Pokémon teases BIG new project

Our friends at Serebii are reporting that the president of the Pokémon Company has teased a new project being worked on separately from the upcoming Pokémon GO during an interview with the Yomiuri Shimbun (one of Japan’s largest newspapers); their translation is as follows:

In an interview with the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, the launch roll-out for Pokémon GO has been revealed. In this interview, Tsunekazu Ishihara, head of the Pokémon Company, says that the app will rollout in Japan, Europe and North America first and then later launch in South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. No date has been revealed as of yet. In this interview, Mr. Ishihara also stated that they are working on another big project away from Pokémon GO.

What do you think this means?! Is Pokémon Z on the verge of being officially announced?!

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  1. The next 3d Pokémon game. Whether its in the style of Colosseum and XD or Stadium. Were getting a new one but not on the home console on the new 3ds

    1. I highly doubt that. Y would a Colosseum/stadium game b on the 3ds? Then it might as well just b the main series game lol The point of those games I suppose originally was to offer fans a way to battle in 3d, but now that we have that, those types of games need to b creative and original I would think. I don’t think they’ll ever bring them to the handheld console as it would b too similar to the main series.

  2. U know what? At this point I don’t care anymore………I’m more excited about GO, but even that doesn’t have a release date. At least we generally kno when it’s coming rather than having TONS of passive hints with no confirmation. I’m done……….This has just been exhausting lol I’ll b excited again when something substantial is revealed. Until then I’m just gonna live my life hahaha

    1. I think there’s a huge chance of a reveal on the anniversary. At this point, they’ve done everything except announce the games.

  3. If they are only working on one other “big project”, then of course it’s the next main series Pokemon games! I’m not quite sure if he’s referring to a project outside of the main series, though.

    I also have to say that I expect a Nintendo Direct before March 11. When that Canadian retailer leaked those 12 new Nintendo Selects games being released on that date, the listings were removed from their website and the tweet was removed. I think Nintendo probably plans on revealing those formally. Also, they need to promote Star Fox Zero, Twilight Princess HD, Pokken Tournament and other unannounced games!

    1. I’m getting so freaking excited for this game it’s not even funny!!! I’m glad they’res releasing English game-play trailers now so we can c the differences. The game is looking GREAT!

    2. Still dissapointed they chose to give chandelure an idiotic childish voice rather than a properly creepy and IMO more fitting one. Still, the pokémon, apart form pikachu, don’t seem to say their names, which is awesome. I hope the game still has a few cool fighters left to be revealed, though I doubt it at this point. Hype though!

      1. You do realize that a good percent of most Ghost types have a creepy childish nature, often mischievous and silly so it’s actually quite fitting
        I really hope they add so damn heavyweights since it’s seriously lacking

        1. Yes, I do see how the whole childish thing is creepy, but I feel having it make noises closer to it’s in game cry, be silent or I dunno, make wushing noises or something would have been a better fit for Chandelure. I think something like Gourgheist would be better fitted to the whole cheery thing. Here I feel it’s more about the japanese tendency to make things kawai than anything else, which to me feels counterproductive in this case.

          1. you really can’t fight this kinda thing
            But one thing we all can agree on is the extreme lack of heavyweights

          2. I’m not really too bothered as I don’t particularly love heavyweights, but fair point, the game doesn’t even have a proper heavyweight in the roster yet, which is weird.

          3. Like I say
            Rhyperior, Hariyama, Golem, Aggron, Snorlax even Garbodor could make a decent fighter

            But everyone want fast lean and overly popular Pokemon

  4. The anniversary is only a few days away, only a matter of time now. Also with Junichi Masuda confirmed to be at e3, it should be a good year for Pokemon.

    1. Well only a few days in the way that 10 days is only a few days away lol but ur right it really is just a matter of time.

    1. if they don’t complete that row and just leave Mewtwo on his own on the right, it’ll annoy the shit out of me.

  5. I’m going to believe that it is the next Pokemon Game. I love how everyone is using Z like it’s going to be the actual title. I recall Masuda saying that Z will highly not be the title because of it being predictable. I think calling it the Next Pokemon Game is better than Z. (Anything is possible tho.) Also, no DLC is planned for Pokken Tournament, so the fighters that are there are permanent, I doubt there would be any newcomers.

