The Best New Feature from Generation VI

Pokémon X & Y, the sixth generation of the main series which began with Red & Blue, largely stuck to the same formula as every other game in the series. You were tasked with filling a Pokédex, battling eight gyms, becoming the Pokémon League Champion and defeating a nefarious team. Luckily, Game Freak did change some things up, including all new 3D visuals which breathed new life into the handheld games. They also introduced a brand new type into the game, something not done since Gold and Silver were released in 1999 (Japan). Finally, players were also able to customize the main character with skin tones, hairstyles and outfits that could be collected throughout the game.

Mega_beedrill-artThose, however, pale in comparison to the best new feature X & Y brought: Mega Evolution. Why was this such a great addition to the series? It totally changed the way players battled and also introduced a smart way to power-up previous Pokémon without creating wacky new permanent evolutions (*cough* Diamond & Pearl).

The strategy added to battles with the Megas is pretty deep, requiring players to choose a souped-up teammate and then pair them with Pokémon that will support them. The Mega Evolutions often gained helpful new abilities, but some also make trainers think about when is the most opportune time to perform the irreversible evolution in battle. Mawile’s Intimidate is great for cutting your opponent’s offensive capabilities, but you aren’t going to want to attack without Mega Mawile’s Sheer Force.

Mega_latias-artI also think Mega Evolutions are a great step for the series in terms of giving Pokémon introduced in previous generations some love. Mega Beedrill looks amazing, but I’m sure there are those who prefer the original and they aren’t penalized for that. If you were a fan of Rhydon for instance, you may not have been happy that Rhyperior made your old favorite obsolete. It would make no sense to send it in when there’s a better evolved form that exists.

Of course, I’m sure there are those who would disagree with my choice of Mega Evolution being the best feature introduced in Generation VI. Flying around on Mega Latios or Mega Latias, in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, is pretty amazing as well. So are the featured I talked about during the introduction. So now why don’t YOU share your favorite Gen VI feature in the comments below!

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  1. The only problem that I have with Rhyperior is how ugly it looks to be honest…

    Mega Milotic when? Soon. Please.


    1. Don’t play with my feelings, you know that I am here alive only for Mega Milotic right? Don’t do that to me,my heart!!

    2. Rhyperior is actually a pretty beast design. One of my favourites after the obvious Metagross and Tyranitar.

    3. Sorry, but Rhyperior actually looks pretty awesome For a Sinnoh Pokemon

  2. Joe Merrick from Serebii’s talking about something the Jap fans are apparently going “crazy” about.. Could it be? An announcement coming up soon? :O

    1. Unfortunately that seems yo b a false alarm………it got my hopes up, but I was being cautious anyway

  3. I’m going to sound like a broken record but my favourite thing introduced in gen VI were FAIRY TYPES XD lol, but in terms of feature I agree 100% mega evolution was a total game changer and I love it 🙂

  4. While I do like Mega Evolutions, I don’t really consider them to be the best addition in Gen VI. It felt like most of the battles were very one-sided, instead of being about strategy it was more about seeing who had the strongest Mega Evolution.
    It kind of feels like everyone’s first time playing Pokémon, one Pokémon is super strong (most likely your starter) and every other Pokémon in your party is way too weak, so you just end up using the strong Pokémon for the majority of the game.

    Anyway, my favourite new feature would probably be the shift to 3D, it seems like a cop-out, but I really enjoyed seeing my favourite (and not so favourite) Pokémon in 3D! Yeah, we had Stadium and the Gamecube games, but this was the first REAL 3D game, which just made it feel special.
    If that doesn’t count then Trainer Customisation would be my choice.

  5. My favorite Top 5 favorite features of Generation VI:

    1.) Fairy types
    2.) Trainer Customization
    3.) Pokemon Amie
    4.) Super Training
    5.) Being able to Fly to any Route/Landmark (In ORAS. You can also do this without the Eon Flute, for those that didn’t know. I hope this feature stays!)

    1. I’ll agree with that. But, you should put Mega Evolution at about #2 and move everything else down.

  6. I wouldn’t call Rhydon obsolete… It’s awesome with Eviolite. Megas are cool, but I will they would give them to underpowered Pokemon, like Girafarig and stuff. Or like they did with Mawile and Beedrill.

  7. I really love mega evolutions, but I have to admit the main revolution was the fairy’s type introduction. I like dragons and seeing little pink animals destroying them is sometimes painful.
    They only have 2 WEAKNESSES! However they tend to be slow and are so predictable and they bring back to life some steel- and poison types to counter them. Thanks to them Fire type pokemon have now 6 resistances, another type I like despite the rock omnipresence. At least both charizard megas are the 2nd used (Charizard X in singles and Charizard Y in doubles) and that say a lot.

    They tend to be bulky mainly in special defense except few like Mawile.
    Sylveon destroy and do not fear any single “mini legendary” except Mega Salamence physical attacker which destroy the little pink pokemon.

    Poison was considered one of the worst type and now is ok. Fire types moves were mostly by Dragons in teams in order to avoid recoil stealth rock but now you better have a good fire type pokemon to 1 shot kill those steel pokemon like Mega Metagross.

    The other best changes were mega evolutions and making ghost and dark types moves doing normal damage vs a steel type pokemon.

    This is just my point of view and excuse my poor english. lol.

