“New” Sun & Moon Footage!

pyukumuku-sidequest-map“New” is in quotation marks because this video is actually three days old! Originally from publication V-Jump, the quick clip features never before seen Pokémon Sun and Moon gameplay of the protagonist completing an NPC’s request to throw the Pyukumuku back into the ocean for some cash. While the footage is not anything groundbreaking, we do get a look of the overworld in a previously unseen area. And dang you get paid a lot to do such minimal work!

It also seems as though there may be a Pokémon moving about on the beach at the 1:00 mark. Whether it can start an encounter to catch something such as a Sandygast, we’ll have to wait and see 🙂


  1. Alola is really going for it in personality. I’m excited and happy that we actually get to throw Pyukumuku into the ocean like it’s pokedex says :3

  2. Pyukumuku’s cry is amazing ?

    For some reason this little sequence really reminds me of Digimon World for ps1. Anyone else get that vibe?

    Also is it just me or is the lack of music a little strange? The realistic sound of the waves is nice but something feels… missing?

  3. It might be a small bit of gameplay, but seeing those graphics, throwing pyukumuku back sound effects, even pulsating bits of sand looked awesome, because they could easily be sandygast and Palossand! We even see someone riding his stoutland, so hidden items on the beach maybe 😛

    1. I saw those sand whirls the second time and was pumped because I though, “if I step on one will it attack me, kinda like the dust clouds near the power plant in Kalos?”

    1. I’m still pissed we’re getting it 5 days after everyone. It means I won’t be able to come here for a week otherwise I’ll get spoiled. It should be a worldwide release for the 20th anniversary but nooo, fuck europe

      1. I don’t understand of why in Europe we get new games on Wednesday, whilst in the rest of the world it’s on Friday. I suppose it’s due to the fact that Nintendo of Europe’s headquarters is in Fankfurt and they do odd laws in Germany. Well at lease release it 2 days early on the 16th, that would be better than 5 days.

        1. If it’s because of Germany then release it before in France and Italy at least x) Just kidding, but it’s really stupid. We got XY on the same day as the US and Japan, right? And Germany has so many fucked up laws, when I was there I couldn’t even watch a lot of videos because they were blocked

        2. Isn’t it because it leaked (as in was out in some shops too early) in Europe last time for XY? We occasionally get some nintendo games earlier than the other regions, I don’t see why a law would be involved for this game specifically, so this seems to be a conscious publishing choice.
          Additionally I wouldn’t be so sure the post Brexit-UK would get the games earlier if this indeed somehow was down to law. I’d assume they’d still release games in Europe on a single date for practical reasons. They don’t segregate release per country in other regions IIRC.

          1. well if Nintendo have delayed us just because of a few stores and for some leaks, then why don’t they do so to America or China as they also do such things.

          2. IIRC XY also spilled out early in Canada but again they don’t segregate release per region so I’m assuming they wanna keep the much larger US market happy by releasing day 1. I don’t recall any XY spillage from China, and if you’re referring to the current leaks those came out after the release date and besides they’re not the sort of leak I’m referring to.
            But hey I just heard people suggest this was the reason, and it seems way more plausible than pokémon being uniquely targeted by some law.
            It might also be a logistics question, with so many languages to cover in one region they might want a few extra days or something.

          3. but then again, the new games nowaday comes with a language option, so what is the point? I find this completely stupid. If they are going to punish the game destributers, at least have control of it through Eshop. But then again, they release new games on wednesdays in Europe.

          4. The new games do come with a language option, but they might want more time for marketing, promotion, etc, honestly I have no clue, it’s just a suggestion.

            Yeah,it’s undoubtedly stupid if punishment is the reason.

            That wednesday release thing is pish as far as I can find though, just researched a bunch of nintendo games and not a single one of them was a wednesday EU release, and the recent ones were fridays. Also some released before the US, some the same day, some after, it was variable.

            There must be some specific reason why they’re delaying pokémon SM, though it’s a secret to everyone I guess.

          5. I would ask of Nintendo that if you’re going to punish the shoppers, then at least release them on the same day, the 18th on eshop only

          6. Yeah that would make sense, though I buy my games in solid copy so it wouldn’t matter much to me lol .
            In any case we’re gonna have a tough time not spoiling ourselves… Hope everyone finds something to do in the interim :/

    1. Pokedollers are based off of yen so in reality he got 200$ from throwing Pyukumuku back into the ocean. (which is still a lot)

    1. Its like the best cry ever. Its so precious! If it becomes Water/Fighting I might have to squeeze it on my team alongside Popplio!

  4. So if it was on the Pokemon website description does that mean we’re gonna be able to eat Crabrawler’s claw ?

    1. Of course not
      When do our characters eat anything
      Our characters should be rail thin with calves the size of watermelons the rate we walk and pedal

      1. True and fine are we gonna have to look for severed claws of Crabrawler to sale so NPCs to eat???

  5. I know some people say that the starters are based on the circus…

    With Rowlet (Ringmaster), Litten (Tiger) and Popplio (Clown).

    But from after seeing their final evolutions, I think it might also be linked to fairy tale/fictional characters and legendary heroes.

    Like Rowlet (Robin Hood), Litten (Tiger Mask) and Popplio (The Little Mermaid*)

    *Though written by the same author, and from the toxicness of the internet towards Popplio, it might also be ‘The Ugly Dickling’.


    Did I just saw a Lilo and Stitch reference within the game?

    1. Three things

      First Popplio is not ugly

      Second what’s the Tiger mask?

      Three where is the lili and stitch reference?

      1. I think they mean because popplio is a little average looking and kinda looks bald in its first stage but becomes beautiful as hell in its last stage which is the story of the ugly duckling, it turned into a swan

      2. Okay, Tiger Mask is an anime series that the Pokemon illustrator liked watching when younger. And just like many anime series, some pokemon are inspired from, like Shinx from Kimba.

        The reference of Lilo and Stich is found with what I’ve said about Popplio and it’s final evolution, of how it’s like a reference to ‘The Ugly Duckling.’

      1. New Jersey?
        I’m considering spending some time in nyc in the future (I want to know what it feels to live in a huge metropolis) and was just wondering if the city is indeed that great/how it’s like to live there. Just to be clear I’m not rich but one can dream lol

        1. No I live in Pennsylvania I forgot if it’s directly under or somethings in between the two states

  6. Dissapointed by the lack fo throwing animation, hopefully this isn’t final footagen though I doubt it, it’s typical GF partial execution.
    Love that this is in the game though, it’s great to have them deliver on the increased worldbuilding and pokémon interactions the original concept art presented.

    1. What do you mean by “typical gamefreak partial execution”? I’m honestly gonna need more examples.
      You realize that this is a minigame based on a small excerpt from pyukumuku’s pokedex entry right? The fact that they even added a side-quest to the game based off of it is actually evidence to the contrary of this supposed “typical partial execution”… Tbh this is Rockstar level of attention to detail and world building…

      1. Oh I absolutely appreciate that this is an amazing addition to the game 🙂 , and I’m very happy game freak took the time to put it in.

        It’s just in general I’ve come to impression Game Freak have a way of making games, and especially a worldbuilding ethic, that though full of genius ideas and wonderful creativity, often falls short of fully exploiting them. They have this very unique way of doing things that leads us to us not being suprised when they make peculiar design or PR decisions. The fandom calls them Trollfreak for a reason.

