Have you played Pokémon Mystery Dungeon?

We now know a new Mystery Dungeon game is coming later this year (or early next year, sorry Europeans/Australians/Kiwis), but have you actually played any of the games? The series actually started way back in 2005 as a crossover between our favorite franchise, Pokémon, and Chunsoft’s Mystery Dungeon series. Each level is randomized and if you’re defeated you get sent back to the beginning with little to show for it. There are also no humans featured in the game, with the main character waking up mysteriously as a Pokémon!

<3 PJ


  1. Explorers of Sky was my third Pokémon game. It was fantastic. I started off as a Mudkip (btw I hated Mudkip at the time for some reason I don’t remember) and I was so disappointed. My partner was a Riolu named Riley. When I started playing I thought that the game will be boring because it didn’t have that “main series feeling”, but I was wrong. Explorers of Sky is probably my second favourite Pokémon game after Ranger 3. I hope they’ll release another Ranger game in the future.

  2. My first MD game was PMD Red Rescue Team I kept restarting until I got Mudkip XD. My partner was a Pikachu. My favorite Dungeon in this game would probably be the one with the Regis and I loved it for some reason. 😛

  3. I played EoS and Blue Rescue team and they were amazing, I also really liked GTI but it’s not as good as the others

  4. That’s funny. I was just randomly thinking about the Mystery Dungeon franchise the other day and how much I want to play a new MD game. Then this gets announced. Just perfect timing. I look forward to playing as any of the Gen 6 starters! I’m so damn excited for this. xD


      1. They might be 🙂 I know I am. Considering the release dates and other details + announcement type I don’t think this will be FTP! But it better have all 700+ pokemon in it!

  5. Of course I have.
    And if you haven’t, you really have to play them…They’re amazing.

  6. I have and I’m not a huge fan. I’ve said it b4 so I won’t say it again, it i just is what it is. Nothing against those who do like it. It’s just not my cup of tea

  7. I’ve played all the three main ones, not the wii ones (which don’t even count)

  8. It all began when i was i think about 16, it was my birthday and i got two games (cannot remember the first game and obviously the other was Blue Rescue team) but i didn’t play Blue rescue team as much as the other one but one long car ride to the beach and opened the game for the very first time, i took the quiz in the backseat of the car (I was a Treecko)
    The moment i got the hang of it i couldn’t put it down this kept going for about 4 months without stopping (I remember playing it while we got a Christmas tree) and i kept playing and playing and playing even going as far to earn Lucario Rank and getting all the Figurines
    you’d think i’d get the next installment. wrong, i never played Time&Darkness
    I just lost touch with the game with other games
    but maybe 3/4ths a year ago you guys told me to try Pokemon Explorers of Sky, i downloaded a ROM and became my journey as a young Turtwig with my companion Phanpy
    Never has a game enticed me in a long long time, especially when i had to leave Phanpy and he was so distraught , i truly felt sad for him

    Parts of me want to get gateway to infinnity but after hearing it was crap i think i’ll pass
    Now i await to become a Chespin (which i cant wait to spam Pin Missile and Needle Arm)
    Weird in every game i’ve officially played i was a Grass Type

      1. Bro just download a DS emulator and ROM Blue Rescue Team
        what do u got to lose?

          1. Why not I use Desume and EmuParadise for my roms (i used to get them from Coolrom but Nintendo shut them down)

  9. Yes. Love all of them except Infinity. Happy there’s a new one and hopefully it’ll be better than the last one

    1. Infinity was a pretty short, bland game compared to the other two, but I guess they were experimenting and I don’t blame them for trying something out. I’m sure this one will be pretty good with their track record. As long as the game’s long and has a lot of twists and character progression, I’ll love it (basically do what they did with PMD2).

  10. Played Blue, Time, Sky, and even the sucky Gates to Infinity. I really hope Spike Chunsoft gets the message! That game was horrible. Not being able to recruit all 649 Pokemon was just… there’s no excuse for that. Especially after previous titles let you recruit all Pokemon at the time. I also want a much less dull storyline. A more darker and deeper one like the previous Pokemon Mystery Dungeons. Gates to Infinity… was just… need I say more. Here’s to hoping if a future trailer will give us a good idea on if Spike Chunsoft has improved or not improved. And I also find this line from the official site worrisome that said “Battle alongside Legendary and Mythical Pokémon to save the world from a crisis in a tale of unprecedented scale.” and that this game may only be focused on Legendary Pokemon. I also found another line worrisome too: “Keep checking Pokemon.com for much more information about Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon and get ready for the arrival of impressive mystery dungeons that will surpass all others!” I hope there isn’t any major changes. You know what they say, if it aint broke, don’t fix it! Paranoid me. It’s just a press release. lol. I really need a trailer and screenshots to calm my ever growing nerves! Is that too much to ask Nintendo?!

    1. I honestly don’t know why everyone hates gates to infinity so much. Like I get it, it doesn’t have every pokemon and the personality quiz anymore but the plot was touching in the heart without being too dark cause repeating the same thing over draws away attention

      plus the music is surpurb so its up there with sky definitely not far below the others IMO but of course to each their own

      As for this game we all know this is a game to bide time for a bigger main series game so don’t take it too critically

    2. I don’t know. They made a lot of hype around mega evolutions but described it to be something related to a bond between the trainer and Pokemon and while that’s how it works in the game, it’s completely irrelevant to actually mega-evolving a Pokemon in a battle mechanically.

