[RUMOR] Pokémon Rainbow coming this fall?!

Ah, the good ‘ol RUMOR tag. We have to warn you, this post is about information that is purely speculation and should not be taken as fact.

Nintendo fansite NintenGen claims to have seen internal documents from Nintendo revealing NX information as well as a new Pokémon title coming this fall, codenamed Pokémon “NIJI” (Japanese for “rainbow”). This game would mark the 20th anniversary of the series.

Also of note was that Zelda for NX would be a flagship title for the new device which would also be released later this year. The 3DS would also get a hardware price cut in Autumn.

Obviously this would be huge news if it turned out to be true; what do you think of it?!

<3 PJ

  1. Reminds me of the colours in zygarde complete’s open midsection. In any case this would be an interesting curveball to throw, and the way the title evokes loads of colours calls back to wishes of a multi-region game, which is tantalising. Seems fake to me though.

  2. I was about to post about it. Yet, it might be real because the guy is creditable. For all we know that it is a Codename. A 3DS title near the end of he year makes sense, but I’m hype!

  3. LOL i’m dying for any news that i’ve started searching all over the internet for information about Pokemon Rainbow.
    Anyway if it’s real that’s great because honestly Pokemon Z or X2 Y2 would be a little disappointing, after all this time we need something special, especially since it’s the 20th anniversary, my only wish is it’s more than one region.

  4. I don’t believe it
    Besides I really think Gamefreak isn’t doing single game remakes
    The last one was Platinum and I think we’re getting Zx and Zy

          1. No, it’s not just a name. The leaker had to confirm the legitimacy of his source(where he worked, what position he worked for, also showing evidence of the budget plan for this year) before Neogaf posts it. So obviously nothing is 100% confirmed, but this is as close to credible as we’rd gonna get without actually being credible.

          2. That’s why this articles says it’s pure speculation. It allows us to discuss about what to expect this Saturday, nothing more.

  5. Came here to post this. Let me give my two cents: for the 20th Anniversary, Pokemon Rainbow makes more sense than ever. Red, blue, yellow, and green are in everybody’s minds this year, and the combination of those colors would logically bring a rainbow to mind. I know rumors of this title have been around since the beginning of time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this is fake.

    1. Well considering the original towns are named after a color pallet…but idk if it was the same for the Japanese versions of the game.

      1. That too. The first generation was tied to all colors in some way, and Pallet Town was like a combination of those colors. Pokemon Rainbow makes more sense than anything else right now.

    2. Makes me think about a possible collab between a new region and Kanto (like gen 2). But I don’t think it’s plausible, because they re-released Gen 1 recently (although I’d like to see Kanto in 3D).

  6. These are my crazy theories:
    – Sequel (not remake) of RBYG and G/S using the XYORAS engine
    – The origin of Mega Evolutions will be the central plot.
    – Ho-Oh will be in the game cover.
    – Ho-Oh and Lugia will have a primal reversion.
    – The legendary birds and dogs will get mega evolutions
    – It will take place a decade after XY events

    This version will be released with another one, completely different, featuring 70 new Pokémon. It will take place in South Kalos 3000 years ago, where all about Mega Evolution began. It will be called **Pokemon Steam version**: and we will see a world full of steam machines and mechanical stuff.

    Yeah I know it sounds crazy 😀

    1. I believe that the origin of mega evolutions was covered in ORAS, if I’m not mistaken. (mega Rayquaza)

      Also Lugia and Ho-Oh will NEVER get primal reversions. I hate when people throw out the words “primal reversion” when talking about legendary or ancient Pokemon, because it makes NO SENSE. The fact that Groudon and Kyogre have primal reversions is because it’s part of their LORE. To be honest I’d be suprised if any of the Gen 1 and 2 legends (besides MewTwo of course) would get ANY type of form change.

      Just my thoughts. 🙂

      1. I’ve been saying that for years
        They absorb natural energy and became those forms
        And that energy can only be attuned to Pokemon extremely connected to nature I.E. Groudon and whathisface the blue one

        1. EXACTLY. Not everything needs a form change, but if it does for some reason need a form change, make sure it makes sense lore wise. There’s absolutely no reason for Ho-Oh and Lugia to get any type of form change imo.

          Especially those Sinnoh noobs, stop talking about primal Dialga and Palkia it’s never going to happen. I can see them getting some advanced form (mega/primal form change) but it’s gonna have to work along the concept of spacetime.

          1. Yes but I personally don’t think that Perfect Zygarde is going to be broken in any way. Those base stats are completely unrealistic. It’s going to be stronger than Xerneas and Yveltal but less than Mega Rayquaza, base stat total wise.

          2. Well it was entirely a joke
            But imagine fighting it exactly as I said
            That would be a challenge

      2. It was just a crazy theory. “I hate when people…” mmm since when Game Freak makes something that has sense? Each new generation is contradicting the previous ones in a way or another.