        Worldbuilding wise, we all know how many unanswered questions and complete logical mindf*cks the pokémon world has, and that’s fine I guess, it is a mainly a videogame franchise, and many other franchises of the same ilk have nonsensical worlds if you think about them enough. But even gamefreak manages to muddle up it’s own strategy of “partial retcon through addition”. Exhibit A: there are 151 pokémon in gen I, gen II introduces 100 more, and these are presented as “newly discovered” in universe. Yet we see that some of these very pokémon described as “newly discovered” have partnered with humans for decades or centuries. You might think this a confused sin of the early games, but XY justifies the introduction of fairy type by making it a recent discovery… How the hell does this make sense? Did Clefairies wordwide suddenly stop taking massive damage from fighting attacks upon that discovery?

        The main series games are, well, video games, with their tiny towns, static, repeating NPCs, and all those tropes, and in that respect they can obivously only be taken as an abstraction of what the pokémon world is supposed to be as presented in the wider media franchise. So you can understand that most of the nonsensical things about the worlds they present are just results of the limitations of what can be done within a pokémon-type game, and what works gameplay wise. Ergo we can use water pokémon anywhere, and any pokémon on and underwater.
        But then they introduce flying battles for example, and those are great, but we can’t use small bird pokémon, or many pokémon that we know as a fact can fly. The former feels like a typical gamefreak WTF, the second is justifiable gameplay-wise because of the whole ground immunity/ levitate thing. But honestly it’s alway gonna be jarring that magneton and venomoth get hit by earthquake, and can’t participate in a flying battle, despite clearly being in flight most of the time. And what you get from these semi-justifiable oddities is an overall impression of partially lackluster execution of the idea and lack of coherent design. See where I’m getting at?

        While I’m no fan of the XY bashing that keeps taking place (which I think is due in large part to the “last gen was crap” backlash period as we hype up for the new gen), I do feel it felt less memorable than previous games, as in It’s not as easy for me to recall my playthrough. I’m sure some of this is due to me being older, and some due to the loss of the charm 2D graphics and sprites had compared to 3DS-quality 3D, and 3D in general tbh. But I also think people have a point when they say the game felt somewhat incomplete, and had a flavour of a testing bed for a pokémon main series 3D game rather than something truly amazing. Now don’t get me wrong, it had some awesome ideas and moments. But overall, the game just sometimes feels rushed and unifinished. We have a nice little stroryline to follow postgame with the Looker Agency, but the lack of sufficient postgame content, exploration wise, is glaring.
        Here’s just a little example of an in game moment that feels wonkily designed: in the route leading up to Laverre city (route 14 I believe), there’s this little “haunted house”. You may think it’s going to be like previous regions, where they have a bunch of haunted mansions to explore. Instead you meet your friends in this otherwise normal house, and an NPC tells you a story and.. that’s it. The place serves no other purpose than this unncecessary “plot” diversion IIRC. You could just as easily have met your friends in Laverre and dispensed with this awkward diversion. Another example would be the locked power plant facilities in the desert, that are apparently just there to be decorative and not much else, despite featuring as early as the original reveal trailer. If you look at the Kalos map, there are a bunch of potentially exciting areas which aren’t utilised, such as a bunch of southern rivers, and what look like a mushroomy ridge to the south-east. There are unused areas in pretty much all pokémon maps, but when they look purposefully designed it’s quite annoying they go unshown. When I originally saw these I was excited to see them in game, but to no avail.
        There are probably other examples if you look for them.

        I already seems that sun and moon have these little things as well. I’d give the gameplay example of the battle royale, where rather than give us the option to choose wether you want first or last man down, they only provide first man down battle style, despite both options having pros and cons. TBF I’ve always felt the presence of some battle options and the lack of others, with some strange design choices thrown in to boot (hello putting all pokémon to level 50, but no option for lv100 battles) is a star example of what I’m getting at. Now I do think SM will feel more complete than XY, but I don’t think it will be free of these sorts of niggles constitutive of Gamefreak’s design ethic.

        There’s also the fact that ameliorations don’t always carry forward between generations. I understand there’s some limitation to having pokémon follow you, especially for the larger ones, but it’s disappointing the feature hasn’t been seen since X and Y. Some ameliorations that make the world feel more vibrant and realistic also disappear after a gen, such as day and night in gen III and seasons in gen VI. I’d understand if seasons weren’t returning now, as Hawaii is closer to the equator and thus doesn’t really feature temperate seasons. But seasons would have been a perfect fit for a France-based region!! Sun and Moon seem to be bringing back things like pokémon Amie, and that’s encouraging. But if, for example, the dexnav doesn’t return, people are going to feel that quite strongly. I understand each games need unique features to distinguish them, but there’s little justification behind dropping these as they just make thing feel more alive or give us more options to expand our gameplay. But of course there’s a clear reason for removing them, as I’ll discuss just below.

        I feel all these little shortcomings are especially felt in today’s industry, especially in comparison to other studios that create huge high quality AAA games with vast worlds to explore. Now the obvious thing that creates the divide between pokémon and these games, and the reason we dont get returning features, as many options as we could, or fully fleshed-out execution of ideas, is development time. For better or for worse, the main pokémon franchise pumps out four or five games per generation (though in practice that’s two games point five or so), and time between generations has gone from 2-3 years, to four, back to three. Honestly I think this reduced development time is the root cause of a lot of this, and is what keeps pokémon games from excellence. The pokémon formula is pretty much perfect, the games are iconic, highly playable and replayable classsics. But it doesn’t mean they don’t lack that extra polish, that extra ambition to excellence that would make them true masterpieces. I understand why the games have short development cycles, and that’s fair enough. I’m just starting to wish maybe they took more time. Maybe pokémon might be even cooler if we were only at gen IV or V or something.

        TBh I also just get the impression game freak sort of do as they please, and don’t fully think things through. I think this is the case even beyond the problem of time constraints, and I think the combination of these causes breeds this feeling of “partial execution” I perceive. I know obviously there are many things that fans will come up with that they can’t think of, but in many other cases it seems it’s just game freak being game freak, and it can be a little frustrating. Oftentimes when they do add cool easter eggs, they do so in a way that makes you realise they could just add so much more with a little more effort and dedication.

        To come back to this pyukumuku example, having this sort of minigame in is a very pleasing step in the right direction. But then, the second you see the character pick up the pyukumuku, the screen cuts to black… I for one was just dissapointed when I saw that. Is it really that hard to have the PC pick up the pokémon and bring it to the water? I mean does the screen cut to black/sound effect plays thing feel anything other than lazy to you?? Why not go the whole way with this? I think this fits with the examples previously given.

        I hope this doesn’t just feel like a collection of nitpickings and straws being pulled at, maybe I need to do more research. I do feel this impression has some substance, and I hope to have communicated some justification. I don’t really have time to search for more examples atm.

        I adore the pokémon games. I just wish they could be even better :).

    1. Well technically it’s the sound of sand
      It might be more tolerable if on a solid path

    2. Well, there is no music with the audio. They disabled the music, so you could hear the full sound effects. Every Pokemon Game from I believe D/P and up had a sound effect for walking on grass, sand, and tile. It’s nothing new and it will be masked by the music.

  7. It’s official! With this seemingly trivial snippet of gameplay, Sun and Moon have dethroned Gold and Silver as my favorite Pokemon games of all time.

    The attention to detail and world building on show here is giving Sun and Moon something very few Pokemon games have, personality and culture. Alola, to quote game developers of every open world game developed post-2010, actually feels like a lived in world. It’s customs and traditions being fully realized. Gamefreak is seriously blowing me away!

  8. this beach here reminds me of the one in Sinnoh. Could it be that it maybe connected to a revival of Gen 4 for NX?

    1. We’ve seen other npc’s in the overworld moving around…

      Also most people go to the beach to relax and NOT move lol

    2. Remember, this is just the test version of the games. I’m sure some of those people will move around and the palm trees will sway.

