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We’re drawing closer and closer to a new game announcement and the sixth generation needs a final installment or installments to compliment Pokémon X & Y. Could all that awesomeness fit into one version or will they pull a fifth gen on us and break the final game into two parts? Did you enjoy Black 2 and White 2?

In the same vein… what would you like to see changed from Pokémon X & Y? Personally here are a few of my wants:

  • MORE CLOTHING! (Seriously… I love character customization and the lack of it in ORAS really sucked)
  • Ability to share the trainer videos online (ala Vine)
  • More Mega Evolutions (Dunsparce?!)
  • More end game content

To be honest though I was pretty happy with X & Y and I’m really looking forward to how GameFreak will change up the final game(s).

<3 PJ

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PS- We’ve heard you want a Smash tourney and we’re thinking of coordinating it! Stay tuned!

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Paul studied journalism just to write better articles about Pokémon. He still resides in Tokyo, Japan.