Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pokémon with PokéJungle!

It’s almost difficult to believe that Pokémon turns 20 this year and has been part of most of our lives for almost as long. The franchise is what brings all of us together here on PokéJungle, so what better way is there to show our thanks than with an Anniversary Celebration?!

Starting tomorrow, until who knows when, we’ll be publishing special articles looking back at Pokémon’s past, pondering over the present and imagining the future. Think our Road to ORAS/XY, but hopefully much, much better.

We’ve already planned out several articles that will run on specific days of the week, but as always at PokéJungle we want to hear what our readers want to see published on the site. Is there a specific type of article you want to see us published? Maybe something pulled out from our archives, or perhaps something completely new. Just let us know in the comments!

During our 20th Anniversary Celebration you can expect a ton of Pokémon news to drop, so we’ll be tailoring articles specifically to the news that drops too and of course, it wouldn’t be PokéJungle without rumours…

That’s it for now, but tune in tomorrow for the first feature and don’t forget to share your article requests in the comments!

As part of an upcoming article we want you to tweet us with your best Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue memories over on the PokéJungle Twitter using the hashtag #RedandBlueMemories.

Also, how do you like our new theme?!

  1. I love this! Good luck and have fun writing the articles, we’ll have a lot of fun reading them, I’m sure of it.

  2. I like the theme, I just think there’s a little too much gray. Looking forward to these articles.

  3. I just freaking hope we get some news soon, I’m bored to tears
    But if it is Gen 6’s Sequel I fear that I will catch the same Pokemon
    I mean I am cursed to use native Pokemon and I only will use Chesnaught and the rest are kinda lame except the obvious Diggersby, Pangoro, Tyrantrum, Barbaracle, Avalugg.

    1. Nothing really. It’s more than likely they are fake, but I suppose we’ll know soon enough. Either way even if they are fake the person had some good ideas and I hope those ideas are eventually thought of by GF in the future.

      1. Agreed. If the person is legitimate, I’d love to see what else he/she has to offer. English translations would honestly be the tiebreaker. Besides, now with worldwide releases, both English and Japanese names should be available at the same time. Ever since XY, if my memory serves me correctly, Japanese and English names have always leaked/been announced simultaneously, with the exception of CoroCoro. Makes me wonder why that isn’t the case here.

    2. I found out one more interesting tidbit. Every single generation so far has introduced exactly 17 new type combinations (Gen 3 is an exception with 18). It just so happens that this list has 17 new type combinations. Also, the hexagon map on the Pokemon could easily be referencing Zygarde and its hexagonal design scheme. Other than that, nothing new has come to light. Kriffix has claimed that this list has very awkward Japanese, but I have heard many other people say that it’s convincing so I’m personally not dismissing it yet.

      1. I love some of those new type combinations and I think there’s a tropical feel to it with dolphins and fruit flies etc. Crossing my fingers/toes/eyes that it’s somehow legit..!

        1. It’s obviously not 100% possible to say it is fake, but all the signs point towards it being so. I think we may have something in the pipeline…

  4. Well I decided to invent and recruit members for my own Trainer Class
    A class dedicated to the quick and painful demise of Fairy Types
    Long live the Fairy Hunters!!!

  5. Twenty years of Pokemon… I could remember my first Pokemon Game! I was four years old at the time and it was my birthday. It was Ruby and it was a present from my parents. I could recall how hype I was to finally be playing an actual Pokemon Game, not just watching the anime on Cartoon Network. Ever since then, I’ve loved this series. I will continue to support it anytime!

    1. Oh my god u were only 4 when Ruby and Sapphire came out……..the pain of aging has now hit me like a ton of bricks…..lol

      1. Right? Fun fact: The trademark for Pokemon Red and Green was submitted on my exact date of birth, September 11, 1995 😀 Red was probably the first videogame I every really played.

  6. My cousin introduced me to Pokemon. My parents got me a purple gameboy and yellow. I didn’t beat it for a long time. I’d get tired of my Pikachu losing to Brock and just start over lololololol

    1. My first game was FireRed. Pretty fitting, if you ask me, for me to begin with the remake of the games that started it all. Pokemon was a huge craze back in the mid-2000s, as you might know, so I was encouraged to get the game. I then got Emerald, Pearl, Platinum, and beyond, and I have never looked back. Somehow I never managed to drop the series (even during the awkward pre-teen stages). I’ve always been an unusual person at heart, so that might have something do with it. The life of an admittedly feminine straight male is a difficult one, but Pokemon never judged me for it. We can all be our very best and catch them all. Peace and love, maaaaan…that’s what Pokemon is.

      1. “feminine straight male”

        The first video game I ever bought was Crystal version in the very Toys R Us I work in. Yellow and Crystal sold me on the series and I’ve been playing ever since. Except for the three year haitus. THE HAITUS. My parents banned me from my gameboy for THERE years and I still don’t know why. I didn’t get to play pokemon until Diamond in sixth grade.

        1. You may quote me on that, because it’s a thing that exists. Anyways, parents have huge differences in terms of what they accept. I was lucky enough to have relatively lax parents, but I know lots of others didn’t have that luxury. Three years seems extremely excessive, though, especially from Pokemon. I can see why Crystal would have been a good starting place for the series, because it connects to the region from the first games and has 16 BADGES!

          1. I had to read it over a few times. Long day at work. I thought a lesbian was cute until I realized she was a lesbian.

            My friends would play and trade at recess during rainy days and I couldn’t take part, so I started sneaking my GBA…

      2. Hmm. The only hope for that list would be if there were some major miscommunications in relaying the names/Pokemon species when typing them up into that chart.

