Smell Ya Later 2015! Here’s to 2016

Although I’ve been getting messages from friends in Japan wishing me a great New Year, I’m still a few hours away here in America. My last few hours to reflect on the year and what it has meant to trainers across the world.

This year has brought with it a slew of F2P (free-to-pay) games for the series; Pokémon Shuffle, Rumble World and Picross have been nickel-and-diming fans across the 3DS, Android and iOS. It’s a new pricing strategy and one that leaves fans who value both their time and money out in the cold. Next year hopefully brings fairer prices or alternatives.

We’ve also all speculated endlessly on where the series is headed in its next main series release. Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire are behind us and everyone awaits Z (or whatever it will be called). After the disappointment that was the Volcanion reveal, it is more than high time to see some real news. Luckily we do have Pokémon GO to look forward to which is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

What are your favorite memories from the past year AND what do you hope to see in 2016?!

As always, love you all lots and look forward to another productive year.

<3 PJ

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