Red + Blue Memories: Part One

Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue were the first (at least internationally) Pokémon games to be released and to many older fans were the first time they set foot in the Pokémon world. Regardless of age the First Generation games hold a special place in the hearts of many and will continue to do so for a long time.

As some of our readers have already doing, we want you all to share your best (or worst) memories of Pokémon Red and Blue in the comments and over on the PokéJungle Twitter using the hashtag #RedandBlueMemories. We’ll feature our favourites along with the memories of the staff team in Part Two in a few days time.

Remember: we’re only looking for your memories of the First Generation games right now! The rest come later. So get sharing, long or short we want to hear them all!

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  1. I didn’t play the original Pokemon Red until a few years ago, but I remember having a lot of fun with my friend exploiting a variety of glitches. We spent all night trying to find different types of the Missingno glitch, get infinite items and spawning Mew. We didn’t have a reason for doing it, but we had a good time anyway!

    1. I had no clue about the glitches until a friend on twitter explained them to me in my playthrough of blue

  2. Let’s see… well the original Red and Blue came out the same year I was born, so I didn’t have my first Pokemon game experience until a few years after that (circa 2003) with Leaf Green. I remember ordering Pokemon Blue off of ebay sometime around 2005 as part of my birthday gift, at that same time I also ordered Crystal. The games were awesome, I really enjoyed them. As a kid, my family took a lot of road trips during school breaks so I played Pokemon Blue a lot in the car. Squirtle has always been my Kanto starter since the very beginning, Squirtle Squad!

  3. I first played Pokémon Blue when I tried out a cousin’s copy. It turned out my Grandma accidentally bought an extra copy, so she gave that one to me. A friend of mine actually chose my starter and beat the first gym while he was trying it out for himself, but I took it from there.

    I remember that for a long time, there was still an air of mystery to the game. After learning that some Pokémon would only appear once in a game, I was convinced that Zubat might be one, because it looked so strange. Boy was I proven wrong…

    I easily beat most of my friends in battles, because before long, I’d memorized the type chart and all of the Pokémon types. Plus, I had a level 70 Charizard, which was well above what most of them had. I didn’t learn any degree of real strategy until Gen II though.

  4. My most memorable moment from Gen 1 is when I caught Articuno (which was one of my favorite pokemon back then) and when I asked my older sister what I should name it, she took my gameboy and typed in “Lil Bitch”. I don’t think I was too happy. It’s funny in hindsight though haha

  5. I was 4 when pokemon red and blue came out, but my father’s the one who got me interested, and not right away either, my father bought a secondhand copy of pokemon blue in 1997, he also rented gold in 1999, then it wasn’t until my brother played ruby in 2003 that i really got interested… Diamond and pearl were the first ones i bought, and i owned fire red and leaf green, but i never really got to experience the original, so i’m very excited~

  6. Pokemon Blue was my first game. i remember having a Charizard by the time i got to Lt. Surge. spending hours searching for a Pikachu in Viridian Forest. wasting my masterball on an Onix. my Mom being a better trainer than i was…true story. she would absolutely destroy me and my friends in battle all the time. calling Nintendo to find out how to evolve my Growlithe. getting up at 3 o’clock in the morning to get in line at Toys R Us to get a Mew. such good times.

    1. Lucky one of your parents enjoyed it with you. My parents always complained when I brought up wanting one of them to play with me.

  7. These games came out in 1999 in Europe, and I was only two years old back then. My brother was older and he got the games. We always played together and that way I got to play the game too. A year later I got my own purple seethrough GameBoy and my own game, and although I didn’t understand a word, I enjoyed it a lot. Nowadays my brother and I are still a fan and so I am glad he showed me the wonderful world of Pokemon!

  8. I’ve started my journey with Pokemon Yellow. I can’t wait to try Pokemon Red/Blue on 3DS eventually.

  9. I only got a gamebody color when RS were already out (my father doesn’t understand video games) so when I played the original ones they’d already come out ages ago. But I do remember that I loved pokemon so much that once I even printed a walkthrough for R and B and just read everything a lot of times 🙂

  10. Exactly one week away from National Pokemon Day
    I’m heading into the city to the Newly renovated Nintendo Superstore and see what kinda swag I can get in honor of the event

    Keep your collective fingers crossed that at the heart of the celebration we see a teaser for the next main game

  11. RUMOR: Nintendo NX is releasing in 2016, along with Zelda NX (which is a port of Zelda Wii U). The Wii U only has a few current titles that will be releasing such as SMT x FE, Minecraft x Nintendo Zelda Wii U, Star Fox: Zero, and an unannounced Wii U title (which is highly Paper Mario Wii U). The 3DS still has a bunch of titles that will be releasing this year. So, the NX handheld will be delayed to 2017, since a home console replacement is needed immedently in various regions.

