Pokémon Direct Incoming – 26th Feb

Big Pokémon news has been promised to arrive in the shape of a Pokémon Direct. The 5 minute broadcast will air on Friday 26th of February at 7am PT/10 am ET/3pm GMT/4pm CET.

What do you think will be announced in the footage?

Stay tuned for our full live coverage on Friday!


  1. I sure hope it’ll be news of the new main game(s). It’s exactly one day before the true 20th anniversary, after all.
    A trailer would be cool, with at least a couple of more new Pokémon revealed. Maybe even a new Pokémon map for that new game.
    (Too bad I won’t be present at that broadcast. Guess I have to get updated later that day.)

    1. No, actually, it’s exactly on the anniversary. It starts at midnight on Friday night in Japan, which seeing as Pokemon itself is japanese, is when the day of the anniversary begins.

      So yes, it will most likely be news of the next core title. Whether new pokemon get revealed with it, is possibly up in the air. But this will probably be the announcement we’ve all been waiting for.

  2. OMG This is IT!!!! It has to b a game announcement! There’s nothing else they would bother to talk about. 5 minutes is long enough If they cut any fluff out. If they just talk about the game then a short direct makes sense. I wouldn’t write this off just yet boys and girls lol

    1. As somebody said above, with x and y if u took out the talking about older games, they used 4 minutes to announce x and y 🙂

  3. If it’s about Pokémon Go, Pokkén Tournament, Detective Pikachu or the 20th anniversary distributions… I’ll freak…

  4. In the original Pokemon Direct they took 7 minutes to talk about the older games leaving 4 minutes to announce XY. The trailer itself too only a minute and half if that. I think 5 minutes is long enough and they won’t talk about anything other than the new game. EXCITE!

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a really long look back at the last generations and then 30 seconds of a tease for the new gen.

  5. This has GOT to be the new Pokemon game. Isn’t this only the second pokemon direct? The other one being the huge news of X&Y..

    1. It’s the 3rd. We had one just b4 XY’s release. I think they revealed M.Blastoise and M.Venusaur in that one

  6. What is this feeling in my chest… It feels like….hype….or…hope
    I think I’m just having a stroke

  7. I always get confused with time zones…but 99% sure I’ll be at work when this happens, so I’ll be joining the party a little late Friday night haha

  8. This is so exciting because nobody knows what it could be! Pokemon Z, XZYZ, X2Y2, Rainbow, or possibly even Gen 7 are the most likely. I’d just like to say that I’ll be at my computer at 6 am PT speculating for the announcement, so I hope you guys will be here too 🙂

      1. I already said Pokemon Z and I doubt Delta Emerald, honestly. That’s another possibility though!

    1. 10 AM Friday for me. And I actually get to watch this one live this time because no class on Friday for me 😀

  9. This is it guys!!! It’s been over a year now but I’m convinced based on recent events that now is the time that we’ve all been waiting for!!! I’m so excited for a new game, new megas, new story… but most importantly I can’t wait for this announcement to rekindle my love for Pokemon (I haven’t touched my 3DS in MONTHS)

  10. I was sceptical when my friend text me saying there would be a direct, I know how much Gamefreak troll us and wondered if it would just be about GO. But I’m gonna allow myself to get my hopes up. I mean, it is on the day of the 20th anniversary! I’m in the UK so god knows when I’ll find out.

  11. New main game announcement: The Pokemon Gods have heard our prayers.

    Go/Pokken/Anniversary stuff: NO NO GF NO GOD NO.

    I just hope they show us a proper trailer.
    This will also confirm if the other NX leaks are legit or not.