        You took my comment too seriously, to put the words “I hate” together.. we tend to hate too soon other’s opinions 😉

        But yes I agree that not with 2nd gen legendaries, but it would make more sense to see a primal reversion of for example Dialga and Palkia, taking power from time and space.

        1. Virtually every pokemon to date can be traced to a origin and have an explanation to its nature

          Saying Pokemon doesn’t make sense is a load of closed short minded crap

          and in this case primal Regression is solely nature based IE Natural Energy

          1. Pokemon isn’t supposed to make sense. It’s a fucking kids game. God damn you people take this shit too seriously. It’s a game for kids. Not meant to be too thoroughly thought over. If Gamefreak wants to add form changes, let them do it. Damn no wonder people don’t want to visit this site anymore.

          2. People don’t visit the site anymore because there’s nothing to do here. Speculating about a game that has been teased for a year and a half now gets boring. I love this site dearly but the one criticism that I’ve had about it for YEARS is that it’s too reliant on news, so when there’s no news, there’s nothing to do.

          3. That’s not what Ive been told by other members, not to be revealed who, and it’s a reason I quit getting on as much too. When there is news, people speculate, and then get nothing but negative criticism.

            Primal Dialga was the original Primal Reversion

          4. Err, wasn’t primal dialga called “dark dialga” in japanese, and just translated differently to sound cool? Primal dialga doesn’t really have much to do with the concept of primal reversion at all, it’s essentially a corrupted, broken-time version of dialga who lost it’s ability to control time and has regressed to an animalistic (primal) state of mind. He’s not drawing power from a form he once had, he’s regressing to a raging, diminished being people describe as “primal”, though it has nothing much to do with anything dialga once was. It’s got more in common with XD001 (Shadow lugia) and dark metwo than anything else…

          5. 100% correct
            But people nowadays are so thick headed they’ll take anything remotely close to the word and immediately slap on Primal or Mega without the slightest bit of research

          6. Again, disrespecting other people, in this case me indirectly.

            FYI, I began saying that it was a “crazy theory”, it doesn’t have to make any sense to anybody. I did it just for fun.. so who is taking this seriously? 😉

            Never mind, I don’t have time to discuss with arrogant people who think that they possess the absolute truth and think that their opinion is more valid than the others 😉

          7. I wasn’t replying to you, but to DefensiveBastiodon, who said, I quote, “Primal Dialga was the original Primal Reversion”. The compacted answer system gets confusing haha

        2. No, I think you’re the one reading the comments too seriously to be honest lol. I respect everyone’s opinions here on the site, that’s what makes this community so great. Anything in caps isn’t meant in frustration, it’s for emphasis to help support my argument.

          That being said, you can’t (you as in people in general) just throw random stuff onto Pokemon and support your argument by saying that a lot of the stuff GF does doesn’t make sense therefore it’s a legitimate possibility, in this case primal reversion. The concept of primal reversion is something that really only makes sense for Groudon and Kyogre, it’s part of their lore (these beasts have been laying dormant for many years after a historic battle, one that created the term “Mega Evolution” by the ancient people of that time when Rayquaza transformed to end the fighting between Primal Groudon and Kyogre) so there’s your origin story for Mega Evolution. It also ties in the concept of the red and blue orbs (one of the orbs gives them the power to Mega Evolve, the other is used to control them).

          So because of that complexity and lore behind Primal Reversion, that’s not going to be thrown around and given as a gift to other legendary Pokemon. Sure, they could receive new forms, something along the lines of a Mega Evolution or Primal Reversion, but that’s not what it’s gonna be. For example I could see Dialga and Palkia receive something like a Temporal form and Palkia a Spacial form or something like that, but they won’t be called mega/PReversion.

          Lugia has very little lore behind it, as that wasn’t really a main focus back in the late 90s, I’m not sure they thought Pokemon was going to be such a big hit as it currently is. So unless they create an extensive updated lore for Ho-Oh or Lugia, then the most I could see them have is a mega form. There’s not a lot to work with when it comes to gen 1 and 2 legendaries, so I’m willing to bet that they’re going to be left untouched.

  7. I’ve checked a bit and (like everyone probably knows) Pokémon Red/Green was released February 28 1996.
    We get the EShop Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow around that date this year.

    Pokémon Blue was released October 15 1996 in Japan.
    So if the game (whether it’s Pokémon Rainbow or not) will come out this autumn, couldn’t the potentially be around the same date (October 15 2016 is on a Saturday)…?
    Though I’m not really sure which week day games come out in Japan…! Is it Fridays?

  8. I think the name is fake but we are guaranteed a new Pokemon game by the end of the year, this was confirmed by a legit source not trying to hide their identity.