  8. I feel the whole Rhydon Rhyperior thing was kinda aimed at me, i for one think Rhyperior looks way better then Rhydon (Never liked the “frills” on the back of the head
    And I hope Rhyperior gets a Mega, it holds many royalties
    Here’s my top 5 reasons
    1. being the evolved form of the first Pokemon to be conceived
    2. Being used as the evil organization’s leader’s strongest Pokemon IE Giovanni, if any of his Ground types that deserve a Mega it should be the one he discover that could evolve further (Yes Giovanni in the Manga discovered Rhydon could evolve again (even wrote a book on Ground types “Mysteries of the Earth”))
    3. it is currently has the highest HP and Attack stat of all non-mega/legendary Ground types
    4. Solid Rock baby with a Mega Evolution granting it a much needed special defense boost and keeping Solid rock it will be a force to be reckoned with
    5. last but least the true reason why Rhyperior is great is its formerly signature move Rock Wrecker, 150 Base Damage with its monstrous attack stat and gaining STAB one Rock Wrecker and you’ll be blown to pieces (Swords Dance fo get about it)

    1. I’m still 100% sure it’ll get a Mega within the next two or three installments of the series.

      1. duh its pretty much written in stone that evil team leaders have access to Mega Evolution and if we get a Red&Blue remake/Directors Cut Giovanni will Mega Evolve his Rhyperior
        But maybe not in the main game maybe a Post episode
        But then again Giovanni technically only used Rhyperior in his PWT team and his fondness for Kangaskhan and the Nidos are a possibility…
        But that aside no doubt Giovanni will try to harness Mega Evolution eventually

          1. Technically true, but we just got ORAS and the fish got squat so the odds are at my favor

          2. Mega Milotic in ORAS would have been too predictable :3 If there’s still hope for Flygon (which there is) then so does Milotic haha.

          3. Actually a interview states that Flygon was indeed intended to have a Mega Evolution for Aarune but they could not come up with a good enough concept
            but honestly i agree that the idea was too predictable but with that aside i don’t hate the idea of it achieving such a feat (but only when overhyped fanboys demand it)
            an one last thing it will be a Ground/Dragon type it will never be a bug type as Megas never lose their primary typing and why would it ditch Dragon to be a Bug

  9. Favourite Feautre:
    Mega Evolutions – hands down the best feature of Gen 6. Basically giving a new breath of life to a lot of Pokemon. My only hope is that they continue giving them to the Pokemon that need them the most, as they did with Bedrill, Mawile and Pidgeot.

    Least Favourite:
    Fairy Type – I think they are overpowered. Would have preferred them to have maybe one more weakness and possibly a couple more types resistant to them. Also Ice should have received a boost.

    Steel losing resistant to dark and ghost. This alone has single handhelds made both dark and ghost incredibly strong types. I would have preferred if Steel lost its resistances to Grass and Ice…..give those types a bit more offensive presence.

  10. Honestly altho they could have done a better job I’d say the 3d was the best thing to come out of gen 6. Gamefreak drags it’s feet all the time and the 3d is welcome. They could have introduced the other features at other points, but I think they NEEDED to make the step to 3d more than anything else. Hopefully they smooth things up a bit tho. The 3ds isn’t at all that great graphically, but when XY or even ORAS is compared to other games it makes them look unfinished. So if they clean things up next gen all will b good lol

  11. My favorite features for gen 6 would has to be in ALL main story gen 6 games (Sorry character customization you weren’t in ORAS)

    Mega evolutions was just great all around although I do want them to appreciate the underwhelming pokemon a bit more

    Fairy type was an aweeeesome addition!! I think it balanced the game more, and I don’t think fairies are too powerful

    Everything they did to competitive play made it awesome and much easier (now all they need is a 6v6 battle finder)

    Gen 6 did put some really helpful things but a lot of the good thinks don’t seem to return again

  12. There have been people here. I’m surprised. It’ll pick back up over summer.

  13. I think we can all agree that the worst, excuse me, BEST feature is the roller-skates. 😉

    But seriously I think the best feature is soaring. Mega Evolution is usually hit and miss

      1. You couldn’t permanently take them off without using the D-pad and it got really annoying. Most people didn’t like them because of that. I wouldn’t mind them so much if that were true.

          1. Because it was annoying to skate around everywhere. I don’t like sliding all around when I’m not trying to.

          2. Ah, I get what you mean.
            I personally didn’t have a problem with it when I played the game, but maybe now with ORAS’s tighter controls, going back to XY could be a bit difficult.

  14. Today the Famitsu magazine leaked and no game announcement was made .

    for me i expect the name of the new game is pokemon Zero or Pokemon X & 0Y.(just thinking )

  15. I’ve been replaying pokemon y and, I gotta say those games get way too much hate.
    yeah, they were easy,didn’t have a good story or a postgame, but they still did a lot of things right and added a whole lot to pokemon as a whole.
    XY were better than ORAS,Kalos is a beautiful region with extremely well designed towns and routes.

    1. THANK YOU I completely agree except I did actually like their plot a bit

      They only need to pull a b2w2 cause bw was in the same boat with too many friend rivals
      Iffy team

      Only good plot instead of graphics

      1. Their plot was good, but it was a step back from Gen 5.
        Although if they build upon the story of Delta Episode and give more back story about the War in the next games, then they can top Gen 5

  16. best feature:
    – Mega evolutions. Right now the only Hoenn mega I dislike is the [email protected] thats it.
    worst feature:
    – Fairy type. That type is not balanced at all

  17. Definitely super training for me. It made customizing my Pokemon’s stats easier as opposed to previous methods which were a grind for me.

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