Strolling Through the Japanese Pokémon Center

My friend Aaron and I stopped by the MEGA TOKYO Pokémon Center in Ikebukuro, which some of you know because I tweeted out pictures while I was there, and he made a video of our trip. If you’d like a virtual stroll through the store check out the above video! I’m the gay guy with the red bag 🙂

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<3 PJ

      1. I’m still going to Japan next summer! It’s not Tokyo though, it’s Kyushu. Unless you want to make a big trip, that’s the closest we’ll ever be.

        1. I’ve wanted to go to Japan for quite some time now! Let me know how you like it there, and buy an original Dedenne plush while you’re at it 😉

          1. I’m going to take lots of pictures, especially of me hitting my head on various objects. Living the tall life isn’t meant for Japan.

          1. It’s not through school for me. I’m basically just tagging along with my grandparents when they go because I’ve always wanted to go to Japan.

          2. I’m excited because they’re going to be pre-occupied, so I get to roam around by myself. I’ll be 17 then, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Looks like Nintendo filed a patent for a new system that does not contain a disc drive. This could mean that they’re going completely digital with upcoming titles. While it could be as simple as them just testing out a few designs to see how they fit with their budget and their gaze into the ninth generation of gaming consoles, this could be our first idea of what the NX is like. We know they’re planning shipments of the console mid-2016 or so, and Square Enix is planning to bring Dragon Quest X and XI to the console when it releases. Perhaps next year, assuming we get our new Pokemon game announcement then and not now, we could be seeing some cross-compatability with the NX, an open-world Pokemon game, the next installment solely on NX, one game for each console, who knows? But the lack of a disc drive is interesting. This does leave room for one to speculate that it is cartridge-based similar to the 3DS or older consoles, or perhaps there is a feature where 3DS games could be played on the NX for better viewing through a television screen. The possibilities really are endless and could go any way. Thoughts?

    1. I think that could be a patent for the console AFTER the NX, or the NX itself. Also, I think my children will grow up with consoles that are completely clean all around with no disk drive (such as the Mac Mini I’m using to type this). This is inevitable, and I’m glad. I can’t make shelf space forever. 😛

      1. For some reason I prefer having the physical copy of the game just so I know nothing goes wrong within the hardware of the system and erases the game–just a thing of mine. I guess if this is to be part of the next generation of consoles, I wouldn’t have a choice. Anyway, Nintendo has been filing quite a few patents in recent, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are planning ahead. I don’t know, but maybe they’re planning something huge for the next installment and want to dedicate better hardware to it for a complete experience. That being said, if the NX doesn’t come with a disk drive, that leaves full potential for handheld compatibility, and granted we get an exceedingly varied Virtual Console lineup, we could be seeing one of the best gaming consoles ever due to the sheer amount that can be done as a compilation of games from a variety of different systems. I, personally, would love to see a Pokemon experience on a home console because of everything it can handle that the 3DS can’t. An open-world experience, as I mentioned in my first comment, that takes the full-3D battle style of Pokemon X and Y. I don’t think they switched Pokemon from 2D to 3D just to change up the formula a bit–I think they have something planned, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that something has to do with the next home console. Current games seem to steer towards a 3D experience as opposed to 2D or 2.5D anyways, so for the future of Pokemon and the expansion to more consoles, a movement to 3D was a smart one. But I’m still going out on a limb here assuming that in as little as a year, we could have our first main series title coming to a home console. And that’s big. While I don’t want Pokemon to turn into an RPG like Xenoblade or The Witcher, I would love to see it expand its horizons through the capabilites of a ninth generation console like I hope the NX will be.

    2. I don’t like the idea of having all digital games. Same reason I hate E-books. You own nothing. You own a bunch of pixels and data. There’s nothing there. You can’t sell what you bought and make a profit.

      1. That is true. Sometimes I just like to have the physical copy so I know it’s there and it hasn’t been lost within the console.

    3. Cartridges are better imo. Yeah disks can store more info but memory cards are growing fast with large memory sizes. I could see them using the NX with cartridges like the 3DS but more like a flash back to the original consoles.

    4. From the beginning, I’ve speculated that the NX would be a sort of handheld-console hybrid, and I think that that may be right.

    5. An open world Pokémon game is something I’ve wanted for years. It would be amazing. And now it’s starting to look possible.

  2. Oh man I want Torchic socks.

    Why does Japan have to be so much better at being awesome than the rest of the world? I mean it’s not even a fair fight.

  3. Oh the Pokemon center… I remember going to the one in New York when I was like 9 years old before it was the superstore
    I can’t remember much but apparently my mother told me I was beyound overstimulated I blacked out
    But I do remember I gigantic wall of mini figs and a arcade machine with not only Pokemon Snap BUT also a demo for the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion
    At the end I couldn’t decide what figure to buy except the Delibird I asked her to hold and unknowingly shoplifted

  4. The awkward moment when the gay guy with the read bag whispers, “So was your mom.”

  5. It’s almost time to switch back to my Byron avatars… But until then I have some more Archie stuff I wanna use!

      1. It was a picture with Matt and Archie but it cropped it so I Archie mained. I’ll switch to the Matt one maybe next week.

  6. I got 3 sisters, Summer, Autumn, and Winter… One of them is Definitely Lesbian, We love her and support her, because to be honest, it’s hard to be gay with a straight face and say it without coming off in a bad light… I have a disability, difference is, I can’t fix it, i live with it, even if i don’t want to… You made a choice to pursue it rather than suppress it and i think, as someone Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as a kid, growing up in a world of haters, is really brave. I admire your confidence, it takes me a lot sometimes to feel confident due to my difference, but like you, i want to make a difference and make the most of it that i can, that’s all we can really do, right?

    1. Woah are those really their names? Does that mean your name is Spring? Yeah it is hard to be different in a world that wants you to change something you can’t help. My parents hate my relationship with my boyfriend and want me to “turn” straight. People don’t understand if they would just accept that not everyone is the same, the world would probably be slightly easier to live it.

      1. Well, I am a spring forme Deerling, so i hope so…
        I think the difference is here, if you have a disability, there’s no way to change it, so people have to have some level of tolerance because no matter what they do, it’s not gonna fix it, or change it really. With Homosexuality, it’s a different stretch and different battle due to preference, but not always mind you, you cannot help who you are attracted to, But you can change your approach with your parents, maybe they’re worried about you and don’t completely understand the relationship. Maybe if your boyfriend is around ask him to maybe see if he can do something practical to gain approval, if not, to heck with them, you’re trying to make him seem more acceptable to them, if you’re an adult, it’s your life, if you live in America, they cannot legally stop you from the relationship. But If they are trying to change your preference, that should be your call, not theirs.

    2. Okay, I understand this side of the argument, but I think the problem is with the “labelling” itself. If we treat mentally affected people, or sexual deviants as having ‘disorders’ it basically strengthens the “survival of the fittest” argument. To be able to live in a world where different people are accepted and nobody is hurt, we need to give up labelling and acknowledge that EVERYONE is different. We are all deviants in our manner, and we would be hypocrites if we didn’t accept others. People who’s differences affect their functioning, such as mental or other disabilities as we call them today will actually recieve much better assistance if they are free from that label. Also, I’m sure anybody in these situations will agree that we hate pity, which is more derogatory than indifference.

