The Next Pokémon game may be about… Flowers

It seems that the future of the Pokémon franchise could be headed in a floral direction, if J. C. Smith’s words are to be taken as gospel. In an interview with Nintendo World Report the Director of Consumer Marketing at The Pokémon Company International was asked to give a cryptic clue tease for what the future of Pokémon is. That cryptic clue was “Flowers”.

Flowers, obviously already have some sort of meaning to the Pokémon franchise. In X & Y, a number of Team Flare’s admins and their leader had names oriented around flowers in Japanese, with Lysandre himself referring a few times to himself and Flare’s plans becoming “a flower that bloomed to no avail…

Of course, there’s also AZ and his Floette, both of which had fleeting appearances in X & Y and were also mentioned by Zinnia throughout Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Perhaps we won’t be seeing a Pokémon Z in the future, but a Pokémon AZ version?

There’s a tonne of speculation just waiting to be done with just that simple tease, but sadly only time will tell what “Flowers” will actually mean. In the mean time however, let us know where this cryptic tease could lead the Pokémon series in the comments.

    1. This is just my speculation, but it would be awesome if we have those 2 editions:

      Pokemon A: featuring the AZ/Floette story and the origins of the mega evolution. It would be a precuel of XY based in the past. Perhaps featuring Volcanion in the cover?

      Pokemon Z: A continuation of XY (based in future), which will feature the Zygarde / Mega-Zygarde plot

      They both will introduce Gen 6.5, a new region (then the Strange Souvenir will make sense), with a lot of new evolutions and 30 new pokemon (having a total of 751)

  1. I’m willing to bet it’s an event for AZ’s Floette. That way they can have an extra event between Hoopa and Volcanion without it being a legendary Pokemon. Makes the most sense to me anyway. I suppose it could also b a hint towards the next game(s) in general tho

  2. Let’s be real here. This is either a new Pokemon game, a bit of the story of the new Pokemon Game, or just AZ’s Floette. I starting to think it’s just AZ’s Floette. They might have an event for it in the new games or it might be connected to the plot somehow. I would really love to see them flesh-out AZ completely! He’s quite the interesting character. Also, J.C. Smith also said this: “I’m splitting hairs. No, there’s lots of stuff planned for the 2016 year but nothing I can talk about now.” So, I’m highly guessing that the next Pokemon Game will release in 2016. I’m seriously stoked! (Pokemon ZY and ZX?)

  3. The flowers in the Kalos region where you can catch various Pokemon are actually Flabébés that were slayed in the and the new game will introduce zombie type where they come back to life and it’s basically a combo of plants v zombies
    But seriously, I think the logical thing is just AZ’s Floette tying into the story somehow, as it did come back at the end so maybe it will focus on both the past (war) and the future (post XY). Will a revamped Team Flare return tho? It would be a B2W2 kinda cop off unless they introduce a new team, maybe based off of Lysandre’s ideals. I’d like to think if it was set in the past, the bad guys would be the opposing side in the faction but ending up being AZ, and ultimately witnessing him use the weapon (can’t change the storyline cause that would just an a Bryan Singer move right there
    2016 looks to be an exciting year for pokemon, that’s for sure

  4. Pokemon rose version and Pokemon violet version!!! You heard it here first folks! Honestly though this concept is seeming kinda lame….guess we’ll have to wait untill next year to see -_-

  5. Flowers for the birth of a new beginning.
    Flowers for a gift of happiness.
    Flowers for the mourning of a dear friend.
    Flowers as far as the eye can reach, for the feeling of infinity.
    Flowers, for that which we love.

        1. Rose don’t mean squat if Quartz is after it
          Names are names hell you can call Mega Gyarados a Dragon type all you want but it’s always going to be a Water/Dark type

          1. Dude, I know you like arguing and all, but there’s no need to shoot someone down for having an opinion. Stop tryna challenge everyone, its not like its really (could be down the line, who knows)
            I mean heart of gold yes, but soul of silver? It’s just a suggestion

          2. wait how did i shoot him down?
            i was explaining that just because Rose Quartz has Rose in its name its still a Mineral

          3. Maybe its me just reading too much into it (and tone is hard to pick up online) but its just the short ‘actually it’s a mineral’. I do apologise if I’m in the wrong, but just try and let loose, don’t let anybody get you hot and bothered over something, just ignore and continue with your life 🙂

  6. As a once great Demon Sorcerer of Earth once said “Too many flowers, Dai Gui does not like pretty”

  7. Hopefully we get more on what happened with AZ and Floette in the next game. For some reason I feel like they could have done a lot more with their story in X and Y.

  8. From what I recall, the weapon in X and Y resembles Az’s Floette’s flower. Would be interesting to see where it goes. That might be why Az’s Floette was found in the game code as an event.

    1. I didn’t want to respond (;-;), but the weapon literally was a blossoming flower. It arose from the ground, then blossomed.

    2. I believe the weapon acted as a monument toward’s AZs Floette (then bringing it back to life), I mean I think that’s why it looks like it (and perhaps made of crystal like material as another way to immortalise his beloved Pokemon… I do like analysing things way too much)

  9. Is it wrong to set your ds region to a different place, to get a better vivillon pattern?

    1. I wouldn’t think so, people use an (I think) EU region 3ds and set the location to Australia to get games early.

        1. off the top of my head, Icy Snow one and Sandstorm (I still have to collect one of them but cba)

    1. I love how those houses just fell over on their backs like they’re toys…they’re not damaged or anything. You just gotta flip them back over!

    2. Wow. I actually didn’t notice this. I’m guessing that flower might hold some special power then.

  10. Clearly this is a reference to Walking Dead, guys…Gamefreak is telling us the series is over

  11. I’d love a new game announcement right about now. Anything to get my mind off of school.

    I strongly believe that next month is when it will happen, but it’s hard to say. I would think this guy wouldn’t have said anything if we still had many months to wait. The interviewer did say “eight months” and a reply was given, which implies the game(s) would release around summer next year. I think that’s pretty common knowledge anyway.

    1. If there isn’t a new game released by Winter 2016, then they’ve gotta be planning something related to the NX. Otherwise I don’t see why a two year cap would be necessary.

      1. We’ve already basically confirmed that there will be a new game next year. This Smith person said that 2016 won’t be limited to Pokken Tournament for the 20th anniversary, and the only other logical thing is a main game.

    2. It’s only been three days of school for me and I’m already tired of it. There are going to be more Pokemon Games in 2016 (Highly a main series title and the Pikachu Detective Game). I’m looking forward to seeing the game! I’m guessing that it would get announced in September.

  12. Maybe flowers isn’t referring to that floette, idk where I’m going with this, but if it was pointing to that floette that wouldn’t be cryptic enough… I’m sure there’s more to it

    1. It could be that cryptic. Not every fan knows about the event Floette. It could easily simply be that. As, I said; it’s either a hint to the next games, maybe a story with AZ, or just simply Floette. I’m leaning more towards the Floette side.