  9. First of all, holy crai that’s a lot of money to earn. Secondly, I love the idea of incorporating stuff like this into the game, I just kinda wish we could watch our character take them back and toss them to the water, and lastly, I agree, those shaded circular spots seem to be pokemon, there are a lot more on the unused side of the beach

  10. Why bother becoming island champion for each island when you can basically spend the whole 999:99 playtime just throwing Pyukumukus into the ocean. They certainly weren’t kidding when the game’s theme is life. 😀

  11. I’m confused. The money is yen so does that mean for different language versions of the game you have a different monetary system? I thought pokemon games used “money” as its value like how KH uses munny??

    1. They use “Pokedollers.” Thats what the “P” with the line through it stands for. Thats what an Old Gold and Silver Walkthrough book I have says anyway. 🙂

    2. This is the symbol for Yen ¥. The symbol in the game is for the in game currency which has always been Pokedollars/money.

  12. I wonder how we’re gonna get from island to island. In real life, boats aren’t allowed inter-island transport, unless they’re a cruise. You need to take a plane. (Hawaiian airlines)
    Maybe there’s a cruise you go on?

    1. Considering we’ve seen them on a boat in past trailers i’d say that they are ignoring that real life law and just letting us take boats from island to island. Also there ar ports at each island so it only makes sense for us to use them.

      1. There are ports on each island irl. But they’re for Fishing boats and Cruises. But yeah. You’re probably right.

  13. You know what? Even though this was just a video under 2 minutes long and only featured the character walking around in almost silence it definitely got me excited!!! First of all I can’t believe we actually get to do the whole “throw Pyukumuku in the ocean” thing!!! lol That’s pretty funny. Second of all I’m loving the surrounding noises!!!!! The ocean is so loud like in real life! I’m so happy they are bringing back the real world sounds. Even better than that they made them more realistic! I wonder if some part of the game there isn’t music. I wouldn’t be surprised if this clip was just incomplete and just didn’t have the music added yet, but I think I’d like it if certain areas didn’t have set music. Just listening to the sound of the waves was relaxing! hahaha

  14. It seems that Pykukumuku will be available by the 2nd island then! [rf for picture]

  15. I hope they keep doing videos like this. It’s just enough to wet the appetite and gives a glimpse of the region, but also doesn’t show too much. Plus it’s just nice to get new stuff! lol

    1. Yeah I’m sad they didn’t make an animation for that…..I suppose this way is just similar to how Pokemon has always done things tho lol

  16. This is so awesome! I’ve loved Pokémon amie because I felt like it was just like the anime getting to interact with your Pokémon but this brings it to a whole new level. Now you get to have not only adventures but obstacles along the way! This game looks so amazing atm!

  17. The transition from the receding water to the ocean seems a bit too stark, but this is just a test run, so I don’t mind. I’m sure with the resolution of the 3DS, the graphics will look much more crisp and centered and not blunted. For a small, trivial video, the game looks simply amazing! I love Pyukumuku’s cry and the sound of the waves! Also that hot stud you walk by is *fine*

    1. Yeah because if the 3DS is known for one thing it’s being super crisp and clean when it comes to graphics………teehee……Anyway I get what you mean. This video isn’t at full res so it’s not going to look super great compared to the unadulterated version lol

    2. Upvoting because of your last sentence! I got completely distracted from what the trainer was doing lol

  18. can somebody help with my translation of the text you get when you pick up a pyukumuku? it’s coming out as Sun(probably the player) was connected law to sea Namakobushi(Pyukumuku) “サンは ナマコズシを うみに ほうつなげた”, removing sun reads “Namakobushi was connected law to the sea” “ナマコズシを うみに ほうつなげた”

  19. This just isn’t enough to satisfy my famished brain
    They could’ve just shown a encounter or a battle

          1. Fortunately should it come to that, the decal is gonna come off in one piece easily, it’s not one of those crappy paper stickers… heh heh heh.

    1. Such beauty, so much enthralling creativity, my crusty hearts weeps with joy

      Obviously I’m kidding, your door sucks bro

  20. It’s so cool that you can see the swimmers legs under the water! It makes them look more realistic instead of just a head and arms! (Up in the top corner)

    1. Oh man I didn’t even notice! I’m gonna watch the clip a billion more times now to see if there are anymore cool things! lol

  21. I’m loving the aesthetics of the overworld. You could tell GameFreak is trying their hardest to overcome the limitations of the 3DS. Also, there is no doubt that this is Akala Island. I thought the moving sand was a return of the Shaking Spots from B/W/B2/W2, but I think it’s just the way to encounter Pokemon on the beach. I’m a tad disappointed that there is no funny animation with throwing Pyukumuku tho…

  22. I finished my drawing of Lilo and Stitch/Pokémon. (As you can see, I suck at drawing humans.) (Refresh)

  23. This looks amazing! Imagine if the 3DS had been in HD instead of 3D though. I love the size differences and I just wish they showed the scene of the Pyukumuku being thrown back in the water.

  24. I guess now that we know the characters for Sun and Moon, that means thats Lilly standing in front of the hotel resort thing.

  25. I’m still waiting for the Alola Guardian of Akala Island, plus more new Pokemon, plus more Alolan forms, plus a few new Mega Evolutions, plus starter evolutions, plus Marshadow and Gigareki. What is wrong with Pokemon Sun and Moon?

    1. Gigarekki was confirmed to be something else than a Pokemon. See an earlier post by pokejungle

  26. I swear I truly hate the douches you just hide behind a wall and basically do nothing until the team falls apart

  27. Pyukumuku just gets better and better. I honestly hope it doesn’t evolve, cause then Dunsparce, Stunfisk and Pyukumuku would make the perfect trilogy! xD

      1. Alone, they are weak. Together, they complete each other.

        ..okay they’re still pretty weak, but none of them are completely useless Pokémon!

  28. well guys we had a very exciting day from the Pokemon world championship,now we need to figure out what will the starters of Generation 7 second evolution will be?

  29. When Ash lost the Kalos league there was a good backlash but a few people said that the writers themselves didn’t agree with the outcome.

    Is there any proof of this or can someone link me something that days this ? Thanks in advance 🙂 :*

    1. Turns out it was the animation director who didn’t like it. Makes sense, since his job is to animate it, not write it. So that makes sense why the writers didn’t simply change the outcome. Though that still means the writers still wanted him to lose and were not hesitant to make him do so.

      1. Ah thank you ! I was wondering what the story was behind it ! Someone mentioned it in passing and I haven’t gotten around to finding out fully what it was until now 🙂

  30. So some rando internet guy had a very interesting thought
    Zoroark and Pyukumuku
    Zoroark illusion itself in Pukecumber’s likeness and tempts fate by tricking the opponent into going easy or switching in to the real thing if they try and switch out, then becoming a game of cat and mouse

    And one more diabolical thought is Taunt or Follow Me on Pukey causing so much problems

    Seriously if Inards Out works in the way I’m thinking having this thing be a squishy switch in dummy will be the bane of sweepers
    But if this thing has very abysmal HP then this all falls apart maybe it has like a base 100 hp or a lousy 60

  31. Okay I made these and wanted your opinion. It’s my first attempt at digital art.
    Water – Scaladom – will gain the Flying typing
    Fire – Cubber – will gain the Ghost typing (if I can manage that)
    Grass – Triaffe – will gain the Fairy typing

    1. I don’t like the Fire and water’s names maybe Cuburn and Scaldouse or Weterosoar
      Also why a Fairy Giraffe (and if because of the antenna)

      1. Its neck will become a tall tree where small creatures live, including fairies. I want it to have a majestic appearance.