    1. We all know its not going to be named Z, it’s just placeholder because type “next pokemon game” every time is way too much effort when Z is just one letter

    2. No DLC, BUT distribution of new fighters isn’t impossible. The game will support Amiibo cards. That’s how they’re distributing Dark Mewtwo with the game.

    3. I think it’s going to be Pokemon AZ, due to recent leaks and because it makes sense. “A stands for the beginning, Z stands for the end”, as a Team Magma grunt said in ORAS. Not only that, we will learn more about the beginning of Kalos (with the ancient war and such), along with the end of Kalos lore and Gen 6 itself. AND, AZ will be a prominent character in the game.

  6. Yet another image from 4chan relating to “Pokemon AZ” and its 70 new Pokemon. This was posted by the same person who posted the original list. No one knows where this image came from, and the detail put into it is astounding (the English version of this list, not made by the original Japanese poster, makes this clearer). Look at the icon next to each Pokedex number. It’s a version of the icon currently included in the Kalos Pokedex, except it has a larger Central Kalos region, as well as southeastern and southwestern portions. Most interesting, though, is the fact that these new southern areas are colored orange and light blue…the remaining colors on PERFECT ZYGARDE’S CHEST! Let’s imagine that each color represents one region of Kalos, and all of them are lit up on Zygarde because the entire ecosystem is going haywire. IT ALL MAKES SENSE!
    I also posted my reasons for believing the name “Pokemon AZ” is legitimate in response to Afarr below.

    1. Normally these types of “leaks” are easily pushed aside as they’re from 4chan and that’s a huge tell already. I have to admit this seems to have taken a considerable amount of time to create. If it’s real I have no doubt it’ll b exciting to c all these new Pokemon. If it’s fake I have to give credit where credit is due and say that this has to b one of the most well thought out and carefully crafted fake “leaks” we’ve seen for a while if not ever lol

      1. By considerable amount of time I hope you mean considerable amount of gibberish
        None of these names have any soul and they sound so weeabish so I deem this neckbeard’s afternoon of making fake names a farce A FARCE I SAY

        1. Nay to you, good sir. You should have seen the amount of detail that truly went into these names, I was reading the thread as it happened. It’s one of the best fakes we’ve yet received, if it’s fake at all.

          1. I think what’s making this stick out more than anything is the color scheme…I never noticed the blue and orange on Zygarde until you pointed it out. O_o
            And now…..I have to wonder…..because the colors on Zygarde and this list are exact……*hmmmmm

          2. It’s just a single instance of this leak being extremely well thought out…almost as if Game Freak had done it 😛 Who in the world designed that hexagon map icon thing anyway? Nobody knows!

          3. Key word fake
            Why do lot make such big fusses about every time we’ve gotten fake lists
            They’re always fake and I’ve never believed one once
            So why drag it out

        2. Whether the names are good or not means nothing. In order to put something liike this together it’s obvious the person knows how the Japanese writing system works and that in itself it work.

      2. I’m glad you feel the same way about it as I do. I’m not claiming at all that these are real, but there is a distinct possibility that they are. I don’t know why these would have been leaked so early, but there are currently no telltale signs that it’s false. Why not analyze it while it’s here? I could go on and on about why I think they’re real, but I don’t want to retread that ground with every comment!

        Also, even if these leaks are completely fake, I have now been convinced that the title will be Pokemon AZ. It just so happens that this “leaker” thinks so too.

          1. Its kinda hard I mean it sounds believable but honestly Druddigon is supposed to be a gargoyle and Rock would make a tinier bit more sense
            But I find it hard to believe that Mega Evolution would just slap on Steel typing when it barely learns anything
            Just pandering it looks like it has a metal axe for a face auto steel type

          2. Ampharos’ Japanese name Denryu can be taken to mean 電流 denryū (electric current) or 電竜 den ryū (electric dragon)

            But Mewtwo X and Lopunny are a tad more trickier
            Mewtwo X might be resonating on the idea that its sole purpose of creation is to be the strongest Pokemon ever and the hybrid DNA kinda singled the stronger traits to surface with thhe influence of Mega Evolution

            And Lopunny has always possesses a hidden fighting prowess with an abnormal amount of Flighting moves in its repertoire
            But honestly I wish this thing never existed I hate it so much literally Medicham 2.0

          3. Wow okay! Awesome to learn new things. Still think they can slap Steel-typing onto Haxorus (and hopefully give him some Steel attacks or an ability like Pixilate).

