The First New Pokémon of Sun & Moon

sun-moon-bird-pokemon-2The trailer which revealed Pokémon Sun & Moon, due for a winter release in 2016, also revealed the very first new Pokémon to be featured in the game. It appears to be a Flying-type bird normally seen at the beginning of each game. The clip briefly showed the wireframe animation model colored, but whether or not this is any indication of its actual color scheme remains to be seen.

Any early opinions about how this looks compared to other bird Pokémon (of which their are quite a few)? I definitely like the teardrop-esque shape of its head, although I hope it is not another Flying/Fire-type line like we had in X & Y.

If you’d like to watch the video again, I’ve included it down below and the new Pokémon appears at 1:48-1:49!

<3 PJ

PS: For the sake of clarity, Magearna could possibly be the first revealed for the new games, but since it is appearing alongside Volcanion we don’t know for sure what game it will go to. This is the first Pokémon that we can reasonably say won’t be showing up in X&Y.

    1. I have an idea. Just an idea. If it is based on a woodpecker, wouldnt it be cool if it’s second (if it has one) were either ground or grass type. Hear me out. Woodpeckers generally spend their time in trees. Trees are plants. Flying/Grass type. BUT being that it seems to have brown coloration and that it would be COMPLETELY unexpected, flying/ground type. I mean, we werent expecting Pokemon SM so pokemon could pull every trick out of the bag and some crazy awesome things with this game. But again, it is just an IDEA.

      1. A Flying/Ground starting bird line would be absolutely awesome. I think you’re on the right track with that.

      2. Just going by the color scheme, I want to predict that it could be a dark/flying or fighting/flying line. Of course this is not what I think Gamefreak is going to do (I don’t know what they are going to be doing for this set of games). I will be happy as long if it is not another normal/flying line. Even a pure flying line would be better just due to it being still novelty ping -there is really only Tornadus who is pure flying.

        1. Well Tornadus makes sense as a pure flying type
          Everyone knows the vast majority of all our flying types are winged creatures never one being a air elemental hence forth it was called bird type and Birds are mammals which the Normal type heavily embodies

          But the sole exception is Tornadus whom is an air elemental and Noibat and Noivern as the only flying types with Flying as its primary type which somewhat makes sense since the majority of its attacks are wind and sound based with little Draconic influence

          So unless the Creature has command of gales or mighty storms we are set and locked as Flying being a secondary type

    2. Woodpecker idea is good. Although last generation gave us Fire/Flying, I think about fire typed woodpecker; maybe burning cavities inside trees with its fiery beak. I read here an idea that it evolves into majestic woodpecker that pecks even metals and caves itself home in industrialized zones.

  1. What if Volcanion appears in Sun and Moon since it seems that the region is based on Hawaii. Volcanion has the ability to create islands and its name is practically volcano…

    1. That is false
      Volcanion’s explosive blasts can potentially destroy mountains and clear immense landscapes

      There is no recorded information with creating land masses

  2. > PS: For the sake of clarity, Magearna could possibly be the first revealed for the new games, but since it is appearing alongside Volcanion we don’t know for sure what game it will go to. This is the first Pokémon that we can reasonably say won’t be showing up in X&Y.

    Volcanion is definitely in the XY / ORAS ROMs, but Magearna and this new bird Pokemon are definitely not.

  3. As long as it’s not another flying/normal type I will be happy. Flying/dark is what I’m hoping for but only time will tell.

  4. Hello, Pokemon #723! I believe that this is definitely a woodpecker Pokemon and belongs in the same vein as Starly, Pidgey, And Pidove. Beyond that, it’s very difficult to predict anything else.

    Also, NINTENDO DIRECT TOMORROW! Not even a full week after the amazing Pokemon Direct! Nintendo is on a roll right now. Could we see our first Pokemon Sun and Moon footage? Probably not, but it’s a possibility! I’m expecting the announcement of Paper Mario Wii U as our big new game reveal (like TPHD was last time in November).

    1. Speculation: When will we get box art Legnedaries? I’m thinking the next CoroCoro! What say you, oh wise one? ;D

      1. I would be happy with what you said, and, either the reveal of the region (name of region and some significant locations) or the reveal of the starters.

      2. I…agree with you! I think there’s a possibility that this month’s CoroCoro will feature the starters (or at least silhouettes of the starters), with the box legendaries following in April. Either way, I suggest getting hyped for leaks next week 😉

    2. Not gonna lie, I thought it was one of your delusional direct hoaxes but actually you are right


  5. In an off topic has anybody bought RBY?
    Because honestly there hasn’t been much chatter on the beloved series
    Well I’ve picked it up Midnight of the release and now I’m at Lord Giovanni’s gym hoping to usurp him
    Badges: 7
    Rhydon 45
    Charizard 38
    Vileplume 37
    Electabuzz 39
    Dewgong 41

    And on rotation, Nidoking, Fearow, Graveler, Hypno, Zapdos, Articuno

    1. Yes I have, but I only played a little bit of Blue so far with my friend. I’ve been playing through Y and Omega Ruby’s story over the past couple weekends.