      1. Now that you mention it, I remember az floette was hacked to be shown, so many people (mainly the target audience which is children) don’t know about that floette , so I guess you are right

  13. So anyway without a doubt AZ’s Floette is going to be a major plot device in the next game
    one thing that also perplexes me is this piece of info i found “An interview with Junichi Masuda in Game Informer magazine reveals that AZ’s Floette was given to him by his late mother and was taken by force by the soldiers fighting in the war.”
    Could this possible Queen of Kalos be more then a royal figurehead or some kinda more ancient character
    And what about its signature move Light of Ruin, its text tells that it draws power from its Eternal Flower, and then it hit me, what if this Flower is the plot, that Lysandre or some other loon wants to find the location of the Eternal Flower and draw a great amount of energy and who know this could go all Ponce de leon where this flower grants eternal life or more (one more thing is that i don’t think its entirely secret as a Waiter in one of those overpriced slop shops mentions it in a dish)

    I theorize that somewhere there is a garden of these flowers and its the utmost kept secret in all of Kalos History maybe The Queen of Kalos had a Royal Shiny Stone strong enough to penetrate Floette’s “block” allowing it to evolve since (in theory) the Death or the Machine’s Eternal life granting caused a temporal anomaly or biological immune system to Evolutionary stone radiation

    1. I actually agree with this theory of yours. We know that AZ was royal in Kalos due to his pictures. Floette will be a plot device. I just hope they use it well. It was forced to fight and (as you know) it ultimately died. Causing AZ’s rage upon the human race. Overall, AZ’s plot could easily be thickened in the next Game. I could see Lysandre going after an artifact such as this!

      1. And maybe some things like who the person in the statue of that garden is, maybe he had something to do with the great war…

      2. (Agreeing with me is the best kind of agreeing)
        Now a bigger question is a Sequel or Prequel
        I’m leaning towards Sequel since prequels kinda muck up the story

        1. It would be an amazing sequel, but prequel would be unique too… but I think sequel would pretty much wrap up the story better plus higher chance of battle frontier

        2. Eh. Lysandre’s death was implied in Pokemon Y. So, I don’t know. I feel likes it’s going to be similar to Pokemon Crystal & Platinum. Basically, an enhanced re-release. Since their changing up the formula; I think they might go with that. Yet, if it were to be a sequel or prequel; I’ll lean towards a sequel. Due to the events of X/Y.

          1. When everything collapsed in the Team Flare Hideout. Did you play X or Y? In X he wants the player and his friends to have immortality. In Y he wants to kill everyone. The rubble might have killed him; yet it’s unknown.

          2. Alright implied is very grey
            I doubt Lysandre would ever let him get injured so easily
            Hell he could’ve planed on its downfall and had a contingency plan for such a outcome
            Or that he’s mangled bruised cyborg trying to get his body back with eternal youth, or if we’re lucky he’s a head in a jar

    1. Hello! Nice to see you again 😀
      Hopefully these little nuggets of information keep coming out so we can speculate like we used to!

          1. Rememberin an interview masuda said in the end of gen 6 he wants to ‘tie things together’

          2. Oi….I just want my god dang Mega Rhyperior/Excadrill….stop going back to Hoenn

          3. And I want mega Milotic. It’s got more of a chance than Rhyperiugly or Excadill

            Edit: Oh yeah, it’s also gonna be a fairy type

          4. Keep tellin ya Milotic is never going to be a Fairy type, nor a mega evolution if they were going to do so they would’ve done it but it was passed to Altaria as the contest poster child

          5. I’m going to enjoy watching you two squirm when Mega Milotic turns out to be Water/Ground

  14. Soooooo i got Gates to infinity and i’m actually enjoying it
    Yeah its a bit watered down but whatever the story’s actually enticing

  15. I don’t remember them ever saying anything about the key that AZ is wearing around his neck, so I hope they explain that..they wouldn’t have added it to his character unless it was something important. Maybe it’s his key stone?

    1. It’s confirmed by Lysandre in XY that the key unlocks the ultimate weapon. It’s during the part where Lysandre has AZ locked up and is talking to you outside.

  16. Do you know what, i don’t know why but i can’t stop thinking about Klang
    I hope the Anime does a episode on these forgotten Pokemon soon

  17. I saw someone mention it below and I think I would really like the idea of a prequel. Seeing how it was implied that Lysandre might not have survived, not sure how Team Flare would gather back together (Malva maybe? idk). I feel like something may have happened back then when AZ fired the ultimate weapon, that may have caused Zygarde to appear, who knows. Would be cool to see a prequel as far back as even that, though its very unlikely I guess. The Floette thing is pretty interest though I must say. Curious to see what its relation in the next game will be.

      1. Yeah, I remember searching them a while back, just to see where the names originated from and yep, Zinnia and Aster are both flowering plants

          1. I saw Siebold’s and Malva’s names relating to flowers, but none about Drasna nor Wikstrom.. But yeah, even Diantha’s name could be linked to a flower, “Dianthus”

          2. Huh i that because Siebold was similar to Sea for his Water type and Malva for Magma and Lava

          3. Their names could have double meanings, but yeah, “Magnolia Sieboldii” and “Malva Sylvestris” are both flowers, but then again, they could just be coincidences

    1. Here:

      Zinnia – Meaning: Thoughts of friends Zinnia (magenta) – Meaning: Lasting affection Zinnia (mixed) – Meaning: Thinking of an absent friend Zinnia (scarlet) – Meaning: Constancy Zinnia (white) – Meaning: Goodness Zinnia (yellow) – Meaning: Daily remembrance


      This flower became a symbol of love when it was placed on the altars for the gods. It’s also a symbol of love detailed in Greek mythology about the Minotaur

      This might help I got into a habit like this after reading Tokyo Ghoul 😛

  18. You guys know what this means…


    1. Don’t forget Cherrim, Lilligant, and maybe even Maractus and Shaymin because they have flowers on them…!

  19. Whether the next games are prequles or sequels I seriously want a new team.
    Team Flare sucked

      1. Did you notice how long it took for Team Galactic, Plasma, and Aqua & Magma to appear. The anime doesn’t really focus on the main-game evil teams. Team Flare will show up eventually.

          1. I can hate team flare without seeing them in the anime cuz I’ve seen them in the games,the games,manga,and anime are different

      2. Well,Lysandre has appeared in the mega evolutions,and malva’s going to be appearing in the next one,and Alain is going to be appearing in the main anime this year,so I’m pretty sure team flare will too.

  20. Did anybody else see the new episode In japan? Your pokemon is about to fall into a volcano, what would you do? Recall it to its pokeball, or jump over the edge of the volcano to save it, even thought you’re falling towards lava…

        1. Saw it on Tumblr, I actually laughed out loud… well exhaled from my nose at above nose exhaling volume

    1. F*ck that pokemon, that things gon need a burn heal and a revive by the time that volcano’s done with it .I’m getting the fk outta there.

