The Next Pokémon game may be about… Flowers

It seems that the future of the Pokémon franchise could be headed in a floral direction, if J. C. Smith’s words are to be taken as gospel. In an interview with Nintendo World Report the Director of Consumer Marketing at The Pokémon Company International was asked to give a cryptic clue tease for what the future of Pokémon is. That cryptic clue was “Flowers”.

Flowers, obviously already have some sort of meaning to the Pokémon franchise. In X & Y, a number of Team Flare’s admins and their leader had names oriented around flowers in Japanese, with Lysandre himself referring a few times to himself and Flare’s plans becoming “a flower that bloomed to no avail…

Of course, there’s also AZ and his Floette, both of which had fleeting appearances in X & Y and were also mentioned by Zinnia throughout Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Perhaps we won’t be seeing a Pokémon Z in the future, but a Pokémon AZ version?

There’s a tonne of speculation just waiting to be done with just that simple tease, but sadly only time will tell what “Flowers” will actually mean. In the mean time however, let us know where this cryptic tease could lead the Pokémon series in the comments.