Starter Showdown 2015: Generation Six

Generation Five Results

We’re a little later than expected, due to ongoing celebrations, but the final round generation voting round of our Starter Showdown is upon us! But first, the results of the Fifth Generation poll…

The Grass-type starters get their first win, with Snivy, that took the lead with 42.15% of total votes. In a very close second place is Oshawott, with 41.9% of votes and in a distant last place is Tepig with 15.95% of votes.


Generation Six Voting

It’s time for the most recent Generation to step up and beginning its voting round. The Kalos starters became instant favourites to a lot of trainers when they were revealed in 2013.

Which Generation Six starter is your favourite…?


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Final voting period

The Generation 6 voting round will run until the 30th of December, after which the votes will be tallied and the Final Vote-off will begin. The final results will then be published on New Years’ Day, 2016.

  1. Definitely Chespin, I knew I was gonna pick the grass starter ever since they announced in December, there would be an announcement on January 8th.
    Chespin is easily the cutest, even though at some point of the stages the kalos starters had a turn off point (Quilladin Delphox Greninja). Chespin’s final evolutions looks the best and it’s a nice bulky pokemon. With the coolest signature move, Spiky Shield.

  2. Team Chispin all the way
    I never once picked a Grass type for a main journey but Chespin was the one I actually spent some time deciding over when it came out that faithful day
    I normally picked Fire but after seeing where Fennekin was heading I knew in my heart that Chespin would click

  3. Hmmmm so Snivy won huh? Oh well you win some you lose some lol For Gen 6 I’m on team Chespin! Froakie is cool and all, but Chespin has it going on hahaha

  4. This the one Gen where I don’t care for the water starter. Fennekin is my favorite. However,Chesnaught(y) is my favorite final starter evolution

    1. Honestly fennekin is my favorite but I chose froakie for in-game team reasons…(charizard…)

      But you best believe I’m picking Fennekin in Z

      1. I’ll probably get Chespin in Z. I didn’t think I would like Chesnaught as much as I did.

  5. Looks like I’ll be going 6 for 6 with these predictions 😀 I’m counting down the days for a new Pokemon game announcement, though. It seems like they’re going to hype up the actual 20th anniversary, due to the limited edition 2DS’s and all, but we can expect a reveal either on that day or later. As much as I’d like a January reveal, it doesn’t seem very likely to me. Anyway, we’re driving Anaheim tomorrow to go to Disneyland and other related theme parks. Some post-Christmas fun!

  6. I really like fenniken and Braixen, but I hate Delphox.
    I don’t like chespin and Quilladin,but I like Chestnaught.
    I love the froakie line,so my vote goes to froakie

  7. Don’t hate me but I just need to get this off my chest, we can start with the good part:

    I love Fennekins, Froakies, Frogadier and Chespins designs to death.

    Then way in the back comes Quilladin, its design is not the direction I thought Chespins was going but hey it still looks kinda cool. Even further back we have Braixen, its design looks a bit slutty and the ear fur is just wierd and also it’s bipedal, can we at least get 1 fire starter thats qaudruped (I’m not counting Typhlosion)

    Then at last we have the final evolutions, one word: NO

    1. I also hate all of the final designs. Greninja suddenly became all angular and the tongue thing is just too much honestly. Delphox is disappointingly bland and its in game model is booty. Chesnaught is just an abomination to my eyes with its hideous design and color scheme (those big troll arms that drag to the ground make me gag) Kalos has my least favorite starters, even though their beginning stages are quite alright. You know their final evolutions are a problem though when you’ve seen better fan art.

      I will disagree on braixen though, I love how its tail looks like a broomstick. I can see being annoyed with the bipedal fire starters though. More variability on that front would be nice

      1. Thank you! This is exactly my thoughts on the final evos, hate Greninjas tongue scarf it’s hideous and it looks like some bad origami sh*t. Delphox is bland as well as its color scheme and tiny head. Chestnaught is unproportional and again it has a bland color scheme.

        I hate that they messed up with the starters evos cause I really like their beginning state.

        The reason I’m making such a big deal out of this is because when I’m choosing my Pokémon I look at one thing only: it’s design, if it’s not visually appealing to me then I’m not interested.

    1. I think part of the reason people don’t like him is bc nobody was expecting the design. Not sure what they thought it was gonna b like, but I’ve grown to love Quilladin a lot. I think the official art doesn’t do it a lot of justice is all.

  8. So, I just started watching XY&Z.. I still have no idea whether Zygarde core is a Pokemon or not. 6th gen has got to be the most mysterious gen ever. .-.

  9. I think from what I’ve read in the comments that there should me more subsequent polls with all middle stages for starters and then all final evos and then a huge grand final poll

  10. Long time no see everyone! I’ve been lurking around watching these polls and most of my predictions have come true, apart from gen two. I gotta say out of all of these choices i enjoy the Froakie line the most. Also, on a side note, I went to the Build-a-Bear at my local mall today and made a Pikachu plush! Looks like they started the promotion early because of the high demand!

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