      1. Nice
        But I’m determined to finally beat Red on a physical copy
        Since all others have been erased or just plain failed to under leveling but I have a plan!

        Rhydon is the key to winning a good majority but I also need to power level my whole team to the 60s to stand a chance

        Electabuzz for Loriel
        Vileplume/Dewgong (And Electrabuzz’s Psychic) for Bruno
        Rhydon for Agitha
        Dewgong for Lance

        And for Blue Rhydon can tank EVERYONE Blue has except that Blastoise so ill cripple it with toxic and brave it until it dies

          1. What point of my cartridge erased itself don’t you get

            I tried to beat firered but I could never level high enough
            Never even made it past Bruno

            But I was a inexperienced child at the time and I will right this stain on my history

  6. So, Nintendo Direct tomorrow! I wouldn’t expect any news on Pokémon Sun and Moon, since this is strictly on summer releases, but you never know. We don’t really know of any summer games (if any) for this year, so hopefully they surprise us!

    1. Do we really get a nintendo direct tomorrow? If that is so. Its a big surprise for me. Because i didnt know that XD

    1. Pokemon origins had some pretty epic battles too. Although they were short… But less is more!

    1. who knows maybe a little birdie will be roosting somewhere in the background
      everyone keep your eyes peeled on every frame

  7. It’s either a cardinal or woodpecker. I is definitely a Normal/Flying Type or Grass/Flying Type. I b. You could thank ShinyXatu for this comparison!

    1. i say Normal/Flying
      if it were a grass type it probably have some plant like coloration or plants in general
      And it’s a prime candidate for Regional Bird

      Speaking of which we still need
      Regional Bird Check
      Regional Rodent
      Electrical Rodent
      Pseudo Legend

      1. Fossil Duo as well, Gen 2 may be a pattern breaker but at this point it seems like a solid bet.

        1. Good reminder
          But then again the Johto Region may get a pass because the regions were extremely close to each other and probably they just shared the same primal land and oceans

        1. This sounds crazy but this was my regional bird idea
          Shardinal Normal/Flying
          Sparroh Normal/Flying
          Halbird Steel/Flying

  8. Don’t exactly know if this has been brought up what with the frequent articles and loads of comments to sort through, but has the possibility of the Moon legendary having control of water come up since the moon can affect the tides? (Again sorry if this has been brought up I have not read up on many theories about the games either)

    1. It has come up indeed. People talked about the possibility of it having the water-type. Seems like an awesome idea to me.

      1. Well there’s two roads
        If it embodies the moon Dark/Psychic
        If it IS the moon Rock/Ice

  9. Cool starter ideas
    Grass/flying peacock
    Fire/Ice white tiger
    Water/Fairy Water Nymph
    I want new secondary types for starters, but im happy as long as fighting doesnt return in the starters, its been there since hoenn, break please! Same with pseudos, no dragon pseudos pleeeease.
    And i think this is bird is the regional no doubt

      1. Seems like a common mistake (because nobody actually cares about this starter) but what about Chesnaught?

        1. What about chesnaught ? I was talking fore not I general haha I see what you meant tho lol 🙂

    1. These starter selections sound amazing. I would opt for the Peacock to maybe be Grass/Fairy, since they’re not really known for Flying (ik peacocks could fly). An Fire/Electric Tiger starter would be awesome, and I would love to see a Dolphin take the role as the Water Type starter, becoming Water/Psychic.

      1. I’d die if they made a Grass/Fairy peacock. Sounds so cool! For the Water/Psychic dolphin, I’m not sure. It’s getting too old. Literally everyone in the Fakemon community has made a Water/Psychic dolphin, which is a sign for me that GF will never do it (well, maybe they will, but don’t think so).

  10. May I ask anyone who downloaded RedBlueYellow do you have a Chancey that your willing to trade. I simply CANNOT capture one. My patience is just gone I swear I’m not joking I’m on 50 yes 50 resets on the safari zone to catch it and it can’t be done haha she just runs away. Please can anyone help me haha ???

    1. Get in line buddy
      I’ve spent hours looking for one
      I finally got one and the Pokeball misses
      That failure caused the thrill of finishing the dex to die

      And don’t forget to start saving your chips cuz you’re gonna need a Porygon bucko

      1. Lol I’m way ahead PAL. All I need is chansey. I sailed through the rest. O finished this dex before and I’ll do it again lol

        If you want a hand let me know buddy

    1. We had one for a while in the form of a fan game Jade Jungle

      But our head of production left us and the project died down

      So we do not,

      But on the other hand I myself have been writing my own dex clocking around 67

        1. Nyce
          I haven’t drawn them yet just brainstorming ideas concepts and origins

          And naming them

          Once I think of 130 I will draw them

          Do you have starters yet?