        1. Gey that hardly makes itself a fairy
          And that’s totally a Torterra steal having Pokemon live on it, you should just make it a pure Grass type or go Grass/Psychic or since it could sense the wavelength of plants and living creatures and it converts that aura into eco friendly energy

          Also not to intrude but maybe give the water a slight overhaul and replace the arms with gliders since a underwater cave dwelling Pokemon could easily glide in the darkness and as evolution goes it gains the ability to glide in the air

          Just mah two cents

          1. Feh its your design so I have no power (and that angers me, I need to hold all the cards)

    2. Really like Triaffe, and also Fairy sounds great… looking forward to the Mid and Final Evo… keep up the good work!

    3. This was your first attempt?
      Great job! 🙂
      They’re all really cute. I’d pick the giraffe.

    4. The giraffe is so cute! I love the idea of the fairy reasoning. I would have to choose him though i usually go water

      1. They’re fucking cheap, Just nothing but Genies, Kyurem, Volcanion Heatran and all other fucking cheap things a Mew just spammed Softboil and nothing scratched it

          1. Not when it burns you or that Darmanitan’s Flare Blitz doesn’t kill it and it just spams Softboil until recoil kills me

  32. I am losing so fucking much today
    I am nearing my 12th loss today

    Nothing but bad matchups and severely bad luck

        it’s so easy to just cut losses if you have something to back it up
        Well I don’t

          1. And that is nothing, just being all alone since I have no friends nor support
            Just soaking up failure and misery until I finally jump headfirst out a window in blonde fury

          2. See I can’t even type a fucking sentence without autocorrect making me look like a stupid fool

      1. So it’s my fault that the guy is using 5 legends and rock slide missed or sleep powder boosted by Compound eyes

    1. Bisharp’s one of my favorite Steel-types along with Scizor so I wouldn’t mind an Alolan form or even a Mega OR a second evolution.

  33. Ok clearly a sign of bad luck
    The very moment I was winning with flying colors the whole server shuts down and doesn’t remember my auto login

        1. Verlisify thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and unnecessarily attacks other Poketubers and Pokémon Websites to prove his points

    1. I have no particular opinion on him so this is unbiased. From what I’ve heard or seen it’s mainly because of how he reacts or responds to things. My friend watches him and spent an entire hour complaining about his two videos on hyper training since he spent two videos talking rudely about a feature on an unreleased game that we have no idea of how it works. He’s apparently sometimes deletes comments and my friend said that he once said on a video how his channel doesn’t need your negativity and that you can unsub if you dislike whatever video it was. This is information I’ve heard from my pokeyoutuber obsessed friend so sorry if it’s a little inaccurate

  34. I’m borangry
    Somebody pitch and idea or something, or find a rumor or leak
    I command it

  35. Woo! It’s my birthday! Finally going to see the diamond dust without changing the ds clock.

      1. Hey you’re an article writer right? Make the all important “ithsme’s birthday” article.

      1. Thanks! Mentioning diamond dust was totally not an excuse to tell people it’s my birthday . . .

        1. Luck doesn’t exist bud. Only random numbers ran through a computer. if you have a 20 lose streak then you obviously need to change something

          1. Not when you get critter from a Shadow Sneak Gourgeist killing Villion after hurricane misses

          1. As a wise man once said, “I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me.”

          2. Nope because I’m overweight, near diabetic, socially shy and awkward, I can’t string a sentence without jumbling it, I have a shitty job and literally no friends, and none of my family ever does anything with me and I’m dying slowly each night because of my sleep apnea
            Who would possibly want to be me

          3. Well that’s why you come here. We’re your friends, even if you haven’t met some of us. We raise you uuuup so you can stand on mountainnnns. But seriously, I’m sure there’s someone out there who would rather be you. I’m sure I speak for most of us when I say we all have something about ourselves we’re unhappy with, so just let Pokémon fill that void 🙂

            I’m not a great motivational speaker

          4. I’m, dysphoric, confused, shy, awkward, and nerdy. No one is perfect, everyone has to wear a mask. But I reached out and found people. I took a risk and talked to people and I have good friends now. I find things that make me happy and keep me busy. No one in my family feels the things I do and it is super lonely being the only one like myself and my family doesn’t fully get it a lot. But that’s okay. Because even if they don’t show it, they care about you. If they don’t.. well fuck ’em. You have you. Life is too precious to be unhappy.

          5. Well I truly don’t have much worth clinging
            My literal only excuse I haven’t offed myself at this point is a petty desire to play some games not out yet and that’s truly it

          6. You should find something else. Games are great, but you should look for another passion. Like, what have you got to lose? Find a club, or take some lessons in something or just… something! Write a story, paint something, make videos. This world has so much to offer. Just find something to do. Something you might enjoy. We care about ya earthen.

          7. That’s the problem. You can’t always win. Literally no one ever has gone through life winning. I’m 100% serious. You need to reach out and find something.

          1. Nope they’re just laughing up at the guy who probably lost 30 times in one day
            And me I’m always the fucking loser under everyone’s heel

          2. How the heck would they know you’ve lost 30 times? Dude, people don’t care about you online as much as you think. You play pokemon, they win, they move on. I don’t sit there laughing at the opponent when I win a battle. No one does. The world isn’t out to get you

          3. It really is, nothing ever fucking works and you know it
            You know how long I’ve been losing for nearly 2 years straight
            Like right now I lost because of a crit shifty killing Miltank now I can’t win because sucker punch is unavoidable

          4. You also got yourself stuck in this mindset that nothing can change for you. Life is all about change, you just need to except it in order to grow

          5. Dude, everyone is better than ME. Someone will always be better than you. it’s a fact of life. You gotta be happy with yourself and not other people. That’s rich coming from me, someone who still gets a bit frustrated when people seem unimpressed with my art. I’m scared to express myself alot because of others. But I’m learning to escape that. Why should I let myself be unhappy because of someone else?

          6. I am never happy with myself
            It’s been that way for fucking years, nothing I do ever works out right or has gotten better
            And I need every last drop of victory to abolish that

          7. Well if nothing ever works then you need to figure out why. That’s why you keep losing because you don’t change your strategy. You need to change something in order to win. Same for life

          8. I keep losing because everyone is using the most broken overused and overpowered stuff
            And I’m seriously having just insanely bad luck, everything misses and I counted at least 19 crits

          9. Yeah okay, but GF doesn’t just make a pokemon that you can’t beat. Look for ways to beat them. Okay let’s say that you keep losing to…. Landorous T. Get an Ice Type like Mamoswine and have something to prepare for stealth rocks. Defog maybe? As for crits, get a pokemon that can use lucky chant.

          10. No ground type gets defog that’s useful enough to take a slot
            And just st to prove a point
            I hit monotype and guess what I got
            Water my absolute worst matchup on the draw

          11. Okay, well lots of ground types get rapid spin which does the same thing + damage. And as for monotype, yeah… pokemon have weaknesses. That’s how the game works. What if you ran mono electric? You would be mad about ground types.

          12. And now a fucking Scizor two shots Garchomp and walks away with a clean pinsir sweep because everything just topples with bad luck
            Face it I have bad luck

          13. For your information I’ve been cycling from OU NU LC and Mono, and everyone uses the same crap, and it’s just been bad luck, seriously do you know how fucking annoying it is to deal with a Liepard or Mesprit switching in and out, and all the Water Monos are unbeatable unless you can break them but fat chance because Water has Gyarados which once it Megas your done

          14. Ok.. but you don’t get it. You aren’t learning from your losses. The opponent had 1000 weak spots in your team. Instead of getting angry, look at the replay and see what you could’ve done differently and what you could change about your team and strategy.

