trainer dance, and Sunsteel Strike didn’t have a special background when it hit the enemy.

          1. This is the image I’m referring to. While that’s true and it didn’t have a special background when hitting the enemy, the actual animation of the move is much more in line with what we’ve seen of Z moves rather than a standard move. And we don’t know for certain that all z moves will have a special background for striking the opponent.

            But then again Yveltal’s oblivion wing is very flashy as well so I may be wrong

  5. Chinese leaks back at it again with the legitimacy. Honestly, at this point what I’m only worried about is the accuracy of the leaks and not whether they’re real or not.

    1. Most everything that’s been revealed has fit them 100%. The only thing that’s been off was Ninetails, but that’s so close that it might as well not even matter lol

      1. Technically they got the rattata typing wrong. They missed the normal part of the type. Still skeptical until we actually see water arcanine or fighting abra

  6. So Alola Rattata is the reason Yungoos were shipped over to Alola. I hope we’ll have a special anime episode further explaining their feud. Like that Zangoose/Seviper episode in gen 3.

    1. No, normal Rattata were the problem. Yungoos was introduce to control it. As a result, Rattata changed.

  7. Blah, I can’t wait for the 11th for news! I’m excited for Mario Maker though. Was kinda hoping it would have a Super Mario Land theme though

  8. Loving the z move animations, but not so sure about the new rattata. They could’ve at least showed its evolution already.

  9. I’m liking how dynamic the Z move animations are. Up until now the animations just went off and did their things after the dance was done, but now we get to see the trainer actually give the command to attack after it’s been activated. I love it! lol

  10. Donald Trump pissed Snorlax off so much that he released 20 years of dormant rage upon him!! I love it xD

  11. Ooh guys, what if the leaked “Rugby monkey” is actually the “Spidermonkey” from the artleaker?

    1. OH THANK ARCEUS! i know we have had alot after the last few months but that amount of info in the direct really didn’t do it for me!

  12. It says the sun and moon decorative 3DS is coming out on the 18th in Europe.

    But why not the game itself?


    Says that Alolan Raticate serve as the bosses of the Alolan Rattata!!!

  14. Ugh those SuMo 2DS look absolutely gorgeous. If they’re not too expensive I might get one, even though I recently bought a new 3DS XL with Animal Crossing skin.

    1. so europe annouced a new 3ds xl, and 2 2ds bundles… and NA has yet to annouce anything

        1. It’s the main menu when you load your save. The other two options there are Mystery Gift and the thing for Battle Competitions and whatnot.

    1. Begin from here:

      “Sun” (trainer name)
      1 (something I can’t translate… Bandouru?)
      Zukan (Pokedex) – 1 specie
      Play time – 0:20

      Mystery Gift
      Live Competition

          1. Japanese Pokémon games by default don’t use kanji. There was an NPC in BW who let you toggle kanji, but I’m not sure if that’s ever been a thing in any of the other games.

  15. I’m just waiting for them to reveal Alolan Alakazam to see how they’ll handle Pokemon that have both Mega and Alolan forms.

  16. So if we’ll have new info on the 6th I think this time will have the starters evos.
    6th: starters evos
    corocoro: rockruff evo + secret
    mid-septeber news: starters evos secret.

    New trailer showed peculiar z-moves (like for raichu or snorkax), so this cannot be the secret. Imo the 4 will have syncro evos or split evos.

    1. Yeah I think the whole Z moves thing is out. If every Pokemon can use them AND there are other Pokemon with stones specific to them then I’d say it’s not special enough for the starers and Rockruff to be hyped about. I still think it’s form differences like many of the rumors have stated. I guess we’ll find out next Tuesday. lol

      1. *hugs back Thanks I needed that…..*sigh*….Whelp I’m off to buy milk! See you later! lol

  17. Deepest lore: Alolan Raichu eats the “pancaked” psychic type ‘mons flattened by Snorlax. Hence its Psychic typing. *drops mic*

  18. Ok I translated the things on the main menu screen shown by serebii…

    “Begin from here”

    Sun (trainer name)
    1 (something I can’t translate… Bandouru? Are these the “badges”?)
    Zukan (Pokedex) – 1 specie
    Play time – 0:20

    Mystery Gift
    Live Competition

    1. thats actually the route its on, sooo it could be:
      “Begin from here”

      Moon **Trainers Name**
      Route 1
      Pokedex-1 Species
      Play Time 0:20
      Mystery Gift
      Live Competition

  19. why does Mario Sports Superstar have one the coolest box arts ive seen for a mario title lol

  20. Alolan Rattata is really dope. Didn’t that Chinese leaker say Alolan Rattata and Raticate were gunna be Dark types?

    1. That specific leaker was accurate on almost everything except for Alola Nintelales’s typing, which he said would be Fire/Fairy.

