Red + Blue Memories: Part Two

Now that the chaos of the 20th Anniversary of Pokémon has calmed, it’s time to take a look back at some of our Red + Blue memories.

Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue were the first time many Pokémon fans visited the Pokémon world and regardless of age the First Generation games hold a special place in the hearts of many and will continue to do so for years to come.

Join us as a we take a look at just a handful of memories from our readers and staff members…

Staff Memories

I always looked forward to hanging out with my friends who had Pokémon Red or Blue. Looking back I can’t really say what is was exactly that piqued my interest so much, but I was always out in my backyard hunting for bugs or snakes so it was probably that thrill of finding creatures and having them accompany you on your adventures. It probably isn’t too hard to see where my affinity for Grass and Bug-type Pokémon came from either. It wasn’t until the Gameboy Advance came out that my parents decided I could buy one and Pokémon Crystal was my first title. Growing up has sapped some of the awe and wonder I had as a child while playing through the games, but mastering the underlying complexities of the battle system still make each game interesting for me as an adult.

Pokémon Red was the very first Pokémon game I played. I remember buying it alongside so my red (…err, pink…) Game Boy Color from Toys R Us and playing it in the care journey home. After learning about the link cable me and friends spent hours outside our houses trading and battling, sitting outside long enough to get sunburn on our thumbs and tops of our hands. I can also remember being shown how to complete the Mew glitch by a childhood friend, then getting upset thinking he had broken my game.

When I think of the original games I recall the street where all of the local kids used to gather and play with their Gameboys. I was already blown away by the cartoon and was desperate for a Gameboy and a copy of Red to call my own. I tried to convince my mother to buy me one but my efforts were in vain. Eventually a local boy who had both Red and Blue and TWO Gameboys took pity on me and lent me Red and a Gameboy for a weekend. By the time my mother began to soften up to the idea of buying me a Gameboy, Yellow had just come out so I opted for that and the Gameboy color. Come to think of it, if my mother hadn’t have happened to see another kid showing off about his mother buying him Yellow then that probably that wouldn’t have happened either. Especially since that kid’s mother was her childhood friend who she was always competing with.

I was never the most social of people, so I remember sitting in my quaint room, leveling up my Charmander in Pokemon Blue and wondering how on Earth I was going to get past the Pewter Gym. As the game went on, I felt immersed in this world that seemed so different from reality, yet so wonderful and satisfying. I explored Viridian Forest, everything just sparked my interest further. The battles, the characters, the storylines, the goal to catch ’em all… It’s shaped who I am today, and what my passion as a gamer stands to be.

Reader Memories

I remember playing it and being obsessed with my Bulbasaur it smashed the first two gyms! I also had a Wigglytuff that I loved, I wish I still had them to be honest, I think the pokemon I have from an early game is a Pelliper from Sapphire.

These games came out in 1999 in Europe, and I was only two years old back then. My brother was older and he got the games. We always played together and that way I got to play the game too. A year later I got my own purple seethrough GameBoy and my own game, and although I didn’t understand a word, I enjoyed it a lot. Nowadays my brother and I are still a fan and so I am glad he showed me the wonderful world of Pokemon!

I first played Pokémon Blue when I tried out a cousin’s copy. It turned out my Grandma accidentally bought an extra copy, so she gave that one to me. A friend of mine actually chose my starter and beat the first gym while he was trying it out for himself, but I took it from there.

I remember that for a long time, there was still an air of mystery to the game. After learning that some Pokémon would only appear once in a game, I was convinced that Zubat might be one, because it looked so strange. Boy was I proven wrong…

I easily beat most of my friends in battles, because before long, I’d memorized the type chart and all of the Pokémon types. Plus, I had a level 70 Charizard, which was well above what most of them had. I didn’t learn any degree of real strategy until Gen II though.

I never played the originals.

Twitter Memories


Didn’t get your memory features this time? Don’t worry, there’s always next time with our Gold + Silver Memories. Stay tuned!

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