Video Tour of the New Skytree Town Pokémon Center

I had a lot of fun touring the Pokémon Center which just opened last Wednesday in Tokyo, Japan (this was filmed two days later on Friday). It smaller than the Mega Pokémon Center in Ikebukuro, but the Rayquaza and Shiny Rayquaza statues are quite amazing.

Please enjoy watching and thanks to my friend Aaron for helping me out!

<3 PJ


  1. I would so be broke if I went here….but I want to go so bad D;


  2. The Skytree has been on my list of places to visit for years. Now I have even more of a reason to visit 😀

    So many plashes o.o I need a Ninetales plushie. I’d buy almost everything in that video if I had the money

  3. Japan’s been my dream vacation spot since 4th grade. One of the reasons for that is the Pokémon Centers. That’ll be one of the first vacations I take when I’m older.

  4. At 00:44 am I looking at Pokemon cigars? If so I may take up smoking cigars lol

          1. They did exist, they still do, but are banned from most general markets for obvious reasons, but yeah, people can be sneaky…

  5. Part of me feels really bad for the dudes who have to wear those life-size costumes.
    The other part is really happy because their movements are so adorable!! 🙂

  6. I would love to visit this one day, it looks amazing. I’d spend all my money though, so I guess it’s better not to.

  7. Hey when’s corocoro supposed to leak? Its gotta be nearly there, right?

    On topic, i really wish we had these stores in the states….

  8. Ash will win Kalos league and gets an invitation to come to Alola and help build a league there. Its either that, or the by Cynthia once mentioned ”Champions League”

    1. Or he and Greninja will be pushed to the absolute limit during his match and collapse
      And Greninja might run away or something

      1. Well there were 6 new data broadcasts revealed, and the last one was Greninja. So XYZ043 will revolve around a Greninja, probably Ash’s. People already theorized Ash will release it so it can protect the Ninja village. Personally think Sanpei will return and explain the exact origins of AG and what it is.

        1. Doubt the origins will be explained and the actual concept wouldn’t be of Ash-Greninja at that point it would be what the actual phenomena is called. Because Ash-Greninja is Ash specific and needs to stop being used.

        1. Leaving Ash and being released are the same thing in Ash’s case, because he’s a spineless moron.

      1. 20th anniversary, they will let him win it to please the fans, and then turn him back into some novice little shit in Alola.

    2. Ash is incompetent a lot of the time though, but maybe he’ll pull himself together 😛

  9. O.O <3 <3
    I want the whole store, please thank you.
    One of the many reasons I want to go to Japan, like please thank you bai.

          1. Actually that’s not really how “your own” business works for the purposes of taking stuff from it.

            Ideally, you still have to pay out of your own wallet so that it goes through the normal stuff: taxes, inventory, etc. After all, you should still be counted as a customer for the purposes of “people wanting the stuff”.

            Then after that you can just take what you paid for it from your equity (take based on ownership).

  10. This is off topic, but what is the rarest thing you’ve caught (not hatched) in GO so far? I’m asking because I just caught a Venasaur! Even though I wasted ~150 pokeballs on it, it was worth it.

    1. Just caught an Electabuzz a half hour ago. I’m cool like that hahaha

    2. the only thing I’ve caught is envy for the countries that have it T_T

    3. I caught 4 Clefairy, a Rhyhorn, and Krabby, as well as a Squirtle and Jigglypuff and my brother missed finding Dragonite

  11. My wallet would cry if I came near all those plushes. Gotta buy ’em all!

    Side note: Woo, I created the featured discussion (months ago, but still)!

  12. Hmm. We haven’t had any confirmed Ground, Ice, Dark, or Fighting types yet. I hope we get some, if not all of these roles filled when Corocoro comes around.

    1. I’m surprised you managed to leave unscathed
      Shame on those Mankey and Machop, they clearly outnumbered you and still lost

      1. I know ur going to say that ……I am not fairies hater but I would love to add more violent stuff in pkmn world.

        1. Obviously, both of Salandit’s STABs is super effective against Cutiefly 😛

  13. Off topic: what’s everyone’s least favorite pokemon of each type? You dont have to list all 18, its just interesting to see how opinions differ.

