Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Announced

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon has been announced for the Nintendo 3DS and will launch in winter of this year for North America (Fall in Japan, Spring 2016 in Europe). Not much else is known at this time, but it sound exciting! It’s been confirmed as a one player title, so a new co-operative mode seems unlikely.


Look forward to the launch of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon in winter 2015, continuing in the legacy of the exciting Pokémon Mystery Dungeon video games! With dungeon layouts that change every time you enter them, the fun never ends! Battle alongside Legendary and Mythical Pokémon to save the world from a crisis in a tale of unprecedented scale.

Let’s all cross our fingers that this will be better than the last 3DS Mystery Dungeon title…

<3 PJ

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  1. Hope this won’t be a repeat of the last 3D Pokemon Mystery dungeon, it had horrible reviews for being too easy and short, something the originals never were. This game has to amaze or at least go back to how the old ones were (with 3D) for me to purchase it.

    1. In my opinion Gates to Infinity wasn’t bad and it took me the same time to get to the credits. There were just two problems:
      1st: Not enough Pokemon
      But now they can use the 150 from the last and include some more.
      2nd: Nothing happens after the credits.
      That was the big problem. The first two games continued after the end and explained everything that was left. That was missing. That’s what should change this time.
      The rest off GtI was pretty good imo.

      1. And the characters weren’t nearly as well developed and the rewards were meaningless and the animation lacked the same charm…

    2. Yeah. EoS and PMD1 were really hard, something that is rarely seen in Pokemon. PMD3 was lacking in that difficulty, so it just felt boring.

  2. The name isn’t a good omen, but I’ll hold onto the thread of hope that it will be great, like the DS games. I still pick up Explorers of Sky every once in a while.

      1. Then where are the Japanese symbols. If it was just a region name it’d have Japanese symbols and we would of needed a translator to tell us the name. Super Mystery Dungeon unfortunately seems to be the name.

      2. Japanese title is “Chou” (超) Mystery Dungeon, its the same pattern as the new Dragon Ball series starting in July, Dragon Ball Chou = Dragon Ball Super, Chou Mystery Dungeon = Super Mystery Dungon… in normal usage though I would say Chou means “Very very very!”

    1. >story that’s barely existent, outside of “Mystery Dungeons have appeared, and Pokemon are turning bad, go save the world from (Legendary)!”
      >have to wait to go into a dungeon again if you die or complete it
      >recruiting Pokemon is next to impossible, can use Gifts to guarantee, but those costs in-game money, which costs real money
      >”Oh no, you died! You can either wait for an hour and then try again, or you can buy a Reviver Seed!”
      >Starter Pokemon are Pikachu, Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie, no one else
      >Mega Stones are rarely found in dungeons, but they’re unidentified – pay money to appraise them
      >only 20 dungeons in the main game, unlock the rest through buying them (or waiting for free DLC)
      >opening treasure chests also costs previously mentioned in-game currency


  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s like Shuffle and Rumble and you have to pay for stuff.

  4. Let’s hope this one is similar to Explorers of Sky, that was an incredible game!

  5. I’m not really a fan of the Mystery Dungeon games (I played the first two but didn’t really feel like finishing them), so I don’t know if I’ll pick this one up.
    At least this means my wallet will take it easy this year since there’s no new main Pokémon games coming out, or so I hope.

      1. tbh I love rumble world… but it may be because i haven’t played any of the others…

  6. Noooooooooo!!!!!! I kno I’m one of a very few that don’t care for the Mystery Dungeon games, but if this is destined to be one of the few spin off games coming out this year I’m extremely disappointed………why couldn’t it have been something more interesting……?

      1. I really liked Conquest! I played it while on vacation that year and it was great! *sigh*…….I really wish Mystery Dungeon would have been anything else……lol

      1. Didn’t mean it that way…….Just expressing my own disappointment…..sheesh…….

    1. You’re not one of the only few; there is a bunch of us that don’t give a crap unless it’s main series xD

      1. It’s not that I don’t like some of the spin off games. I enjoyed the ranger games and Conquest was quite a bit of fun. I’m just not super happy with the MD games. I just find them boring is all.

  7. Yea I think the “super” in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is code word for “P2W”

    1. Isn’t the Mystery Dungeon series successful? Why would they make a pay to win game?

    2. When I saw the title, i thought it was gonna be a mobile game or F2P crap, but it doesn’t say anything about it in the description so I have Hope

  8. I really liked the first two mystery dungeon games for the epic scale of their story. The gameplay is still quite flawed, and as I’ve grown older It’s gotten boring, especially in GTI. It’s story and post-story also sucked. The name doesn’t excite me much, but I hope this is part of their plan to bring their series back on track narrative and story-wise (which was their strength) and improve upon their lacking gameplay mechanics.