          4. That’s far too lazy
            Mega Evolution is supposed to bring out their innermost traits and abilities and everyone is going nuts thinking anything can go and frankly that annoys me

    2. These are actually believable and here’s why.

      It’s taking an unprecedented amount of time for a main series game reveal, considering for how long it’s been hinted at (starting with the new Zygarde forms back in, what, November?? So since the games haven’t been revealed yet, I think it’d be safe to assume that development is likely finishing up, meaning that the game is still in GameFreak’s hands, so the fact that all these names are in Japanese helps give it credibility. Too often we see people create leaks saying “I’m part of NoAmerica” and they’re in English, which makes no sense to me sometimes.

      Also keep in mind that this is most likely a continuation, in some way shape or form, of Kalos (Gen 6) whether it be Pokemon Z, Gen 6.5, or Gen 7 (mirroring Gen 2 with Kanto). So all the development effort of creating a new region on a new platform etc etc helps accelerate development time. So what does that mean? Even though the game hasn’t been revealed, it’s very likely the new ‘dex is already created and set in stone. There’s more than likely a whole ‘dex of Pokemon that are ready to be revealed out there.

      My PREDICTION. Is that the new game will be RELEASED WORLDWIDE within 3 months of the game announcement, instead of the 9-10 months we had to wait for XY and ORAS.

      These are believable leaks, but I don’t buy it, I never buy leaks lol. But if they are real, I wouldn’t even be mad. Can you link me to the 4chan thread please?

      1. It has to be 6.5, since there are no starters on the list. They won’t make a new gen without giving us new starters, right?
        Still hoped for starters, since I always get attached to them 🙂

      2. It has to be 6.5, since there are no starters on the list. They won’t make a new gen without giving us new starters, right?

        Still hoped for starters, since I always get attached to them 🙂

    3. I’m convinced… but, names like E-Es-P, H-Gen, Oxygen, and H20ter are throwing me off. I’m surprised none of the comments have mentioned this yet. Am I missing something here?

      1. Yeah. You’re not supposed to think about the leaks, you’re just supposed to blindly accept them.

      2. They are unusual names, and they originally turned me off from the leaks, but then I looked further and saw all the other name inspirations from other Pokemon on the list. With the slim chance that this is real, it could be Game Freak’s way of freshening up ideas. I have a huge problem with “Oxygen”, but the other ones you listed seem alright to me.

        1. My favorite off that list is Ringobae. That sounds like the name of a Pokemon Chico created, lol.
          We’ll see how things turn out. I wouldn’t be opposed to having that many new Pokemon, as I felt there were a lot of unforgettable ones in XY. Gotta stop getting my hopes up for CoroCoro, though. It’s honestly an official announcement that will tie up loose threads.

    4. Another thing I noticed is all the names were romanized (I think that’s the right word) except for Magearna. Magearna isn’t the Japanese name for the Pokemon, and, based on the length of the names, everything else is in Japanese. If it was properly done, wouldn’t Magiana be in place of Magearna, considering everything is done in Japanese? Maybe I’m overthinking.

      1. O my god. Literally every single one disappoints me. How did you get this? I hope it’s not real…

        1. From what I can gather on 4chan this seems to be nothing more than fan interpretation (phew). I gotta say making the molecule pokémon into dogs is a particularly unforgivable crime.