    1. I believe this. I respect this person’s modesty about the whole situation, and I have no reason to doubt it. The signs were all pointing to a 2016 release anyway, with a lackluster 2015. It’s all hands on deck for the NX at this point. We’ll see what happens from here on out!

      1. This rumor has more substance to it and a quite strong source. It all makes sense for the NX to have a 2016 release with Zelda NX (Zelda Wii U Port) to follow as a launch title.

    2. The same guy who owns this website supermetaldave64 on YouTube, says he’ll make a video TODAY about upcoming 3ds titles he knows about which he says, is a lot more exciting than the Wii u ones.

      1. He hasn’t made the video yet but I’m sure Pokemon will be involved. I’m currently listening to SMD64’s discussion with HMK and he sounds completely legitimate. This is a very exciting time for Nintendo fans 😀

      2. The relevant info from this was Pokemon Rainbow (fake name, but we already know they are making a 20th anniv game so eh). Kind of like the initial thing which was also obvious nothing too surprising. There are a couple other games with no official names but eh they all seem like smaller games besides like one and I doubt even it will be any good so whatever.

  12. Hmmm I have to think about it for me to really remember how it all started for. I think I started in part to my older brother liking it. My first game was Yellow. At that point I was still too young to appreciate video games in general and like all kids had a short attention span. Let me think….so Yellow came out in 99 so I would have been about 6. I remember getting to Brock and thinking it was the hardest thing in the world as I only used Pikachu. I don’t remember if it was that I didn’t realize I could catch the other Pokemon or if I was just being stubborn. Either way my travels ended at Brock unfortunately. It wasn’t until about a year later or so that I really got into Pokemon again. My brother had gotten Silver and after my sister accidentally deleted his entire dex (he had all 151 from the previous games) including his favorite Pokemon at the time(Mewtwo) that crushed his spirits and he passed the game onto me. From that point on I was completely hooked. The only Pokemon I remember having from Silver explicitly was my Typhlosion, but me and that guy traveled for over 200 hundred hours on that game. I remember bringing it on vacation and being amazed at how long it had been. Anyway it wasn’t long after that I became super excited for Ruby and Sapphire which would be coming out in Japan a couple years later. It was in the wait for those games I went back and played Red to completion. I think I’m gonna get Yellow on VC so I can finally beat it. Now that I know how the game works that is hahaha

  13. most memorable thing BRGY in general is beating Misty with my Nidoking just Thunder bolting her team and win but my top moment is after beating the game when enter Mewtwo cave ……music…..Weepinbell appear but who care about Weepinbell just get out from here….wait a minute !!! this Weepinbell level is 61 that’s mean it should be something big in this cave ……it’s most powerful pkmn had been known with tremendous cry and it’s level 70 the higher level i have ever seen imagine how I feel when I was a kid.

    1. Wait how could you possibly have Thunderbolt for Nidoking? I thought you couldn’t leave Cerulean City without beating Misty
      What game was this specifically?

      1. the game that u can catch Nidoran before first gym so I believe it’s yellow I am sure I am used Nidoking in Misty’s GYM but not sure for TB maybe my memmory mixed up between him an Pikachu TB , u could leave Cerulean City without beating Misty though.

        1. Alright because as memory serves me Thunderbolt is at Lt. Surge’s and I just always remembered not being able to leave the city until you beat misty then the police moved out of the way yadda yadda yadda

          1. then the police didn’t block the way to Lt. Surge’s gym , u should go downward(south) to reach it off , I am not sure but maybe T-shock used as TM in the past cuz no reason for me to give Nidoking an electric without need it I guess.

          2. If I may interject here lol I just did a little research and it appears that u can go in the house after u talk to Bill. I’m not sure how far u can get after that without the Cascade badge, it seems u can definitely get out of Cerulean City without beating Misty.It’s weird tho I had always thought u had to beat both Brock and Misty before the game allows u to go and challenge the rest of the gyms in whatever order……..

          3. Dude I am professional in weird thing …..actually I still do this until know I like to search over the game before GYM challenge cuz if the’s some one there I want it to be in my team the gym is the right place to train it.

  14. I remember playing it and being obsessed with my Bulbasaur it smashed the first two gyms! I also had a Wigglytuff that I loved, I wish I still had them to be honest, I think the pokemon I have from an early game is a Pelliper from Sapphire.