  9. I’m on the fence about this whole thing. On one hand this guy has the typical “I know a guy who works at Nintendo” thing going on, but on the other hand he seems like a very genuine person and is pushing this stuff in a way that almost makes me want to believe it’s true. This guy is all over the internet including his own website and NeoGaf talking up these “leaks” he has. One of two things is going to happen from here. The first possibility is that this is all true and we have a very exciting leak on our hands. The second is that he is outed as a huge troll and is basically ran off the internet. It’s that second possibility that makes me think that maybe he really is telling the truth. On forums and things like 4chan it’s easy to make shit up and then disappear without having to deal with the backlash, but for this guy to post on his established website and on other forums where he is known makes me think we may have something here. I just hope we get confirmation soon. The closest date that we could get confirmation is Saturday as it’s Pokemon Day. Whether this is true or not I hope we get an announcement then! At the very least it’ll bring certain things to light and makes things clearer.

  10. Rainbow, you say? That wouldn’t certainly be what we expected. Could it be a remake/sequel to Kanto? The name seems to fit in with the scheme of gen 1.

  11. It’s hard to call this “fake”, because it’s so lacking in details. OBVIOUSLY we’re going to get a Pokemon game sometime soon. Telling us that the codename for this game is “rainbow” is either true or just a coverup detail so they can say that they were still correct when the game is called something else. And that’s all the information they provided, it was nothing informative at all. So it’s hard to speculate on a rumor with no substance to it.

  12. Pokemon Rainbow? You know how many times this title has been reported as a rumor in the past and never fell through? A lot of times! It’s supposedly some grandiose title that features all the regions and one new one. I’m very very suspicious about this. From a somewhat credible source or not, I sadly can’t help but think it’s another fanmade dream reality because of the name of the title and it being rumored in the past several times before. But like many on here say, we don’t have proof. So sadly, it’s another of those wait and see situations. But I’m starting to get extremely agitated and very tired of waiting for a ****ing announcement!

  13. I couldn’t care less about what it’s called; I just want a new game announcement this week! Luckily, PSMD came out last week so I’ll still have something to play, but I’d really love a new main game (and I think everybody else would too).

    About the name: I don’t think it will be called Rainbow, since that name has been proven fake too many times. But, if a game called Rainbow would be released, the only game that would be is GF’s last one, I guess, since that name covers literally every single color there is and therefore would make a great name for their last game. (still hope Pokemon will last for another few decades…)

    1. lol it wouldn’t be their last game. Come on. People say this EVERY SINGLE YEAR or every single new generation. Plus, a name like Rainbow doesn’t exactly cover titles named like X and Y lol.

      1. Haha I never said the next game would be their last. I said that IF there would come a game called Pokemon Rainbow, then I think that would be their last, because the name would suit that. It’s all about reading well.

    1. Ok so imagine if this old rumour came out now as the new rumour. Isn’t it funny the two new pokémon it features could conceivably fit with our supposed gen 6.5 list “leak”? I mean we have a dragon eeveelution and a sort of piraty rodent thing (possibly a raccoon, ya know, pirates being thieves and all? ) .


      Yes. Very probably.

    2. This was actually in the article originally, but it seems PJ misread the article and thought it was published this year. I removed it.

  14. Saturday can’t come soon enough with all these rumours flying around, but they’re certainly very interesting to discuss. Over the weekend I spent a little time analysing the gen 6.5 list “leak” rumour, because I really liked it.
    Anyway here’s the analysis, thoughts? (I had posted this (too late) on a previous article but I’m moving it here cos I’m pretty sure no one saw it and I did spend hours making it :p )

    Well we all know clear analysis and all reason is pointing to the obvious fact that that 6.5 gen leak is fake, but I’ve decided to go through it, evolution line by evolution line, just for fun. The ideas collected are speculation from the 4chan threads, from here, from other corners of the internet, and a few of my own thoughts. Now do please note I don’t know Japanese so this is based on what other people have said or summary research on my part. What an overall look abundantly clearly points to is how closely this list tracks fan wishes and common fakemon ideas, especially pre-xy rumours, which underlines how wish fulfilling and simply unlikely to be true it is. Nonetheless, I think the hard work behind this list deserves for it to be analysed and it’d be an interesting discussion topic to feed our hype while we wait for a probable announcement.

    Ringomushi/Ringobae: Bug/Grass

    Fruit Maggot/Fly Pokémon (“apple bug/fly): A fly pokémon is a pretty expected idea, and basing it on fruit flies is an easy way of making them interesting. How the apple may be included in their design is the interesting part. Some have suggested Ringomushi could live in an apple/have part of it’s body be an apple.

    Kokiburi/Gomiburi: Bug/Dark

    Squalid Pokémon (“cockroach/garbage cockroach”) : again a cockroach is a pretty standard inspiration, and one that has appeared before on fakemon lists. This entry also reminds me of the dud content in the XY early release leaks about a Bug/Dark pokémon called “Nitx”, and vaguely of those trap spider/ghost spider fakemon that popped up in earlier rumours.