    2. I saw that, gotta give the kid props blindly running into certain death all for safety of his Pokemon

    3. Moltres is look pretty majesty in this episode, but i hate Talonflame ‘s eyes it’s spoil it’s character .

  21. Hi guys! I think that what he meant is the name of a new pokemon game. They ran out of color names few games ago, recently we’ve got x and y, so why not to use a “flower subtitle”. For example, “Pokemon: Rose” and Pokemon: Orchid”. What do you think?

    1. I think everyone is overthinking everything because we are all thirsting for a new main series game. It’ll come when we least expect it.

  22. Does anybody have any old or extra pokemin games they would be willing to sell to a friend in need?

  23. Random idea about how Z could end:

    The remade Ultimate Weapon is used, about to destroy the world (again). To cancel out the Ultimate Weapon 2.0’s effects, Floette uses Light Of Ruin (Which has recoil btw) Floette succeeds but the recoil proves to be far too much for Floette. Floette dies. Floette’s Flower descends from above, falls into AZ’s hands and materializes into a Mega Stone, the Florgesite. He then gives you the Mega Stone.

    I have a wild imagination, kay, don’t judge. xD

    1. Actually, speaking of Mega Stones, I think it would be cool if Gamefreak actually made you do things for them as opposed to going through a wild goose chase throughout Hoenn. The Audinite (Audino’s Mega Stone) is a prime example of what I’m talking about, or the Pidgeotite (save Looker and show Mr. Stone the Intriguing Stone).

      I love getting additional content in the postgame, but having to track things down really isn’t my thing. I’d rather perform a series of sidequests–something Pokemon isn’t really known for.

      Pokemon is, however, known for some decent postgames, which has faded throughout the past few years. I believe, that, hands down, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 have had the most postgame content we have ever seen in the series to date. This is followed by Pokemon Emerald. If we can get a game with an actual postgame and meaningful sidequests, I will be more than pleased with the one year gap we’re having in between titles. If not, then I don’t know what they’re doing over at Gamefreak. A long story won’t help it either–it’s still going to end at one point.

      They need more than one facility to keep players going after the game’s launch. Personally, I hate consecutive battles. But when you have the Battle Arena with three turns for a KO, the Battle Dome for a tournament-style experience and the Battle Pike which tests your luck, there’s a lot of different strategies involved. And that’s what I want. I don’t competitive battle and I don’t breed, and while others are personally satisfied with this, I’m really not.

      Another huge one is also Gym Leader Rematches. Whether they bring the PokeNav back is up to them since BW2 handled this exceptionally well without a PokeNav. That is why BW2 gets a 10/10 in my book, with recent installments at a 7. If you want to introduce something to the series, carry through with it! Don’t just let it be and not bring it back because “it doesn’t fit the playstyle of people today” or anything like that. Have you SEEN Pokemon websites like these? Reddit posts? Does that point towards our playstyle not fitting with the Battle Frontier? I think not.

      I post messages that are way too long. I’ll try to paragraph this as best I can, I promise. Let me know how you feel about this topic. I’m gonna get some bias and some adjustments to the statements I’ve made here, but I think I speak for most Pokemon fans in general that omitting the Battle Frontier wasn’t a smart move, and that we need an actual postgame in the next installment. Whether people are down for a sidequest-type system is up for debate.

      1. If Pokenav doesn’t come back that’d be such a huge step back…that’s one of the best features they have added in years, along with challenge mode and soaring. They really need to have the pokemon shown when flying and surfing. I can’t believe we haven’t gotten to that point yet.

        1. Personally, PokeNav is a cool feature but something I could definitely live without. DexNav was really hyped up but only helped me get one or two team members in the end. Soaring needs to happen in earlier game this time around, and I agree with you on showing the models for Pokemon when you surf or fly. Challenge Mode included, too? I’m sold.

          1. Not just challenge mode, early challenge mode*
            Stupid you basically had to transfer challenge mode

          2. Just a typical nintendo, give us something we want but limit it but I can’t hate because at least it had challenge mode

          3. Making hard mode and easy mode version exclusive AND only unlockable postgame is one of the weirdest decision I have ever seen game developers make. Like…what were they thinking? o.O

      2. Ehhh Hunting down things is easy, you find the place where it is, you go there and you pick it up, takes like 5 min if you have Max repel

        I just want more Mega Stone Lore, All we know is that they contain Pokemon DNA and ping onto it from the reaction of the Keystone unlocking their true hidden potential, some people say they are a by product of the machine, while Professor Sexymore say’s they’re evolutionary stones irradiated by Xerneas and Yveltal’s power and in the Hoenn Region they came from Meteorites

        But pegging down one true theory as the lore grows

        1. Yeah, I’d like some backstory on the Mega Stones too. We’re already 2 different installments deep into the “Mega Stone Timeline,” if you will, and we still only know about Mega Stones from a broad sense.

          1. One day Rhyperiorite and Excadrite will be mine even if I gotta cram the DNA into them myself

          2. Lol. Excadrill is actually one of my favorite Gen 5 Pokemon. Was never really into the Gen 4 games so I can’t really comment on Rhyperior.

          3. But you gotta understand my Bonds with them are beyond Unbreakable
            I raised them from the ground up and journeyed long and hard to get them where they are today as the Leading members of The Earthen Warriors
            Never have i ever been more proud and privileged to raise such spectacular Pokemon

      3. I agree, a side-quest type system would add content to the game, not to mention, Mega Stones wouldn’t fill up the overworld anymore, especially since every game increases the Mega Stone count by at least 20. Or maybe, do a Mega Evolution Master challenge, where you go against a series of opponents leading to a Mega Evolution Master, who then, if defeated, gives you a Mega Stone.

        1. Definitely, definitely. I love your idea for the Mega Evolution Master challenge because you don’t get rewarded after every try. Instead, you build your way up to the Master himself/herself and they will be your prize giver (to make it last longer, really). Whether it takes 5, 10, 15 opponents will probably depend on the Mega Stone.

      4. I would love to see BF back as post game, and maybe the brains have mega pokemon, honestly I would be fine as bf only post game because side quests only last so long until you can’t do it again (unless you reset the game)
        I can thrive off the bf, especially the battle factory or the battle arena and dome

        1. Oh another thing I would like back is the metal system from b2w2 I would LOVE seeing that huge list with more come back

        2. For sure. Battle Frontier is one of thsoe long term changes that I want, whereas sidequests is more of something you’d do before/after a Gym since grinding can get somewhat repetitive at times.