          1. I usually brainstorm, draw and then name them because drawing them gives me better ideas for names.

          2. My latest one is a Water/Steel Crab with knife like pincers and indestructible iron carapace

            And it is extremely ill tempered because of its defense

          3. But now I need a name for a nearly sociopathic Metal Crab monster who can easily carve out a Wailord into fillets by sunrise
            And their pincers can cut a tanker, that’s why this species have been relocated to barren icy oceans so they don’t attack ships

          4. Yeah rookie mistake
            All starters must follow this code
            Not be based on objects
            Must be animals
            They cannot share a body type or similar species
            And they must not sound alike

          5. It’s the Pokemon code!
            Have you seen my starters? What do you think of them. Posted them a couple of minutes ago.

          6. It’s more like the Gamefreak code of honor

            And I follow this code to my heart

          7. Yeah I ran into issues with my Fire type
            Because recently I’ve been totally interested with a Fire Ox Pokemon
            And my Fire Lion Cub was kinda going nowhere
            And I already have a Grass Elephant
            But I cannot have two mammalian Pokemon on the same roster
            It would throw the whole spectrum off

        2. I’d love to help too drawing Fakemon. I don’t know if you had seen it before, but I posted my starters some weeks ago. (by the way, they’re like 4 years old…)

      1. Cute I’ve 100+ but if you need a hand with ideas let me know I’ve been pumping them out for years I started my first Pokemon dex since before you were born lol

          1. SlipperSceptile + Ooks were apart of one of them.

            The rest are my own personal deisgn and ideas. Which can be read in an above comment if you check

          2. If you have said hundreds of fakemons you must have a database
            So either you’re boasting or you got a link for your stuff

          3. I use Google drive. I find it absolutely laughable that you get so defensive simply because I’ve made more fakemons than you. Honestly it’s a little sad how you don’t believe anyone because they are better at something than you.

            I’ve also seen you claim ideas as your own so myself , Slips and Ooks will be keeping ours to ourselves until we do our full reveal.

            I’m the person who’s been visiting this site the longest for the last 7+year’s so I won’t be listening to your silliness, you’ve been banned before so don’t start. this is probably all just a fad for you.

          4. Well I try being nice to you and don’t listen ? If you look back over the comments I wished you a happy Christmas at Christmas and you called me a troll ? That’s being an ass.

          5. You’re always an ass
            I mean it’s fine you’re working on a dex but really that 1up attitude seriously uncalled for

          6. Incorrect. Let’s just move on from it noone wants to argue so let’s just put it behind what do you say ?

      1. I would probably prefer somewhere a bit more exotic, oceania perhaps? boston seems a bit too similar to unova’s new york inspiration

        1. Hehe u are right but oceania sounds cool specially australia with its red deserts, great barrier reef, eucalyptus forests, etc

      1. Was Jade Jungle ever finished? I was here to help with the start but then I left for a while. EDIT: Read the comments below, sorry.

    2. Myself and 2 others startered we have roughly 100 Pokémon a full region, towns , cities elite four gym leaders etc all done out 🙂

        1. Yes 🙂 I have the names and stats on Google drive and then the designs I just did on actual paper 🙂

  11. Looks like it could be the Regional Bird of the games at the basic stage. That is my best guess. There’s some people in other communities that think this is Fletchling. Lol. That’s all I got to say to them.

    1. Barely any magearna info, but it can roll up. Also it takes in AoT set. Very interesting, but t doesn’t look good

    2. Oh now watching this trailer I’m wondering if they’re gonna show any SM Pokemon???

          1. Actually upon further examination it’s just Steelix leaping into the air

  12. Interesting that in this trailer it basically confirms that the Noivern in the next Japanese episode is Ash’s. I guess since it’s gonna air tomorrow (which is today for Japan) it doesn’t really matter anymore lol

  13. Also starting this Friday
    People who still have Pokebank will receive HA Golems

    1. Mehhhhh sand veil is not better than sturdy, we should get some sucker punch golems

        1. ooooooog, I thought you mean the pokemon golem lol.
          I guess I should get these with celebi

          1. Well that’s a folly on my end but nonetheless this Friday Legendary Golems with their HA

  14. So, is this AZ in the movie? I’m guessing that he is the one who create Magearna. He looks much older in the actual games assuming that it’s him.

    1. Interesting observation. Would love for someone to do a facial comparison between this image and AZ.

    2. AZ looks completely different from the old man in the movie. I imagine they are 2 different people. Even if that is him i don’t c how he looks older in the games compared to the movie. i think the old man in the movie looks older by comparison.

  15. Personally, I want a fire/dark type as a starter for once! It’d be cool if the fire starter geared away from the Chinese Zodiac and went with a bear… And a water/ghost dolphin would be rad.

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