    Dorinoiko/Deinoshishi: Ground

    Mud Bath Pokémon (“mud piglet/mud boar”): reminds of those Grass/Rock mushroom pig rumours pre-XY.

    Anoaqua/Aquanoa: Water

    Watering Hole Pokémon: I’ve heard these are water buffalo?? That would be a great take on the idea of animals converging on water holes, as a literal take on the species name would be a bit weird.

    Kinokooni/Kinrinpu: Fairy/Poison

    Fairy Dust/ Fairy Ring Pokémon (“mushroom oni/fairy ring”): the concept of a fairy-ring pokémon, especially associated with mushrooms and the poison type, has been floated by fans since fairy type was announced. IMO a three-stage line would make a nice counterpart to Florges.

    Bakemomon/Shiitobake/Futobake: Ghost

    Thread/Sheet/Bed Pokémon (cotton/sheet/futon ghost): Another weird object-based pokémon for people to complain about, though this could alternatively go the way of chandelure and be accepted if it’s design is great. Seemingly based on the Ittan-momen (cotton) and Boroboroton (futon) japanese yokai, as well as western sheet ghosts, so there’s thought behind this and little valid criticism to be made on making this evo line. Still waiting for a Kasa-Obake umbrella ghost 😉

    Iesupii(E-Es-P)/Saihhiku (Psichic)/Uberihhiku (Uberichic): Psychic- /Normal- /Ghost:

    Instinct/Prudence/Conscience pokémon: what seems to be a trio based on psychological/psychoanalytical archetypes, with many suggesting they correspond to Freud’s Id, Ego and Superego concepts. That’s an awesome idea. Knowing gamefreak they’d probably throw some other animal or thing into the mix to flesh ou the design. I’d be curious to hear theories about what that could be.

    Chirahoora/Koonhoon: Ice/Flying

    Snowflake/Snowstorm Pokémon: the (quite obvious) consensus says these are snowy owls, which is a long-awaited design for an ice-type. We’ve got polar bears and icebergs now , make this happen game freak! Also the oft used fakemon name Snowl pretty much can’t be beaten as a localisation choice for for Chirahoora.

    Peppimento/Peppanero: Grass- /Fire

    Mild/Spicy Pokémon: Chili peppers seem obvious here, a common suggestion for grass/Fire types.

    Koryou/Naitoragon: Dragon/Steel

    Shield/Lance Pokémon: some suggest this is based on the japanese legend of a lance that could pierce every shield and a shield that could block any lance. It’s also nice to see legendary-exclusive types be reworked into standard pokémon. More like this please.

    Biidokage/Dezaatokage: Poison/Ground

    Poison Lizard Pokémon: poison lizard pokémon are common on fakemon lists, and for good reason, they’re a very pokemony concept with a lot of example that could feed designs for an evolutionary line. These could be based gila monsters,

    komodo dragons, spiny desert lizards, or other squamates.

    Haorimuri/Haorideyu: Fire- /Water

    Chimney/Hot Spring Pokémon: people generally seem to be thinking these are primates, with the obvious inspiration of hot-spring enthusiast and fiery-looking japanses macaques and a second stage that could be a bit chunkier, like a yeti or orang-utan. IMO Ice/Fire would be better for such a line.

    H-Gen/Okishigen/H2Otaa: Electric- – /Water

    Element/Element/Compound Pokémon: people think this could either be a three-entry line or potentially two distinct pokémon fusing into a third one. I’d be more inclined to support the former, one could easily envision a molecule-pokémon evolving into a heavier molecule, and a magneton-like third entry made of two first-stages and one second stage. Atom/molecule fakemon are a thing, and the concept would certainly be a tantalising one for game freak to tackle. As for the names, they seem to be causing a stir, with people saying they’re too strange or too basic (literally “Oxgen”), and even though we’ve hard weird names in the past game freak have moved on, but I’d be inclined to think a weird design would warrant weird names, and game freak are patented trolls.

    Noion/Dainoumo: Electric/Psychic

    Nerve/Brain Pokémon: electric/psychic type pokémon based on brains (with light-bulbs often included in the design) have popped up as fakemon a few times. It’s an excellent idea that perfectly fits the unusual type combination.

    Yukiba/Fubukiba: Ice/Normal- /Dark

    Ice Fang Pokémon: these screams wolf pokémon, though plausible alternatives such as husky, snow leopard or sabertooth have been suggested. Wy not add wolverine while we’re at it. Wolves, with dolphins, are undeniably the single most widely-wanted pokémon design for gamefreak to tackle. And by tackle people mean properly adapt, not use as partial inspiration as in Riolu or Lanturn. In any case it’s an easy choice for a cool pokémon with a cute first stage, and the types fit nicely. Husky would probably work less well with the dark type but a husky-wolf line could be plausible. Snow Leopard is another easy cool idea game freak should definitely do at some point. Sabertooth is another long-awaited desgin (and Raikou doesn’t really cut it, cool as he is), but you’d probably expect it to be a part rock-type fossil, probably with a counterpart (another mammoth?), though I think they should revisit the non-paired fossil idea of Aerodactyl. The more fossils, the better IMO. (A little sidenote: southern france, with the Lascaux cave, is a perfect location for pleistocene fauna pokémon. One fakemon duo I saw featured an Auroch Line and a wooly rhino line with a design based on the paintings and supposedly obtained from DNA found in the paintings… How übercool is that???) )