      1. The problem here is that… You and i are one person each, there are over 8 billion in the world, so unless they are willing to give up labels, they will still exist, i do agree labels aren’t a wise idea in all senses, but not all labels are bad, either. for example, Genius is a label, you are implying they belong to a group of very smart people. Artist is a label, it implies they are a person who does art for any reason of motivation or outlet. Hero, Is a label, it means someone who does something extraordinary, helpful, positive, or generally useful to themselves and/or others. Labels don’t have to be negative, they’re just a method of defining something or someone in a way WE understand, which actually DOES help us to evolve as a species. But the saying “One bad apple spoils the bunch” is a valid reason why they’re misused and often thought of as negative. I think it’s fair to say your points are valid, and to a sense, I agree, but i wasn’t putting down anyone here, i was just making a point about certain similarities i observed and learned and lived through to make those points valid and honest. I want to thank you for challenging my argument because you do indeed think outside the box, it’s another good way to learn and grow from an experience than just a few words of agreement or validation on my part.

        1. I really wasn’t trying to accuse you or create bad blood 🙂 Just something i thought of to create a healthy debate! Glad you could see my point of view!

  7. Some new megas I want
    Mega Druddigon
    Dragon Steel
    Tough Claws
    HP: 77
    Atk: 170 (+50)
    Def: 120 (+30)
    SpA: 70 (+10)
    SpD: 120 (+30)
    spe: 28 (-20)
    I know it takes Dialga’s unique type, but I steel think it is really cool, also it grants AMAZING power little weakness all at the cost for going last most of the time.

    Mega Beartic
    Sheer Force
    HP: 95
    Atk: 140 (+30)
    Def: 100 (+20)
    SpA: 100 (+30)
    SpD: 100 (+20)
    Spe: 50
    I just really like Beartic, and I think this would make it more viable, even though Ice type is not a good type.

    Mega Kecleon
    HP: 60
    Atk: 150 (+60)
    Def: 120 (+50)
    SpA: 60
    SpD: 130 (+10)
    Spe: 20 (-20)
    Get Kecleon more love and power

    1. How does Druddigon gain steel out of no where?
      Beartic is fine Sheer Force Aqua Jet
      but seriously 150 attack power for a Kecleon? what freed the beast in that meek reptile

        1. Well that’s easily explainable since Ampharos’s Japanese name is Denryu can be taken to mean 電流 denryū (electric current) or 電竜 den ryū (electric dragon), and it may incorporate 電球 denkyū(light bulb), referring to its tail.

          1. What about Lopunny gaining a fighting type?
            Why didn’t it gain a type like fairy or stay normal?

      1. Druddigon Is like a gargoyle but instead of being the simple rock it turns to steel instead I mean I would be fine with Rock Dragon too, it doesn’t matter, but I think Dragon steel would be more unique and unexpected

        I knoooow Sheer Force Aqua Jet Would be mighty powerful!

        And Kecleon is sick of everyone being so mean and disregarding it, so It just just mega evolves gets bigger and turns to a 3 horned chameleon

        1. But that doesn’t explain anything, you just can’t slap on a type just because its unique or cool

          Kecleon is nothing more then a Hoenn Poster-boy and will never amount to much

          1. I don’t crush dreams, my cold hard logic dismantles them
            Like Druddigon might have a craggy rugged body but how in any way does its scales or bones turn to metals

          2. I think it suits it immensely
            Mega Evolution is supposed to bring out a Pokemon’s innermost traits and power
            and Gyarados’s most greatest power is its unyielding rage and savagery burning down everything in its path until its quelled and Dark Type fits that very well
            So stop crying that you didn’t get another effing Dragon

          3. We’re probably going to get a Mega Druddigon at some point, whether you like it or not 😛

          4. i’m not saying we may not i’m just questioning the unlikeliness of gaining a steel type for no reason

          5. Oh, so you think it would keep its pure Dragon typing? That’s possible too, I suppose. Maybe it would become Dragon/Flying?

          6. those wings ain’t for flying they’re used to collect as much sunlight needed to keep its body moving

          7. Well that’s what I mean, those dinky wings could be upgraded immensely in its new design.

          8. maybe maybe it’ll just go like Mega Pinsir or Slamence and gamefreak will be Fuck it will just give it Aerilate

          9. Exactly, it doesn’t get that many flying type moves (or even normal types either) So I think it would be best to keep flying out of it

          10. the only Mega i’ll allow to have Aerilate would be Mega Rapidash since we all know that things going Pegasus one of these days

    2. I’d love a Mega Druddigon, because it’s not exactly the most popular Dragon-type Pokemon. I always found that it was under appreciated, mainly because it has no evolutions…kind of like Heatmor.

      1. Yea I love druddigon even though many people say they hate the way it looks : I absolutely adore it!
        (also fun fact drddigon is the only non legendary dragon type that doesn’t evolve)

        1. Another Mega I’d like to see is Forretress. It’s like the definition of an under-appreciated Pokemon for me. It has the same type as Scizor and looks like Glalie, what’s not to love?

          1. Oooh Mega Forrtress, forretress used to be really popular among the competitive scene in gen 5, but I don’t think people liked it, just used it to use it
            Mega Forretress would be awesome 😀

          2. Mega-Foretress could TOTALLY SHOW US WHAT’S INSIDE that mysterious shell! Kinda the reverse of Mega-Slowbro

    3. Mega Beartic could be Ice/Dark considering how viscious polar bears are, or ice/fighting, considering their girth, or lastly ice/water considering they can swim well…

    1. Excadrill……
      One day we’ll find the fabled Excadrite…..
      oooh that reminds me what Stone Holster would he use

  8. Alrighty
    Mega Rapisdash
    HP: 65
    Attack: 150
    Def: 70
    Sp. Atk: 80
    Sp. Def: 80
    Speed: 165

    1. If you’re going for a pegasus image, Fire/Fairy would work too! :3 especially since the recent obsession with it due to the novelty value

      1. Yea I think it Fairy would be nice, and maybe they can change it to be able to relearn Play Rough

          1. Yeah and it would cut down on the stealth rock damage… though i dont know the exact type resistances..steel would be negated

          2. It would resist: fire, bug, grass ice fighting dark fairy
            Weak to: water poison ground rock
            immune Dragon
            Good against: Bug Dragon Fighting Dark Grass Ice Steel

          3. Mega Rapidash
            Fire Fairy
            Fairy Aura! (Kidding actually I want Serene Grace)
            HP: 65
            Atk: 145 (+45)
            Def: 80 (+10)
            SpA: 90 (+10)
            SpD: 80
            Spe: 150 (+45)

          4. Serene grace could ensure burns for all those bulky physical sweepers… but won’t pixilate give it access to insane physical fairy moves? that way they won’t need to change its moveset either

          5. Meh I think Giving it Play Rough then giving it Serene Grace would more unique than changing type then typical pixalate, but I guess you are right but I would rather do what I did

          6. or Runaway? Kidding! Levitate might work too (since its supposed to be a pegasus and all)… Serene grace sounds awesome though

        1. Exactly! or introduce a flare-blitzy fairy version for it (wishful thinking), something along the lines of magic horn or something less sexual… there’s only one physical fairy move as of yet

          1. Heart Pierce ?
            Golden Arrow (from Cupid) ?
            Fairy Tail (playing on fairy tale) ?
            Lovely Punch (lol) ?
            Fey Fang (considering fairies have hidden fangs) ?