  9. Yay ! I love the mystery dungeon games. I’ve been a fan of them since the start and have loved each since.

    It would have been nice to see something a little different but this is still good 😀

  10. Also but devo I have to wait till 2016 to get this while everyone else gets it 2015 #NoEUlove

  11. Let’s hope Spike Chunsoft makes this better than Gates to Infinity. That game really sucked! You couldn’t recruit all the Pokemon! It was very upsetting! But the plot was still just as good as others. The one thing that disappointments me is that we didn’t get a trailer with this announcement. 🙁

  12. Eversince you guys told me to try Explorers of Sky it has reawoken my love for the game and will now excitably wait for this one to slowly leak back into our lives
    Now as for playable pokemon i got a list of what could be playable
    Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Pancham, Litleo, Ralts, Helioptile, maybe Noibat & Skiddo
    But it has come to my attention that Mega Evolution might be different in this game
    so i don’t expect any new Megas or that every playable Pokemon might get them

    1. EoS is brilliant. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      I really hope Mega Evolution is a mechanic.

    2. 😀 Yay
      With the selection, I’m hoping they have more (like the previous games), maybe all starters and a few extra? (maybe some 6th gen ones like Pancham and Litleo and Helioptile OMG I WOULD CHOOSE HELIOPTILE IMAGINE ME AS ONE 😀 )
      And hmm….how would they incorporate Megas? It would be interesting…since during the main game you and the partner don’t evolve. It would be interesting. Maybe a part of the plot will be about Megas? Main villian megas? Hmmm…

  13. Let’s hope this isn’t another GTI.
    I got so hyped when I saw this. PMD2 is one of my favorite games ever.

  14. I love these games! I’m so excited! Personally what the last game lacked was the amount of Pokemon to choose from. I hope they have every starter as a possibility along with some others. I just want this to be good… and i want to play as treecko :p

    1. Yeah. I really hope they still keep the personality test though. It made the game feel more, well, personal.

        1. Now my comment doesn’t make sense and is therefore not funny.
          Thanks a bunch!

  15. I had a thought what if they used the same kinda graphics in Mario&Luigi Dream Team?

  16. So I’m excited.
    Cause Pokemon spinoffs are awesome! (I just need to play more of them)
    And though I would prefer a Ranger game (It’s been awhile….4th gen just saying) I love PMD just as much.
    Now, just make the stories as awesome as all three, with EoS thingies, and I will be a happy person.
    Multiple missions and having the personality test and/or more Pokemon to choose from. That’s what I want the most back.
    (lol i just realized it’s been a while since I’ve been here)

  17. Yaaaaaaaassssss.

    Finally a new spin-off that isn’t shit!

    I really hope the story is on par with Explorers of sky and please keep the personality test,it was my favourite part XD.

    New trailer at E3 probably…..
    Now all we need is another Ranger……….please give us rangers

      Also, hai.

        1. Same :3 I liked the choosing of partner pokemon and I loved its characters/story just a bit more. Plus I liked the progression of student, to area ranger, to top ranger. I wish the other games had the progression. Also Murph :3
          But Guardian Signs is my second favorite. I love riding the legendary dogs. And it has Murph :3
          ..>Well, technically so did the 1st one, but Murph became likable in Shadows of Almia.

          1. We need a 3DS Ranger with the plot of Almia and the gameplay mechanics of Guardian Signs…

          2. I will second that.
            I feel like maybe Guardian Signs didn’t do good or something, so that’s why it stopped, or maybe just programming a 3D Ranger is too much, I dunno or both.
            But if they did decide to make it, I wouldn’t mind, I would be so happy.

          3. Gates to Infinity didn’t do that welll either.
            If they want to make a new ranger I’m pretty sure they can,and lets hope they do

          4. True :3
            I’ll keep hoping 😀 Like, imagine the gameplay in 3D. Like the bottom screen would be the same, but you’d see what actually happens on the top screen in 3D
            Probably a bit too much, but it would be sweeettt

    2. All the Dungeon games are shit. Only the music is good. Hopefully there’s more gameplay than dialogue in this one.

      1. I also dislike dungeon games. I basically hate all the pokemon spinoffs. They don’t have the same charm.

        1. The original Ranger game was my favorite spin off. It felt similar, but was still different. Never got to play Almia though. The music in the spin offs are usually much better than the main series though.

          1. I played Almia and didn’t like it. It hurt my wrist really bad and put wring lines on my touch screen. I also played dungeon explorer of sky or whatever and couldn’t finish it. The dungeons were just too long and monotonous. It bored me to death

          2. The original Ranger game messed up a lot of screens but I think they fixed it with Almia. Dunno. I got a screen protector for the wring lines. It destroyed my DS though. Dungeon games are boring af

      2. Don’t make bold statements like that. You may not like it for some reason, but… The core gameplay is just as complex as any other game, and, even though dungeons may be long, they change every time. The storyline is better and more emotion-filled than any other Pokemon game, and the graphics have always been better. There was so much post game in the games other than GtI, too. You can even choose out of a cast of Pokemon to be your character, and yes, the music is great. You can’t say that it is a shit series, unless you are talking about GtI, which was shit because everything else in gen 5 was shit.