          1. Yea id love to see more side quests during the game, basically to the point where it’s like the anime, so I never just go through a route then* go back to grind

      5. I’m not a Johto fan (in fact Johto is my least favorite region.), but that game had a good post-game. We got explore Kanto once again, defeat all the leaders, get various legendaries, and battle Red. I still would love to see a great post game. OR/AS had an amazing one! Let’s just wait and see what the next game holds. #BattleFrontier

        1. I agree. Johto is at the very bottom of my list when ranking regions from most to least enjoyable, but the postgame was definitely hearty. I actually forgot about Kanto until you mentioned it: so perhaps G/S/HG/SS had the meatiest postgame in terms of content, then followed by BW2 and Emerald. Just imagine.

          Pokemon Delta Emerald. Two regions. A Battle Frontier. A Challenge Mode. Gym Leader Rematches. My life would be complete.

        2. Yeah HG/SS’s postgame was right up there too. I was extremely dissapointed when I found out that there was no BF in ORAS tho, I must say, almost to the point where i considered not even buying the game. I really hope they don’t let us down in the next game.

      6. I’d love side quests during the actual story!If they added side quests that felt meaning full I could look past there being nothing after beating the league. It would b nice to have some quests after the league as well tho lol

      7. Just want to chime in that Platinum had great postgame play value. That entire new island with the Battle Zone and its amazing Resort Area, Survival Area and Fight Area? Genius! Pokemon available who were uncatchable in the entire rest of the Sinnoh region, as well as the Gym Leader cafe (something I wish they’d brought back in every game since), Battle Frontier and a great Stark Mountain subquest, not to mention how all the trainers of high levels could be rebattled with the VS seeker. The Move Tutors were the finishing touch.

        The Sinnoh Underground is also a wonderful place to while away the hours; I always find it infinitely more engaging than secret bases ^^;

        1. You’re right. Thank you for mentioning that. If they don’t bring back Gym Leader Rematches, the least they could do is bring back the cafe or something.

    2. That would be really awesome! It could be a really emotional scene. I don’t think Pokemon is under that either. The games IMO have been maturing a bit. I mean, we have a story where a guy commits mass genocide after the death of his pokemon.

      1. And I absolutely love that. A variety in themes really makes for depth in the story and differenciates one title from another. BW’s focus on truth and ideals was powerful and really made you see things from the protagonist and antagonist’s point of view. XY’s story was good, but it just wasn’t enough. Team Flare was lacking in terms of appearance and just didn’t live up to the hype until the 7th/8th Gym. ORAS’s story was great and powerful just like BW’s, but it’s something about the theme that BW relayed that makes it stand as my favorite.

  24. J.C. Smith is just coming through! Next year, Pokemon will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary (It’s on February 27th, 2016). J.C. Smith said that there is going to be some big plans! J.C. doesn’t want to talk about the blob Pokemon and the new Zygarde “Forme”. He also talked a bit about CoroCoro’s upcoming news! It seems like he’s hinting at something being announced in September of this year!

    There is highly going to be a new game soon due to this quote:
    “So nothing on Pokémon XZ, YZ, X2, Y2? Because, it would be real nice if something came out next February!”
    “I appreciate your enthusiasm and you ask a lot of good questions but nothing I can reveal at this time.”

    I’m pumped! :]


      1. It could be possible. It would be six months between the time it was announced and released (Assuming they announce the new game in September). X/Y was about 10 months and OR/AS was about 7 months. So, I could see this game releasing soon from it’s announcement. Yet, who knows? I’m just hype for the upcoming CoroCoro!

        1. They announced Majora’s Mask 3D in December of last year and released it in February this year. It’s not really unprecedented to think that a new game is coming fairly soon!

          1. Idk if that’s a good comparison……MM was an old game that was just being ported. This is a brand new game with info that they’d need to time to hype up lol

          2. ………that’s……a technicality tho…..and it’s NOT fair!!!!!! hahahaha

        2. Three months made a huge difference. The hype for XY, I feel, was higher than it was for ORAS, and that’s probably because of all the legitimate leaks and fake leaks that blew up the internet towards the course of those 10 months (even ending up breaking Pokejungle!)

          1. I agree. I remember getting ready for school quickly to see the announcement of the game! I was stoked! Just seeing one of my favorite franchises in 3D on a handheld… I cried tears of joy! I was still hype for OR/AS, but not to the level of X/Y. :]

          2. The summer before X and Y was crazy man. All those leaks/fake leaks. I was on here like every day. Ahh the memories..

        3. xy was announced January – released in October so you wern’t far off =) and oras was march – november so 8 months.

    1. Hmmmmm while asking those types of questions did seem to get a good reaction out of him, I can’t help but feel like those questions were a little too pushy….A good reporter asks questions that ease the information out of the interviewee so that they almost don’t realize they’re talking about it or can’t help but say what the interviewer wanted them to say. It’s easy to come back from the questions they asked with a “stay tuned” answer………..sorry my communication major brain took over for a minute lol Anyway I hope they do in fact give us some good stuff this next month. I feel like Smith wouldn’t have mentioned the new products that r coming soon if they weren’t almost ready to announce something big lol

      1. I agree. They were questions you would just think of asking, and not actually questions that seemed appropriate for an interview such as this.

    2. I bloody hope so. It’s my birthday next month and news of a main game would be the BEST. PRESENT. EVAR. 😀

  25. One question, (Dicie’s comment made me think of this) what was the Pokemon Game(s) you were most hype for?

    I could remember being super-pumped for Black and White. I went nuts on the game! Just the different style, new Pokemon, and story was enough to make me go wild. If I were to to put it in a list: 1st: B/W, 2nd: X/Y, and 3rd: D/P. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t hype for other games; these are just my Top 3. :]

    1. For me, B/W and X/Y took first and second for hype, but ORAS took third. For me, Generation 4 wasn’t my favorite and will probably be the reason I’m gonna hesitate to buy the remakes. I don’t know what it was about it–perhaps the difficulty curve that current games lack–but I may have to revisit it someday.

      1. Honestly I think all the remakes drastically improve over their predecessors and are well worth the play through. Both HG/SS and ORAS are two of the best pokemon games. I wouldn’t be hesitant to pick up D/P remakes at all. Team Galactic was a strong enemy team also. They made for good adversaries.

      1. Yes! I remember him! I used to watch his “upcoming Pokemon game” videos. I didn’t know he edited most of the stuff in there; hence his name before “TheMirageMaster”. :]

    2. I was most excited for:
      1) HG/SS
      2) B/W
      3) Platinum
      4) ORAS
      5) X&Y
      6) B2W2

      Honestly I wasn’t at all excited for the B2W2 but they turned out to be some of my favorite games.

    3. I remember going into Target with a bag of money many years ago to buy Pokemon Pearl. I don’t have that game anymore, but I certainly will one day when I complete my Pokemon game collection. I had just played Emerald the year before, and you can bet I was excited to get the next generation. Diamond and Pearl are still the most nostalgic to me.