          2. I like the first two! xD we need to play around with that big erm “fairy” horn it’ll be having enlarged… Rainbow Impale?

          3. I would like a arrow type move Cupid arrow would be good with a 20% chance for the opposite gender to fall in love!

          4. Yeah! or it could have a decent power like 75 AND reduce attack like play nice or Charm

          5. Yes it definitey should have a chance to cause infatuation, maybe a lower one but this gives infatuation a chance to shine since it is not present so much.

          6. Well sorry but those are just unbelievably stupid, Baby Bite… Of all words you use that one

          7. Well my target audience is unbelievably stupid and since I caught your attention, bingo. Of all words you use that one…tsk tsk

          8. Some better ones
            Crescent Slash(Physical version of moonblast)
            Pixie Punch
            Celestial Arrow

          1. Lul Just kidding I want you to watch it and watch in horror 😀
            because it’s our opinion and you can’t change it
            ha ha ha

          2. Really, how can you prove “speculation” wrong? xD it’s already implied to be mere…. *drumroll*…. speculation.

          3. Easily, no matter what there’s always logic, you don’t just makes things a certain way without a reason

          4. Well I’ve already reasoned everything out so feel free to start anytime 🙂

  9. I just beat the Pokemon League in Crystal! It took me 17 hours over the past 2 days but it was worth it. Such a good game. It feels so much faster than the modern games, because it is.

  10. Since everybody is posting their conceptual megas I have one here:
    Mega Weezing
    Levitate (Of Course)
    HP: 65
    Attack: 100 (+10)
    Defense: 150 (+30)
    Sp. Attack:105 (+20)
    Sp. Defense: 150( +80)
    Speed: 20 (-40)

      1. Thanks! And conceptually i imagine it as some sort of radioactive exploding thing, that sets stuff on fire and drenches it in toxic nuclear waste!

  11. Mega Ditto (random stat changes that are irrelevent, or maybe no boosts)
    Doesn’t need any item to transform, needs to know transform so it can have choice scarf
    strategically you could use it like a normal ditto, transforming into the opponent.. upon opponent switch out and switch in, you can use “mega-evolve” transforming into the opponent pokemon! Gives people a redo on the transform bit without having to switch out. The best part is that it won’t have any design at all!

    one flaw is the move it choses upon the mega evolving turn. It could essentially use one of the moves of the first opponent moveset while having a new moveset on the next turn… encore will be a problem if used on that turn, though it can just fail.

    1. That just sounds just so unnecessarily complicated I hope Ditto never Mega Evoles as to spare us this garbled mess

  12. Alright proof positive of my ox like strength
    I carried 80 pounds of rocks from my room down a flight of stairs all the way to the back of the house

  13. I just played Pokemon X for the first time in ages, and I forgot that I completed the National Pokedex (except for Hoopa and Volcanion) and have over 5 million Poke-dollars. So that’s why I stopped playing…

  14. Megas that I want in the next games

    Mega Arcanine
    Mega milotic
    Mega volcarona
    Mega zoroark
    Mega Haxorus
    Mega Luxray

    1. Mega Zoroark could be interesting… It could become the mega evolution of the pokemon it’s morphed into (purely in an aesthetic sense ofc) But what about the pokemon without megas? Would it break it’s identity? OR MAYBE the opponent won’t even KNOW IT’S MEGA EVOLVING and it’ll just continue to look like the illusion till it breaks… Wonder if GF would do that

    1. Not quite sure, but why would you want a double feedback of audio from the same device? I know the Wii U does do surroudsound by using the gamepad, but i don’t think the combination will turn out how you like, even with a direct feed… Could be wrong though.

        1. Well it looks like a dark type and it learns a few dark moves. Plus I love those two types. Seems fitting.

          1. Ok not to stifle your wishes but looks don’t equal typing
            I mean tons of people want a Mega Lux to be a Dark type but it’s anything but so other then it’s black fur and scary looks but not like a sinister trickery that Dark Types poses and don’t forget it’s bright younger self that transitioned to having X-ray eyes

          2. I know it may not happen, I would personally just like to see it. I’m looking forward to the new typings in whatever pokemon game is next. You know, whenever they announce that…

          3. Sorry I meant new type combos. We probably won’t get a new type for 2 generations at the least..

          4. Oooooh well we don’t want to go willy billy especially for Megas when we could have gen 7

    1. Mega Claydol
      Mega Excadrill
      Tough Claws/Sand Rush
      Mega Rapidash
      Mega Luxray
      Mega Xatu
      Analytic/Forewarn (kinda obvious)/Magic Guard

  15. Man…Worlds is boring this year.

    Every team is basically, Mega Kang, Landorus, Thundurus, Heatran, Amoongus and and Mega Mence

      1. Was better last year when they were limited to only 450 Pokemon and most of these legends weren’t allowed

    1. Welcome to VGC. I wish there were rules about stuff like that, like change usable megas every year.

    2. But But But
      I am actually okay with that
      Because Mega Kanga was barely there last year, so It doesn’t matter
      Still good battles

    3. Exactly. I thought single battles were stale and boring, so I quit and played doubles, only to discover that all the teams are the same and I got bored very quickly. Now I’m just waiting for a new meta before I think about start battling competitively again.

    4. The reason they’re so common is because of how good they are. You really don’t have many viable options anymore because of all of the new possible strategies. And not everyone who has these Pokemon plays the same way lol.

  16. I read a couple of made up moves down below and thought I should chime in haha

    Soul Crash
    -Psychic type Flare Blitz

    Poison Dart
    -Priority poison type move
    – Base 40

    Radiant Pulse
    -Base 80, chance to lower accuracy

    Boulder Bash
    – Base 90, Rock, Physical, 100% Accuracy

    Beast Claw
    – Fairy, Physical, Base 70, High Crit Ratio

    1. I really like the poison dart. They should make another tree frog type pokemon with high speed, attack, and defense and have that be it’s signature move.

        1. That’s why I said another! 😛 Toxicroak doesn’t look much like one. I want a cute little green and orange one that stays a quadruped.

  17. To add on to the move creation train…

    Pyro Smash
    Physical Fire-Type move, 100 base power, 80 accuracy, 10 PP, does special damage.

    Radiant Light
    Special Fairy-Type move, 70 base power, 100 accuracy, 15 PP, heals 10 damage when contact is made.