    5. I still don’t buy it.
      The main reason is Magearna.
      All the other names are in Japanese,so why isn’t it Magiana instead?
      Second,it isn’t from a reliable source really.
      Anyone Remember the Rayman leak for smash, and how in the end it ended up being faked?
      That’s why I never trust leaks

      1. Exactly besides this jokester is saying Magearna is a Fairy Type how ridiculous does that sound
        Fairies and Technology do not mix

    6. Aaaaw I so desperately want these to be real, this is literally my favourite fake leak ever (I’m still definitely calling this fake until proven otherwise, but that isn’t stopping my hopes from getting up, which is agonising). If anything it does seem to be an amazingly well done fake, with proper work for the names, the “production design” of the list and so on. Frankly I think the names, even the weird ones, are believable. Isn’t Magearna an accepted romanisation of Magiana, especially as it’s actually reflecting the idea behind the name? (I dunno I’m just basing that of what I see on Serebii). Well done as it is however, this looks like exhibit A for “too good to be true”: just look at all those awesome pokémon ideas that have long been wished for by fans, and all those exotic type combinations. This is too fan-pleasing to seem true. I don’t believe Game Freak would ever put out something like this. They seem too attached to doing it their own way, being somewhat complacent with hmm, it might be harsh calling it mediocrity, let’s say a certain lack of creative ambition in certain regards. I’m sure I’ll be satisfied with whatever GF puts out for gen 6,5 or gen 7, but the fact is there’s little doubt this list would top it.

    7. Back when you posted this before I was reading through the Japanese names and was pretty convinced these were fake. Now that I’m seeing the Japanese text I feel even stronger now.

      Many of these names sound really awkward to say, and some don’t follow rules found in Japanese (サイッヒク/saihhiku for example is very odd. Two vowels shouldn’t have a ‘sokuon’ inbetween them for words that are not onomatopoeia. The only exception I’m aware of is when expressing German/foreign phrases in katakana. It doesn’t come naturally).

      Also the Pokemon species names don’t match existing conventions. The Japanese names are always ‘noun/nominalized verb + Pokemon’, but these names include adjectives such as 甘い/辛い and the very awkward 壮大なポケモン。

      Sorry 🙁

      1. Ah man, what a shame. Whoever did this certainly tricked a lot of non-Japanese speakers, that’s for sure.

        1. Yeah it is a shame because the ideas and typo combos looked good.
          But not all hope is lost! There could still be a gen 6.5, just not this list!

        1. I should hope so, I was there in high school and later I majored in Japanese phonetics and linguistics :p

    8. This is interesting. I think the game will be called Pokemon AZ also. I’m hype for this to be legit. An expanded Kalos would be amazing!

    9. If this is real, than I would be excited. A Dragon/Fighting type is a type combination I’ve been wanting for a while!

  7. Hey everyone, I’m new here! I’ve always read the articles, but I never commented. I thought I’d change that! 🙂

        1. I get your point, but I feel like the color in Zygarde’s chest looks more like blue than purple to me. Nonetheless, your theory sounds cool!

  8. I think the next game(s) will be gen seven, like with gens one and two-a continuation- but introducing a smaller number of Pokémon. I feel this makes more sense than a gen 6.5, but this is just my opinion. I could also be completely wrong and it could be another gen six game, but the introduction of a new Pokémon-Magearna-makes me doubt this.

    1. The only way that could make sense is that Azoth is in fact based on a further Region just close enough for Flare to have research on it and just far enough to give a cultral boundary to prevent indigenous fauna to cross over

          1. It could also be possible if you can use your Pokemon to just fly there instead of a region adjecent to Kalos.

          1. no it really doesn’t
            Shauna never existed in gen 5 ergo Bianca is the original girly air head companion

  9. Just a whole lot of Pokken New surfacing
    Four new Support Pokemon
    Yveltal and Latios & Reshiram and Cresselia
    and in-case anyone hasn’t heard you cannot i repeat cannot mix and match Support Pokemon
    so like you can’t have Jirachi with Yveltal only who they paired with
    Fricking lucked out with the Dual Cubone and Diglett

  10. Well we all know clear analysis and all reason is pointing to the obvious fact that that 6.5 gen leak is fake, but I’ve decided to go through it, evolution line by evolution line, just for fun. The ideas collected are speculation from the 4chan threads, from here, from other corners of the internet, and a few of my own thoughts. Now do please note I don’t know Japanese so this is based on what other people have said or summary research on my part. What an overall look abundantly clearly points to is how closely this list tracks fan wishes and common fakemon ideas, especially pre-xy rumours, which underlines how wish fulfilling and simply unlikely to be true it is. Nonetheless, I think the hard work behind this list deserves for it to be analysed and it’d be an interesting discussion topic to feed our hype while we wait for a probable announcement.

