Pokkén Tournament Headed to Wii U

The fighting game Pokkén Tournament which is currently available in Japan exclusively at arcades is now getting a wide release for the Nintendo Wii U. It will get an English release in Spring 2016 and includes a new fighter, Pikachu Libre.


<3 PJ

  1. I predicted this, part Psychic type I see (hopefully this won’t be the only thing revealed)

      1. Allot of people I’ve seen are excited though. If Pokken kicks off, Pokemon could improve as a franchise. Don’t get me wrong, the main series are awesome. But I feel like Pokemon could use some more growth beyond the main thing. I can see Pokken become what Mario Kart is to Mario.

  2. BOOOOO hahahahaha this is just so funny lol I’ll definitely b picking this game up next spring hahaha

      1. Masuda is there ……i didn’t know y he come but i am sure he didn’t came for nothing .

        1. Masuda goes to all sorts of events. Wouldn’t b surprised if he was there just to make an appearance for the hell of it.

          1. i can deal with anything …..but the audience want something new GF will be in problem though .

    1. Even just a teaser will do. “You can look forward to playing Pokemon X2 and Y2 late next year”. Flash the logos, present prizes, and everyone is happy!

  3. I knew that we could not get all hyped up yet, but is still a slim chance that they will show us something new, for Shigeru Ohmori have not show up yet and they still have the ending ceremony so they, wanted to start light and show that Pokken would come for the west world, for they won´t get all in the tournament to hyped so they lose focus in the game, So until is all is over then just pray that GameFreak will show us something new before is all over!

  4. So I did a little research. Masuda appeared at both the 2013 and 2014 Opening Ceremonies. This year, however, the President of Pokemon comes on stage and does the announcement of a spinoff unrelated to the projects of Masuda and Ohmori. Not only does it break tradition, it does not explain why Masuda and Ohmori are there in the first place.

    1. If it doesn’t happen at the closing ceremony, it happens in CoroCoro. If something is teased in either or both of these, it has to appear in a Nintendo Direct of some sort. Before the end of the year, we’re guaranteed the name of the new blob and Mega Zygarde, as confirmed by next month’s CoroCoro and Mega Evolution Act IV. That being said, if they pull a D/P we could be waiting until Winter 2016 for an announcement and Fall 2017 for a release. There have been gaps of this length or longer between main series titles, so that wouldn’t surprise me. I’m predicting two years before the next games because Diancie and Hoopa both were revealed in late 2013, with their first appearances two years later. However, Diancie had its first in the 2014 movie. But the only oddball is Volcanion, who I’m assuming will be in 2017’s movie alongside the release of Gen 6.5. Unless there’s some inter regional connection between Zygarde and the green blob, it would make sense to have them appear in a movie before Volcanion. This is assuming we get a teaser for Gen 7 in 2016 and a continuation to Gen 6 in 2017 with a Volcanion movie (which really doesn’t make much sense). Or, the green blob, Mega Zygarde and Volcanion are all shown in a movie with the next game(s) in 2016, leaving a one year gap between the mythical Kalos legendary reveals. But again, it’s a little bit of an exaggerated wait and would leave the rest of 2015 in pure speculation. I’m writing this on the spot just to get some conversation rolling so I know there are discrepancies and loopholes, and I understand that, so please respond within reason. 🙂

      1. I can only really imagine waiting until 2017 if we’re skipping Gen 6 and going right to Gen 7. However, with the presence of Mega Zygarde that most likely won’t be happening. Here’s what I think will happen: CoroCoro comes out and reveals Mega Zygarde (possibly two version, X and Y, for Thousand Waves and Arrows), and whatever the blob is. Then we’ll speculate and have nothing until November or December, when a Pokemon Direct comes out of nowhere. It introduces Pokemon Z or X2+Y2 for a Winter 2016 release. Movie comes out in summer, hyping up the games even further as information continues to come out next year.

        1. Yeah, there’s really no way the game can come before the movie. But as I mentioned, some interregional connection could bring Gen 6 and 7’s regions together–reasoning for a 2017 release. We’ll have to see.

          1. I just don’t want to 🙁 But I think it’s a good thing for the series, and for us, to have this break. It was constant work for them from 2009-2014, probably hindering their ability to explore new ideas. It’s okay though, I’ll be able to complete my Pokemon game collection by 2017 for sure.

    2. To b honest they could just b there to enjoy the event. I think Masuda is suppose to b at the Symphonic concert tomorrow. so it might just b something for the fun of it. lol

  5. Why are some people mad? This is supposed to keep everyone happy until they announce the new games and even after. This is something they’ve been working on for a long time, so you need to gain a little respect for their efforts. Just because it’s not something you wanted doesn’t mean you have to complain about it. Be grateful that a new Pokemon game is actually coming out next year.