          15. FYI I rewatching every match for not
            Yeah I’ll just change up my mono ground that it can counter water
            There’s no way, you can’t because Water beats every counter, there are zero Electric moves you can use that actually work outside Special Nidoking
            Torterra just dies to Ice which nearly water type carries and that’s it, nothing works unless the opponent is a scrub

          16. Well that’s just the nature of mono, Of course alot of the match is determined by type match up. But as for the other tiers, this applies greatly. If you are having trouble with mono, just stop playing that tier.

          17. I stopped playing mono because I was so afraid to lose
            But now I just lose in every other tier because of bad luck, hax and overall misfortune

          18. I don’t know what to tell you. There is a point that you need to just take a break then. You seem like you’re really burnt out on competitive.

          19. I must never stop, I must keep fighting until I win, because to go home crying means they all won
            Am I’m so beyond sick of losing

  36. And after getting 4 successful Superpower Malamar boosts some Hitmonchan waltz in and gets a crit Drain Punch…. What did I do to deserve so much bad luck

      1. Politeness is for weaklings
        Everyone’s a jerk only out for themselves

        Do you think they would apologize for getting a crit when it mattered

          1. Oh please and the douche bags who are rude, constantly shouting lol or ha ha whenever I miss or bad hax

          2. I use it because life is terrible, things just constantly go bad at the drop of a hat

          3. Truly and honestly I don’t give a crap on that notion, everyone has had a blue mouth for years and nobody ever stops them

    1. Perhaps try .. Yugioh? ?
      Honestly though.. that’s what I do when I get bored of Pokemon and vice versa. Switch between them. . .. or I drop games completely and focus on life heh


      1. I lose indefinitely if I stop because they already won and get to walk away with it

      1. No.. lol. I actually am trying my hardest to think of an excuse to run Water Shuriken.. Ash makes it look Sooo Cool! ?

          1. Well yes I suppose. I hear Talonflame is a threat with its ability. So Water Shuriken would actually be smart then.

    1. i think the only pokemons that can handle greninja are chansey and empoleon. otherwise he is good to go

  37. Earthen.. Maybe you should consult smogon a little bit. I used to be against it but it really does help. They know what they are talking about. Just make your modifications for your style afterwards like I do. Also, if you’re using monotype teams or a team with more than 3 Pokemon of the same weakeness then that could be your problem. Also, if your pokemon are majority slow, and you have nothing to slow down your opponent.. another potential problem.

    1. I consulte smogon all the time
      I’ve read hundreds of pages on team building and management
      I’ve fought the meta nearly for two years straight and learnt what nearly every Pokemon is capable of and their stat and set builds,
      There is not much you can do for Ground Types in ways of countering direct weaknesses, and to be fair only two of my Pokemon are slow but that does not change the meta, the meta is nothing more then robots running the same builds and running the same moves. You know every Ferrothorn is packing Stealth rock leech seed, thunderwave/gyro ball/power whip, you know all Azumarill know Aqua Jet and Waterfall,
      The meta is systematically against me because it’s full of Legends and Megas that are very difficult to counter unless you have their direct weakness and that it also survives their counter
      Like all electric teams run bulky Zapdos, TWave slinging Thundurus and the most common bitch of them all Wash Rotom, which completely negate their weakness and have access to the HP Ice with kills

      You sound like you know very little

      1. Well like the new Pokemon Master Wolfe said.. . More or less.. If you want to win you have to accept the way things are. Implement and prepare to counter what you know you will see. Otherwise accept losing. I’ve had good success with really out there teams.. but only because my pokemons typings vary so much and I countered what I knew was popular. I’ve become a little more “generic” because it was too much setup for me personally to not get bored of it.

        For you I suggest thunder waving.. power increasing moves.. healing… Definitely stealth rock because your pokemon def can. There can be fun in all playing styles.

          1. And not for fucking nothing you’re using world’s as a defense
            The whole thing was who could use Primals and Mega Ray better

          1. Wow… Really all ground!?
            Listen.. I suggest you Pick your Top 3 Favorite.. and Drop the rest for support pokemon. The 3 you choose can have moves like Wish, Heal Bell, Sticky Web, Reflect, Light Screen, Tailwind, Healing Wish.. and should likely all be relatively fast.
            This way you can Still be a Ground Specialist. ..
            I imagine a modern Gym Leader or a Real one would play similarly.

          2. Tell me your go to non mono team.
            I can’t really help with Mono.. if a typing has a problem.. it just does. Your mono team has 4 times weakness to water.. common typing especially with greninja.
            Sticky web Galvantula lead may help.

          3. …. How am I to know you meant meta…. You’re using a mono type ground team that’s not meta at all…. -,-

          4. There’s a meta FOR EVERYTHING
            nearly every devision has a greatly detailed and extensive range of Pokemon in use and after all the time
            I could easily run down everything from OU to NU and tell you what the common builds and what to expect

          5. Well Earthen.. you seem to be the expert on meta know and yet you still can’t get a good win ratio with a Ground focus. You’ve cut the pokemon you’re willing to use into a small fraction for this team. So maybe it’s just not possible. I don’t see how my suggestions weren’t useful regardless. It’s common sense what I said.. you’re being stubborn. If I give a non meta suggestion you can correct me.. but it doesn’t make the rest less useful.
            But again I don’t think you will find a winning ground team. I’d like to know your other team.. but up to you

          6. First of all I’ve been doing a lot of everything with different teams
            I was just explaining how bad a position Ground Types are in today’s Mono, we have no special attackers or support that doesn’t get instantly totaled by the special sweepers
            And second my teams runs very well but just not against the legions of op legends and Megas but unfortunately there is no non legends ladder
            And today was ungodly unlucky, I don’t know if I ever lost so much in today’s slew of pain

          7. Well yes.. as I’ve said.. a Ground type team just can’t win. I don’t think blaming it on legends or meta is the way to go either. Removing them won’t remove the water weakness, no special attackers, weak to special sweepers you’ve just mentioned. Easier to handle, yes, but odds are they would still fall. Each typing has its flaws.. this is just what ground types have to deal with.
            Personally I would focus on my Mixed team. 3 ground, 3 Variety with a few of those moves I mentioned above. That’s closest you’ll get to satisfying your winning ground type needs I believe. Up to you though

          8. Yeah I can’t blame a Latios for having Ice Beam and being faster then me
            Or Mew for having Willowisp
            Or mega Gyarados for having Dragon Dance and Mold Breaking my Water Absorb, or Wash Rotom to fire Hydro Pump and spamming Pain Split, or Thundurus Grass Knotting or HP ice my Garchomp
            Or the constant Mega Venusaurs and Gengar making Poison monos a nightmare instead of a pleasant slaughter

            I can’t blame that everyone runs the same shitty carbon copy builds and getting away with it,

            That nearly every mega is better then the ones I got

          9. Excadrill
            Galvantula – Sticky Web
            ?Starmie – Reflect, Light Screen (water type)
            ?Umbreon- Wish

            Would this fit your tier or whatever? It’s fast and covers your weaknesses.
            Plus your ground types already have stealth rock and rapid spin and ice priority.

          10. … Well that’s more stubbornness. It’s the right track if you want to win with your favorites. Plus I’m sure it fits your tiers or whatever

          11. You have no clue
            Alright when you see a team consisting of Heatran, Ferrothorn, Scizor, Doublade, Jirachi, and Skarmory what is going to happen

          12. Probably more than with your former mono team.. if you don’t like it.. change it. I think Galvantula is a good fit though. Electric will help with your water weakness too. I think you’re more comfortable complaining about why you lose then trying to actually win with changes. Maybe you’re afraid you will lose even if you modify. Maybe wait til next gen for more options, I don’t know. Point is.. a Ground type team Wont win and you know it. No point in complaining I say :/

          13. Regardless because you’ll just put up a massive special fire type and fly by the question

          14. Well yes.. anyone would use a fire type.. but I Always have one..
            I was going to pick from my gen 6 team only though.. Noivern, and Talonflame.