    Wide Slash
    Physical Normal-Type move, 60 base power, 90 accuracy, 20 PP, hits all opposing Pokemon even in Triple Battles, critical hit chance boosted.

    Dynamic Fury
    Physical Fighting-Type move, 130 base power, 60 accuracy, 5 PP, hits adjacent opposing Pokemon.

    Idk some of these are stupid but whatever.

    1. I like the idea of Pyro Smash but I think it needs tweaking I see like a solidified fireball that does physical damage based on its special since plenty of fire moves are special and why need another when this could be physical
      Radiate light sounds likes a mix of Dazzling Gleam and Draining kiss
      Wide Slash could work
      And I love the name Dynamic Fury

  18. When are we gonna get an international release date for Hoopa? It’s getting a little old…I’m tired of them announcing things and then drawing them out for 10 months.

    1. I’m expecting before the end of the year.
      Volcanion will probably get a CoroCoro reveal before the end of the year too, with an international release date next year to promote Gen 6.5 (if that becomes a thing.)

      1. It’s just so annoying! They made us wait so long with Diancie too -_- And it’s not like they’ve been giving us interesting wifi events in between. I keep bitching about Jirachi because I just don’t understand why we haven’t seen him yet? It’s the only Hoenn legendary not included in the game, a game that has been out for like 10 months now.

        I’m guessing Hoopa will be around October. Volcanion probably revealed in December

        1. Seems like an accurate prediction. It’s funny, I was thinking to myself one night that maybe Volcanion was the first Gen 7 Pokemon… but then I realized that would be like Victini being revealed in Platinum’s code, which wasn’t the case.

          1. It may be released onto gen 7 games but it would certainly be strange if they retconned it to not be gen 6. I’m still secretly hoping for an announcement during closings. Is that tomorrow?

          2. In all honesty, it doesn’t seem likely at all to me. That’s the debbie downer GF has trained me to be :^)

          3. Well, to be fair, they have been breaking some traditions lately, so it’s still possible the Closing Ceremony could bring some new information to light. But announcing two games at one event is probably overdoing it in their eyes. We’ll just have to see. If it’s not Worlds, it’s next month’s CoroCoro. We’re guaranteed a name for the green blob and a reveal of Mega Zygarde before the end of the year, especially after Mega Evolution Act IV airs. It’s only a matter of how long GF desides to milk out Mega Zygarde and the green blob before they announce their next game. I’m really leaning towards a Spring 2016 reveal date and Winter 2016 release. This allows for a movie to be released in between and shed some more light on the new game. With Mega Zygarde set to make an integral appearance in Movie 19, it’s inevitable that something has to be revealed before, otherwise Movie 19 is kind of useless. And after that, I think it’s in our best bet to assume that Pokemon will be taking another hiatus for a year or two as they make the port to the NX, which would honestly be the best step they could take.

          4. It’s certainly exciting. They’re gearing up toward something. Hopefully this longer break delivers an even better game than ORAS (which was a solid 9/10 for me) and improves on it. I just hate waiting! It seems even longer because I’m already a junior in college and thinking so far into the future kinda freaks me out haha

          5. Haha, right. Waiting is one of the excruciating parts about Pokemon, especially after a reveal. This community helped me get through the 10 months between XY’s reveal and release, which truly was a tough time in terms of waiting. I just hope that if we get a sequel/continuation to XY, they really improve the game. I’d love to see Gym Leader Rematches, an actual postgame, the villain showing up more throughout the story, your rivals actually being helpful (shocker), and for the first time I’d love to see Gym Leaders actually make up part of the story and ally with the protagonist. I would really like Pokemon to branch out just a little bit into the RPG genre and allow players to accept sidequests throughout the story and after, make allies with different people, etc. While that would steer away from the traditional Pokemon formula, we’re really getting the same game with a different face every year. I think GF’s going through that innovation phase right now, and getting a bit deeper into the RPG genre would be a great next step. They brought 3D into Pokemon, they brought a new type, they brought a new form of Evolution, and more. I don’t know if that means making the game(s) longer, but allowing us to do more, battle more, get challenged more! Remember Challenge Mode from BW2? And Gym Leader Rematches in Emerald? They need to go back to those roots because that’s what makes you want to keep playing. Maybe more collectibles, even. Villain’s aftermath! Different endings… that might be pushing it, but you get the idea. Okay, rant over.

  19. My moves
    Blindside 120
    Dark physical version of Future Sight
    Turns the terrain into quicksand opponent is unable to flee lasts 5 turns
    The user Increases its body heat and damages on contact 10% to burn and Water does more damage
    Force Volley
    Physical 15
    The user sends a cascade of energy pulses striking 2-5 times
    Special 90
    The target is sprayed with caustic acid does super effective damage on Steel types

      1. Quicksand is a entry trap that once the opponent switches in they’re stuck and cannot be called back until they died (to stop rampant withdrawals)
        And Ignite is a move similar to spikey shield minus the protection but does serious damage to those who make contact but it’s a high risk move since water attacks will do like 3x more damage
        Blindside is a very fitting move for Dark types since its strikes anywhere in within 2-5 turns for a nasty 120 bd but knowing when they’ll strike is the fear
        Meltdown basically acid eating through metal like Freeze-Dry

          1. When you point your finger, there are three finger pinting back at you. If you don’t like the behaviour in above post, don’t behave anyone else like that.

  20. From the Opening Ceremony at Worlds (rewatch the beginning part):
    Mr. Ishihara: “Thank you very much. So the last couple of years at Worlds, we’ve been able to make some exciting announcements for our Pokemon fans. And this year as well, I have some exciting news to share with you. So FIRST I’d like you take you through this video and then I’ll bring out some guests to tell you more.”

    I might be overthinking this, but I feel like this was referring to more than one piece of news, especially since the word first was used. Who knows, maybe they held off from a main series game announcement so the hype wouldn’t distract the players (saw this on a YouTube comment)?

    1. GCPM11 also did a video saying the same. Personally I think the reason he used the word first was because of the “Pokken Tournament” tournament later on Friday. I’d like to think that they’ll do a main series announcement at the closing ceremony, especially since Masuda and Ohmori will be there, but I don’t want to get my hopes up just to have them dashed again.

    2. I think he was just saying “First we’ll show you the trailer, and after that the developers will talk about it”. His statements were overblown. However, Masuda and Ohmori would be fools not to attend the ceremony tomorrow. It logically seems strange for them not to allude to the future. Maybe not a reveal, but a simple “we’ll reveal some exciting information soon”.

  21. I wrote this up to try and predict the next occurences in the Pokemon franchise. This is really loosely written and doesn’t have any hardcore evidence to support it. Personally, this is what I’d like to see and what I think and hope will actually happen:

    2015 – Generation 6.5 is teased through CoroCoro. The green blob Pokemon makes its first appearance at the end of Movie 18 and is officially revealed in October’s CoroCoro. Mega Zygarde is further teased in October’s CoroCoro and is officially revealed in Mega Evolution Act IV.