    1. Everyone’s mad bc they got themselves too excited for a game that hasn’t been directly hinted at being announced yet lol

      1. That’s true. It’s not the first time something new/suspicious was shown before a new installment with no news until much later.

    2. I’m upset because frankly, it really doesn’t make sense for them to reveal that over a new game at this moment in time. Pokken was just so out of place, and there was actually hype and clues leading up to a new main series gam being announced here. The fact that Pokken doesn’t interest me either is only a small part of it, just the timing didn’t really make sense to me. Who knows, maybe there’s something planned for closing ceremonies.

      1. A trademark was filed for it in Europe yesterday so it came as no surprise to me- a worldwide announcement was to be expected. Besides, those who finally wanted a Wii U Pokemon game got it… Maybe not what they had anticipated, but it’s something.

    3. In fact, this seems only good as it is a new game with allot of potential that can innovate and “evolve” the franchise.

      It can’t be all about the main games.

  6. Y can’t everyone just leave Masuda alone?!?!?!?! Is it too much to ask for him to b able to go on a Pokemon themed vacation and bring Ohmori as his +1? hahaha

    1. It’s all because of what I mentioned, he was the presenter of the announcement for the past 2 years so we just assumed he would be back again.

  7. I knew this would happen,this is exactly the why I didn’t get my hopes up.
    But I don’t think announcing pokken today was a smart move, I mean with mega evolution act 4,the blob and mega zygarde being teased,a pokken announcment really seems out of place, they should have announced pokken U at e3,or waited until a Nintendo Direct,it would have gotten a much better reaction then….
    I’m still betting that we’ll get more info on the blob at worlds though…

    1. And pikachu libre is a stupid choice for a character.
      Still very excited about pokken though

    2. Thats exactly what I’m saying. With all this stuff coming up, it just doesn’t make any sense for them to wait any longer in my opinion, and reveal pokken for wii u instead. Thats why I’m upset lol. But hey, what do I know.

      Lol I should just start ignoring what makes sense when it comes to GF.

  8. I’m hype for this game. I knew people on this site and from Gian’s video got their hopes up too high. Yet, this game is receiving positive attention. You just know it’s going to get ported to the NX too. Still, I’m hoping the closing ceremony has more to offer! :]

    1. GameFreak has been breaking traditions lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get something during the Closing. 🙂

  9. And this is why I don’t have expectations for these kind of things. Didn’t expect a main game announcement even though all the clues pointed towards an announcement. I got pleasantly surprised.

    I’m super happy that Pokken comes to the Wii U. Not only will my Wii U finally get a Pokemon game, this means that Pokemon is willing to push other things besides the main games, thus “evolving” the franchise. This is only good.

  10. I swear GF trolls us by looking at our tweets and news speculations. “They want a new game? Let’s announce Pokkén instead of something everyone wants!”

    1. Who the hell doesn’t want Pokken Tournament. I could see a huge online uprising. Plus, they were bound to bring the game to the Wii U. They registered the name in Europe and the US. So, I’m surprised you didn’t expect them to announce it. I’m just waiting for Pikachu Detective Game & the potential new game!

      1. Who said I wasn’t expecting them to announce it? I figured they would do it not long after the announcement of it being in Japan arcades or in a Direct. I could care less about it unless it gets more playable characters;I don’t plan on getting it regardless because I don’t have a Wii U. It was going to be released for Wii U sooner or later, but Worlds was an awful time to announce it. They could’ve teased a new game after the announcement, but Pokkén isn’t a “new” game. Not anymore, but we still have the closing ceremony. I’m afraid the Detective Pikachu game is dead. There haven’t been anymore details since it was leaked or teased or whatever happened.

        1. Actually, the Pokken announcement felt really fitting to me. They already said that they want to push Pokken to be a new game what people can play competitively. If Pokken kicks off, it’s not so strange for Pokken to take up a spot at future Worlds.

          Also, just a friendly surgestion. But don’t expect anything. I mean, there could be an announcement at the closing ceremony and it seems it is likely. But when you are going to expect something to happen and it doesn’t, that will lead to disappointment. Seems like common knowledge to me, but allot of people still make this mistake and then blame everything but themselves, while it is actually their fault no offense.

  11. Don’t be mad at the designers, i’m sure they have a schedule for stuff like this, it would be more valid to celebrate that now we have a wii u pokemon game on the way and it’s not a bad one, right?