          15. But no I don’t do the typical tiers I thought you just wanted a good team for normal battles or anything goes I suppose they call it. So yes someone else could help.

          16. You shouldn’t because it’s been proven that regular Garchomp outclasses M. Garchomp because the dropped speed was its greatest undoing

            Do you honestly know anything about the current meta

          17. . . . They are both in the same tier. You’re using a monotype team… Which is not meta at all. One where speed seems to not be a priority. Would assume you at least go for power. Either way… Incorporating a Mega would help.

  38. I guarantee.. if Ash-Greninja Really is in game Sun n Moon.. it will Finally make Water Shuriken useful.. well more useful. Depending on who you ask..

        1. Awe I Love It! ?
          Charizards legs are shorter and closer to body like a “C”.
          Upper part is awesome though! And Togetic expression! ?

      1. Easy
        Draw my Mythical Metal Superhero Pokemon Ferroic
        I’m debating pure steel or Steel/Psychic

        A chrome Humanoid Pokemon with a very superhero build (like ultraman), lots of fin like extrusions near the head, wrists and calves, three long cape like tassels on the neck and each shoulder and, claw like digets and clear eyes with nothing in them

        The Justice Pkm
        Steel or Steel/Psychic
        “their bodies are made of an mysterious alloy that holds a great amount of energy, naturally brave and daring these Pokemon seek out people of righteousness willpower”

          1. ???
            I think if you made it body less.. a floating head it would look more pokemon like

        1. Don’t mind spoilers ^^ I read character spoilers at least but I still plan to watch ^^

          Though if you really don’t wanna spoil, I’m as far as Garnet Universe.


          1. Aside from the fact the experssion of the mouth makes her look evil (well there is a dream version of her that was crazy) I think it looks pretty neat!

          1. Why does that matter? It doesn’t change the fact a lot of Pokemon have access to grass knot.

          2. How often do people take out baseball bats and start knocking birds out of the sky in the metagame?

          3. I would assume a fair amount
            You just need that extra bit of sociopathery to act on those intentions
            And I just don’t like birds

          1. Because I just picked up a genuine swattah and beat the life out of a small woodland Pokemon
            Not everything is decided by moves alone

          2. Oh yeah that Fallout 4 guy
            I liked to reset to a previous save just to tell him how stupid he is.

    1. You should draw Amethyst shape-shifted in the shape of a Ditto and a Ditto Shape-shifted into Amethyst. Amethest will look like a ditto, but with her gem and her eyes. Ditto will look like Amethyst but with ditto eyes and mouth 😀

      1. Dittos can go fucking rot in the deepest parts of hell
        Ever since they let Imposter copy stat changes they’re sooooooo annoying and they’re naturally faster since of the Quick powder they are never seen without


  39. Remember playing the PWT and Cynthia showed up and then she chooses Garchomp as the first pokemon and then you think you OHKO garchomp but it ended up having a focus sash AND it OHKO your pokemon? memories

  40. For once I’m considering getting both versions so I can make more than one team.

    So difficult to narrow it down to six this time around.

  41. The Pokemon World Tournament is the best postgame feature in pokemon history and that is just a fact that is scientifically proven.

      1. you better get a BW2 emulator because is honestly the best thing to ever happen in pokemon. Tbh BW2 has the best postgame in pokemon history

    1. Battle frontier. I loved being able to play with hazards, switch out rental Pokemon, and more. It was great.

    2. I LOVED the PWT. So much fun. I always participate in it. Even midway threw a solid silver or Y play through ( my most common restart games) I go and play that haha

      1. right? it was my go to thing to play in roadtrips. i always challenged every single option

      1. Unfortunately I couldn’t listen to it :/ Idk if I have a favorite champ theme though. I’m rather fond of Diantha’s though, despite her being the lamest champ ever.

          1. not really any more or less than any other champion though? Im sure she was a challenge for some, and not others like all the champs it depends on your team

          2. I honestly didn’t like her at first but after seeing her arena (the most gorgeous thing in pokemon yet imo) and her team (I thought it was cool) as well as her personality and music theme, I have grown to really like her, she may be my favourite I’m not sure but she’s definitely up there 🙂

          3. I agree, there are a lot of XY characters I would love to see fleshed out personally, like Valerie, olympia (who were only really fleshed out in the anime a bit) and Drasna and Seibold who have like not been touched upon at all

          4. I would say she’s better than Iris (since she has no role in B2W2), BUT Iris is in BW, so she wins out.

          5. diantha lacked both storyline and difficulty. also i hate her design. those wings and that purse bugs me so much. like you are a model why are you wearing wings in public.

          6. storyline sure, difficulty doesn’t really have anything to do with being lame though. But I get the storyline thing, that was really the fault of XY itself though.

          7. Thats cool, It would be nice if they had that difficulty setting for people that wanted it but I would be absolutely turned away from the games if they made it more difficult in general because a lot of kids wouldn’t be able to play and enjoy it as much, I never really though XY were too easy like a lot of adults do because I know a lot of kids who really struggled in it at times

          8. Except for the fact D/P/Pt are far more difficult and they worked out fine.
            Also if kids are struggling with X/Y then they must’ve turned the EXP Share off.

          9. D/P are more difficult and the kids I’m talking about can not complete these games and ended up not enjoying them when all they wanted to do was play pokemon and have fun, some of these kids have disabilities and others are just younger and don’t really know how to play the way older kids do, (and yes they had their EXP shares turned on) XY were at least playable for them but they still had some difficulties but ended up being able to complete and finish the games and the looks on their faces when they finally beat the E4 or a tough gym was something that was just amazing to watch and I wouldn’t want them to miss out on that, Id rather some people think the game is too easy and everyone be able to play and enjoy it then it be harder and have some of these kids not able to play or finish it.

          10. I’m saying they should either keep them at XY level difficulty or add in an option to switch to a higher difficulty if wanted….?

          11. idk but they need to get off their asses and put it back now, and I wouldn’t be opposed to PWT from BW2 coming back too ;P

        1. The dramatic piano solo from Cynthia is the best !

          Also I believe i saw it is your birthday ?

          Happy birthday 😀

    1. Giggle.

      I just did a bug only Run in alpha sapphire and I would have loved to use volcarona 🙂

      1. B2W2 is really the only game you can do a runthrough with Volcarona (well unless you transfer the level 35 one). Waiting till level 59 with just Larvesta sounds dreadful…

          1. do you know how mad it makes having to battle iris with a level 62 deino and she having a lvl61 hydreigon? iris queen of cheating

        1. I actually played Y with both Larvesta and Drink. It was tough but fun !

          Edit lol drink was Deino

          1. Definitely ! Although I took xp share off. That makes the game waaaaay too easy.

            I wish they did a key system like BW2 for hard modes. But sure a man can dream 🙂

  42. Well I feel better ish
    I dominated this guy who had nothing but walls and Crawdaunt crushed him

  43. I had a very good first day of senior year. Lots and LOTS of work lies ahead of me, but at least I’ll be able to look forward to and appreciate new Pokemon reveals 😛

    1. Senior year of High school is so good! I hope you’re taking a lot of fun/easy classes so you can enjoy yourself. That’s what I did at least lol