  7. I got Blue Version when I was about 8 and haven’t looked back since. The franchise can try its fans’ patience but it’s pretty much always worth it! 2016 is gonna be an amazing year for Pokemon!

  8. Unlike u i didn’t know if pkmn game r exist game boy device is not common in my country also , when I was 10 years one of my brother friend give him a pkmn CD I pretty sure he didn’t know wat is inside this CD he think it’s only have some pkmn episodes actually it have GB emulator pokemon YGR – GS when find out how emulator work I feel like scientist i choose to play gold i like the name at that time I didn’t most Gen 2 pkmn so it’s like heaven for me …..the dark side of this story I was know nothing about save file so i can’t save game I repeat the game over and over again I remember I playing the game 12 our in a day i reach 7th GYM on one day.

    1. Ahaha that’s such a charming and heartwarming memory. It’s part of the kind of thing that makes Pokémon so special to us all. Everyone has their own story.

      What country are you from may I ask?

      1. srry buddy many ppl ask me this question here but I still don’t like answer it even if ur speaking japanese or I can answer it like planet Earth or lavender town.

  9. Pokemon is 2 months older than me, which obviously is my claim to fame in the Pokemon world, haha
    My journey started when I watched my brother playing Yellow in the car on a GameBoy (which was tough seeing as it was night time and we had to rely on the passing streetlights show we could see). I remember jumping him over a ledge and heading towards Pallet Town on Route One. I then got Yellow myself and then Red (didn’t get blue), then when it came out, a family friend (whose nickname is Ash) bought me Silver along with the guide which I still have although I had to tape parts to keep it together.
    From third gen onwards, I got every single main game, and now Im all ready to get Yellow first of all next week and play it again!

  10. Well since everyone is telling their origin stories
    My story began when I was a mere child who received Pokemon Red. And I remember trying to beat Brock solely with Charmander since I never learned how to level, catch Pokemon, or type effectiveness
    I cannot remember if I ever beat him or not, then i stopped for a year or so never really making it too far until one day I was wandering the supermarket and I saw some kid playing a gameboy with the official strategy guide for Pokemon, then I realized I had the same book and figured I COULD USE IT TOO, so I started Red (or Blue I think I lost the original) and chose Squirtle solely to beat Brock. Then I finally learnt how to catch stuff and level, I was on a role and even managed to catch all three legendary birds, I was just about start the elite four, but…. We were visiting my aunt in Queens…. I found her nice big comfy armchair in the back room to start… I started the game and what I saw mortified me
    New Game…

          1. Well Dual Chop the Smearagle
            rock slide the Tflame
            Ice Shard the Salamence
            and just Equake and Iron head the rest

  11. so i’m working on my fakemon dex…where is that thingy where you can make online lists
    cuz i don’t want to litter a wall of text

  12. I started playing Pokemon yellow back in fourth grade in 1999. I had a friend that let me borrow it because he said it was too hard for him, so I would play it on my gameboy but once it got dark I started playing it on the supernintendo with the adapter cartridge thing. I struggled with Brock like every 4th grader did, but that’s not the most memorable thing I have of the game. The funny thing was that I started catching all the Pokemon I could but I didn’t know about switching boxes in the pc so after box 1 got full every time afterwards I caught a mon it would tell me that it was release cause my box was full. I started deleting a lot of them to make room for stronger mons I felt so bad for doing it and then I found out about switching them I don’t remember how I found out but when I did I felt so stupid. I also remembered back then in my school the cards were way more popular than the games cause we could take them to school nobody knew how to play we just loved drawing two cards together to pretend that the Pokemon were battling using there moves!!!! Ever since then I fell in love with Pokemon and have been a fan from Gen l to Gen Vl and I’m always gonna be a fan, the only let down I’ve ever have with GF was with XY when they only released 70 new Pokemon I wish it would of been more. I wish they would do what they did with Gen 2 and 4 and give pass Pokemon evolutions and I don’t mean just mega evolutions.

  13. I first got into the franchise through the anime and cards at some point as a kid, pokémon being all the rage as it was in the early 2000s. My first pokémon game, the first game I got when I was allowed video games, was Leaf Green, which I received at christmas with a GBA SP, and which fittingly got me started in first gen even though it was third gen. Stupidly I got Fire Red and Leaf Green and my brother got Ruby and Sapphire, as we were too dumb to realise we could both get 2 adventures, but I got Emerald so no harm was done in the end haha. After that me and my brother got the paired versions for each generation and a number of spinoffs. I started buying both after he stopped playing (though he quickly repented as some of our friends were taking interest in competitive battling), and our passion is still going strong to this day. As a biology nut I’ve always found the wonderful diversity of critters in the pokémon world perfectly matched my deepest interests, and this closeness of my passions drives my curiosity and love for the series to this day. So happy pokémon is still a huge thing all these years later, long may it continue!

  14. I remember well my first encounter with Pokémon. I woke up one early Sunday morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I turned on the TV, and tadaa, the intro Ep.1 of Season 1 on Norwegian TV started up! That was back in year 2000 (whaat, is that already 16 years ago…? :O)! I got really excited because some friends of mine had Pokémon games, and they loved it. So from that moment on I became a fan. My FIRST game I ever got was Pokémon Gold, the very next year!

  15. How about a contest about what we think is the best gen (like the one with the best starter) in honor of this ‘celebration’? And, in addition to that, a summary of what every gen introduced and stuff? I’d like to see that!

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