    1. My least favorite type is electric because I hate getting paralyzed by them :/

    2. For me:
      Psychic: Gothita line.
      Ice: Vanilish line.
      Fighting: Timburr line.
      Bug: Volbeat and Illumise.
      Poison: Skorupi line.
      Water: Panpour line.
      Steel: Klink line.
      Normal: Diggersby.
      Fairy: Aromatisse.
      Ground: Excadrill
      Rock: Probopass
      Fire: Darumaka line.
      Grass: Ferroseed line.
      Electric: Emolga.
      Dark: Scraggy line.
      Dragon: Black and White Kyurem
      Ghost: Frillish line.
      Flying: The Legendary Genie trio.

      Apparently my least favorites lie with gen 5. There’s still a lot of them I like…Maybe its cuz I never played those games.

      1. You should try both BW and the sequels as well. They don’t seem to be that enjoyable at first but the story is really neat and the region itself is quite unique too. Don’t miss out on Gen 5, the storytelling is incredible in Black/White.

        1. I’ve heard really good things about the story. I just wasn’t too fond of the Pokemon repeats they had in this gen and the over designed starters.

    3. Hmmm…
      For me:
      Psychic: mr. Mime
      Ice: Cryoganol
      Fighting: conkelldur
      Poison: Muk
      Water: Simipour
      Normal: Diggersby.
      Fairy: Cleffable
      Ground: Drillbur
      Rock: Gigalith
      Fire: Magmortar
      Grass: Maractus
      Electric: Voltorb
      Dark: Scrafty
      Dragon: Dragonite
      Flying: Fearow

      1. We agree on quite a bit. I wasn’t around here much during black and white, so why do a lot of people dislike Maractus? I think its kinda cute.

        1. I love all grass types, it’s just the least memorable to me… Actually my least favorite would probably be cacturn, now that I think about it.

          1. Hmmm… I guess if it I had to choose I would probobly say… venomoth but not by much.

          2. Not really a fan either, but it’s not so bad. Just kinda basic in terms of design and typing though.

    4. Waits a second least?
      Psychic all except Malamar and Claydol
      Ice Froslass
      Fighting Keldeo
      Water everyone except Seismitoad and Quagsire
      Poison Weezing
      Normal Meloetta
      Fairy ALL OF THEM
      Ground Sandy Cloak Wormadam
      Rock Carbink
      Fire Houndoom
      Grass Venusaur (This thing is stupid bulky now)
      Electric Tapu Koko
      Ghost Gengar and Sableye again
      Dragon Kingdra and the Latis
      Flying anything part legend

    5. Psychic: Unown
      Ice: Avalugg
      Fighting: Throh
      Poison: Qwilfish
      Water: Luvdisc
      Normal: Castform
      Fairy: Aromatisse
      Ground: Barboach
      Rock: Barbaracle
      Fire: Slugma
      Grass: Amoongus
      Electric: Voltorb
      Dark: Nuzleaf
      Dragon: Goomy
      Flying: Skiploom

    6. Bug: All of them.
      Grass: All of them.
      Steel: Honedge Line
      Fire: All the Fire/Fighting Starters
      Water: Bruxish
      Psychic: Bruxish
      Rock: Binacle Line
      Electric: Stunfisk
      Dragon: Druddigon
      Fairy: All of them.
      Dark: Stunky Line
      Fighting: All the Fire/Fighting Starts
      Ground: Claydol Line
      Ghost: Golurk Line
      Flying: Combee Line
      Poison: Stunky Line
      Normal: Farfetch’d
      Ice: Bergmite Line

    7. Normal – Stantler/Bouffalant
      Fire – Slugma line
      Water – Basculin/Binacle line
      Grass – Exeggutor
      Psychic – Unown/Spoink line
      Ice – Glalie
      Fighting – Pignite/Emboar
      Poison – Gulpin line
      Fairy – Mr. Mime/Carbink
      Steel – Forretress
      Rock – Nosepass line
      Ground – Baltoy line
      Dark – Sableye
      Bug – Pineco/Wormadam
      Electric – Voltorb line
      Dragon – Kyurem
      Flying – Ledyba line
      Ghost – Shedinja

      1. You have a lot of Pokémon that were my second choice, like Spoink, Gulpin and Baltoy 🙂

        1. Yeah 🙂
          I also tried not to put them in more than one type (if they are dual typed) because it’s obvious they are down there in that type as well xD
          Plus the only ones I have some strong feelings for is the Tepig line, but even then, I only dislike it slightly