    Ringomushi/Ringobae: Bug/Grass
    Fruit Maggot/Fly Pokémon (“apple bug/fly): A fly pokémon is a pretty expected idea, and basing it on fruit flies is an easy way of making them interesting. How the apple may be included in their design is the interesting part. Some have suggested Ringomushi could live in an apple/have part of it’s body be an apple.

    Kokiburi/Gomiburi: Bug/Dark
    Squalid Pokémon (“cockroach/garbage cockroach”) : again a cockroach is a pretty standard inspiration, and one that has appeared before on fakemon lists. This entry also reminds me of the dud content in the XY early release leaks about a Bug/Dark pokémon called “Nitx”, and vaguely of those trap spider/ghost spider fakemon that popped up in earlier rumours.

    Dorinoiko/Deinoshishi: Ground
    Mud Bath Pokémon (“mud piglet/mud boar”): reminds of those Grass/Rock mushroom pig rumours pre-XY.

    Anoaqua/Aquanoa: Water
    Watering Hole Pokémon: I’ve heard these are water buffalo?? That would be a great take on the idea of animals converging on water holes, as a literal take on the species name would be a bit weird.

    Kinokooni/Kinrinpu: Fairy/Poison
    Fairy Dust/ Fairy Ring Pokémon (“mushroom oni/fairy ring”): the concept of a fairy-ring pokémon, especially associated with mushrooms and the poison type, has been floated by fans since fairy type was announced. IMO a three-stage line would make a nice counterpart to Florges.

    Bakemomon/Shiitobake/Futobake: Ghost
    Thread/Sheet/Bed Pokémon (cotton/sheet/futon ghost): Another weird object-based pokémon for people to complain about, though this could alternatively go the way of chandelure and be accepted if it’s design is great. Seemingly based on the Ittan-momen (cotton) and Boroboroton (futon) japanese yokai, as well as western sheet ghosts, so there’s thought behind this and little valid criticism to be made on making this evo line. Still waiting for a Kasa-Obake umbrella ghost 😉

    Iesupii(E-Es-P)/Saihhiku (Psichic)/Uberihhiku (Uberichic): Psychic- /Normal- /Ghost:
    Instinct/Prudence/Conscience pokémon: what seems to be a trio based on psychological/psychoanalytical archetypes, with many suggesting they correspond to Freud’s Id, Ego and Superego concepts. That’s an awesome idea. Knowing gamefreak they’d probably throw some other animal or thing into the mix to flesh ou the design. I’d be curious to hear theories about what that could be.

    Chirahoora/Koonhoon: Ice/Flying
    Snowflake/Snowstorm Pokémon: the (quite obvious) consensus says these are snowy owls, which is a long-awaited design for an ice-type. We’ve got polar bears and icebergs now , make this happen game freak! Also the oft used fakemon name Snowl pretty much can’t be beaten as a localisation choice for for Chirahoora.

    Peppimento/Peppanero: Grass- /Fire
    Mild/Spicy Pokémon: Chili peppers seem obvious here, a common suggestion for grass/Fire types.

    Koryou/Naitoragon: Dragon/Steel
    Shield/Lance Pokémon: some suggest this is based on the japanese legend of a lance that could pierce every shield and a shield that could block any lance. It’s also nice to see legendary-exclusive types be reworked into standard pokémon. More like this please.

    Biidokage/Dezaatokage: Poison/Ground
    Poison Lizard Pokémon: poison lizard pokémon are common on fakemon lists, and for good reason, they’re a very pokemony concept with a lot of example that could feed designs for an evolutionary line. These could be based gila monsters,
    komodo dragons, spiny desert lizards, or other squamates.