      1. As many as I can. AP Calculus AB is the hardest one I’m taking. Otherwise it’s either fun or required.

        1. Oh….well….I never took any AP classes in high school….hahaha I a slacker lol

  44. Ok I think my brain is broken
    Everything I look at my brain is telling me to use thunderbolt or Mach punch or whatever type beats the color I’m looking at

    Like my brain is telling me to use Iron Head on Kirby or Thunderbolt on King Dedede or Earthquake on the color red or orange

      1. O_O
        I must use Ice Shard on the Alolan Exeggutor
        Mamoswine’s Ice Shard BD 40 plus STAB rounds up to 60 dam boosted by Expert belt equaling a grand total of 68%, A. Exeggutor Grass/Dragon X4 Ice weakness guaranteed 1HKO

    1. Is it wrong that because of this post I’ve been staring at 10-14 year girl’s crotches and a little boy…..I’m going to jail aren’t I

        1. Ughhhhhhh Rule 34 is getting out of hand….
          So many things that should’ve been left unseen

          1. I accidentally clicked on shauna r34 while getting her picture. It was the first result in that little suggested box in google images. Honestly I don’t mind it. It was always going to exist. It’s there for people who.. erm… *cough* need it…

          2. That’s not even the worst, the word that must never be spoken of seems to be everywhere now

          3. The word you used…. When it got me banned for two weeks because it pissed me off beyond recognition

          4. Well you said it with Diane and Boberry and everyone starting going on and on, I asked to stop but it fell on deaf ears

            Remember I hold one hell of a grudge and I remember them all

          5. Uhh… I don’t remember that at all. I don’t get what happened? Me and some others talked about it and you didn’t like the discussion? Is that what you mean?

      1. duh! It’s Japan! They do crazy stuff over there! In fact, in many parts of it, the age of consent is 13 years old.

        1. I like Lyra too, but why did they get rid of the *first* playable girl character completely!

          1. Well if you consider the playable character as having role in the story, then yes. You could technically say Kris defeated Team Rocket and won all 16 badges. The m/f trainer you didn’t pick weren’t included in the main story until Gen 3 upwards. Gen 5 left them out though.

  45. I’m late to the party, sorry about that (it’s the first day back at college), but I definitely feel having this little quest of sorts really make Alola feel alive and that even the little details of the Pokemon matter. By going through with putting the info and actually having the job in-game just makes it so refreshing. I really can’t wait to see these games and experience them myself :3

    1. Me too! My biggest hopes are:
      1) Good story
      2) Difficult/has settings for it
      3) Good post game


      1. I can feel those, but at the end of the day, I’ll still enjoy it in my own way.
        I just want some more awesome music and awesome places to see <3

    2. Hey I just went to Ohio to see my cousin off back to college one thing on my bucketlist done go to Girls college sorority.

          1. Nice! I used to live in Osprey. Not sure how close that is to you but it’s sorta Southern Florida..sorta

          2. Nope, I am the Earth
            Rough, Craggy, Thunderous, Unmoving and a unmerciful force of nature

          3. Nah get nasty while you can. After you turn 21 it’s not fun and you feel like dying all the time lol

          4. I’ve tasted various drinks before, but it doesn;t taste good to me, plus I don;t really need it to have fun, plus, even if I have one drink and nothing really changes, I just like being in control. It’s kind of scary to lose control, imo.

          5. That’s what I think! And then people are like, “Hey, drink this hard lemonade or root beer!” and I’m just like, “Why would I do that when regular lemonade or root beer tastes better..?” And then people think I have a stick up my ass :3

          6. Lemonade is just bomb, I love it so much <3
            But yeah, I really don't care what people think about it, I'll just do me and still have fun tbh

          7. Yeah, that’s how I feel. Part of why living in a dorm my freshman year was the WORST lol

          8. I still live in a dorm on campus, but I don’t go to too many parties, so it’s never been too big of a deal.
            As an introvert, I don’t mind staying in my room playing video games/watching Youtube and shows xD

          9. Yeah, I didn’t have the best set of roomies last year, but it was also part of the problem, as I wanted to have my own space and, since I was sharing the room with them, I felt so exposed and didn’t feel I had a personal bubble.
            I’ve learned my lesson and went with a apartment-style. Now I have my own room, my own bubble and it’s been better, at least for now 🙂

          10. That’s the way to go. I have my own room now and live with a friend! Personal space is so important

          11. Yeah just do you. As long as you’re having fun it doesn’t matter whether you drink or not. lol

          12. But if you have to mask the taste of alcohol and stuff with syrups and shit, why are you putting alcohol in it in the first place?

          13. Hey I enjoy a fruity drink from time to time. It’s about enjoying the taste of what you’re drinking not liking the exact taste of alcohol itself. Otherwise all people would drink is straight shots of stuff and beer. I myself favor a Captain and Coke over all, but I like some other stuff too lol

          14. Well, to get drunk :p ? I hate the taste of alcohol, so I only drink when going out or having a party (usually fruit cider which I actually like or juice and vodka which if you pick the wrong juice tastes like bleach), though I really do so responsibly (as in not that much), I’ve never puked or anything. The one time I got to the can’t quite walk straight level, I hated the lack of control and decided below that would be my limit. Honestly getting a little pissed does make things more fun IMO. I completely understand that you can have loads of fun with no ethanol in your blood, heck I’ve done that load of times 🙂 . I guess alcohol just helps you loosen up, it just makes having fun even easier, and honestly the loss of awkwardness in social interactions is a real boost. It’s also the only way I can tolerate the horrendous, undanceable music they play in clubs these days.

            But to each their own, you can have just as much fun not drinking and doing other stuff!

            I don’t drink otherwise, so I guess I’ve just found my own cheaper, win-win middleground.

          15. Hey I get it. It’s not for everyone. I enjoy drinking from time to time, but I don’t like going out every weekend or anything….that exhausting anyway lol

          16. Still young in my eye. As a college graduate anyone still in high school seems pretty young to me lol

          17. JK. Senior year of Middle School lol. I’m not that smart 😀
            I may be doing stuff 2 years ahead of my grade, but I could never do 12th grade stuff.

          18. Wait….are you serious…..? lol Well then you are REALLY young to me hahahaha

          19. Enjoy your life while you can friend…..life goes some weird places as you grow up hahaha

  46. It’s August 23 and I still cant decide which game should I choose …..y version exclusive didn’t reveled yet ? ..that’s strange.

          1. People who don’t leach off of their parent’s income… he said he didn’t BUY it themselves

          2. Bitch I buy my own crap or receive it as gifts
            I buy my own groceries, electronics, meds and whatever I need

          3. Long story …..I was born in country that didn’t care about these thing ….I can now but u know I hold many responsibilities on my shoulder

          1. I want but I can’t ……I wait that much how to coplete that and wait until nx ??…..lack of budget and a lot of responsibilities.