    8. Normal – Dunsparce
      Fire – SemiSear
      Water – Binacle
      Grass – Sunkern
      Psychic – Mr. Mime
      Ice – Jinx
      Fighting – Pignite
      Poison – Kakunna
      Fairy – Snubbull
      Steel – Wormadam Trash (Literally)
      Rock – Probopass
      Ground – Diggersby
      Dark – Vullaby
      Bug – Cascoon
      Electric – Voltorb
      Dragon – Druddigon
      Flying – Sigilyph
      Ghost – Jellicent

    9. Ice: Cloyster
      Grass: Chesnaught
      Water: Binacle
      Fire: Heat Rotom
      Steel: Ferroseed
      Bug: Scizor
      Psychic: Bruxish (sorry :C)
      Rock: Rypherior
      Ground: Hippowdon
      Electric: Stunfisk
      Dragon: Garchomp
      Fairy: Mr. Mime
      Dark: Absol
      Flying: Hawlucha
      Poison: Croagunk
      Ghost: Golurk
      Fighting: Gurrdurr
      Normal: Bibarel

      Wow, this was harder than I thought, I went through all the pokemon of each type just to make sure, and just because its my least fav doesn’t mean I hate it 😛

      1. Yeah same for me as well, it was super hard to go through and pick some I don’t care for, cause most Pokemon have some redeeming qualities to me. xD

        1. I dont hate it XD its just when I went through all the psychic pokemon its the one I liked least, other than mr. mime but that was already in my fairy one 😛

    10. Normal: diggersby
      Fire: slugma
      Water: tympole and palpitoad
      Grass: sunkern, sunflora, chesnaught
      Psychic: drowzee and hypno
      Ice: cryogonal, delibird
      Fighting: throh, sawk, chesnaught
      Poison: Gulpin
      Fairy: klefki, aromatisse, ugly cupcake
      Steel: klink line
      Rock: binacle
      Ground: diggersby
      Dark: mega absol
      Bug: kriketune
      Electric: stupid pikaclones
      Dragon: druddigon
      Flying: tropius
      Ghost: hoopa

    11. Normal : Diggersby
      Fire : Tepig line
      Fighting : Tepig line
      Water : Binacle line rip
      Flying : Mantyke line
      Grass : Tangela line
      Poison : Gulpin line
      Electric : Voltorb line
      Ground : Stunfisk
      Psychic : Mr. Mime
      Rock : Nosepass line
      Ice : Cryogonal
      Bug : Volcarona duhhhh, nah I’m kidding. I don’t care for Wormadam honestly.
      Dragon : Druddigon
      Ghost : Sableye
      Dark : Pangoro
      Steel : Forretress
      Fairy : Mr. Mime

      This was pretty hard for me to choose. Honestly, the only Pokemon I really dislike are Tepig and its evolutions, Binacle and Diggersby.

    12. Normal: Patrat line
      Fire: Pignite
      Fighting: Pignite
      Water: Swanna
      Flying: REMOVE GENIES
      Grass: Quilladin (Least Favorite Pokemon altogether)
      Poison: Amoongus
      Electric: Voltorb (Electrode is good)
      Ground: Landorus (REMOVE GENIES)
      Psychic: Woobat
      Rock: Amaura line
      Ice: Amaura line
      Bug: Burmy line
      Dragon: Goodra (wasted potential)
      Ghost: Lunaala
      Dark: Scrafty
      Steel: Lucario
      Fairy: Aromatisse and Swirlix lines

    13. Grass: Roselia
      Fire: Sunny Castform (Just this form. I love the other Castform forms though)
      Water: Golduck
      Bug: Charjabug
      Normal: Glameow
      Poison: Weedle
      Fairy: Mr. Mime
      Electric: Electrike
      Ground: Diggersby
      Fighting: Sawk
      Psychic: Gothita
      Rock: Graveler
      Ice: Smoochum
      Ghost: Frillish
      Dragon: Druddigon
      Dark: Purrloin
      Steel: Magearna
      Flying: Woobat

      (The order of the types is the order they appear as a primary type in the National Dex as of Gen 6)

