New Trailer for Hoopa Movie

Earlier today, a new trailer for the next Pokemon movie, The Archdjinn of Rings: Hoopa, was aired by the Japanese TV show Oha Suta. The trailer begins with Legendary Pokémon appearing and continues on to show Ash and Pikachu encountering a Hoopa, which seems to be friendly towards them. Later on in the trailer, a variety of Legendary Pokemon are seen battling it out in the middle of a city, with Hoopa summoning more Legendary Pokemon through its rings to fight back.

What do you guys think of this brand new trailer for the next movie? Will you be planning on watching this movie when it comes out? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Not gonna lie, would’ve been more impressive if we kinda didn’t know the big ‘surprise’ about this movie that relates to Hoopa, aha
    Would be nice to see a hypothetical Legend v Legend. (I did notice that the guy in red, his necklace kinda looked like Arceus’…yellow things)
    Also, Im interested at who’ll be getting the two Pokemon at the end who currently aren’t on anyone’s team right now

    1. They could just be part of the special. They have had some pokemon that were not part of anyone’s teams and just there to be a part in the specials.

      1. This is true. I mean I don’t watch the anime but I do like keeping up with it and the teams people have etc.
        Would be nice if those Pokemon went to people considering how Serena only has like 2

  2. we didn’t see Ho-oh in a movie before ………i hope we could see him in this movie .

  3. Please do the right thing and make Hoopa go megalomaniac
    Also Disqus will not load on my Laptop (Using mah phone) I’ve cleared my browsing data three times

  4. I’m sorta dissapointed watching the trailer,

    I was hoping that Hoopa would summon legends and control them to destroy everything and then arceus appears so it’s team arceus vs team hoopa unbound.

    the most notable thing in the trailer was Torchick,Noibat,and Snorlax at the end, it’ll be cool if Serena gets Torchick because ORAS, I wanted Ash to get Noibat but 3 flying types is overkill,There’s a Snorlax for some reason….
    And no Goodra ;~;

      1. But Ash still has 1 slot open,he could have just gotten Snorlax back without sending away Goodra, i hope your right though

      2. Well you are technically correct Sliggoo is currently absent form the trailer but what about that Noibat and Torchic
        I was hoping that Jessies Pumpkaboo would evolve during today’s episode

  5. Every time…….The trailers make the movie look really cool and then…….*sigh*
    The last time I really enjoyed the Pokemon Movies was the Zoroark one

  6. You know what Gen 7 should introduce? Customize-a-Balls. Pokeball seals should also come back. Just random things that popped up in my mind haha

  7. I’ve been thinking……I know Game Freak has said that they’re going to do some stuff that nobody would expect. It’s too early for a new gen as the Hoopa movie is just now coming out and Volcanion hasn’t even been revealed, but what if….humor me here, they released the Sinnoh remakes! I’m not trying to b one of those fan boys or anything, Sinnoh is fine, but not my favorite. All I’m saying is that they could release a Sinnoh game that ties into this new lore they’re building and that would also give them time on the next gen. I feel like it would also b unexpected as we just got ORAS. Sure it would speed up remakes, but if they’re trying to pull all the old games forward so they can focus on the future it wouldn’t b too crazy to release them at a faster pace…..Just thinking out loud lol

    1. well they haven’t even released the other games for gen 6 so of course it’s too early for the next gen.

      1. Other games? you say this like there has to b specific games released in each gen.For all we know they might not release another main game in gen 6. In gen 5 we got the typical pair and then a sequel pair. In other gens we got the original pair, a combination version and remakes. Who knows what they’ll release this gen is what I’m saying. Was just saying that them releasing remakes back to back would b as unexpected as they say they’re trying to b.

  8. Really love how Hoopa looks and sound in animated form :’D
    Not many people seem to like how the movie looks so far…am I missing something?


    1. These people are too old and “mature” so they think the movies are stupid. I personally love watching the movies. I think they’re great. And yeah, that happens later in the anime. A few more weeks in Japan im pretty sure.

  9. For those of you who don’t know, Sega tweeted out a mysterious picture yesterday….

    I’ll let you look at it for yourselves.

    (Refresh to see!)

    1. It’s gonna be be an eshop game and it’s probably going to be the game Gamefreak teased a month ago

    2. I could definitely c this being a mobile game. Could b an eshop game, but would b interesting to c Game Freak branch out into other platforms. Especially if they’re working with Sega who is moving more towards mobile and PC anyway.

  10. It’s baaaaaaaaaaaack
    Happy Unova Sunday
    Unova Sunday Question
    Marlon or Roxie??
    Personally I prefer the air Roxie because she looks cool and is the first rockstar gym leader

    1. Marlon annoys me because of his tan lines and his stupid dialect.
      “You don’t just look strong–you’re strong fo’ reals! Eh, I was swept away, too!”
      *cringes* but his gym was perf.

  11. Ughhhhhh why won’t Disqus load on my laptop, i’ve cleared my browser cache and still nothing, everytime i want to comment i have to freaking use my phone or at the source

    1. Disqus just had a big update, so you must be the victim of some new glitch or bug. I’m sure it’ll work itself out eventually.

  12. Just saying, I’m not a huge fan of how some of the articles aren’t on the main article feed. It causes users to not know of what the latest article is, and back in the good ‘ol days when I commented on here all the time, we always commented on the latest article. I think that’s a huge contributing factor to why people stay away.

  13. My last couple hours of being 15 years old. Hooray! So far I’ve acquired 32% of the funds for a PS4, which I plan to get this year. Hopefully tomorrow is somewhat fun as well. I command ALL of you to celebrate with me! Or not. Whatever.

  14. I’ve been reading through some of the comments on the old PJ articles…I’m nostalgic for the days when I was just a lurker and people actually commented… 🙁

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