    Inagoori: Bug/Ice

    Freezing pokémon: a weta seems to be the most obvious thing to go from, as some of these Locust-like insects are known for their ability to sustain themselves in a frozen state of suspended animation for months, hence the “Freezing” species. Again the weta isn’t unheard of in “what would make a cool pokémon” lists, especially for the bug/ice slot.

    Nikkoguma/Beasahi: Fire

    Morning Sun Pokémon: Fire Bears, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks this might be a retread of Honoguma, Gold and Silver’s original fire starter, a cute little fire bear. Now that would be a genius move on game freak’s part. If only they could bring out that cool tortoise pokémon, it just looks to perfect not to be a thing. These could also draw inspiration from sun bears, which would be a nice way of diversifying pokémon’s growing ursid contingent.

    Kanseki/Jigansen: Rock/Poison- Steel/Poison

    Virus pokémon: an interesting way to integrate strange type combinations and a strange (but occasionaly suggested) idea for a pokémon. The primary type transition is strange, but not unheard of in pokémon. Personally I’d be more partial to pokémon sage’s electric/poison vectol and Vectol.2 which are just perfect virus pokémon (in fact a lot of ideas on this list look similar to concepts found in the pokémon sage fakemon pokédex. That’s not surprising as most of their designs are pure gold and gamefreak should make them official already IMO).

    Kyojishin: Ground/Fighting

    Big Earthquake Pokémon: this type combination seems to be an extremely popular choice suddenly, I’m not too sure why and I’ve no idea what this thing could be but it certainly looks quite tantalising.

    Hariasahi: Normal/Steel

    Pincushion Pokémon: The species name is extremely strange, but less so if you consider Hari could come from the japanese word for hedgehog. This could be another hedgehog, a porcupine, a spiny tenrec, or even an echidna. Interesting use of an exotic type combination. I can easily see this thing being an annoying iron barbs spiky shield user.

    Kumonki: Normal/Bug

    Acrobat Pokémon: everything from the species name to the type and name (Kumo+Monkey) obviously says spider monkey. Hopefully this would be some sort of Ateles with enhanced arachnid features. For some reason, despite the abundance of indescribably cool ideas on this list, I’ve become particularly attached to this pokémon idea and really want it to be real, much like Hawlucha back when it was first leaked and we weren’t sure if it was real. I dunno the idea for this just seems perfect.

    Inshinmai/Chuukishi/Meishin: Rock/Normal- /Fight -/Psychic

    Unskilled/Proficient/Grandmaster Pokémon: now this is a weird one for me. Again this a concept based series of pokémon, so some unknown organism or thing would feature in the design. The species seem to parallel the later fighting/dragon line, but these mid-listers don’t seem to be pseudo-legendaries whereas their “counterparts” seem like they should be. Even more confusing is the secondary type-switching going on. Going from normal to psychic or fighting makes sense, so this could be split, but the species names unmistakenly point to a complete three-stage line. Such as transition from fighting to psychic may seem weird, but to be fair it’s not impossible either and it makes thematic sense.

    Haotori/Pachidori: Flying -/Electric

    Humming/Static Pokémon: obviously hummingbirds, a popular fakemon idea and another “easy-cool” choice. Nothing much else to say, these would probably have a blistering speed stat.

    Kodomorokoshi/Toumokukoshi (Tohmawkukoche): Grass

    Kernel/Chieftain Pokémon: the names suggest a corn based line, and the species suggest a warrior inspiration as well. The second stage’s name and species point to a Native American inspiration, which organically goes with corn’s american origins. Seems like a cool wacky concept for a grass line.

    Dorahhia (Drachia) : Dragon

    Majestic Pokémon: I feel really stupid for not realising this myself, but the -ia suffix obviously points to a much touted dragon-type eeveelution counterpart to sylveon. An idea that sort of says “pokémon leak checklist” but it’s presence in a second half Kalos dex nicely balances Sylveon’s presence in the the first half. I’d be interested to see what gamefreak could come up with for a design. Would it look like an eastern dragon, or a western one? Or something else completely?

    Piisumu/Kokonatoro: Water- /Grass

    Pea crab/Coconut Crab Pokémon: yet another 6th gen decapod crustacean seems like a strange choice for a slot in the list, but with gamefreak’s known trollitude I wouldn’t completely write this off. A coconut crab is also a solid choice for a cool design. I like the evolutionary transition from “pea” to “coconut” too.