  13. I have class at 10 on Friday….I was planning on skipping, but I got a take home quiz today and now I need to make some major decisions…….hahaha Either way I’ll b back by 1130 so at least I’ll still get to b around for the most part lol

      1. I’ll be heading to the bathroom and using the school wifi to watch it 😛

        Not like my teacher cares; It happens to be the one class that I shouldn’t be in b/c I have another one which supersedes it, and my teacher knows it b/c she teaches both of them 😀

      2. Well I was already thinking of skipping bc my class is joke, but I prolly won’t now lol

      1. did u think I deserve better than that ?……but I didn’t think so GF reveal this on their facebook account.

  14. Unfortunately I work 4-9 Friday, but I’ll have Twitter notifications on and Moving to keep me updated via my watch.

  15. Im back from disappearance my friends!
    … Oh no dont tell me everyone forgot about me! It has been 3 years though…..

  16. Let me say this now. This will NOT be pokemon GO news. This will not be Pokken News. This will be a new game announcement: Reasoning: Pokemon’s twitter only says Big news when there is a new game on the horizon. This is on MIDNIGHT of the 27th for Japan. a.k.a the anniversary of pokemon :D, Train on

  17. masuda says some stuff
    video about history of pokemon games
    new game announcement
    30 second trailer
    aka xy announcement direct

      1. Well it was more like a minute and a half to 2 minutes as Iwata came on for the last couple of minutes. It just started at the last 4 minutes of the direct. lol

  18. I think that they will talk about the history of Pokémon and how everything started with R/B/G/Y … for then introducing the Big news.

    I personally would like a sequel/continuation of the Kanto games, with new pokemon and connecting it with mega evolutions, but I doubt that, South Kalos or another nearby region is more probable but let’s see.

  19. Damn I’m getting my hopes up but I don’t want to. I want to believe a new game is on the HORIZON!!!! but I’m scared will someone hold me.

  20. This has me super duper excited! It better be big news because i dont think my heart could take another fake out from gamefreak (no pun intended)

  21. All i can say is that im really hoping it has nothing to do with pokemon go. Honestly i really think pokemon go is a terrible idea to begin with.

  22. I actually cried when I saw this notification pop up on my phone while in class this morning.

  23. I was going through old rumors and stuff from the day before XY was revealed, which was when I first heard of Pokemon Rainbow. There were rumors of a pirate rodent and a Dragon evolution THERE YEARS AGO. Either there is truth to it, OR people are recycling rumors.

    1. One Pokémon Rainbow rumors come out, it’s a sign a new game is upon us. I remember hearing those rumors too very shortly before XY were announced. We are going to have a new game announcement in 2 days.

      1. They’ve been around for a while. I’m really interested. If they compress the file enough, they could fit a huge game into a 3DS cartridge

  24. The pokémon photo booth app is so pathetically pokémon company. You can only caption with a given set of phrases and relatively short space to personnalise, and it censors terms like Fck (literraly those three letters) or even Addict. I can’t bare this crappy attitude, they’re so harmless I find it insulting to my intelligence. What’s the risk exaclty, actually doing something interesting? Gone are my dreams of being a trainer remembered by my choice words “I hate sand, it’s coarse and irritating and it gets everywhere”

  25. If anyone is crazy enough to doubt that the announcement will be a new main game, let me convince you. Remember the last time lots of people thought that “big news” would be insignificant? About two weeks ago, when a brand new Pokemon was revealed. This is being called “big news” as well, so new games should be expected. The Direct is being hosted by Nintendo.com, so of COURSE it’s not going to be Pokemon GO or Detective Pikachu. Also, I called this anniversary Pokemon Direct months ago…just wanted to mention that 😛

    1. I think we all expected a Pokémon Direct around the anniversary. Kinda an important date that’d be obvious.

      1. The fact that it’s on the anniversary should be even more of a telling sign. Why would they use a Direct at the peak of the huge anniversary celebration on anything other than a main game? That’s definitely not big news.

        Then again, I’m assuming that there’s someone out there who doesn’t expect it to be a main game.