  12. I’m so upset guys. The monitor I use to play the Wii U has died, so now I won’t be able to play Splatoon until at least December. I can still play Smash Bros. and the rest of the games coming out in 2015 on the GamePad, so I’m set until I get more money. But it’s just another $150 I don’t want to spend…

      1. Nope, it’s my dad’s old monitor that he must have had for 5 years. It was going to be thrown out anyway, but I got a good year out of it. I’m just going to get a new ASUS monitor sometime in the future.

  13. Lol. The rage on this site. Why did everyone get too hype. I think the article and Gian’s video fueled everyone a bit too much. I’m still going to purchase the game. Also, if they don’t announce a new game now; we still could look forward to September’s CoroCoro. This is basically turning into the Metroid Prime: Federation Force-like drama on this site. Let’s just hope they announce something during their closing ceremony.

  14. I never expected an announcement,but i wonder what goes through the pokemon company’s heads. Everyone was pissed when pokken was initially announced for arcades only and everyone wanted it to be confirmed for WiiU,and now when the time is PERFECT for a new game,they announce. ..pokken….

    Like wtf

    1. That is what pissed me off the most. The timing just doesn’t make sense to me lol. This was the perfect time for them to announce a new game.

    1. I loved Crystal. It and Red are my most cherished Pokemon possessions. Although Crystal is in better condition. I have one of those special plastic cartridge cases that I keep it in.

      Sorry if it seems like I’m stalking your posts about the games you bought haha

      1. No it’s alright, I enjoy sharing my experiences 😛 The seller actually brought all 6 games in plastic cartridges for protection, although the listing never mentioned it. I love when eBay sellers do special things for their customers. And my plan is to beat Crystal (all 16 badges worth…) and move on to Yellow.

        1. Interesting Pattern. I probably would’ve done Yellow first and then tried to have the exact team Red has for when you fight him in Crystal. Of course pkmn Yellow follows Ash but it’s the only game you can get all three starters. And you’d have to sub Espeon for something. I’d probably do Lapras since that’s what they changed it to in HG/SS

          1. Well see, I just so happened to play through all of FireRed just last week, so I’m not really in the mood to go through Kanto again. I haven’t played through HeartGold for ages, so I wanted to stagger it a bit.

          2. Ah, I see. Well that makes more sense then. Now that I think about it, there’s actually this girl next door who my brother is friends with who has a copy of Yellow. I should convince him to convince her to sell it to me. She’s like 15 and doesn’t have a job so hopefully she’ll sell it for like $20 >:) And then I can play Yellow (which I’ve never played) and then Crystal!

          3. Hope that works out in your favor soon! I’m really looking forward to having a Pikachu following me around 😛

          4. Yeah that’ll be cool. I want them to bring back the follow feature one day. The riding pokemon was cool but there were only like 3 that it worked with.

  15. Ok I’ve gotten over my slight disappointment and I’m watching the Pokken Tournament…….tournament…….anyway it’s looking good. I’ve been excited for it since it was announced and now I can’t wait to play in my own house! Next year should b a fun year. I’m still pretty sure we’ll get a new main series game so with that and Pokken Tournament I’m gonna have my hands full lol

    1. I don’t want a new main series game this year, this is honestly perfect.
      Also long time no see :p

      1. Well do u mean this year as in 2015 or 2016? Bc whether or not it’s announced this year or next year I’m pretty sure it’s coming in 2016. Anyway hey what’s mang? It has been a while lol

        1. Yeah, I haven’t been on in at least 9 months O_o
          I mean announced early 2016 or late 2015, and released late 2016, or maybe even early 2017.

          1. I was pretty sure the game was gonna b announced today lol Either way it’s not gonna b released until 2016 at the earliest lol

  16. I’m wondering, since all of the batteries for my Gen 1 and 2 games were replaced, do I have to worry about the saves being erased in the far future?

      1. all of us know this ….i mean i want to see him in a battle ….i didn’t see him in this tournament .

        1. You know there is already gameplay footage of Gengar right? Or do you mean that you want to see some Gengar gameplay at Worlds?