    2016 – Volcanion is revealed in CoroCoro at the beginning of the year. In Spring, Generation 6.5 is officially announced with a Winter release date. A 19th Movie also comes to light and features Mega Zygarde and Volcanion. In Winter, the Generation 6.5 game comes out, and a Volcanion event is released shortly after.

    2017 – Generation 7 is teased at E3. At this point, it has been a year since the release of the Nintendo NX, which has support for cartridges as well as digital downloads. A beta version of an open-world Pokemon experience is shown and dated for the following year in Spring. Movie 20 will be some kind of special 20th Anniversary film similar to Pokemon Origins. It may feature some kind of subtle teaser for Generation 7.

    2018 – The first open-world Pokemon experience is released in Spring 2018 and has cross-compatibility with the NX and a new 3DS model. The 21st movie will most likely feature one or more out of three or five Mythical Legendaries in the 7th Generation. A CoroCoro towards the end of the year teases a special announcement for 2019.

    2019 – In May/June, Diamond and Pearl remakes are confirmed and release in the Fall. Meanwhile, the 21st Movie continues showcasing the Generation VII Mythical Legendaries.

    2020 – The third game in Generation VII is shown off in a Pokemon Direct at the beginning of the year and launches in Fall. The 22nd Movie wraps up the Mythical Legendary story for Generation VII.

    2021 – Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary calls for a Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow remake for the new 3DS model and Nintendo NX. It’s an open world experience that takes you back a few decades before Pokemon Red and Blue and further clarifies the events of The Pokemon War. Really going out on a limb on this one–the 23rd Movie marks the end of the Pokemon Anime and premiers at the end of the year as opposed to the middle. The final season of the anime takes an older Ash back through the Kanto region, which has largely changed since he’s last seen it. He works his way up to battle all the trainers in the region, conquers the League and becomes a Pokemon Master. Everyone cries, and Dicie gets shot for calling this one right on the money. 😉

    1. FUUUUUUCK dude, if that all came true the future will look bright. I simply can’t believe that we’re going full circle already. Diamond and Pearl are my childhood, even more than Emerald was. I really think that would be a great end to the franchise, too. I don’t think it will end at Gen 7, though. Someone at Game Freak (can’t remember who) said that Gen 7 Pokemon will be simplistic, which could connect to Kanto’s simplicity in some way.

      1. Haha, thank you! I’m glad you think this would make a good continuation to the franchise. Let’s just hope GF listens for once…

      2. They’ve literally been trying to make everything like Kanto since Black and White lol.

    2. Let’s not jump that far ahead. I’ll be old and with a job and responsibilities.

    1. Definitely having out for me
      I said his physical fairy move ideas were kinda lame and now he’s butthurt

      1. No, I’m not butthurt. You use the word lame and stupid, which are unnecessary and far from being constructive. I guess it’s OK to have that kind of behaviour in this site, so I am free to use the same words as you’re using. I really think you’re coming at me after the reaction you got from your “No megaevolution can have its primary type changed” rampage. We all know what is going on here. At least, I used my words exquisitely and tried to carry on an intellectual argument about the situation there.

          1. We don’t know that yet. Not until they’re completely finished with Mega Evolutions. It’s like Heavy’s “no Pokemon that evolves with an elemental stone can mega evolve.”
            So, it’ll be true until otherwise, which I’m sure they’ll do at some point just to change the game up a little.

          2. That was kinda a jaded theory with very little backing it up
            I’m just going by that absolutely no Mega Pokemon to date have lost their primary typing after Mega evolving

          3. But no elemental stone Pokemon Mega Evolved until Gallade? It’s the same thing. I agree with you right now but they’re bound to prove something eventually.

          4. not really the Stone thing really just didn’t make sense it was just uncanny luck that a Stone Evo Mega Evolved

            But the type thing makes way more sense

  22. Anyways, today we find out if anyone’s speculations were correct, or if we get nothing (which is painfully a heavy possibility).

    1. (To avoid timezone confusions) How many hours from now is the ending ceremony?

  23. Personally I’m not expecting anything. CoroCoro is very soon anyway. If anything, we’ll get an announcement of an announcement.

    1. That’s what I think too. I expect them to mention that we’ll get new information “soon”.

  24. I can’t believe that school starts tomorrow. I was looking forward to it, but now I’m just scared out of my mind. From everything I’m hearing, I’m going to get absolutely slaughtered ;_;

  25. Could you imagine what X and Y remakes would look like by the time they make those? XD

    1. Oh my goodness, that would probably be around the year 2029, according to the 5-year time span between remakes. I expect virtual reality to be a key feature by then.

      1. And it would still have no after game content or more customization options for guys.

  26. Apparently a new trailer for X and Y was shown at the closing ceremony of the 2013 World Championships. That’s after they announced Mega Kangaskhan in the opening ceremony. It’s not much, but it gives us a shred of hope.

    1. There were two secret announcements planned Friday for the opening ceremony. One was Pokkén on Wii U and the other was removed because the Pokkén Mini Tournament went over time and they needed to start with the VGC/TCG Tourney. They’res a chance we will get something today, unless the Pokkén Tourney WAS the other secret

      1. Did they say that they were running low on time? I was under the impression that they were listing that as a secret as well in case it went on too long. Then again, why wouldn’t they just make it go straight from 1-4:30?

        1. I don’t know. They were pressed for time anyway; opening ceremony, registration, Pokkén… Set up, etcetera. We’ll see today though.

      2. I was under the impression that the second secret was just to fill in space for the rest of the Pokken Tournament tournament………That tournament did seems to go on longer than I figured it would, but I just don’t c that whole thing as 2 different things

  27. I can’t do it……while I personally thought it was hilarious that they revealed Pokken Tournament for the Wii U in the opening ceremonies, it was something that was pretty obvious. They barely showed anything new so it was kind of a let down. And this is coming from someone who stoked for PT. lol I just don’t want to get my hopes up……….the only way I c the announcement coming now is from s separate format like a direct or general website announcement. I’m still pretty sure it’ll happen in the next few weeks, but at this point I just don’t c it for this weekend……kind of a bummer….lol

  28. Looks as though the Closing Ceremony is at 4PM/1PM, one hour earlier than originally thought!

        1. That was an awesome final match. I didn’t know what was going on prior to that, but it was hilarious to see the other guy just concede both times.

          1. Yeah I remember older Deluge Blastoise/Keldeo decks where, as they mentioned, you had to rare candy to get a Blastiose. Pretty intimidating back then, monstrous now.

  29. Can someone help me…I just used the Super Rod in Cinnabar Island in Crystal and found both Chinchou and Lanturn. According to the internet, they’re not supposed to be there.

    1. R u sure ur not playing HGSS? They’re both in the water around Cinnabar Island in those games hahaha I’m sure u’d notice the difference lol That is weird tho. lol

      1. It’s kinda freaky. I’m certainly not playing HGSS. I know that this game isn’t a bootleg too. That would be SUCH a strange thing to add to a bootleg. I think I may have just made a discovery.

    2. Nah, it’s fine. You can find them there normally. On Pokearth on Serebii it seems they missed out Chinchou and Lanturn, but on their Pokedex it shows they are able to be found on Cinnabar.

