Starter Showdown 2015: Final Round

Generation Six Results

In the final generation voting round, Froakie took a huge lead with a massive 49% of overall votes. Fennekin came in second place with 26% of votes and Chespin followed close in third place with 25% of the total votes. With the closing of this sixth round, Water-type starters are the overall favourite, winning three rounds. Fire-type starters seem to be the second favourite, winning two rounds and finally Grass-type starter seem to be least favourable, winning just one round.


Final Round Voting

We now have our six, Starter Showdown 2015 Finalists, they are…


Now that the winners have been decided on, it’s time to vote for your top starter Pokémon to win the Starter Showdown. To vote you can use the poll on the site (sorry to those who have trouble voting, it’s an issue we can’t seem to fix, some have said using a mobile device can help) and retweet your favourite starter.

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Check back on New Years’ Day for our final results!