    4. Hmm never really thought about it b4……..The time I really started to actually look forward to the games was around when Ruby and Sapphire were coming out. I had played Silver b4 and loved it, but that doesn’t really count as it was already out by the point I paid attention to it. I guess my list would go like this going all the way back to those days:

      7) D/P

    5. X and Y.
      The first games which would be 3D
      I remember everyone was freaking out of the smallest of details such as leaning down to talk to children,sitting on benches,riding pokemon..

      Good times

    6. BW wins because for me it marked the first time I was online and interacting with the community and the leaks in the pre-release period. It was AMAZING. Before then I’d just waited for the trailers of the games to come on TV and then head to the shops to pick up my copy. For the first time I knew what was coming, and when it was coming, and what everyone thought about it. Staying up late to watch grainy streams of Smash every Saturday night, squeeing over countdowns to Coro Coro leaks…ah, those were the days! It’s also a precious memory for me because I remember learning all the Japanese names of new Pokemon/places then being really confused when the English version came out, lol. With (near) simultaneous release a thing, I’ll never have that excitement again…

    7. Well until BW I never knew about pokemon release dates until Like a week before a new game came out
      So I think my Top List from BW-ORAS
      1. XY
      2. ORAS
      3. B2W2
      4. BW

    8. 1. BW2
      2. XY
      3. ORAS
      4. BW

      Those are the only ones I remember being hyped for before they released.

  26. Ya know, I really want a prequel game. XY’s story with the ultimate weapon and the war is so interesting and I want more about it. Didn’t Masuda also say they would do something a but different than Z or X2 Y2? I think a prequel would fit with that criteria of being different. Plus it would be interesting to have a pokemon game in more ancient times.

    It could be Pokemon Zero

    1. He said his not going to be going with a Pokemon Z (the name at least). A Prequel could still be possible. Yet, I doubt it at this point. It think it’s either going to be similar to Crystal and Platinum or just sequel to X/Y. Still, seeing Kalos in the past would be neat!

    2. Masuda shot down the name “Pokemon Z,” so you’re right on that.
      X2 and Y2, XZ and YZ, Zero, AZ, Delta Emerald, Delta Z all seem to be open as of now. Who knows? They could release a pair of games–one sequel and one prequel.

    3. A prequel detailing the events of the war would be great,but how will they do it?
      A pokemon game set 3,000 years in the past wouldn’t work, what would happen to pokeballs,gyms,Potions etc.
      And who would we play as?

      We could learn the story of the war in a sequel as well

  27. My baes, flowers minus the last 3 letters is flow and flow baxkwards is wolf. Wolves –> Desert Wolf which is Malia’s mom on Teen Wolf. Teen wolf confirmed for pokemon

  28. Hm, how cryptic.

    It’s funny, but we’ve been trolled so hard over the years by Gamefreak and Nintendo regarding news and upcoming releases that my knee-jerk reaction to any hints is now instant mistrust and suspicion that it’s nothing like how it sounds xD

  29. Don’t any of you remember? It’s Pokemon Plus and Minus. It was leaked like last shortly after XY came out. Duh.

    1. I actually think its more about that crisp Pokemon that was rumoured to be real. What we think is ‘flowers’ is actually ‘flours’ indicating food type

      1. Pokemon Glazed is the new game. We’ve had blinds over our eyes. Dammit Slurpuff.

  30. there another interview saying pokken is not the only pokemon game to be released early 2016

  31. I remember in 2013 when a group of us got together and started working on our own fangame: Pokemon Jade Jungle.
    I wonder if any of you would be willing to restart that project… let me know, and we can start a thread on the forums (again).

    1. ShinyNoivern was the spearhead of that project, it won’t be the same without him. He must be off doing bigger and better things.

  32. Seems like we’re now entering the most exciting news lull in a long time. We’re probably not getting any news until September 9th or so, when we’ll be pounded by CoroCoro’s new Zygarde Mega, Blobgarde and possibly even accompanying new games. I like to call this “the calm before the storm”.

    1. We have calm and peacefulness until CoroCoro in a few weeks. For now let’s rest peacefully.

      1. I’m going to be very busy until CoroCoro anyway, so it doesn’t matter much to me. I just wish I could get my Wii U fix while waiting, but my monitor is broken. My electrical genius friend has volunteered to fix it for me next weekend, but I don’t know if that will actually happen. Why am I telling you all this? It’s because I’ve been without Splatoon for an ungodly amount of time.

        1. I haven’t played Splatoon in the longest time. It’s not that I’m bad at the game, it’s just that I don’t understand how people can play it for hours on end. It’s fun, but it’s not something I can play for more than an hour a day.

          1. I’m really good at Splatoon (1.1k+ points a round *cough*), but I can’t play it all the time. Like maybe a few matches a day.

    2. Quite literally for me, Tropical Depression/Tropical Storm/Hurricane Erika is due to hit soon 😛

          1. Ayy another South Floridian :D. Don’t worry, its only gonna be some baby category 1 from what Ive heard, nothing much for us.

          2. Yay, more floridians! It’s offically died as a hurricane/TS, whatever you’re getting now is about it, if i heard correctly.

          3. in Florida, the only depression we got to worry about 100% is financial and economic. So many people panic over these storms, i work at a grocery store named Publix, so i know what i’m talking about with the panic, as well as the fact that the preparations for it were in vain, we were updated all day on the situation and kept well in the loop. From 7 am to 11 am… the situation died down quickly. But people were so concerned about it they rushed to us first.

  33. School starts next week, and this year is going to be the busiest ever. Sports, clubs, homework, family, I’m barely going to have time for video games, but I hope I’ll have enough time to play Super Mario Maker when I get it!

    Oh and I ordered a Rosalina & Luma amiibo today because I’ve been looking for her forever. I only have 24 amiibo it’s not that bad. ;-;

    1. My school started this week, and it hasn’t been the easiest welcome back.
      Best of luck, and I look forward to playing some of your levels when you get Mario Maker. 🙂

      1. I started classes like 2 weeks ago. My college starts like a week before all others which kinda sucks. Though wasn’t terrible since that meant something to buy time until worlds, but alas we all know the result of that :[

      2. I have the most creative and diabolical ideas of level designs in my head. 😉

        And that sucks dude, hope it gets better!

      1. Yup! Most schools in New York don’t start until September. At least around the Burroughs and LI.

        And go buy all the amiibo!

  34. Flowers, huh? IIRC, Flowers in the Pokemon series represent gratitude. So maybe out of gratitude for us, Gamefreak will put some old pokemon games on the eshop for the 20th anniversary of Pokemon! (which is next year!)

  35. Reading through old articles’ comments around the time when XY were just released and everyone was having a blast finding out new things about the game, like the new mechanics. Those were the days…

      1. I wonder if comments from that era remains since Disqus system is now used. Reading them would feel a bit nostalgic.

        1. They exist. They just got transferred into Guest comments on Disqus, I believe.

          Also, the BW days gave birth to me. Surely that’s the best thing ever?