    Haorimuri/Haorideyu: Fire- /Water
    Chimney/Hot Spring Pokémon: people generally seem to be thinking these are primates, with the obvious inspiration of hot-spring enthusiast and fiery-looking japanses macaques and a second stage that could be a bit chunkier, like a yeti or orang-utan. IMO Ice/Fire would be better for such a line.

    H-Gen/Okishigen/H2Otaa: Electric- – /Water
    Element/Element/Compound Pokémon: people think this could either be a three-entry line or potentially two distinct pokémon fusing into a third one. I’d be more inclined to support the former, one could easily envision a molecule-pokémon evolving into a heavier molecule, and a magneton-like third entry made of two first-stages and one second stage. Atom/molecule fakemon are a thing, and the concept would certainly be a tantalising one for game freak to tackle. As for the names, they seem to be causing a stir, with people saying they’re too strange or too basic (literally “Oxgen”), and even though we’ve hard weird names in the past game freak have moved on, but I’d be inclined to think a weird design would warrant weird names, and game freak are patented trolls.

    Noion/Dainoumo: Electric/Psychic
    Nerve/Brain Pokémon: electric/psychic type pokémon based on brains (with light-bulbs often included in the design) have popped up as fakemon a few times. It’s an excellent idea that perfectly fits the unusual type combination.

    Yukiba/Fubukiba: Ice/Normal- /Dark
    Ice Fang Pokémon: these screams wolf pokémon, though plausible alternatives such as husky, snow leopard or sabertooth have been suggested. Wy not add wolverine while we’re at it. Wolves, with dolphins, are undeniably the single most widely-wanted pokémon design for gamefreak to tackle. And by tackle people mean properly adapt, not use as partial inspiration as in Riolu or Lanturn. In any case it’s an easy choice for a cool pokémon with a cute first stage, and the types fit nicely. Husky would probably work less well with the dark type but a husky-wolf line could be plausible. Snow Leopard is another easy cool idea game freak should definitely do at some point. Sabertooth is another long-awaited desgin (and Raikou doesn’t really cut it, cool as he is), but you’d probably expect it to be a part rock-type fossil, probably with a counterpart (another mammoth?), though I think they should revisit the non-paired fossil idea of Aerodactyl. The more fossils, the better IMO. (A little sidenote: southern france, with the Lascaux cave, is a perfect location for pleistocene fauna pokémon. One fakemon duo I saw featured an Auroch Line and a wooly rhino line with a design based on the paintings and supposedly obtained from DNA found in the paintings… How übercool is that???) )

    Inagoori: Bug/Ice
    Freezing pokémon: a weta seems to be the most obvious thing to go from, as some of these Locust-like insects are known for their ability to sustain themselves in a frozen state of suspended animation for months, hence the “Freezing” species. Again the weta isn’t unheard of in “what would make a cool pokémon” lists, especially for the bug/ice slot.

    Nikkoguma/Beasahi: Fire
    Morning Sun Pokémon: Fire Bears, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks this might be a retread of Honoguma, Gold and Silver’s original fire starter, a cute little fire bear. Now that would be a genius move on game freak’s part. If only they could bring out that cool tortoise pokémon, it just looks to perfect not to be a thing. These could also draw inspiration from sun bears, which would be a nice way of diversifying pokémon’s growing ursid contingent.

    Kanseki/Jigansen: Rock/Poison- Steel/Poison
    Virus pokémon: an interesting way to integrate strange type combinations and a strange (but occasionaly suggested) idea for a pokémon. The primary type transition is strange, but not unheard of in pokémon. Personally I’d be more partial to pokémon sage’s electric/poison vectol and Vectol.2 which are just perfect virus pokémon (in fact a lot of ideas on this list look similar to concepts found in the pokémon sage fakemon pokédex. That’s not surprising as most of their designs are pure gold and gamefreak should make them official already IMO).

    Kyojishin: Ground/Fighting
    Big Earthquake Pokémon: this type combination seems to be an extremely popular choice suddenly, I’m not too sure why and I’ve no idea what this thing could be but it certainly looks quite tantalising.

    Hariasahi: Normal/Steel
    Pincushion Pokémon: The species name is extremely strange, but less so if you consider Hari could come from the japanese word for hedgehog. This could be another hedgehog, a porcupine, a spiny tenrec, or even an echidna. Interesting use of an exotic type combination. I can easily see this thing being an annoying iron barbs spiky shield user.

