Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pokémon with PokéJungle!

It’s almost difficult to believe that Pokémon turns 20 this year and has been part of most of our lives for almost as long. The franchise is what brings all of us together here on PokéJungle, so what better way is there to show our thanks than with an Anniversary Celebration?!

Starting tomorrow, until who knows when, we’ll be publishing special articles looking back at Pokémon’s past, pondering over the present and imagining the future. Think our Road to ORAS/XY, but hopefully much, much better.

We’ve already planned out several articles that will run on specific days of the week, but as always at PokéJungle we want to hear what our readers want to see published on the site. Is there a specific type of article you want to see us published? Maybe something pulled out from our archives, or perhaps something completely new. Just let us know in the comments!

During our 20th Anniversary Celebration you can expect a ton of Pokémon news to drop, so we’ll be tailoring articles specifically to the news that drops too and of course, it wouldn’t be PokéJungle without rumours…

That’s it for now, but tune in tomorrow for the first feature and don’t forget to share your article requests in the comments!

As part of an upcoming article we want you to tweet us with your best Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue memories over on the PokéJungle Twitter using the hashtag #RedandBlueMemories.

Also, how do you like our new theme?!