  26. Hey everyone. I’m new to this site but I already see the hype here. Here’s to a wonderful 20th anniversary and a new Pokemon adventure 🙂

    1. Hopefully you’re one of many newcomers this year. Welcome to the wonderful world of PokeJungle!

      1. I might as well join the bandwagon also. Hey, I ‘m Sunny and I’m glad to decide to stop lurking on this site just in time for the 20th anniversary. Hope y’all will have me.

        1. Of course, we’re happy to have you here! I hope you stick around after the Direct to speculate with us. It’s one hell of a time.

  27. I’m getting teary-eyed seeing some returning faces here who I’ve long known and missed. Here’s to a year full of comebacks and community speculation… If this Direct lives up to the hype that we’re expecting. TWO DAYS until PJN may come alive again, and that’s my biggest wish. 🙂

          1. Nope! The only thing I remember from you is when you were out in the snow shoveling and something involving a bouncy ball.

    1. The wait for this new game announcement has been excruciating, but I think the actual event will make it all worthwhile. I’m expecting a complete overhaul of quality following ORAS (and those weren’t even terrible!), due to the year-long hiatus. Just a little longer to go until we know.

    2. Aww dicie im sorry i havent been around. Lifes been hard lately but i think im in a better position to be here permanently from here on!

  28. Mmmm just saying the x and y trailer was 1 minute and some odd seconds so 5 minutes could be a huge thing ya know

        1. I’d b willing to bet it’s something entirely different from what we’ve come to expect. Maybe a brand new story that is somewhat stand alone, but hints and nods to the other games.

    1. Here’s the official ShinyXatu Reveal Prediction of 2016.

      It will be Generation 7, but it won’t be completely separate from Generation 6. It will be the Johto to Kalos, if that makes sense. There will be two campaigns, one in the new region with entirely new Pokemon, Gym Leaders – everything. After beating that Elite Four and Champion, the player will be able to travel to Kalos through the train in Couriway Town. There, the player will become involved in the plot of Team Flare and have to track down the Zygarde Cores in order to stop them from creating Zygarde’s Complete Forme. Kalos will have an entirely different array of Pokemon, including some new and some native. That way, the game will be both “Z” and Generation 7 at the same time.

        1. Why would they waste the 20th anniversary for something as insignificant as Z? 20 years only comes once. This could be the game we’ve all been waiting for.

          1. It will be. It’s called a “celebration” anyway, right on the Direct page. I sense something enormous lurking in our future…something that will change the way we look at Pokemon itself. Even if it does turn out to be Z, I’d expect nothing less than a significant overhaul in visuals, frame rate, and story.

          2. Realistic graphics with Archie and Byron ? I could see the game being Gen 1,2,4, and 5 but not gen 3 or 6 for obvious reasons.

    2. Pokemon Z. I guarantee that Generation VII is being saved for the NX. It would be early to be releasing details about that as a lot of information is leaning towards the NX being both a console and a handheld (basically the name of a platform).

  29. What if: this game is the fabled legend of the game that contains ALL the regions up to this point? They’ve already got Kalos and Hoenn done, what if all this time, even since the reveal of XY, they’ve been working on Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Unova to add it to this epic game? It’s a story that spans across ALL regions.

    Obviously super duper unlikely, but this is the dream scenario.

    Also, mega Milotic.

    1. I want to go back to all of those regions. If we can’t do that, I’d like to have a new region that’s a lot like Johto (in terms of simplicity in Pokemon designs and music and everything else).

      1. Even though it would be fun, I don’t think it will happen. They will make a lot more money just releasing separate games. I also don’t know if the quality of that game would be as good as it is now. And we just received remakes of Ruby and Sapphire, so why would they give us a game with the same region we just visited?

