Starter Showdown 2015: Generation Six

Generation Five Results

We’re a little later than expected, due to ongoing celebrations, but the final round generation voting round of our Starter Showdown is upon us! But first, the results of the Fifth Generation poll…

The Grass-type starters get their first win, with Snivy, that took the lead with 42.15% of total votes. In a very close second place is Oshawott, with 41.9% of votes and in a distant last place is Tepig with 15.95% of votes.


Generation Six Voting

It’s time for the most recent Generation to step up and beginning its voting round. The Kalos starters became instant favourites to a lot of trainers when they were revealed in 2013.

Which Generation Six starter is your favourite…?


[poll id=”92″]

Final voting period

The Generation 6 voting round will run until the 30th of December, after which the votes will be tallied and the Final Vote-off will begin. The final results will then be published on New Years’ Day, 2016.