    Kairuka/Okiruka(Orkiruka): Water/Psychic

    Dolphin Pokémon: Really, a psychic type dolphin? Would game Freak ever go there? This is the single most ridiculous too good to be true instance on this list. Dolphins, and especially psychic type ones, are just the pinnacle of obvious and fan-wanted pokémon ideas. And if that wasn’t enough the second evolution’s name strongly suggests it’s a killer whale. Come on now. But just imagine if this was actually a thing though…

    Shierubu/Shierofan/Shierafu: Fairy/Flying

    Angel Pokémon: An idea that has already spawned a few fakemon, and type combination and idea that has already been used in the Toge line (though if anything that probably makes this entry more realistic). Since the names include the words “Ophan” and “Seraph”, some hope the designs might go beyond the idea of simple angels and embrace the weirdness Of Judeo-Christian celestial imagery. That would more than justify the concept repeat for me.

    Gorodatsu/Ban’ikingu (Vaniking): Ice/Fighting

    Rogue/Barbarian Pokémon: that this line incorporates vikings is obvious both from the names, the types, and the species names. A solid concept for this type combination, this concept does exist in the fakemon fandom (tbf a colossal lot of things exist in the fakemon fandom) but isn’t overly common either.

    Ryakuun/Touzokuun: Dark

    Thief Pokémon: dark type thief racoons. I’ve seen this before. Multiple times. It’s nothing new really. That being said, the fact we have already have raccoon-like pokémon in Zigzagoon and Linoone doesn’t preclude a new set of raccoons at all, knowing game freaks penchant for repeating pokémon base ideas (which in my view is fine, as in the real world most animals come in multiple species). That being said, this idea being both a) a perfect fit and b) popular in the fandom makes it unlikely to be true.

    Shin’in/Infu/Jinron: Fighting- – /Dragon

    Novice/Apprentice/Master Pokémon: to be fair this is both a creative and neat concept for what seems to be a pseudo-legendary, with the highly skilled fighter becoming a “dragon”, a known eastern trope. It just seems a bit too cool to be true though, we’d probably end up with something wacky like goodra as a pseudo instead (though to be fair we did get hydrreigon and garchomp, so you never know).

    Byooji/Funzai/Joorai: Ghost/Rock- /Steel –

    Time Pokémon: clock pokémon seem to be the original ghost/steel type idea for fans (with haunted suits of armour obviously). But instead we got cool swords. Clock fakémon are quite common, and most suggest, in line with these fakes, that the final stage here would probably be a grandfather clock. This list though has the merit of starting the line with what seems to be a sundial, a much rarer idea. I’ve always wanted a clock pokémon, and I love having a little diversity on the Pseudo-Legendary front à la gen 3 (this should definitely be more of a thing). This would be really neat if it was true.

    Aibyoushi: Normal/Ghost

    Quantum Pokémon: IMO these are the coolest legendary concepts I have ever seen. This physics-trio is pure genius. To start with, this pokémon is obviously based on Schrödinger’s thought experiment that became the popular understanding of quantum objects. In the list creator’s mind, it was probably a cat. If game freak made this pokémon, I really hope it would be a weird cat. (Why not even add some Cheshire cat in there while you’re at it). Not doing this would be a wasted opportunity. In any case the concept is cool and the typing is perfect. It has been suggested this pokémon could phase in and out of reality. That could be a really cool battle gimmick.

    Jouhooru: Dark/Psychic

    Singularity Pokémon: this is pretty much definitely a black hole pokémon. (I’m still waiting for a proper sun-based pokémon in the first place, but I’ll take this 😉 ) The contrarion nature of Inkay and Malamar show how gamefreak perceives this type combination to be paradoxical, and it fits nicely. I’d be eager to see what it could look like. It could have a weird ability and/ or signature move as well.

    Kanshioni: Fire/Ice

    Thermodynamic Pokémon: Another neat idea that completes the trio perfectly, though in my mind it’s a little less cool. I have no idea what this could look like or what the type combination could yield, but I’m certainly intrigued. It too would probably have it’s own strange ability/signature move.

    Magearna (Magiana): Steel/Fairy

    Manmade pokémon: The only new thing here is the type, and this is the safe bet everyone was expecting. People have been underlining how it’s name and species are “incorrect” on some versions of the list, but as I understand it both translations/romanisations are acceptable for each.


    Whoever made this not only has impressive inspiration, but also has a clear wide knowledge of common fakemon concepts and highly-demanded pokémon ideas, and of Japanese folklore. However the apparent awkwardness of the names and how they’re built seems to be a giveaway of phonyness. Too bad because a lot of highly skilled work and research went into this.