    14. Normal-Kangaskahn
      Most are ones I just hate to fight or just lowest on my list like throh I actually like throh

        1. Hey if you want to see my spinoff go up to mine inspired to do by Rockcrawdaunt

      1. I just have to say The poconos are a terrific place for go at Great Wolf Lodge just today
        4 Clefairy
        A Squirtle
        4Caterpie I had not found yet
        All I hadn’t found and almost found Abra, Magikarp, and brother almost found a Dragonite

    15. Fire- Charizard
      Grass- Sceptile
      Water- Greninja
      Bug- Scizor
      Rock- Tyrantrum
      Ground- Krookodile
      Flying- Noivern
      Poison- Toxicroak
      Ice- Mamoswine
      Psychic- Mewtwo
      Ghost- Gengar
      Electric- Ampharos
      Dragon- Rayquaza
      Fighting- Heracross
      Steel- Skarmory
      Dark- Weavile
      Fairy- Sylveon
      Normal- Snorlax

          1. Has to be favs because his avatar has a Charizard in it and that’s on the list

          2. Yup. Charizard is my favorite Pokemon. Actually, my old username for Pokejungle back in 2013 was CharizardKing

          3. Lol cool! This was a least favorites list but who cares? You’ve got good taste

    16. Least fave? So that means it should be part of your favorites but they should be the worst among the favorites?

      Nah, too hard. I’ll go with least liked.

      Bug – Most of them.
      Dark – Spiritomb
      Dragon – Kyurem
      Electric – Stunfisk
      Fairy – Most of them other than Azumarill (line) and Florges (line).
      Fighting – Throh
      Fire – Rapidash (line)
      Flying – Farfetch’d
      Ghost – Shuppet (line)
      Grass – Exeggcute (line)
      Ground – Zygarde
      Ice – Glalie (only)
      Normal – Miltank
      Poison – Grimer (line)
      Psychic – Girafarig
      Rock – Roggenrola (line)
      Steel – Metagross (line)
      Water – Huntail (only)

  14. Since I can’t actually afford the data required to play Pokemon Go(I have a small plan) I’m getting Pokemon Red and Yellow on the virtual console 🙂

        1. The 11th or 12th of each month but don’t take it for granted. They might be a bit late.

    1. Out of all the released characters, Lillie is by far my favorite (sorry Kukui)

  15. I hate that Go isn’t out in Europe. I see all these people playing and talking about it, the hype is right now and I can’t participate. Some friends have the app as well (like they made an Australian Apple Store account), but I read that that can result in a ban, so I don’t have the guts to try that.
    I just hope it will be released soon.

    1. Well just take comfort in the fact that when it does finally come out in Europe it’ll work like it was suppose to and won’t crash or freak out constantly lol

    1. Yep, we’ll probably have news reasonably soon, if corocoro brings anything.

  16. 1. Is it true that they have a plushie for every pokemon?
    2. Is Zaq actually a pokemon? idk im dumb, idk anything

          1. Wow there’s no Volcarona? But that’s a lovely pokemon. I’d want a Castform because it’s a :3

          2. I’d be surprised if they didn’t have castform. But yeah they totally need a volcarona one

  17. I have a Spin off of someone else’s question what is your favorite Pokemon from all 18 types
    Mine are:
    Normal-Ambipom, Porygon2
    Flying-Togekiss, Rufflet
    Bug-Heracross, Butterfree
    Fighting- Hitmontop
    Tell me yours people

    1. I could but I’m way to lazy for such a large task. So I’m just gonna say Togepi is my favorite Pokemon and call it good.

    2. Normal: Ursaring, Exploud
      Grass: Abomasnow
      Fire: Infernape
      Water: Gastrodon, Carracosta
      Electric: Electivire
      Flying: Noivern, Yanmega
      Rock: Aurorus, Tyranitar
      Poison: Toxicroak, Drapion
      Bug: Scolipede, Armaldo
      Ground: Mamoswine, Gliscor
      Dragon: Hydreigon
      Fighting: Pangoro
      Ice: Glalie
      Psychic: Xatu, Alakazam
      Ghost: Dusknoir
      Steel: Bisharp, Aegislash
      Dark: Zoroark
      Fairy: Togekiss

      I did not include legendaries or Alola Pokemon for the sake of fairness. If anyone asks, I have a lot of free time to kill.

