The First New Pokémon of Sun & Moon

sun-moon-bird-pokemon-2The trailer which revealed Pokémon Sun & Moon, due for a winter release in 2016, also revealed the very first new Pokémon to be featured in the game. It appears to be a Flying-type bird normally seen at the beginning of each game. The clip briefly showed the wireframe animation model colored, but whether or not this is any indication of its actual color scheme remains to be seen.

Any early opinions about how this looks compared to other bird Pokémon (of which their are quite a few)? I definitely like the teardrop-esque shape of its head, although I hope it is not another Flying/Fire-type line like we had in X & Y.

If you’d like to watch the video again, I’ve included it down below and the new Pokémon appears at 1:48-1:49!

<3 PJ

PS: For the sake of clarity, Magearna could possibly be the first revealed for the new games, but since it is appearing alongside Volcanion we don’t know for sure what game it will go to. This is the first Pokémon that we can reasonably say won’t be showing up in X&Y.