    Kumonki: Normal/Bug
    Acrobat Pokémon: everything from the species name to the type and name (Kumo+Monkey) obviously says spider monkey. Hopefully this would be some sort of Ateles with enhanced arachnid features. For some reason, despite the abundance of indescribably cool ideas on this list, I’ve become particularly attached to this pokémon idea and really want it to be real, much like Hawlucha back when it was first leaked and we weren’t sure if it was real. I dunno the idea for this just seems perfect.

    Inshinmai/Chuukishi/Meishin: Rock/Normal- /Fight -/Psychic
    Unskilled/Proficient/Grandmaster Pokémon: now this is a weird one for me. Again this a concept based series of pokémon, so some unknown organism or thing would feature in the design. The species seem to parallel the later fighting/dragon line, but these mid-listers don’t seem to be pseudo-legendaries whereas their “counterparts” seem like they should be. Even more confusing is the secondary type-switching going on. Going from normal to psychic or fighting makes sense, so this could be split, but the species names unmistakenly point to a complete three-stage line. Such as transition from fighting to psychic may seem weird, but to be fair it’s not impossible either and it makes thematic sense.

    Haotori/Pachidori: Flying -/Electric
    Humming/Static Pokémon: obviously hummingbirds, a popular fakemon idea and another “easy-cool” choice. Nothing much else to say, these would probably have a blistering speed stat.

    Kodomorokoshi/Toumokukoshi (Tohmawkukoche): Grass
    Kernel/Chieftain Pokémon: the names suggest a corn based line, and the species suggest a warrior inspiration as well. The second stage’s name and species point to a Native American inspiration, which organically goes with corn’s american origins. Seems like a cool wacky concept for a grass line.

    Dorahhia (Drachia) : Dragon
    Majestic Pokémon: I feel really stupid for not realising this myself, but the -ia suffix obviously points to a much touted dragon-type eeveelution counterpart to sylveon. An idea that sort of says “pokémon leak checklist” but it’s presence in a second half Kalos dex nicely balances Sylveon’s presence in the the first half. I’d be interested to see what gamefreak could come up with for a design. Would it look like an eastern dragon, or a western one? Or something else completely?

    Piisumu/Kokonatoro: Water- /Grass
    Pea crab/Coconut Crab Pokémon: yet another 6th gen decapod crustacean seems like a strange choice for a slot in the list, but with gamefreak’s known trollitude I wouldn’t completely write this off. A coconut crab is also a solid choice for a cool design. I like the evolutionary transition from “pea” to “coconut” too.

    Kairuka/Okiruka(Orkiruka): Water/Psychic
    Dolphin Pokémon: Really, a psychic type dolphin? Would game Freak ever go there? This is the single most ridiculous too good to be true instance on this list. Dolphins, and especially psychic type ones, are just the pinnacle of obvious and fan-wanted pokémon ideas. And if that wasn’t enough the second evolution’s name strongly suggests it’s a killer whale. Come on now. But just imagine if this was actually a thing though…

    Shierubu/Shierofan/Shierafu: Fairy/Flying
    Angel Pokémon: An idea that has already spawned a few fakemon, and type combination and idea that has already been used in the Toge line (though if anything that probably makes this entry more realistic). Since the names include the words “Ophan” and “Seraph”, some hope the designs might go beyond the idea of simple angels and embrace the weirdness Of Judeo-Christian celestial imagery. That would more than justify the concept repeat for me.

    Gorodatsu/Ban’ikingu (Vaniking): Ice/Fighting
    Rogue/Barbarian Pokémon: that this line incorporates vikings is obvious both from the names, the types, and the species names. A solid concept for this type combination, this concept does exist in the fakemon fandom (tbf a colossal lot of things exist in the fakemon fandom) but isn’t overly common either.