          2. I don’t think you should worry about the NX right now. I made the mistake of getting a Wii U before any games were out so I’m goona wait until a Zelda BOTW bundle

          3. I personally don’t put much stock in NX rumors since the good majority are fake but maybe it will be real. That would be really cool

      1. I like masculine and dark character …….but Solgaleo ….Lunala dark …..I need version exclusive badly.

  47. So once again what is your complete list of Favorites once again (Alolan and other forms don’t count)

    1. Popplio
    2. Komala
    3. Bounsweet
    4. Turtornator
    5. Mimikyu
    6. Crabrawler
    7. Togedemaru
    8. Stufful
    9. Morelull
    10. Minior
    11. Yungoos
    12. Mudbray
    13. Fomantis/Lurantis
    14. Rockruff
    15. Rowlet
    16. Pyukumuku
    17. Pikipek
    18. Mudsdale
    19. Drampa
    20. Comfey
    21. Charjabug
    22. Cutiefly
    23. Wimpod
    24. Beware
    25. Vikavolt
    26. Pallosand
    27. Litten
    28. Wishiwashi
    29. Orocorio
    30. Sandygast
    31. Gumshoos
    32. Tapu koko
    33. Grubbin
    34. Lunala
    35. Solgaleo
    36. Magearna
    37. Bruxish

    1. Getting too long to do that for me, so I’m just going to sau my top three: Rowlet, Mimikyu, oricorio.

    2. Wishiwashi near the middle, Pyukumuku near the bottom, Sandygast near the bottom, Palossand near the middle, Morelull near the middle, Crabrawler near the top of the middle, and Turtonator is near the bottom

    3. That’s a bit long, I’ll just list the things I actually like…
      1. Bruxish
      2. Lunala
      3. Oricorio-Pompom
      4. Popplio
      5. Rowlet
      6. Tapu Koko
      7. Mimikyu
      8. Crabrawler
      9. Mudsdale

  48. Why don’t we have a Housefly Pokemon yet?
    The Fly Pokemon
    Considered the world’s most weakest Pokemon, Large Numbers can easily invest any environment and double in numbers

        1. least favorite creature?…..u should say the worst…..most hated ….no I hate sand fly more.

  49. I hope you all liked my Lilo and Stitch drawing 🙂
    I wanna draw something else, any suggestions/requests?

        1. The rundown it is a superhero themed Pokemon but made out of metal

          Think of a Superman made out of simi-liquid metal tall statuesque figure, three large head fins, clear eyes, a mask like marking on the face, gloves and boots but like markings, and three long cape like tassels one out of the neck and one on each shoulder (like an Accelgor)

          Look up like Ultraman and Way big for an idea

  50. Yo, Earthen!
    I heard you been hatin’ on my boi Camerupt!
    Is this true?
    You say he’s weak to Water even under the sun?
    Well check yourself before you DESTROY yourself.
    Rhyperior is weak… lol just refresh

    1. Yo wassawassa that ain’t my build
      0 SpA Sunkern Grass Knot (120 BP) vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Solid Rock Rhyperior: 252-300 (58 – 69.1%) — guaranteed 2HKO
      up bro, and listen up holms I did the Anyting goes and the numbers didn’t crunch
      Camerupt is in fact weak even under the sun, no sp def and 4x weakness don’t go away

        1. You did, foo
          And check this
          0+ SpA Sunkern Grass Knot (120 BP) vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Solid Rock Rhyperior in Sand: 189-225 (43.5 – 51.8%) — 9.8% chance to 2HKO

          1. And I didn’t put AV
            252+ SpA Sunkern Grass Knot (120 BP) vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Assault Vest Solid Rock Rhyperior: 306-363 (70.5 – 83.6%) — guaranteed 2HKO
            And since I out speed you I can attack first,
            And for added fun
            252+ Atk Rhyperior Rock Blast (2 hits) vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Sunkern: 236-278 (117.4 – 138.3%) — guaranteed OHKO

          2. Well if we’re doing this item trash, My sunkern is 88 speed EV to speed creep a rhypherior, Choice Spec Max SpA Ev into Grass Knot, what now scrub?

          3. Now ‘girls’, why don’t you settle this for real instead of arguing what ifs?
            To account for possible errors in testing, do multiple matches.
            Bam, foulproof.

          4. Oh and you can decide whether to change the sets or not, but you might need to do more matches to account for all those possible variables
            (I’m letting psychology dictate a Pokemon battle, why me xD)

          5. Focus sash biiiiiiiiitch
            And my Rock Blast would still kill you hell earthquake, poison jab and or Megahorn too

          6. I’m not going to bother, the math proves that specs and speed out do it but only so, and I’m not dignifying it with a petty battle to laugh and gloat

          7. Remember all I need is a focus sash and rock blast to hit
            And besides its kinda pathetic to target mr, everyone knows Rhyperior isn’t gifted in the special defense department and grass knot is always base 120

            You’re just being a prick by shoving that in my face
            Good day sir

          8. Next time try doing that with the sand at my back
            Or on my Excadrill, Garchomp can easily beat it too

          9. I wasn’t hating I said it is frail and very underperforming
            And even in sun it doesn’t help
            But you had to be a dick about it

          10. Then you can’t say super definitively that your Rhyperior can beat his Sunkern, and vice versa.
            Sure, math kind of proves it, but with the damage rolls and unexpected variables, it kind of hard to say definitively.

          11. That’s why I’m not even going to bother
            I’ll win by being the bigger man and justify the math is indeed right

  51. So I want to buy a copy of a 4th gen game since I got rid of mine years ago..should I go for diamond or platinum?

    1. Conquest is awesome I want Conquest 2 …..but I need it more like der langrisser If u know wat der langrisser is.

  52. If they make an animation of the player throwing the Pokemon on the sea…well… Peta will come with the fury of 1000 lions against Nintendo.

    Peta really have a complicated relationship with Nintendo.

      1. Peta hates Nintendo >.<'

        It looks like Peta care more about pixel animals than the real ones…

        1. Although I’m all for the causes and precepts PETA stands for, I cannot and am unwilling to justify their campaigns and stand by their claims. For such a goodwilled cause they sure have psychotic workers.
          and managers.

          1. I agree 100% with you Natsu, this boycott that Peta make against Nintendo for years is ridiculous, Peta needs to focus on the real animals and forget about videogames…

            They say that Pokemon games is an abuse against Pokemons… But look what they did?


            This show’s that the Peta are actually the ones who want and see violence in Pokemon games… In all my life I’ve never seen blood in the Pokemon franchise.

            Peta can do good things defending animals, but with videogames they are the worst.

    1. With all my lack of respect who fucking cares about PETA they’re a mockery to animal care

      1. I think of that too bro, tbh I think that “fight” that Peta was trying to make against Nintendo is pretty dumb… >.<'

        1. The whole organization is nothing but stupid wackados who do more harm then what they try to prevent
          Fucking hypocrites

          1. They are a bunch of lunatics that hate videogames, they complain that we can’t kill animals in videogames but we kill humans in videogames too!!! But that doesn’t mean that we are killers or like to pratice animal abuse, if they want to boycott videogames they have a long road to make, like it’s impossible for them to win this battle…

    2. I disagree with that assessment, and I will beat PETA in the head if they come to that conclusion..

      I see it as just putting the sea creatures back where they belong, so I’m sure even PETA will have to agree that this is a good thing.

  53. I would like to bid all of you a, “goodnight” and, “see you soon.” As school is beginning in less than a week for me, I will not be able to comment and hobnob with you guys as often as I would like to since my parents are very strict about social media and internet usage outside of educational purposes during the weekdays and certain weekends. Thus, I will probably only come here on Sundays every now and then to check up on the latest news. Good luck to those still in school and please go and make wonderful memories and be accepting and aware of everyone and everything around you. Thank you for the great summer memories (albeit I was only here for 1/3 of it) and GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!

    1. Same. Started school today. Got a lot of work to do but will be here on weekends! So see ya when all the news comes guys! 😀

  54. Going through my sophomore year this year and started today. All I see is people playing Pokemon go 3 minutes before class XD
    But I saw a lot of kids talking about sun and moon so I think this go hype is helpful to the main series games. Anyways as Natsu said, Good night and see you al on the weekend!

      1. I’m guessing it’s no longer worthy of the newspapers or the tv nightly news.

        When I can still see random people walking down the streets with their phones in front of them, it feels great when I turn and see they have GO on their screens.

  55. Neat. Not as interesting as it seemed at first, but better than some of the other news we’ve had.

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