    2. I really don’t see the connection between regions
      Honestly the only connection is the addition of Mega Evolution

      But honestly it would just be a lot of work for nothing, because I really don’t see how they could stretch the story to incorporate all possible regions that validates on foot investigation of all regions to be of any use, otherwise it would just be doing their respective leagues for your own gain

      We should just stick to one stellar story involving the desolation of the Kalos region and invoking the wrath of Zygarde

      1. It’s the 20th anniversary of Gotta Catch ‘Em All not “I AM AN ANGRY GINGER THAT WANTS TO KILL EVERYONE AND MAKE THE WRLD PURDY”

      1. Only Flygon (Ground/Dragon)
        And make it a special sweeper
        Maybe Compound Eyes for Draco Meteor and Boomburst

          1. 😀 probably! Milotic likely contains large amounts of mercury since it’s a large ocean dwelling fish, which can lead to cancer if it accumulates. Poor Flygon

          2. Not all fish contain mercury. It’s mainly in specific areas of the oceans where mercury mines that were illegally operated were shut down and it got into the ecosystem. Milotic is not a tuna.

          3. Well as long as Milotic is carnivorous and the mercury bioaccumulates up the food chain, odds are it has some concentration of mercury 😛 A lot of mercury that is put into the atmosphere by coal power plants settles in rivers and lakes that leads to the oceans, where fish ingest it as well. In fact 160 tons of mercury is released into the atmosphere from coal plants ever year in the US alone :O

          4. No no earthen. My team consists of only the most beautiful pokemon, and milotic made the cut for a reason!

        1. On further inspection I declare Compound Eyes would solely ensure Draco Meteors
          If for some miracle Flygon gains Sand Stream as its hidden ability and have its mega have Sand Force or even Sand Rush we’d be in business
          OOOO what about Adaptability or Contrary

  30. Hype af. It’s about time that we get some Pokemon news. I just knew that it would be before E3. I seriously hope it’s something awesome! At this point, it does feel like the next game in the series!

  31. I just hope the new game (s) not only live up to the excruciating wait and hype but deliver in storytelling and visuals as well. It’s been a long time since Pokemon has been labeled, “revolutionary” and instead, has been labeled, “one-trick pony.” GameFreak, show ’em what being the best like no one ever was truly means! Here’s to a great 20th anniversary and much tears of joy and new dreams and hopes! ?✌✊

  32. You know, i wonder if this has anything to do with the mysterious figurine (idol? Statue? I dont remember) or more specifically, the region that it hails from.

  33. I wouldn’t mind if tomorrow just went away…..lol It’s gonna b a bit stressful or me and i’d really rather skip to Friday if that’s ok hahaha

  34. Nothing about the new game(Yes release this year) it start with Pokken talking about the support of the game which means free updates something like splatoon… And the final is a new trailer about Pokemon GO and the release date this summer.

    1. Y do people keep saying stuff like this? I know it’s good to keep expectations in check, but this stuff is unworthy of an actual direct. If they were simply going to talk about previously revealed games or just say something about it being the 20th anniversary then they could just post a video on YouTube about it and be on their way. Also y bother posting something that isn’t a new game at midnight? It doesn’t make sense for them to make a big deal about recaps of previously revealed games when a lot of people would be either already in bed or going to bed (for Japan anyway). Sure it’s early or late morning for the rest of the world, but it just doesn’t make sense for them to do anything less than a new game announcement this way.

    2. I would like to ask yourself if that information is worthy of a 20th anniversary special edition Pokemon Direct with “big news”. I don’t think so, personally. GO, Pokken, and especially Detective Pikachu don’t fit the bill. It’s happening and it’s time to accept it. 😛

  35. Guys is it possible to watch the direct later without seeing all the spoilers everyone will post?

    1. I’d offer to spoiler tag the announcements for you and tell you avoid the comments. Sadly, there’ll be at least one new post with whatever they announce, with the announcement in the title.

      I think your best best is to avoid the internet. 🙁

      1. I know, but I need the internet to watch the direct haha. Maybe I will load the page where the direct will be posted beforehand and just refresh it when I have time. I’ll figure something out.

          1. My grandfather is coming over so I have to entertain him haha. Maybe I will go to the bathroom for five minutes :’)

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