Pokémon Red, Blue, Green & Yellow Out

Japanese players are already enjoying their nostalgic trip down memory lane, because Pokémon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow have been re-released on the 3DS eShop. Players can re-live the games exactly as they were on the Gameboy. The Missingno. glitch has even been left intact according to early sources. I’ve already begun playing Pokémon Green! Great opportunity to experience one of the titles in its original language and one that was never localized.

Which game will you be buying? Are you ready for the imminent worldwide release?!

<3 PJ

  1. I have a theory that goes with the Missingno. Pokemon? What if originally before Mew was created. Arceus wanted to create a perfect Pokemon that would succeed him should he kick the bucket. And when that Pokemon got create. He was intelligent, strong and can adapt to anything really?

    But one day while Arceus was sleeping (Don’t ask!) Missingno. (Before we knew who he was today.) saw that he was dreaming of some world he never saw before? So he tried to get inside his dreams. But Munna (or it’s evolve form.) tries to tell him not to? But just went fuck it! And jumped inside to see what is going on. Unfortunately? He kinda fucked up and it messed with him really bad to a point where his original coding (Bird type. He was a regular bird at the time the games were release?) and it morphing him into something that should never be mention in future games.

    He got out for a few seconds which looked like it only took him a few centuries before confronting his God on why he saw another world that’s not made by him.

    This “creature” I’ll say this much. No longer has a body of a bird. Instead…. He became something that would later on effect both the games and the anime and manga that he himself would be involved with behind the scenes.

    He would act weird and stupid and almost broke the forth wall like Deadpool in his new movie that came out. And something in his hands shock both God and even his Pokemon that he created….

    Unlike most Pokemon who would either have three or five fingers. (No less than 10 being the limit.)

    This… Pokemon as you would call it? Had 4 fingers on each hand. Making it the only Pokemon to have ever had that in history. And he would later on declare war on humanity by trying to kill the human race as he believes that his world is a lie and that he and many before him came from the “other” world that Arceus took from him.

    What was it then?

    Mother slash Earthbound series! Yep? I went there?

    (This is a personal headcanon of mine. I doubt Nintendo or GameFreak would even take my fan theory from the web?) lol

    I had an idea on what Missingno. would have looked like after he became a monster with 4 fingers. Once I pay an artist to design his character model. Most of the users here would agree that it makes sense. (Outside of the obvious Glitch in the Matrix jokes.)

    Just gotta some images and a clay model on the look and feel to him.

    If I ever made an account on this site. I’ll post it under the crazy theories that somework in the canon games.

    Wish me luck? 😉

  2. I’m enjoying Red Version. Thought I’d shake things up a bit and choose Squirtle this time, instead of Charmander.

    I’d forgotten how FAST these games are. Not just the battles, without 3D animation slowing it down, but the overall pace. Plus, there’s no group of dorky kids stopping you every 5 seconds to ask how your journey’s going and compare Pokedexes!

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