  17. Pokenn is awesome and I’m glad it’s coming to Wii U, but it needs more fighters, at least in the console version.

    1. I’m sure they’ll ad more fighters. It seems like they have plenty of base space to add a few more characters and then I’m sure there r unlockable characters they haven’t shown yet lol

    2. So far all we seen are the painfully obvious fan favorites and half of them are speed oriented
      And very little Power centered combatants
      we need some heavyweights
      Rhyperior, Hariyama, Aggron, Snorlax, Oooo how about Golem i can see a lot of cool ideas with his rocky shell

      But one Pokemon who i can see as a very interesting is Simisage, kinda swinging around on vines and hurling seed bombs all with break-dancing jungle acrobatics

      1. That is an incredible idea. Something that would be awesome to play and also come out of left field.

  18. Ughhhhh of all things they add is a clone
    Why can’t they had a massively heavyweight fighter all about full blown offense
    *Cough Rhyperior *cough*

      1. B: Horn Attack/Megahorn/Fury Attack
        Foward-B: Take Down/Double Edge
        Back-B: Rock Wrecker
        Down-B: Earthquake

  19. Whelp I guess since Pokken Tournament is still going on I guess the secret for the 3:30 time slot is just the Pokken Tournament tournament finals….That means it’s unlikely even if there is an announcement this weekend it’ll prolly b another day…….*sigh* lol

          1. The tcg part of the stream should go for a few hours. I forgot when the actual end time for today was, but prolly another 3-4 hours. Maybe less, but that’s my best guess

  20. Looks like they’re streaming Pokken Tournament now and it’s looking really good. But as Chico and Earthen said, they really do need more fighters. With the 720 Pokemon available right now, the fact that only 9 fighters are announced for this future Wii U title is really mediocre. I think they need at least 20-30 fighters to make this a game worth comparing to others like Super Street Fighter, Tekken itself or Super Smash Bros. Sure, I’d play it and many others would with 9 characters, but it’d probably get stale quick.

    1. Again I’m sure they’ll add more and have some hidden for unlockables for when he game actually comes out

    2. They’ll definitely add more, there are a ton of Pokemon that could work in the game and it would be a waste to not add them. If they don’t, it would be a huge disappointment.

  21. Lol that moment when you see more “Why are people mad” comments than actual people being mad.
    but As I predicted no new main story game, but I do love Pokken can’t wait 🙂

  22. I just kno that if by some miracle there is an extra announcement this weekend I’ll b doing something already and won’t b able to watch live lol

    1. I love Starbomb and the Game Grumps so much. They’re a lot like us, I think. Good people who LOVE video games. Also, this video was awesome.

  23. Kinda bored… Anyone here like pokemon art? I can make sugimori imitations, custom, lineart, colorings, or anthro.

    1. Hmmmm I got a idea
      I have this Fakemon I’ve been meaning to draw but never find the time
      It’s called Sueyplex and Warhog

        1. Well if you known or heard about my i’m notorious for being unceasingly loyal to Ground type pokemon
          and my most favorite type is Fighting but sadly we’ve never once had a official Ground/Fighting type

          They’re basically Mud wrestling swine Pokemon
          Sueyplex being a chubby pig like Pokemon with a red mohawk with mud splattered over its body similar to a leotard
          and Warhog being a heavily muscular Warthog Wrestler with massive yet long muscular arms and legs for serious muscle power also mud coating its body

          1. I totally remember when you came up with this, or something very similar. It must have been 2 years ago when I first came here. They’re very good ideas.

          2. I just freaking want a Ground Fighting type so effing badly
            the two most offensive types in the world mine to command

          3. And the warthog is a perfect model, since pigs have already been done and they, like the warthog, roll around in the mud. I’d be surprised if Game Freak doesn’t already have a design like that down the pipeline.

          4. And it learns a signature attack
            I want to say 150 base Damage but has to recharge

          5. i would love to see a minecart pokemon that can use it to ram by getting in and is strong enough to throw it or swing it using momentum.

          6. wynaut a Ramming Ram?
            With gigantic Steel horns
            Pure Steel
            but i feel people might call it a Mawile rip-off

          7. how about a robot female only steel type, Femaiden, after Fe, or iron’s element name and iron maiden, it can use steel and vocal attacks akin to a opera singer. i would think metal sound, heavy slam, hyper voice, and screech would be good attacks.

  24. The only thing I’m mad about is the fact that pikachu takes up two characters slots. No one asked for that, c’mon. I hope Metagross has a chance.

    1. I would have preferred Hawlucha but I think Pikachu Libre is also a good representative for luchador-style wrestling… But yeah I’m sick of the fan faves

  25. I have this idea that in the pokemon world, either the government, or even just parents, use Porygon to monitor Internet activity. Like, if your kid is on a Porygon site, it’s ok, but on the sites not watched by porygon, is where all the bad stuff goes down, like the deep web.

  26. I’m not good at fighting games, but I like playing them. So I’m excited about this.

    I can’t be worse at it than I am at Smash.

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