          1. Sure, it is. Everyone in PJ is blessed to have a scruffy bearded Anglo-saxon knight that ensures their safety. Oh if you can make me blush overseas, I wonder what do girls near you do… You’re an involuntary heartbreaker.

          2. Are you messing up with me? When did you have a boyfriend? Gosh, why is universe is against me? I’m having a meltdown right now.

          3. I am not! Officially since the turn of the new year, I believe. The universe is against you, it’s just against me and you #heartbreaknation

          4. You have a boyfriend. How is universe against you and how is it hashtagheartbreaknation for you? Don’t Taylor Swift me.

          5. I meant specifically us, not as individuals. But as one. Haha, trust me, I’ve been there with this person. I know how you feel my friend.

            There will be another.

          6. Oh, Sorry for my bad English infront of this handsome British.
            Whatever. I wish you both happiness. What can I do? Will I ever find my Gerard Butler, that’s a question I put aside for now.

      2. Don’t make me cry, we lost so many good people that were frequents during BW… *moment of silence*

        1. BW was an interesting period, where CoroCoro mattered more than ever since that’s where the information came first, and Japan had the release first. It feels like yesterday when I loaded up my Japanese rom of White 2 some 4-5 months before the English release. Good times.

    1. Those pre-XY days were so hype…soo many leaks/fake leaks. I even remember that IAMTHELEAKER guy that came on here and posted stuff and we all freaked out…

      1. Mr. XY was better imo, too sad his stuff was fake and we didn’t get

        Iwish-Clovyr-Shamroc grass dragons
        Mitetens-Mothedral ice counterpart of Volcarona
        Protron-Orbitton-Vortron line based on lifestage of a star

    2. I also remember when the game leaked and that one guy was posting stuff on instagram and got Nintento’d. Lol. Even remember when we all were freaking out about what quilladin’s evolution was gonna look like, and even way before that when greninja, hawlucha, and barbaracle’s pre evo leaked and a lot of people thought it was fake. Those were the days….

      1. Yeah remember all that too. It was so fun. I guess we’ll have to wait until gen seven before we’ll be able to get hyped up and speculate on that level again. Hopefully more people will return to Pokejungle by then.

        1. I wish Barbaracle it self is a fake ….but i change my mind when i see it’s evoultion ……read the dex entry to understand the concept behind it .

          1. i think it’s kind of criticism for illuminati or similar religious organization ……the criticism directed to the hand or the member ,as u see the hands have minds of their own but they don’t use it But they follow the head’s orders. sorry for replying late but i replied this before i didn’t know how it’s deleted .

          2. Oh, It’s a very different perspective. The idea of barnacle Pokemon is actually good but what I don’t like is how it is executed. They could have designed it in a better way.

          1. There are a select few I like, but overall many were a huge missed opportunity to me. I think Gen 5 is my favorite in terms of designs, although some are bad from that gen too. But there were more good ones to make up for the misses, unlike gen 6

          2. I agree. I felt like stuff like heliolisk for example could have had a better development maybe into a 3 stager. It literally looks like a 2 stager lol. Also Hawlucha was a mon that looked cool to me though I feel like there was more they could have done for it. It looked too small to me

          3. A lot of the pokemon from Gen 6 feel unfinished and it bothers me. Not to mention they just botched what could have been some really cool pokemon evolutions (Slurpuff & Aromatisse come to mind..) Heliolisk is also bad and incomplete in my eyes. Overall it’s probably the weakest generation and it doesn’t help there were only like 68 new pokemon.

          4. Wow, I was gonna say Slurpuff and Aromatisse too, but I felt I might have been the only one that felt that way. Lol.

          5. i have opposite opinion for me gen 5 is more like quantity and gen 6 more like quality … i have a problem with many evoultion line design from gen 5 like Amoonguss , Beheeyem,Bisharp,Seismitoad , Throh and Sawk ….i think most people like Eelektross not cuz his design but ability .

    3. I remember translating 14 leaked Japanese names with Google Translate by saying they are very rough translation and being surprised that they went all over the Pokemon forums. I mean it was obvious that I was having some fun that it contained things like “alchololic linen” and “official beach plan”.

      1. I remember some of those translations lol. I remember everyone getting hyped over a potential ice wolf Pokémon that was mistranslated. Can’t wait for gen seven to start so this chaotic period happens again.

          1. People hated the design…to be fair i still don’t think its the approach they could have gone for.
            Competitively however it’s always been amazing.

          2. I agree
            I still don’t like the way it looks compared to frogadier
            Honestly all the starters in Kalos have a turn off stage
            Quilladin, Delphox, and Greninja

          3. actually he’s not my faivorite but he has nice concept ……and if u search about the the most popular one in gen 6 …..he achieve number 1 by people voting …..he is not heated at all .

          4. Everyone was expecting bubbles to stay, so it had a shock value of tongue when it was first revealed. And at that time, we didn’t know other starter evolutions. If Chesnaught was first revealed, it would probably get more hate. I personally think Greninja has the best design among Gen6 starters.

          5. ur damn right especially the last part ……people usually hate most pkmn that revealed by illegal way ……Hoopa is good example for that.

  36. I know everyone wants a home console Pokemon Game; but, from what I’ve seen everyone wants it to be Open-World. I have a question for you all! What do you want to see in an Open-World Pokemon Game? Thinking about this game development wise… it would be super difficult to make; without some sense of being linear. Still, it’s possible. They made Zelda and Xenoblade into Open-World Games. Anyways, I would love to be able to challenge Gym Leaders at any time, capture all 721+ Pokemon, have a serious evil team, and allow this to be all condensed into one new region (No traveling to older regions). :]

    1. If they made an open world game that would b pretty damn cool. I imagine the gyms would work similarly to how it’s explained in Pokemon Origins where their teams would b based on gym badges u have or the level of ur current Pokes. Even if the world is open I still think that there should b blind encounters like we have currently with only a few very select Pokemon being shown in full in the over world. For me it just makes more sense that way and i’m not a huge fan of the way current open world games handle those kinds of encounters. It just feels weird. I’m suppose to believe that this herd of animals never leave this small plot of land?!?!?!? Anyway I feel like open world would also lend well to doing different quests and what not in addition to the main story of the game. It would certainly make it feel like ur on ur own adventure rather than playing basically the same story as everyone else only with a different team maybe. lol

    2. Imagine if they made something to the level of like Skyrim. Oh my god, now that would be a great game. Like seriously, imagine a pokemon world as open as that.