    3. Fairy: Swirlix/Slurpluff obv
      Ghost: Banette
      Steel: Mawile
      Poison: Gloom
      Grass: Gourgiest
      Water: Totodile Line or Slowpoke
      Psychic: Grumpig
      Fighting: Breloom/Hitmontop
      Dark: Sableye
      Ice: Sneasle
      Ground: Krookodile
      Dragon: Sliggoo/ Kingdra
      Flying: Altaria
      Electric: Raichu
      Bug: Mothim
      Rock: Corsola/carbink/diancie
      Fire: Cyndaquil
      Normal: Aipom / Wigglytuff / Noctowl line

    4. That’s easier ….it’s hard to hate some pkmn.
      Normal- Smeargle,Porygon-Z
      Grass- Gourgeist,Lilligant…maybe Exeggutor
      Fire- Charizard,Typhlosion
      Water- Samurott,Greninja,slowking
      Electric- Raichu,Electivire
      Flying- Crobat,Noctowl
      Rock- Aerodactyl,Tyranitar,Tyrantrum
      Poison- Nidoking,Dragalge,Drapion,Tentacruel…..most of them.
      Bug- Galvantula,Shedinja
      Ground- Marowak,Excadrill
      Dragon- Hydreigon,Noivern,Kingdar
      Fighting- Blaziken,Emboar
      Ice- Abomasnow,Aurorus
      Psychic- Alakazam,Delphox
      Ghost- Gengar,Aegislash
      Steel- Metagross,Scizor
      Dark- Zoroark,Umbreon
      Fairy- Florges

      SM and legendary didn’t account.

    5. TLDR: I just made this graphic

      Bug – Masquerain
      Dark – Krookodile
      Dragon – Latios
      Electric – Zapdos
      Fairy – Azumarill
      Fighting – Keldeo
      Fire – Infernape
      Flying – Tornadus-Therian Forme
      Ghost – Gengar
      Grass – Chespin
      Ground – Swampert
      Ice – Weavile
      Normal – Lopunny
      Poison – Toxicroak
      Psychic – Azelf
      Rock – Carracosta
      Steel – Lucario
      Water – Suicune

    6. Normal – Teddiursa, Lopunny
      Grass – Sceptile
      Fire – Infernape
      Water – Greninja
      Ice – Cubchoo
      Ghost – Gengar
      Electric – Pikachu, Heliolisk. Ampharos (Mega and regular)
      Fairy -Spritzee
      Steel – Doublade, Klefki
      Rock – Tyranitar
      Ground – Flygon
      Fighting – Mienshao
      Dragon – Dragonite
      Dark – Absol
      Bug – Heracross, Joltik
      Flying – Starraptor
      Poison – Crobat, Drapion
      Psychic – Alakazam, Celebi

    1. You’re welcome to continue talking about it! I’m sure it will be brought up many times in the future.

  18. Yo so this goes out to all them south Floridian users out there (I know there’s a lot of you). Screenshot your top 9 Pokemon like I did, cuz I wanna see what you guys caught in Florida that I haven’t. (refresh)

    1. Is anyone else annoyed with eggs like this and why do I have one that I need a 10km. for us it rarer or just a way to throw me under a bus?

        1. It’s irritable that it somehow knows when I’m in a car or not making it harder to hatch my first egg

          1. Just make the car go painfully slow. (20 kph or less)

            And besides, even if you don’t get the full reward, the vehicle does have to slow down sometime, so a city bus ride would be great since they don’t go all that fast, and it makes a lot of stops.

          2. Some problems I can’t drive and I don’t live where I can take a bus normally

          3. Well, I was just saying that even though the game has “anti-vehicle detection”, it is still worth trying to hatch eggs while riding. <3

      1. That’s an OP as **** Golduck!

        I like how in this game you can really take what you like and make it OP if you just walk around enough…

    2. Yes, I know I’m a casual lol. Hand my son catch the Arbok for me because he got excited hahaha.

  19. A bit off topic but I’m interested in what Pokemon has got your favorite cry 🙂
    Mine is Frosslass

  20. And officially done with the Little Cup chapter of my life
    Quite literally every team has a effing Mienfoo which is literally impossible to kill

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