        1. I can say what I want about it. The core gameplay isn’t boring and is mostly dialogue. The stories are okay, but still doesn’t beat Gen 5, which actually had thought put into it. I’ve tried all the Dungeon games and can’t even get halfway through. They feel the same: boring and unexciting. The dungeons being long doesn’t bother me. It just sucks. You tell me not to make bold statements… Then you turn around and do it about Gen 5, which had the best story out of all the games. The graphics were shit, but it’s a DS game. What would you expect.

          1. The gen 5 games had a lame story. It was great only because it was better than the story in every OTHER MAIN series pokemon game. Even PMDGTI has a better story than gen 5.

          2. This isn’t even arguable. The stories of the 3rd and 4th gen PMD games are amazing. And yes, i did make a bold statement by saying gen 5 sucked, which it did in every way except for the story. I told you not to make a bold statement about PMD because your dumbass hasn’t even played half way through them. You’re the kind of negative person that the Pokemon community has had too much of these days.

        2. Agreed except for your comment on Gen 5. Unova is probably the most fleshed out region yet… but yes GtI sucked.

    3. I got tired of ranger after seeing it’s the same thing every game but a different story

      1. Shadows Of Almia and Guardian added a lot of new mechanics such as Health bars rather than numbers,Rideable pokemon(The way it should have been done in XY),Flying on Staraptor and Latios etc..

        Besides i can say that for literally every pokemon game


    1. And multiple missions :3
      ….I missed it okay, I got a lot of money and items that way.

    2. I hope they bring back the super dark storylines. Being hunted by all of those who used to be your friends and driven out of the town? Seeing the bleak and ruined future? That, for me, is part of what made the old ones so great.

  19. Considering they’ll add Megas to this game, it’ll be interesting. But without someone to activate the stones… I’ve got a feeling they’ll use this game to play onto the ancient secrets of Mega Evolutions and the wars.

    1. Plus the character you play as and your partner don’t evolve (at least until postgame…I think. I know the original ones you can but I dunno about the others) so maybe the villian figures out how to Mega without a Key Stone? Or tries to get that power somehow?

      1. I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure it’ll revolve around Mega Evolution and introduce new stuff for the next installment of the the main series.

    2. You think? It might be confusing, but since you are the human yourself, maybe you can only activate Mega when the Pokemon that you are has a mega available. That way, it would tie in with the human and Pokemon bond being key to M.evolving (because you are the Pokemon…) and also would stop from having more than one mega in a ‘party’

  20. Floatzel

    Special attack:55(-30)
    Special defense: 85(+30)
    Speed: 145(+30)
    Ability: speed boast

    Special attack: 155(+65)
    Special defense:105(+25)
    Type: bug/psychic
    Ability: tinted lins

  21. I hope this game has shinies. Something in my psychic soul tells me that it will.

    1. PLEASE for the love of god I hope so :))))). Pokemon Mystery dungeon for the WII only released in Japan had it…. and then there was Gates to Infinity with that freaking Ho-oh tease for no reason

  22. Pleasure to see familiar faces and to see this place alive again.
    Hope everybody’s doing well. Never played a Mystery Dungeon game, so before this new title releases, does anyone have a recommendation for a game I should play first? Much love <3

    1. I’d go blue first, then sky. Sky’s the best IMO, but both Blue and Sky have great stories so I think it’d be better to do blue first so you’re not disappointed playing it post-sky additions.

  23. Well i surely cant wait for this. Didnt like Infinity so i hope this helps bring back the MPD i know and love

  24. I dont know… I just saw everybody posting and i could resist saying something I like Lurking but this is odd posting again

  25. screeeeeeeeeech

    I liked PMD but I really need a main series game announcement my life has zero hype
    Also, hello babies

  26. The fact that it seems to be one game and not two seems to be a bad omen. Just thinking of Gates to Infinity vs Red/Blue or explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky

  27. “Super” can either be a VEEEERY good thing or a VEEERY bad thing.
    Some of the best things came out of the name “Super”:
    Super Mario Brothers
    Super NES
    Super Paper Mario

    But then it could be bad. Chances are though the way it was announced hints towards it NOT being FTP. Keep your hopes up ^-^

    1. Considering that the FTP titles so far were released EXTREMELY CLOSE to the announcement! I HAVE HOPE!! <3

    2. When I first saw it, it gave me the “new” vibe from things like NSMB and Yoshi’s New Island…

      Also, don’t forget Super Metroid!

  28. Huh, I wasn’t expecting to see this revealed. Hopefully it can add the good things from Explorers of Sky and whatever the last one was called.

  29. I love Pokemon Mystery Dungeon but if this game is as bad as Gates to Infinity, sadly count me out for this game.

  30. guys!!!! IM BACK, my vacation from school is coming to an end and well, whats been going on with pokemon? any new games?

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