    3. I’m ALL for everything you’ve mentioned here.
      As I’ve stated in my essays rants here before, I do very much want to challenge Gym Leaders more than once, have non-story based quests and have more than one region appear. But it seems like you’ve taken the ideas I would like to see and took them a step further. Roaming the overworld with your Pokemon is actually something that I forgot and we haven’t really seen since HG/SS. This would especially be interesting as an alternative to using an HM–interacting with your Pokemon to do it for you. I definitely want to see all 721 Pokemon in a game, as well as whatever may be added (assuming it isn’t a remake). I don’t know if I’d necessarily want a more serious evil team, because they’ve all had some pretty diabolical plans in the past. It’s really about how GF chooses to divide the villainous team throughout the game. XY did not do this well under any circumstance, but I felt as though ORAS did it a little bit better–still not completely, though. The climax of a Pokemon game comes through the execution of a villainous team’s plan, but if that happens at the end of a game like it did in XY, there’s really no time to take it all in and see how things resolve in the end. If there was a villain that was mentioned from the second you started the game all the way past the postgame, that would be a complete story. I understand the element of surprise and the “wow there’s a villain omg I need to stop it but im just a kid trying to get some badges,” but that’s getting old. We need a villain that takes it all the way, and needs to be dealt with in the postgame, too. Just imagine having to trace a villain to another region, or getting to choose how you deal with the villain as opposed to the linear structure every game has followed. This doesn’t necessarily need to be like The Witcher where you can’t go more than five minutes without having to make a dialogue-based decision, but perhaps there are certain approaches one would rather take, whether it is on the agressive or more stealthy. Whether this adds to the violence element of Pokemon is to be expected, as it seems to have been rising in recent. We had Pokemon abuse in BW and Lysandre presumably dying in XY, so why not breaking into a hideout (by choice) or swarming in through aerial transportation, etc. What some might be concerned about is steering away from the Pokemon aspect of it all, but let’s be honest–if anything crazy like decisionmaking was to happen, it really would only happen once in a game, and that’s towards the “middle” encounter with the villain. Like if you were in Unova and had to take one of Skyla’s planes to swarm into Team Plasma’s hideout; this wouldn’t happen more than once. There’s really no point. They would already expect you to do the same thing and prepare accordingly. Perhaps Pokemon might once go as far as presenting multiple endings. Although that might be pushing it. I don’t know how multiple endings would work, in all honesty. Perhaps to the point where there is a shorter main story due to the villain winning and a larger revenge-based postgame, or a longer main story and the typical protagonist winning with a typical lackluster postgame. But, going back to your comment, I really hope that if we don’t get this all in an open-world game, at least in the next installment. I sure hope we’re not waiting an extra year for something like more Pokemon. Hell, I can’t even remember half of the Pokemon Unova invented. You can tell that when they had to go through with Throh, Sawk and Trubbish they were running out of ideas. That’s when too many really is too many.

      1. Gen 5 wasn’t running out of ideas. It was building onto past themes. If they were running out of ideas they wouldn’t have had enough pokemon for Unova’s own dex. Trubbish is just a grimer clone and Sawk and Throh were good designs like the rest of Gen 5. If you want bad designs go look at Voltorb and electrode, Exeggcute, Magnemite, Lickitung line, Tangela line, Mr. Mime, and all the Pikachu clones. That’s just a few of the bad designs. “Running out of ideas” is bullshit.

        1. I agree
          I don’t think Pokemon is “running out of ideas” until they repeat the same animal/object to use for design numerous times (like if they make a sword pokemon every single gen).
          The dex was pretty unique, but I do agree that the Unova Dex is A LOT like the kanto dex like who can do comparing with each and it has similarities Example (going through the dex):
          Drowzee line and Munna Line: both psychics and both have to do with dreams
          Ponyta and Bliztle line: both 2 stage horse like pokemon with attack and speed the best stat
          Geodude line and Roggenrola: 3 stage rock line with last one evolving by trade found in every cave
          Machop line and Timburr line: 3 stage fighting with last evolving by trade
          Zubat line and wombat line: The bat found in every cave
          Sandshrew line and Drillbur line: 2 stage ground type pokemon that are basically moles
          Chansey and Audino: The healing pokemon
          Tympole and Poliwag line: 3 stage water type that are based of toads/frogs
          Hitmonlee/chan and Sawk&throh: two separate line fighting types
          Rhyhorn and Sandile: 3 stage ground type that start on 4 legs, based on an animal in africa that final stage changes color
          Tangla and Maractus: Single staged pure grass type underrated too
          Krabby and Dwebble: two stage crustacean pokemon
          Grimer and Trubbish: two stage poison types based on trash
          Jigglypuff and Minccino: cute normal type that knows sing and two stage and evolve by a stone
          Psyduck and Ducklett: two stage duck pokemon water types
          Paras and foongus: two stage mushroom pokemon
          Tentacol and Frillish: two stage jellyfish pokemon
          Magnemite and Kling: three stage steel type based on an object with evolution evolving more of it’s self coming together
          Tauros and Boufflant: normal type bull pokemon
          Oddish and Petilil: vegetation uses a sun stone to get the final evolution thats a dancer
          Zoroark and Lucario: Promotional canine like pokemon
          thats a LOT of pokemon that unova

        2. I agree with your first sentence.

          In my honest opinion, Gen 5 gets so much hate just because of that trash and that ice cream. Those two are very bad designs, I agree with who are saying that. But there are more than that in Gen 5. It may have bad designs, but it also has the bests. I really mean the best. So, how good and natural is it to have ups and downs in Pokedex, just like other generations. At least they didn’t play it safe, opened the gates of creativity.

          Unova did not just have quantity, it also had quality. It is there for those who are there to see. If anyone has an ear let him hear. Here is a call for the endurance and faith of the saints.

      2. Ever since Gen 5, GameFreak has been really trying to bring the series back to its roots in a sense. I feel that the Unova Pokémon are actually very memorable, with very detailed designs. Hell, I even love Vanillite and Trubbish’s lines. People who hate on them don’t even realize that these aren’t the first Pokémon to be based on inanimate objects. For instance, we had a pile of goo and a magnet in Gen 1, and nobody complained. And those who try to come back saying “It’s an ice cream cone!” don’t realize that Exeggcute was literally a bunch of eggs and Exeggutor was a coconut tree. And agin, nobody complained about them. It’s really just people not converting and not wanting to convert to newer times with newer Pokémon. 🙂

        1. I see what you’re saying, and as the other two below you, you make a valid point about Generation 5 Pokemon. It isn’t to say that previous generations’ Pokemon were better, I just didn’t see the Unova Pokemon as very… interesting or practical. Then again, it’s Pokemon. I will have to say that “running out of ideas” is an overstatement and probably shouldn’t have been used. Thank you for making this clear to me. 🙂

          1. I will say that Pokémon design origins have been reused over the years (all these rats and bugs and stuff), but each is its own individual Pokémon that massive amounts of time was put into. Your wording was just a bit off, so don’t be hard on yourself. You had the best intentions.

    4. I always love reading your comments because not only are they insightful, but you always use the HTML tags to organize your information lol.