    I can’t stress how perfect this list seems to be, there doesn’t seem to be a single dud on it. And game freak don’t really work like that. I think it tells that the idea I like the least of this list is Magearna, which despite the tantalising suggestions of it’s species name I personally find to be a bit dissapointing and uninteresting in practice. And that happens to be the only true pokémon here…

    I mean come on, we have an impossibly cool set of legendaries, loads of widely-wanted pokémon ideas and type combinations… We have hummingbird, raccoon thief, and snowy owl lines. There are fighting/dragon, grass/fire and normal/ghost pokémon on here. The fact that both a dolphin and very probably a wolf are on this list really doesn’t help. It’s all just way too good to be true. I think game freak just wouldn’t deliver many of those in the first place, let alone all of them together and in a doubtful gen 6.5…

    It hurts how good this is because it’s just never gonna happen. I’d like to think we can yet be pleasantly surprised, but I’m keeping my hope down. The 27th can’t come soon enough.

    1. I want a Ground/Fighting Type more then anything but i know deep down in my black and crusty heart this is just a big lie

    2. ~Gonna throw in that I saw this on the other article (I’m a lurker) and read it all, and I loved it. 😛

      Just sucks that this will never see the light of day/Kalos.

    3. Christ I thought this was going to be a couple of paragraphs long. I was wrong and clicked see more.

    4. Nice analysis. A comment about the black hole Pokemon, doesn’t Gardevoir’s PokeDex entry say that it creates black holes?

      1. a key target for the Fairy Hunters
        Also did you know that this particular Floette actually belonged to AZ’s Mother?

  15. I think the main problem at hand here is the naming of the Pokemon game has listed. If it was named anything else I feel like that would b one less thing for people to use against it. It doesn’t help that there have been many older rumors in past years that used “Rainbow” for a title. I do think that we shouldn’t rule it being real out tho just bc the name just happens to match old rumors. I remember many years ago where people once said maybe their would b a Black and White and guess what? it came true. The thing is it’s easy to guess the name of a game that typically uses colors/minerals/metals/etc. if a lot of people(the entire internet) guess enough. Just bc it’s been said b4 doesn’t mean it can’t really happen. With that said it is also possible that the title he has listed may not b the actual title at all. For all we kno it’s in fact another code name for whatever the game is and that’s just what they have on the sheet as his source told him. It could very well turn out to b the Z/AZ/X2Y2 we’ve been talking about all this time.Either way I guess we just have to wait an c what comes true and what doesn’t. It’s possible that some of the things listed are in fact fake and some are real. Obviously Disney Art Academy is real so that’s one thing we can cross out for now. I still think that maybe this guy is legit tho….I honestly don’t think a person who has an established website, is active on other sites, and has some slight credibility already would make stuff up for a few days of publicity. I feel like it would b a risk not worth taking as his site would take major losses and he’d possibly b banned from NeoGaf and other sites for being a huge troll. Also just from listening to his voice I almost feel like he’s being earnest with the info he has given us.

      1. I guess we shall c. Either way it’s interesting they chose to code name it rather than just call it the 20th anniversary game. I feel like that’s a code name on it’s own lol

  16. Whelp there u have it. A GAF moderator has verified the guy’s source. That means that these leaks are REAL! The Hype train is now taking passengers!!! lol

    1. Saturday can’t get here soon enough..! Unless of course they don’t reveal a new game then, which would literally be the ultimate troll from gamefreak/Nintendo..

      1. U gotta imagine if this next game really IS a 20th anniversary game as the source says they’d HAVE to announce it on Saturday right? I mean it just wouldn’t make sense for them to announce it at any other point. It’s only really going to b relevant b4 and during the celebration this weekend

      1. I guess it takes a personal letter from GF delivered with a barbershop quartet singing the letter to you to convince you of something

        1. At this point I’m on board. I’m not sure if everything will b called the same as he has posted, but at this point I think we have no reason to think he or the GF mods are lying about this.

          1. I’d not be surprised if the game will get a totally different name. The rest is plausible. If the name indeed will be called Rainbow, I’d have to get used to it. Don’t like the name…
            How the game will be named if it’s not called Rainbow? I literally have no clue.

          2. I will agree that the name Rainbow is quite odd. I think it has to do with how all the other games are titled. Pokemon games are typically titled with one particular thing in mind. Be it a letter, mineral, or color, but Rainbow is an encompassing term that has many things in it. So it would make sense that it would give off a different feel compared to the other names.

          3. As I have mentioned before, the only time it will make a little sense naming a game “Rainbow”, is for GF’s last game. I just know this won’t be their last game, since Pokemon is one of their huge moneymakers.

          4. I could c it being a last game title, but I suppose they could use Rainbow here and maybe they’d have a better name for their real last game down the road.