      1. I’m getting the sense that that particular leaker had some inside information, but maybe only had pictures to go on, and was just guessing on the types.

  21. Guess that means the old rumors might be true. Remember that it stated that Rattata/Raticate were going to be dark types

          1. Well, I guess we’ll have to see what Sept. 6th brings. Maybe… a sandwich?! No, not a sandwich Pokémon. Just a sandwich. Hell, maybe I’ll just go get one from Jimmy John’s…

          2. With Snorlax’s new pancake move, we can just change it to Sandwich Press (since everything will be pressed thin under that bulk) and it’ll be close enough. 😉

    1. It’s pretty much been common sense that the leaks were real ever since Alolan forms were officially announced. Just not 100% accurate. With typings, mostly.

      1. The starters and their evolutions seem to fit the theme of fairy tale characters and themes, rather than a circus. And I can base it all on the areas of origin that they are based from.

        Rowlet (Britain), Litten (China), Popplio (Denmark)

  22. I know not many people watch the anime, but I have to share this imo.
    Now that it is confirmed that Alain bracelet absorbs Mega Evolution energy, it is like 99% plausible he cheated throughout the Kalos league, which in turn brings me back to the point that I believe the theory about Ash being the one who gets to (officially) challenge Diantha and not Alain is highly possible.

    1. Alain bracelet gathers the energy for Lysander’s Ultimate Weapon.
      Not to power Charizard Up

      Ash lost fairly

      1. I will never believe it’s fair after seeing the strength Greninja pulled off in today’s episode, and the fact he was doing so well against Charizard before the form was even mastered, Greninja should’ve won that fight. In a story perspective, Ash lost fairly. From a writing perspective, Ash was cheated out of a win.

        1. The thing about z moves, in my opinion, is that their animation is going to take forever… I rather use hammer arm to the snorlax z thing….
          For the first couple of times it will be the cool new thing…. But by the “league” i will probably use normal moves….
          I get the same vibe as summoms in ff… Its good but i can defeat the enemy way faster with normal skills haha

          1. Actually, from what I noticed, it seems it’s only the special Pokémon exclusive Z-Moves that have a longer animation. The regular based-on-type Z-Moves don’t have nearly as long of an animation.

          1. It’s based on a specific scene when the next heir to the Earth Kingdom’s throne, was transferred from his room in the Republic City hotel to a lower quarters whilst Kuvira (the dictator of the coming Earth Empire) takes his room. As he complains, she answered him with that smile with growing military drumbeats growing in the background…

            ‘Something you should know about me, I always get what I want.’

            I put it in to represent the main people who run an organisation who have bought, changed, or altered something that we do not like.

      1. while i agree, they actually said littens final evo was to be fire/dark not fire/fighting. just saying…

    1. There is nothing wrong with what they are doing, and I think that it’s awesome.
      And sorry but I’ve been a Dragon ball fan ever since I was a little kid, and NONE of this gives me the “Dragon Ball Z” vibe at all. Nore does it give me the “Digimon” vibe that a lot of silly people are complaining about. 🙁
      New things like this, is what gets me even more excited all over again, for a franchise that I grew up with. 😀

      1. i completely agree with you! this massive change really is great!! i think it may be a little weird with no gyms or league though, i love change and im happy they’re finally changing the original formula, but we are so used to going around the region beating gym leaders, earning all 8 gym badges and then going to the elite 4, since we have trial captains and the island Kahuna’s who knows how that will turn out. its still hype and im sure ill love it but the thought of no gyms is a little scary if you ask me,

      2. Why are people ‘silly’ for disagreeing with you? Literally the first thing I thought when I saw mega evolution was ‘dude they’ve just ripped off Digivolution’, and the first thing I thought when I saw Z moves was ‘whoa, Pokemon’s going Super Saiyan!’. I mean, yay if you like it, but some people don’t, and just find it a little OP and gimicky, and that’s ok too ya know 😉

  23. Bruhhhh I’m crying lmaoo!!! That Pulverizing Pancake animation reminds me so much of that Gyrarados and Pidgey comic from a few years back!!! Like after it’s over gumshoos, (who should realistically be dead) is just chillin like, oh… I’m supposed to be done now lol. It’s like bad acting

  24. Can anyone who knows Japanese translate this: ほんきをだす こうげき
    It’s the Japanese name of Snorlax’s Z-Move.
    Google translated it as: It issues a serious attack. Well… it does.
    Riachu’s Z-move Stoked Sparksurfer is called Lightning Surf Ride in Japanese.