  15. Now comes for some important consideration
    Who to pick for R/B
    I am cursed/destined to always have Nidoking and Rhydon on my Team
    i just can truly never ignore the temptation of catching them in virtually every play-through
    Nidoking is a massive Powerhouse whom can be easily obtained and evolved as early as before the second Gym and just freaking and literally Thrashes everything in its path
    and do i even have to say anything about Rhydon? I mean its a Rhydon

    1. I guess it’s fun to use Pokemon you’ve never used. I think it will create a whole new adventure for you!

      1. have you met me?
        i only really catch Powerhouses i don’t like flying, psychic, grass, ghost or those other types

        1. I’m just curious…..I just want to kno so no pressure….lol Y is it that u don’t like using other types? I understand having a favorite type and using ur favorite Pokemon a lot, but y would u cripple ur choices? Not everyone has to like every Pokemon, but u seems to not particularly like a LOT of them. Maybe not design wise or by themselves, but maybe bc of their particular typing…..either way I just wanted to kno ur side and am not trying to b “that guy” or anything lol

          1. I just don’t like most other Pokemon
            Pidgeot, Alakazam, Gengar, Arbok, Lapras, Clefable, ect
            Im just not compatible with them

        1. Exactly! Although I do tend to lean more towards Pokemon I like, like Haxorus or Empoleon, I like trying out new ones. I recently completed a nuzlocke on X with a Florges and a Delphox, which I never used before!

  16. Well let’s see…I started with red, and it was a loan from a friend’s family for a school trip. We were going to the craters of the moon, which, for those who don’t know, is baically where Yellowstone was millions of years ago, just some lava rock that supposedly looks just like the moon. Anyways, I had my game boy color and my friends parents let me borrow red version. I started it before the trip, of course choosing charmander. I sat on the back of the bus the whole way there, and got to the 7th gym before we got there. Then on the way back, I finally beat giovanni, and the elite 4. Charizard swept all the e4.

          1. You all are blinded by Volcanion and Magearna
            Zygarde was the damn squishy blob everyone was raving about and it debuted Perfect Zygarde

            It’s in the movie

          2. Idk at this point I’m more on the side that the whole Zygarde story will b told through the show and the next movie will b exclusively Volcanion and Magearna. I feel like it wouldn’t make sense for Zygarde to have a prominent place in the movie and for them to not have it b in any of the ads or merchandising specifically for it in the movie. If the story is still going on I 100% c Squishy being in it, but I can’t c the story of the movie dropping Volcanion and Magearna for Zygarde when they can and are currently doing it’s part in the show.

    1. That’s not too far off it is said that Perfect Zygarde’s power is supposed to exceed Xerneas and Yveltal’s

      1. I didn’t know how this will be related to main game stats …..this hp is huge if it consider level 50 , I think hp should be consider level 100 and other stats should be treated as level 50 so I think i should halved the hp stat but still…..u still think it’s not that far it total state will more than ONE THOUSAND 1000 ! ! !
        that’s insane bro.

        1. I’m just rounding X and Y’s base stats which are 680 and the highest in the world are 780 for Mega Rayquaza/Mewtwo
          And Primals are around 770 and lastly Arceus holds the record of highest base stats without a form or mega evolution with a 720 (which sounds lowly with the others)

          So it has to be in the ballpark even a 710

          But I agree I want to see a Legend Reach a solid K base stat
          And that would mean a at least 166 in ever stat or give or take with 168 in two slots (Atk and sp Atk)
          That is a scary thought

  17. Alright prepared yourselves for the most broken Pokemon ever
    Mega Perfect Zygarde
    Hp 166
    Atk 168
    Def 166
    Sp atk 168
    Sp def 166
    Spd 166
    Ability: Ancient Order: transforms moves into super-effective
    It would only need to learn 2 moves to mega evolve
    Maelstrom: the user creates a vortex of pure energy changing the weather to a Maelstrom: it causes 10% max health damage at the end of every turn
    World breaker: base dam 300: the user strikes the opponent with enough force to destroy worlds, never misses
    And with a freed item slot it also gains a signature hold item
    The Crown of Order: at the end of every turn it raises attack, defense, sp attack, sp defense and speed and lowers the opponent’s

  18. I remember my older brother lending my Blue copy to a friend of his and never getting it back ._. And that’s all I remember about it!

  19. What I really miss about Gen 1 was the sense of mystery. The internet was a whole different animal from what it is now, so rumors were all over the place with no real way to verify them. And of course with how buggy the game was, Mew glitches and Missingnos and all that, it was easy enough to believe that there could be all kinds of mysteries to discover. I remember attempting several of the tricks for the supposed Pokegods, and the one to get into Bills Secret Garden. Sadly this is the kind of feeling that cant really be recreated.

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