        2. what i believe are legit sounding rumors and screenshots
          and when i say rumors they MUST include severe in depth facts and or screenshots
          Fake rumors are often littered with false hope mostly compiled fakemon dexs or the idea of additional Pokemon to the generation anyone who believes in these are morons
          and nowadays that is the norm for false rumors
          And just beyond sounding Mega Rumors. like bizarre sounding combinations like a Mega Rapidash being Fire/Fairy or Milotic being a Fairy, auto fakes

          1. This article was never posted to make you believe anything, it was just to open a discussion between us. Calling anyone a moron just makes you sound like a dick. Please reply somewhat nicer next time! 🙂

          2. This leak doesn’t really have any of that. To b honest this sounds very believable. Even if you don’t think the actual info is believable look at how it’s being leaked then. Do you honestly think that a person who has an established website, is active on multiple forums, and has at least some previous credibility would create such an elaborate lie? Also if other people are confirming his source do u really think they would lie about it? Y would all these people risk so much for a stupid rumor they could have put on 4chan or another anonymous forum and not have any backlash? Also maybe u should watch the way u talk about others. Just bc u don’t believe something or need more proof doesn’t make u anymore correct than those who DO believe. U shouldn’t put others down for stupid reasons such as rumors

      2. If we were watching Peter Pan I bet Tinkerbell would die from the lack of believing u do hahaha Have a sense of intrigue! This is way too suspicious to not be real lol

      3. What’s specifically unbelievable about it, though? It’s not that interesting of a leak, because all it does is tell us there’s a confirmed main game Pokemon release this year (which we could’ve guessed anyway) and its code name. There is even a possibility it’s not an actual ‘anniversary game’ but simply a game coming out in the anniversary year; it does make sense that the latter would be marketed as the former. Hate to be a wet blanket, but the leak is both likely and, ultimately, not all that much to get hyped about.

    2. Just a heads up, the verification on GAF doesn’t mean these leaks are completely legitimate. The source has been confirmed as legitimate, just keep that in mind guys.

      On the other hand… I’m not saying these ‘leaks’ aren’t legitimate, but I’m not saying they are.

        1. I’m a legitimate source of information on the bed linen I own, that doesn’t mean I can’t lie about what I bed linen I own though.


          1. I guess that’s true. Thanks hun, now go back to sipping your tea, I don’t want it to get cold.

  17. I feel stupid for bringing this up now since it seems so obvious, but has someone pointed out that the rainbow has seven colors? I don’t think it’s a stretch to think it implies gen 7 :3

    1. There’s also the rainbow bridge, (the bifröst) which is a bridge between Asgard and Midgard. So if this game is tied in with gen 6 and their semi-basis of Norse mythology, it’d fit quite well. It may also fuel the theory of interconnectivity between regions…

  18. What if GF doesn’t release a new main game for this year since we’re getting Pokken and Pokemon Go and for the 20th anniversary they’re rereleasing RBY and they’re aaahh that will hold them off for 2016.

  19. It would be kinda cool if they played on Gen 1 and how Ho-Oh was in the opening scenes.

  20. When is this Nintendo direct specifically? Why hasn’t nintendo themselves annouced anything about the direct?

  21. I thought of this like 7 years ago lol. But Pokemon Aurora would sound waaaaaay better than “rainbow”

    1. Yeah I got scared for a second when I saw all that hahaha He’s a weird guy that WPM lol

  22. Dear GameFreak,

    All I want is Mega Milotic, I will never ask for anything from you again. I’ll wait an extra 5 years for the new game as long as it’s confirmed.



  23. By the way, guys. You should download the app PokeAmino on your phones! It’s basically a dedicated blog site for Pokemon! It’s like social media just about Pokemon! I’d love to create a PJN group on it with you guys. I’m going to be using it to publish my opinion articles about various Pokemon topics, as well as personal competitive guides for many underrated Pokemon. If you decide to download it, be sure to follow me, my username is Chicolombia. 🙂

    1. Downloaded and followed! My nickname is obviously Haxford. At the moment it looks like a pretty chaotic app, but hopefully I’ll get used to it. Just a question: how do you add a second profile pic?

      1. I believe you must first verify your account. After you do that you go to “edit my profile” and you can add the background picture where it says “Short Bio” 🙂

  24. So I’m going to the city on the annaverserty to the new Nintendo Superstore
    And document all possible Pokemon information and swag

  25. Ok. Well I can comment here now. In the morning I couldn’t. Ooh. A new game. I would hope for a better name than Pokémon Rainbow.

  26. I had nothing better to do so I signed up for this PokeAmino thing. Find me if you dare. I’m sure you’ll never guess my username.

  27. Honestly, who didn’t expect a main game release this year? The leak just confirms that *shrug* I’m more amused at how everyone’s trying to interpret ‘rainbow’ when a) that is only one possible reading of the kanji for Niji and b) as far as we know, it is a codename, not the actual finished name of the release. One of the other codenames on the list is caviar!!

  28. The above leak has been verified by NeoGAF,so the leak is a whole lot more likely.
    “Pokemon Rainbow” makes a lot of sense, considering it’s the 20th anniversaty

  29. Pokemon Direct this Friday! Maybe they’ll reveal something. It’s only 5 minutes, so it must be an announcement right?

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