  30. It’s been 2 years since Mega Evolutions were leaked in Corocoro. Can you believe i despised the thought of Megas when I first heard about them? I remember heading to the kitchen and having an imaginary rant xD

    1. It’s a good concept to jolt some new buzz into the series but nowadays people treat Mega Evolution as a given not a privilege

  31. I was watching the video, thinking that’s cool , wish they had more pokemon centers in the US, then I saw your HUGE phone and thought holly crap that’s a huge phone! Haha

  32. I just beat Red on my first try. That certainly went down to the wire, though. My goal was to complete Crystal before school starts…and that I did!

      1. Typhlosion, Dodrio, Arbok, Lanturn, Tangela, and Sandslash. I basically only used Typhlosion though; everything else was Revive-fodder.

    1. I don’t understand it took me half a million tries to beat even on the emulator yet Daf and Star blew through in one try

      1. I was almost certain that I was going to lose, but I played smart and ultimately got the win.

    2. I restarted Crystal on my 3Ds yesterday but I closed it and the Homebrew froze. 🙁 I lost two hours of work.

  33. My god these matches r moving so fast……Isn’t there only the final matches for Masters? What in the worlds r they gonna do for the amount of time they’ll have left? hahaha

    1. If they actually go as far as revealing anything today, I’d expect they’d go as far as showing a trailer too.

    2. I think they will, pretty much especially in front of thousands of people I feel it would be awkward just standing up there
      “New pokemon Game!”
      *crowd cheers*
      *Masuda and his squad slowly walks off stage with no trailer and goes home*

      1. Well the Closing Ceremony (when an announcement will occur if there is any) is scheduled for 4:00 EST.

        1. Yeah, that’s the only confirmed thing. Whether a game will be revealed or not is up to the Gods at this point, lol.

  34. You guys are so optimistic about there being an announcement. I’m like 90% no 10% maybe right now. I just don’t think there is going to be one. Pokkén Tournament is there next big step in the franchise, so I think that’s it for big announcements.

    1. Yea, I don’t think there will be one, but I do like the optimism, but I don’t want to see everyone sad about no announcement

    1. I hope there’s no bitching. For the opening ceremonies we trolled ourselves and if they show nothing in the closing ceremonies then it’s not like they really lied to us or anything lol

  35. i don’t care what anyone says, I liked the matches, and I don’t care a lot of pokemon were repeating, I like seeing the matches

    1. The final matches r always fun, but I would like for once to c some variety in these completions. There’s 720(1) Pokemon that people can have and they only choose like 20 of them to use lol

      1. They could be making room for lots of sequels in the future. We have Tekken 7, why not Pokken Tournament 7?

  36. That was an amazing battle. I was very nervous when Volcarona set up a Quiver Dance, but luckily it fainted before it had the chance to do anything. Congratulations to the new Pokémon Masters World Champion, Shoma!

  37. The Boston Police Department just arrested 2 gunman outside of the Pokémon World Championships.

    (From Fox Boston)

    1. That wouldn’t have been a the announcement we were looking for during the Closing Ceremony…

    1. Wouldn’t it b something if they pulled him up on stage after the awards so that all three could announce the new game? lol

        1. Yeah whether or not we were hyping the next game. They definitely made it seem like ti was gonna something bigger than it was lol

    1. Pretty sure it was the Pokken tournament tournament. They just had it so that everyone knew there was a definite timeslot prolly

  38. Someone buy me some tickets to San Fransico?

    Kevin bby I know you’re there for me.

  39. You guys are going to have to teach me how to make a team by next summer, because I want to compete in those side tournaments.

  40. San Francisco? I have family there! That’d be awesome! But I have to figure out championship points and Shady really had me on pins and needles when he yelled wait. They’re more than likely going to HAVE to change games for next year’s season, so let’s see what it is.

  41. So, let’s talk about what will happen in the future, now that this event is out of the way. Do you think they’ll randomly reveal it before CoroCoro leaks in early September? Do you think we’ll get a Pokemon Direct? Share your thoughts!

      1. That was really random. I just woke up before an exam during the finals week and everything was chaos from the surprise announcement.

    1. We’ll get something in September for sure. Whether it’s a tease or full blown announcement… But we’re definitely getting something.

    2. Sept. 1, 2015. We’re getting another first Tuesday of the month reveal (like with X/Y)

        1. X/Y were revealed in a Direct on January 7th, 2013, which was the first Tuesday of the month

          1. Oh yeah. I remember. It was the morning of the first day of school after Christmas break.

    3. Whatever will be revealed in CoroCoro in September will most likely be revealed a few days later in America, and considering it’s supposed to leak around the 15th, that’s only 3 and a half weeks away. Whether that be a new game announcement or just a new Pokemon is the question.

      1. Were Zorua and Zoroark revealed in America soon after they were revealed on Pokemon Sunday?

        1. Like a week or so, but with worldwide releases now being a thing, it’s usually a day or two.

          Actually, I’m not sure that Zorua and Zoroark were revealed until much later in America.

    4. Hmmmm
      Honestly I can’t tell lately with pokemons, they haven’t been revealing games in CoroCoro, but maybe the Blobby and Mega Zygarde will be shown in better detail in CoroCoro, but I think we may just get a random announcement for the game

    5. Hmmmm My only problem with a direct is that I feel we would at least have some knowledge of it by now. Even if it wasn’t a specific indication of what would b covered I feel like the new games might follow the pattern of the other hints we’ve gotten so far and just kind of get thrown at us with no warning and no real explanation lol

    1. Is there a reason he can’t go on a vacation and b present without having any responsibilities? lol

        1. Maybe he wants to get out more often? He could just start showing up to these types of events more often like Masuda does.

    2. He probably just wanted to see how people were playing his game. Just because he’s there doesn’t mean he needs to announce anything 🙂 .

  42. Well that’s that I guess. I’ll admit im disappointed but not upset. No one was entitled to Z. I just hope it wont be much longer until it comes. Some great matches though

  43. I have been banned from going to any tournaments because of this threat because of my parents.

    RIP my young Pokemon career.

  44. Let’s discuss our favorite teams from Worlds! 😀 My favorite was the one with Mega Kangskahn and Landorus-T

    1. I’ll be mentally castrated by then because of junior year…which starts tomorrow. You guys better be ready for a depressed me tomorrow.

      1. Ur gonna b ruined only 3 weeks into the school year? Sheesh take it easy man lol I didn’t exactly take the hardest courses in high school, but even still just don’t let urself get too stressed. Remember it’s just high school and u should b enjoying urself at that point lol

        1. I will be enjoying myself to the best of my ability, but you have to understand, my school has absolutely masochistic teachers when it comes to homework and tests.

          1. Yikes my school had some good teachers and bad teachers, but over all it was pretty chill. That said, I can’t say I didn’t have my problems. Math has never been my friend lol


    2. I’m actually playing the demo now lol It’s quite interesting and I actually find it more fun than most fan games or roms out there.