        1. Yeah, that’s basically what it is… 🙂

          Translation is hard, but I get it similar at least.

          “Go All Out Attack”…

          Nah, I’m going with “Tryhard Attack” because it’s funny.

    1. That rumor got rattas typing wrong though. Unless we see another alla pokemon that matches up perfectly, um going to remain skeptical

      1. So what? When the types for the Kalos starters were leaked, they mixed up Greninja and Chesnaught’s types. In the end, they turned out to be true, but in a different way. So the rest of the leak still might turn out to be true. Just gotta wait and see.

    2. Yeah, the overpowered-af Z moves, and the silly dance that the trainer does along with it, does make me cringe. It’s all so gimmicky.

      I’m just hoping they’re not used too much by NPCs…I don’t wifi battle much (at all actually lol) so otherwise I can pretty much ignore them :/

      1. If they were just fancy 1-use moves I’d be completely fine with them and possibly prefer them to mega evolution, but the daft hand signs are weird (this is Pokemon, not a mahou shoujo anime) and from what I’ve found the translators are butchering the translations of the original attack names to make them sound lame.

        NPCs probably won’t use them, it’ll probably just be Kahunas.
        I don’t wifi battle much either, too many people using teams of all legendaries or cutting their internet connection when it looks like they’re going to loose so it doesn’t record as a loss.

  25. Have a feeling Raticate will be Dark / Fighting. The rattata look up to Raticate or are controlled by it or something. Just makes sense for it to be a fighting type to protect it from the yungoos

  26. I really like Alolan Rattata, never really cared for Regular Rattata and Raticate. I’m very excited for Alolan Raticate!

  27. Raichu’s Z Move is called “Lightning Surf Ride” in the Japanese version.
    That’s 100 times cooler than “Stoked Sparksurfer”.

    I can’t find a decent translation of Snorlax’s attack (ほんきをだす こうげき) but the closest I could find was “It issues a serious attack”, and the website mentions Snorlax getting serious. So basically the translators looked at the whole “Snorlax is getting serious” vibe, added the word “Pancake” and made it the opposite of serious. Because aparently the children of the western world don’t like their Pokemon to be serious, they’d rather Pokemon were a laughing stock.

    1. Scroll down a bit, Claus and I talked about it. 🙂

      tl;dr: the first part is an idiom: “Go All Out”

      I translated it more literally (word for word) as “Earnest Effort Attack”. And proceed to suggest “Tryhard Attack” as a funny alternative.

      1. I wouldn’t have liked “Tryhard”, but I still think they could have done better.

        Something like “Floor it” from the idiom ‘Floor it’ – to depress the accelerator to the maximum extent, reflecting how Snorlax charges forward and having a connotation of seriousness or desperation.

        Or maybe something like “Serious Slam” or “Motivated Mash”, or maybe “Courageous Cannonball”.

  28. September 6th update on Pokemon Sun and Moon will add Alolan forms of Raticate, Pichu, Pikachu, Persian, Growlithe, Arcanine, Exeggcute, and Cubone.

    Also the September 6th update will add the Alola Guardian of Akala Island, plus starter Pokemon evolutions, plus Rockruff evolution, plus more new Pokemon, plus more Alolan forms, plus a few new Mega Evolutions, plus Marshadow, plus Gigareki, plus an update on Ash-Greninja (Mega Greninja).

    1. i agree with the alolan forms of raticate, pichu, pikachu, persian, Exeggcute and cubone i doubt the water arcanine alolan form is going to happen and the rest i highly doubt! although the rockruff evolution might since they did say they would reveal its secret evolution some point.

      1. Exeggcute, Cubone, Pichu and Pikachu? But when Exeggutor, Marowak and Raichu were shown, they were evolving from non-Alolanmons.

    2. Gigareki is a different game that leak is false and picky can’t because it’s already shown in official game play not to

  29. I don’t know what was worse for Rattata: Gaining 4x weakness to Fighting or losing Guts to gain Gluttony….

  30. Hope the Chinese leaks are true now. Alolan Lunatone and Solrock evolve from Minior = confirmed that cross-gen evolutions ARE returning!!

  31. Gosh, it looks almost like there won’t be /any/ mega evolutions…

    It’s almost like…gamefreak came to their senses and realized they were a terrible idea.

  32. Alolan Rattata is very nice aesthetically and I look forward to seeing Raticate.

    But Dark/Normal? Ouch. Couldn’t they just make it pure dark? Fighting types already pulverised this poor rodent, now they’re going to KILL it :/

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