    3. You’re definitely probably overthinking everything and reading too much in between the lines lol.

    1. Did you play Infinity (for the 3DS) or Explorers (for the DS). Explorers were great. Infinity kinda sucked even for people who loved the other games.

      1. I believe explorers of sky. Dungeons were too repetitive for me and gameplay was boring

  11. I’ve played Sky and Gates to Infinity, but they were never really my thing. I liked them, though. Hopefully this one will be good, although the name doesn’t give me high hopes 😛

  12. Don’t even get me started !! We all know the Explorers series was amazing and that Gates to infinity torpedoed it all, and now with this announcement all the feels are coming full force. Mystery Dungeon has always been a spinoff, but considering they’re making this instalment THE pokemon release of the year it hopefully tells us that they will be putting more effort into it. But then again maybe they’re just being lazy and they’re going to give us another half-assed game with half the story, pokemon, content, features and character of a REAL good game. Im both excited and terrified because with the quality of ORAS being subpar the deck is just already stacked against it.

  13. Hello everyone! It’s been a while!

    I just wanted to say, “HBD2ME.”

    And to answer the question, yes. (But I hated Gates to Infinity.)

    1. My list was Starters, Litleo, Helioptile, Pancham, Ralts, Eevee, maybe Skiddo and Noibat,
      i don’t know about Goomy… that’ll be kinda rough for new players

        1. yeah i feel they’d be fair
          But i’m aiming to be a Chespin and with a Pancham as my partner

  14. Damn I haven’t posted for a LONG time here!
    I have played at least one of the games from each of the Mystery Dungeon releases!
    -Blue Rescue Team (Best Pokemon + Highest levels)
    -Explorers of Darkness (Finished main story then didn’t play after Sky came out)
    -Explorers of the Sky (Favourite storyline + SO MUCH CONTENT)
    -Gates To Infinity (DEM GRAPHICS! Sure it was a bit lacking in some areas but I did like quite a bit of the story.)

    These are the best spinoff games I have ever played. Blue Rescue Team was my first ever DS game. Blue Rescue Team probably has the 2nd most hours clocked in terms of Nintendo games behind Pokemon X which is close to 300 hours clocked

    Fun Fact: I owned the game for two years before I got my first DS as my Dad thought this would work with the GameBoy Advanced as he has no knowledge about my consoles and I had only asked to get me a ‘Pokemon game’ when he left for his business trip.

    I’m already hyped for the next game! The best thing they could do for me is remake Explorers of the Sky with Gates to Infinity graphics and art with Gen 6 Pokemon and include new (darker) content for the mature(r) me 😛

      1. Aw thanks PJ! :3
        Missed you guys too, I’ll be back full time after my exams are done.

        Hopefully PMD will encourage more people to revisit!

  15. Yes, I played them <3 (yes, ALL of them)
    My favorite one has to be Explorers of the Sky!
    I can't wait for the next game! I look forward to playing as Fennekin 😀

  16. With said starters obviously being playable i wonder what moves are you maximizing their use to in Dungeons
    Chespin users will be equipped with the powerful Vine Whip and can build up damage with Rollout and finally the ever useful Bite and Pin Missile at range
    Fennekins will blaze through foes and dungeons with Ember and complete them faster with Flame Charge but nothing good until the reliable Psybeam
    Last but not least Froakie will be speedy as always landing consecutive Quick Attacks and Bubbles and fighting Ghosts and Psychic types with Lick all until it blasts away foes with Water Pulse
    a weird thing to think but remember we’re all dungeon crawling and we need to utilize the best attacks to make it out alive

  17. Mega cofagrigus
    Special attack:155(+60)
    Special defense:85(-20)
    Ability: clear body/ curse body or some new ability
    The concept of this mega, is cofagrigus ghost leaving the coffin it posses, so it loses some of it’s defense but gets a major special attack and speed boost.

  18. Which pokemon do you think will be playable.
    my list is
    All Starters

    They could go the GTI route and just give us the Kalos starters,Pikachu and one more..

    1. I think they might put Hoenn starters in there too 😛 since it’s in Gen VI now.

  19. No. They’re poop. I’m interested in the Wii Games though. Can’t play them unfortunately.

  20. Gawd this game was life! Bring back the personality quiz, give us a better selection of Pokemon, make an actual plot and don’t skimp out on the Pokemon

  21. I would want to choose from ALL the starters Pikachu, Skitty, Meowth, Espurr, Pancham, Skiddo, Riolu, Eevee, Phanpy, Vulpix and Shinx.

  22. I love Explorers of Sky because the game was massive, even in terms of the story line, you could catch every Pokemon (at that time) except for Arceus, who still made an appearance in the form of a statue at the top of the most difficult dungeon in the game and the story was quite moving. I was thinking about Gates to Infinity but that game really dropped the ball in terms of Pokemon and content. Even though Mystery Dungeon went forward in graphics, it fell quite a far way back with content and the amount of Pokemon available.

  23. I’m one of very few that DOESN’T like PMD! I played the very first one, but I never came further than halfway up the first 100 floor dungeon. That’s when I completely stopped playing it, and never returned.

    I didn’t like that I couldn’t save anytime I wanted and that I couldn’t carry more than a limited amount of items.
    I don’t really remember, but I think I was knocked out 20-30 times in that last dungeon before I stopped forever. Was too difficult for me, I guess…
    That’s why I was really disappointed when they announced this game instead of a new main game.
    But I won’t give up hope for a main game coming out soon (as possible).

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