    1. People complaining about all of the same Pokemon obviously haven’t realized that most of them had incredibly diverse movesets. (Ex Skill Swap Cresselia)

      1. People realise that, but we can still ask for a bit more diversity and originality from these players that are supposed to be world class.
        I wanted to see something like last years Pachirisu….just for a bit of fun.
        But then again it is competitive and everyone wants to win so why not go for the tried and tested…

    2. I think you guys need to remember that the point IS NOT to be unique, the point is to have fun and try to win, so if they like using those pokemon to try to win so be it, some pokemon are really good, and used by many. Cases like these happens in every game. No need to be mad over it, or think that it’s shameful. You all may just be looking too deep into it, it’s how you use pokemon, most of these pokemon had different sets, so it’s not like each pokemon was used the same way every time. The battles are the main star at wcs not the pokemon used in it,

      1. I agree that the people participating want to win so it makes sense to use these Pokemon….but it does make it boring for those watching…

      2. Yeah but it gets kinda frustrating seeing the same pokemon over and over. Pacharisu ended up being amazing last year so experimenting with different pokemon can really be beneficial

      3. I’d rather lose using a unique team than won using the same team all my opponents used.

      4. Being unique is the better goal, it was just the same overused crap that they use because they want to win, in tournament like situations having fun is not a option it’s to effing win then why bother risk somebody being better then you
        In other words I found the whole display just nothing but overused legends and broken Megas

      5. 721 pokemon and you see about 10.
        Pokemon is about experimenting with the wide variety of pokemon,items,movesets..
        If you win using the same pokemon as your opponent, then you aren’t really a better player you just got lucky

  45. What do you all expect October CoroCoro to reveal anyway?
    I doubt a new game per say, maybe more info on Blobby and Shadowy

  46. These wide-spread moves are getting a lot weaker with Aegislash getting more use. Hopefully by then more Pokemon get use!

  47. So I’ve got 15 days of school to get through until CoroCoro arrives. That’s actually not too hard…I hope…



    1. Skuntakn, Ludicolo, Honchkrow, and Whimsicott. No real reason in particular. I just like the way they look lol

    2. Skunktank because I had diamond, and Skunktank looks pretty cool
      Ludicolo because its so optimistic and it’s the only released pokemon that shares two starter types
      Honchkrow because again I had diamond and it’s THE BOSS
      Whimsicott because I had Black, and it s great in battle and part fairy

    3. Purugly – Defiant, Fast, Fake Out
      Ludicolo – Swift Swim
      Honckrow – Strong, Moxie, Sucker Punch
      Lilligant – Quiver Dance, Petal Dance, Own Tempo

    4. Skuntank because it’s Poison/Dark and has a cool haircut.
      Shiftry because I just prefer the Seedot line. Also, I’ve had this Shiftry EX card for ages that I love, which kind of influences my decision.
      Honchkrow because it’s a really cool design and very under-appreciated. We need a Mega Honchkrow.
      Whimsicott, because it’s Grass/Fairy and I like the design concept.

    5. Purugly, because I love the Glameow line, and Commander Mars was my favorite!
      Shiftry, because Ruby was the first time I ever saw a Seedot and I fell in love with it.
      Mismagius, because I loved it in Pearl, and it was a part of my original team.
      Lilligant, because it was the first competitive Pokemon I ever trained in Black.

    6. Skuntank: It looks cooler and it’s Poison/Dark. No Psychic weakness.
      Shiftry: It’s just better than Ludicolo in my opinion. In OR/AS it learns better moves than Ludicolo.
      Honchkrow: One word: Moxie.
      Lilligant: Because Quiver Dance.

    1. Yeah shit could’ve gotten very bad very quickly if they had been able to get in…… is wrong with America? I love living here, but it’s funny how the only country that says there’s a gun problem is also the only country where it happens….a lot………It’s not like we’re in a war torn country or anything……can someone tell me y we as civilians need guns?

      1. People say to “defend themselves” others say “if we remove it, it will violate second amendment” maybe even both, I still think we should ban guns still

        1. The second amendment is out dated by 200 years……somehting needs to change…….

          1. Lol…not my country or my laws. I think being able to carry guns is ok. Its always a good skill to to able to operate a firearm.

            However with laws as relaxed as they are appear to be America…you know something is definitly wrong.

          2. Where do u live? The problem with people that believe in gun rights in America is that they think it’s a right(which it shouldn’t b in my opinion) rather than a privilege. The responsibility that someone holds when owning a gun is lost and then shit like this happens or even worse……

          3. UK. And honestly I’m not sure about the gun laws in this country. I think it’s very very limited.

            Like I said some stricter laws would go a long way. But the problem is it’s very hard to change a law that’s been around for ages, especially considering the amount of weapons that are already out there.
            Maybe some kind of monitoring…but then people will complain about privacy and call foul on their so called ‘rights’.

          4. Even tho I’m not from the UK I think ur gun laws r pretty strict from what I remember. Ur right tho, changing laws that have been around for a long time is hard, but that doesn’t make the need to change them any less important. Americans r hard headed, ignorant, and can at times assholes and I think that’s a large part of the problem sometimes lol

          5. No. The problem is gun black markets. The only times we have gun issues is when they’re illegally obtained without a permit, like in the article. There’s nothing wrong with owning a gun. You can take away guns from everyone, but if someone wants to do harm, they’re going to find a way to get one somehow.

      2. It’s easy. Everyone has a gun. To defend myself from maniacs with a gun, the only thing I can do is getting a gun. See the problem?

  49. This man Shady trolled us hard at the end. About to walk off then he’s like “wait!”. I got so excited….sigh…

    1. My soul was broken…..I had resolve…..and he broke it so easily…..hahaha

          1. Did you get his last name, maybe you could find it and stalk him on Facebook… Just sayingg

          2. I did find his Facebook. He has so many cute pictures. It was actually the third thing that popped up when I typed his first name in.

  50. I didn’t realize we had so many people ignorant about laws on here. Anything I see here that’s political, you’re banned. It’s not PolitiJungle.

  51. So many people are just spamming Masuda and Pokemon’s Twitter about the new game. This isn’t going to stop until they let the cat out of the bag. It’s a good idea since it’s very direct to the company, but I’m just worried that there will still be months until something concrete comes up ;_;

    The deciding factor is whether they will keep the upcoming movies and the new game separate for a while. I hope that they’ll get fed up and just release the information we want around CoroCoro. Game Freak is a very odd yet calculated company, though, so they probably have a more sinister plot.

    1. Plot twist:”We’re not going to announce the game until people quit bugging us about it lololololol”

    2. Not just Masuda’s.
      They’re spamming all of GameFreak’s employee accounts, every Pokemon Company account from around the world, and all Nintendo Country accounts.

      It’s just ignorant 12-year-olds being ignorant 12-year-olds. They don’t understand how much work they’ve been putting into their current games, and that these games will change Pokémon forever.

      It’s best to leave them alone before they start to cry and their diapers soil.