    Ryakuun/Touzokuun: Dark
    Thief Pokémon: dark type thief racoons. I’ve seen this before. Multiple times. It’s nothing new really. That being said, the fact we have already have raccoon-like pokémon in Zigzagoon and Linoone doesn’t preclude a new set of raccoons at all, knowing game freaks penchant for repeating pokémon base ideas (which in my view is fine, as in the real world most animals come in multiple species). That being said, this idea being both a) a perfect fit and b) popular in the fandom makes it unlikely to be true.

    Shin’in/Infu/Jinron: Fighting- – /Dragon
    Novice/Apprentice/Master Pokémon: to be fair this is both a creative and neat concept for what seems to be a pseudo-legendary, with the highly skilled fighter becoming a “dragon”, a known eastern trope. It just seems a bit too cool to be true though, we’d probably end up with something wacky like goodra as a pseudo instead (though to be fair we did get hydrreigon and garchomp, so you never know).

    Byooji/Funzai/Joorai: Ghost/Rock- /Steel –
    Time Pokémon: clock pokémon seem to be the original ghost/steel type idea for fans (with haunted suits of armour obviously). But instead we got cool swords. Clock fakémon are quite common, and most suggest, in line with these fakes, that the final stage here would probably be a grandfather clock. This list though has the merit of starting the line with what seems to be a sundial, a much rarer idea. I’ve always wanted a clock pokémon, and I love having a little diversity on the Pseudo-Legendary front à la gen 3 (this should definitely be more of a thing). This would be really neat if it was true.

    Aibyoushi: Normal/Ghost
    Quantum Pokémon: IMO these are the coolest legendary concepts I have ever seen. This physics-trio is pure genius. To start with, this pokémon is obviously based on Schrödinger’s thought experiment that became the popular understanding of quantum objects. In the list creator’s mind, it was probably a cat. If game freak made this pokémon, I really hope it would be a weird cat. (Why not even add some Cheshire cat in there while you’re at it). Not doing this would be a wasted opportunity. In any case the concept is cool and the typing is perfect. It has been suggested this pokémon could phase in and out of reality. That could be a really cool battle gimmick.

    Jouhooru: Dark/Psychic
    Singularity Pokémon: this is pretty much definitely a black hole pokémon. (I’m still waiting for a proper sun-based pokémon in the first place, but I’ll take this 😉 ) The contrarion nature of Inkay and Malamar show how gamefreak perceives this type combination to be paradoxical, and it fits nicely. I’d be eager to see what it could look like. It could have a weird ability and/ or signature move as well.

    Kanshioni: Fire/Ice
    Thermodynamic Pokémon: Another neat idea that completes the trio perfectly, though in my mind it’s a little less cool. I have no idea what this could look like or what the type combination could yield, but I’m certainly intrigued. It too would probably have it’s own strange ability/signature move.

    Magearna (Magiana): Steel/Fairy
    Manmade pokémon: The only new thing here is the type, and this is the safe bet everyone was expecting. People have been underlining how it’s name and species are “incorrect” on some versions of the list, but as I understand it both translations/romanisations are acceptable for each.


    Whoever made this not only has impressive inspiration, but also has a clear wide knowledge of common fakemon concepts and highly-demanded pokémon ideas, and of Japanese folklore. However the apparent awkwardness of the names and how they’re built seems to be a giveaway of phonyness. Too bad because a lot of highly skilled work and research went into this.

    I can’t stress how perfect this list seems to be, there doesn’t seem to be a single dud on it. And game freak don’t really work like that. I think it tells that the idea I like the least of this list is Magearna, which despite the tantalising suggestions of it’s species name I personally find to be a bit dissapointing and uninteresting in practice. And that happens to be the only true pokémon here…

    I mean come on, we have an impossibly cool set of legendaries, loads of widely-wanted pokémon ideas and type combinations… We have hummingbird, raccoon thief, and snowy owl lines. There are fighting/dragon, grass/fire and normal/ghost pokémon on here. The fact that both a dolphin and very probably a wolf are on this list really doesn’t help. It’s all just way too good to be true. I think game freak just wouldn’t deliver many of those in the first place, let alone all of them together and in a doubtful gen 6.5…

    It hurts how good this is because it’s just never gonna happen. I’d like to think we can yet be pleasantly surprised, but I’m keeping my hope down. The 27th can’t come soon enough.

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