    5. You know it’s an Afarr comment when you see the italics and red-colored font. 😉

      1. Bruh, why you gotta try to steal my thoughts and ideas, I said it first, wanna fight punk??

  37. Plot twist. Flower hints are really for a D/P/Plt remake and they’re throwing XY out the window. It’ll revolve around Shaymin and the gracidea flower. You also have to save all the new megas from extinction. The new megas are only flower pokemon like Vileplume, Bellosom, Sunflower, etc.

      1. my question clear isn’t ? ……i just mean i was reply on someone post ……but i didn’t found it now .

    1. Chances are, I won’t delete anything you say. It’s sort of an extreme thing to do. You’ll most likely know my opinion on your post before I consider deleting it, anyways.

    2. If I’m interpreting your question correctly:
      1) Anyone who isn’t a Gym Leader cannot delete your reply, but anybody can go back in and edit their own comment. This can be as little as a spelling change or even a removal of the whole comment if they feel it isn’t relevant.
      2) Gym Leaders won’t delete your comments unless they feel like it is violating basic rules: racism, harassment, misleading/inappropriate links, etc.
      3) If you feel like your comment is missing, it was either taken down by a Gym Leader, was reported for spam to the point where it got taken down, or maybe your page is just lagging out. Sometimes when I visit PJN I don’t see my Gym Leader tag right away, but after refreshing it’s back to normal. 🙂

      1. i am sure it’s not No.3 ….No.2 i just analysing pokemon concept…. actually i am getting mad it’s not anything above .

  38. dear Deerlia…..i was read ur posting i didn’t know y u deleting it actually u don’t have to post this ….. first of all i am not good in english that’s mean i have hard time while i am posting here ,second one my post was too long and i really reviewing what i said but i abstract it ..the last thing I have not accused any one here i respect all gym leader here …and i am just asking …i thought they could be error or something .

    1. By no means was i accusing you of wrongdoing… I was suggesting it may not be a wise idea to post that because it may come across as spamming or avoidance of some kind of problem, but looking more into your post, i realized that you were just asking a question, not trying to start an issue. I guess it was a bad idea for me to do that, because it made me look stupid and kind of mean, so… I apologize for that.

      1. hahaha no i am not trying to make an issue here ……no need for apologize i just want make u understand .

  39. I read in a German Pokemon forum that the next generation of games in being produced right now. A user has said that he has some information, but only about a few new moves, all of which ara Fairy type.

    According to him, the moves are:

    – Fairy wing: physical move. Always raises the speed one level. Learned by Swablu, Altaria, Togetic, Swanna, Beautifly and a new Pokemon line based in fairy books. It actually has the shape of a book. Fairy/Flying type.

    – Heartbreak: physical move. Doubles its base power when the foe is under infatuation. Learned by Jigglipuff, Wigglituff, Snubull, Grandbull, Skitty, Buneary, Lopunny, Purrloin and Liepard.

    – Rainbow shot: special move. Can lower foe’s accuracy. Learned by Staryu, Starmie, Spoink, Grumpig, Mawile, Carbink and a new Pokemon line based on a pegasus. Also Fairy/Flying type.

    – Shooting star: special move. Charges one turn, similar to Solar Beam. No more effects. Learned by Solrock, Lunatone, Metang, Metagross, Swirlix, Slurpuff and Sylveon.

    – Fairy dust: status move. Same effect that Magnet Rise. Learned by Clefairy, Clefable, Spritzee, Aromatise and Klefki.

    1. I haven’t believed a leak since the fake Black and White starters. So have fun lol. ?

    2. Anything without a link is automatically fake in my eyes. If you want to spark a conversation on potential new Pokemon moves, then just say so. You don’t have to claim that you got this information from somewhere random. And if you did, I’d appreciate it if you could link a source. 🙂

    3. While clearly fake, I’m glad we’re getting fakes and people are able to speculate again 😀

    4. Good try m8. With no link or any proof. It’s easily passed off a fake. We already had enough leaks with X/Y. Good try tho.

    5. Not bad ideas, but I’m gonna have to say fake. We’re entering the time right b4 info is actually leaked and I wouldn’t b surprised if the usual dumps of garbage started making their ways back online by people who think it’s fun to post fake stuff. That being said I really do like rumors and stuff that’s made up by people lol

    6. XDDD! Yeah, everything is fake. Sorry, I was kidding. I just want another generation soon. With lots of fairy moves, please.

      BTW, I find speculating so funny… look how many people was avid about news… XD!

          1. XDDD! Do not take it seriously. I planned to reveal it. I just wanted to mess around a bit. I remember how everyone was mad about leaks when XY appeared. It was so funny to hear such crazy news!

      1. Well, at least you put some effort into those fakes moves and pokemon. The book butterfly actually might’ve been kinda cool

    7. Well at least ‘I read it on a German forum’ is more original than the oks ‘my dad works for Nintendo…’ xD

  40. honestly i don’t think smith meaning flower by this way i think he mean the crown chakra in yogi it’s the final stage of all chakras it comes after the 3rd eye it’s meaning spirituality and represented by lotus flower to understand what i mean u already noticed how GF focus on the third eye concept in the pokemon design like Hoopa and this silhouetted Zygarde and if look at top of a head of these two u notice something like flower opening .

    1. I really like that idea…mostly due to Xatu being my spirit animal. You could be very correct!

  41. According to and, Pokemon GetTV will be replaced by a new show called “Pokemon House Assemble?” starting on the first Sunday of October. GetTV was essentially the Gen VI variety show, the counterpart to Smash in Gen V and Sunday in Gen IV. Could this be a hint that the next games are going to be Gen VII?

    1. Maaaaybe? Honestly I think the only reliable non-game non-official way of telling a new generation is near is by keeping an eye on the anime; if Ash is completing his circuit around Kalos then we might be due a new region. The anime is pretty much there to promote the games. Tbh I’d be very surprised if we get 7th gen next without any kind of return to Kalos.

      1. Well Ash is almost at Olympia (the data broadcasts for october show a Meowstic as featured pokemon for one episode) so it could potentially end in the first half of next year

      1. Pokemon Sunday was good, Smash and GetTV weren’t, so I’m wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  42. Gawd, we need a game announcement this month. Prolonged news droughts suck.


    1. From what I understand, most important characters have japanese names that are flower-related, so it might not be noteworthy. It’s worth noting however, that some Gen VI characters have flower-related English names as well, like Zinnia, Malva, Siebold and Lysandre

      1. But… if characters have been getting named after flowers all along, then perhaps flowers are even more important to pokemon than we realize… ♥

        1. Perhaps, I certainly hope so. 🙂 I think the flowers reference being a reference to Floette-E is the most likely theory, but I do hope Zinnia appears in ZX & ZY (Until they get an official name, this is what I’m calling the next games) even if it’s only so we find out who Aster is.

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