      1. Well my point is, this could lead to a sort of transition of many fans away from Pokemon due to lack of communication. At least that’s what I think they would fear. I just see this getting a lot worse as time goes on.

        1. As the developers, they don’t have to respond to any comments made about them or their games. They should release what they want when they want to, which is precisely what they’re doing now. As for the part with people leaving, that’s just impatient people not enjoying the games they have now. Pokémon still has millions of fans. If you don’t enjoy it you can try out all of the other games out there in my opinion.

      1. It’s just the first time in the last third of Pokemon’s existence. I have a feeling that we’re all going to be in for a treat when the game comes around next year.

    3. I’d just ignore them. Were getting information about Zygarde’s New Forme/Mega and the green blob around September. A game reveal is inevitable!

  52. >People complain that they don’t want Pokemon to fall into the yearly-release trap
    >People complaining that we have yet to get any news

    I still love you guys tho

  53. I really need to get back into battling. It pisses me off though that I can’t get Pokémon to do what I want them to, like being able to take and throw a hit. I wish I was like the competitors in these tournaments. ;-;

  54. Haven’t been seeing a lot of Super Mystery Dungeon hype at all. The Mystery Dungeon series is by far my favourite spin off, and sometimes it matches the main series games in terms of quality imo. Super Mystery Dungeon will be 1.8 gigabytes in size, which is very promising. It and Pokken will be more than enough to keep me busy while waiting for the next main series game.

    1. That’s because a lot of the advertisement is been only Japanese at this moment. Also, everything that can be talked about has been talked about.

      Don’t worry, there are still quite allot of people excited for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Especially since PSMD seems to follow the footsteps of the first two games. Personally, I am pretty freaking hyped for this as well =). Explorers of Sky is among my favorite games of all time and PSMD seems to be a good addition to the PMD franchise =D.

  55. I know this is unrelated to Pokemon. Yet, Dragon Quest XI is scheduled to release before May of 2017. So, could that potential mean the the NX will be releasing around the winter of 2016 or 2017. My best bet is 2017. Also, even thought Square Enix is considering bring the game to the NX. It’s obvious that they have a Dev Kit for the system with the recent yearning to port Final Fantasy 14 and Dragon Quest X to the system.

    1. I would love to see XBox and PS games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest come to the Wii U! That would definitely get Nintendo in on the “console wars” to those who don’t think they’re already in it!

      1. Well, yea. Still, this is why I bought a PS4 and Wii U. I got a Wii U for the Nintendo Exclusive and PS4 to play third-party titles.

    2. I hope the NX is better than what we’ve previously got…….the PS4 and Xbone r much much better than the Wii U. People can try and defend Nintendo by saying that graphics don’t make a game good, but if u can have both great graphics and a great story y not do both then? There r plenty of Nintendo games that could b much better than they already r if Nintendo stopped putzing around and released decent hardware to match their many good games. I still dream of a Nintendo handheld that has an LED HD screen………..excuse me my mouth is drooling……

      1. I’m honestly sick of Nintendo ‘s bullshit.
        Nintendo tried to do the same thing with the wiiu they did with the wii,introduce a gimmick and hope casuals buy it.
        When Nintendo realized that their startegy wasn’t working,they go and focus all of their efforts to get people to buy amiibo, then they give a terrible e3 and abandon the wiiu.

        The NX can easily put Nintendo back on track,
        Just release a console with the same capabilities as ps4 and xbox one, attract 3rd parties and use their goddamn ips properly

    3. And I predict that with a new game undoubtedly coming out next year, we could see our first open-world Pokemon RPG on the NX in 2017.

      1. I doubt we will ever see a console Pokemon Game. Mostly, due to what Masuda said. I would love to see a reboot or continuation of the Shadow Pokemon Games or a new Stadium.

        Nintendo is already preparing for the NX. The Mario Team is working on a new game, Retro Studios have not unveiled their new project, Metroid Prime developer said the next true game will be on the NX, and Monolith Soft is starting to work on the next “Xeno” game. They even did a survey for what fans would want in the title (The Next Xeno Game). So, Nintendo is starting to push the NX. I feel like 2016 will be the transitional year from the Wii U to the NX.

        Here’s Masuda’s quote:
        “I don’t think so. I think the Pokemon core series is always going to be with handheld hardware, in the future as well. I consider handheld hardware you can carry around with you as almost being equal to being with Pokemon, always. I think handheld really matches the idea of Pokemon that we have. Also, you can communicate and transfer data all the time, whenever you want with a handheld. That’s also a match with the Pokemon concept.”

        1. Was never actually aware of this quote from Masuda. Very interesting. But we do know that GF are best at giving us what we least expect, so you never know. He could just be firing this down for a larger reveal in the future. However, I do agree that the home of Pokemon really stays within the handhelds, which I’m perfectly okay with. As long as Pokemon continues to be innovative and expand (Mega Evolution, 3D overworld, etc.) it’s fine on whatever console. But when the Pokemon titles start running out of ideas in terms of what to add to the battling or overworld experience, I think that would be a perfect time to expand more into the RPG genre and take some things away from Xenoblade, for example. Whether a future change may include console porting/cross-compatibility may lie in the hands of what the fans want, or what the series really needs. There’s only so much a handheld is capable of, and when new ideas run out, the next highest step is really the only option. But so far, Pokemon is keeping a steady pace with introducing new ideas, and I’m sure the year gap between ORAS and a new release is for the better. We got a 3D environment and Mega Evolution in XY, but ORAS only really took those introduced aspects and really added nothing more to it. I’m sure that our next game, whether it be Pokemon Z, X2/Y2, whatever, will definitely take what we’ve gotten at the start of the generation and expand on it.

        2. An open-world pokemon RPG does not HAVE to be a main game.
          I want them to continue the main games as they are on handhelds, with new fresh mechanins,and also develop full fledged open world pokemon games on consoles

          1. Explain how an open-world Pokemon game would work. It would be difficult to involve a lot of stuff. It would take a large amount of planning; yet, I think if they wanted to do an open world game… It would be on a handheld. Also, what else would you call a Pokemon Open World game with it’s same RPG elements. It would be a main series game. (Unless it uses some different concept).

  56. I’m just so happy everyone stayed safe today. That was a very nerve-wrecking worlds, and I’m so excited for next year!

  57. Ok the Maison is plain BS. I used High Jump Kick thrice and missed. Thrice. If that isn’t hax, Idk what is.

  58. I’m pretty sure everyone here has heard about the two guys trying to kill everyonw at worlds thing. ..
    But what I dont understand is why these guys went through the trouble of getting to worlds in the First place,and who in their right mind would post threats with pictures of guns on facbook?
    Did they just want attention?

    1. This whole predicament is literally blowing up and causing so many differed reactions.

      On the one side people are like “well all of the participants are old fat men anyways.”

      On the other side people are like “there are thousands of children in there! They deserve their safety!”

      The first one pisses me off a lot. Not everyone who plays Pokémon is your stereotypical fat ugly man that still lives with his mom. Older Pokémon players usually have jobs and someone to share their life with. Some people are just so ignorant.

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