Jungle Asks: Pokémon Z or Pokémon X2 & Y2?

We’re drawing closer and closer to a new game announcement and the sixth generation needs a final installment or installments to compliment Pokémon X & Y. Could all that awesomeness fit into one version or will they pull a fifth gen on us and break the final game into two parts? Did you enjoy Black 2 and White 2?

In the same vein… what would you like to see changed from Pokémon X & Y? Personally here are a few of my wants:

  • MORE CLOTHING! (Seriously… I love character customization and the lack of it in ORAS really sucked)
  • Ability to share the trainer videos online (ala Vine)
  • More Mega Evolutions (Dunsparce?!)
  • More end game content

To be honest though I was pretty happy with X & Y and I’m really looking forward to how GameFreak will change up the final game(s).

<3 PJ

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  1. 3 things I think they can do
    – Prequel and look at the war that took place with AZ as the main antagonist (obvs can’t stop the events as they’re set in stone. Chances of new mega here would be rare as would already exists in XY but obviously none do…if that makes sense)

    – Z, more in the style of Emerald (same story, but Zygarde intervenes instead. Again as before, chances of Megas would be slim, just include ORAS ones and possible M.Zyg/Forme change)

    – Sequel ala B/W2. I don’t know what they could do with the sequel. Perhaps someone takes over from the late Lysander in an attempt to utilise Zygarde’s ‘balance’ power and restore the world to its original state? (Obviously most possibility here for new megas)

    What I want:
    More clothing options (c’mon Looker, lend us a trench coat you leaver)
    Gym leaders to be more involved in the story (like BW), I mean they are important after all)
    An option to mass release when using the green arrow in the box…?

    1. I hope they create a sequel like B/W2. Malva seems like a good candidate to pick up where Lysander left off. She is probably the coolest and most level headed villain since Giovanni. GF did an amazing job introducing her role in Team Flare by keeping it essentially unknown until you actually fought her in the side quests.

      I think she would also nicely point out that Lysander’s ideas were ridiculous, and that she is actually glad that he was captured by the player. Now, She can be in control. I could see her organizing Team Flare to get control of Volcanion and Zyarde needing to intervene to save Kalos.

      I would also like to see more things to do in Kalos. They should bring back the PWT, and have it like a traveling company that invites Gym Leaders whenever it sets up shop.

  2. I want a sequel that focuses on Zygarde but takes place in that neighboring region. Kalos was too linear and boring.

  3. Hatched Timid and Jolly shinies missing speed IVs and a Shiny Brave poke missing Attk with perfect Speed.. Why ;~;

  4. I don’t care what we get as long as it comes soon. I always love the run up to new games lol

  5. Hopefully more megas( more pseudo megas! ) and maybe something equal to the battle frontier in the post game. I understand “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” but, Pokemon games don’t really have much to do after you beat the champion. Unless you battle competively you’ll be bored out your mind. Notice how the ORAS hype died down in like a week.

  6. Oh and a challenge mode! It didn’t make no damn sense that the only people in the game with 6 Pokemon are the champion and the rival -_- and give the gym leaders more Pokemon and higher Ai

  7. Pokemon Z please!!

    And a few announcements:

    Happy birthday Xatu!!!

    And Happy Mario Day!!! (Mar10!)

    1. Thanks buddy old pal! I got the Adobe Creative Cloud today so I’m going to…*shudder* get creative. That will be fun.

        1. OMG, I’m so happy that I came here in time to say hi! I’ve been waiting anxiously for this place to get busier again. I miss you all. But thank you, it’s the beginning of the Sweet 16!

  8. Well sorry to say but Z is never happening as confirmed per Masuda as he said he isn’t gonna go the route everything predicts such as going for b2 w2

    As for hopes I agree with customizations for guys cause they had a huge lack

    Also I say more Pokemon


    and endgame with a. Plot as strong as sinnohs dark plot

    Kali’s is great as a region. But needs some touches to keep it as my top 3

    1. Sinnoh’s plot wasn’t really that dark or edgy. Gen 6’s plot was fucking awful and edgy though. It started like Gen 1’s plot but less interesting, turned dark as fuck, and then went back to being shit. “A man just died… OH WELL!”

      1. Nah its not even that its if you look at its inner meaning and what Cyrus’ real goals where not from a basic standpoint but a different angle, the man tried to become freaking Zanza from xenoblade and would wipe out this world for his own image

        Second of all the reason why it went from zero to hero was that junichi masuda’s original idea for sinnoh’s plot was so dark they had to tone it down to allow it to be in a pokemon “children’s game”

        However I respect your position as each person has a different standpoint and opinion

  9. Speaking of Black 2 and White 2, I have recently named they and their predecessors my favorite Pokemon games of all time. The music and stories are just…AMAZING. Anyway, upon warming up my now crusted-over third eye, I am seeing some strong X2 & Y2 vibes. However, I don’t think they will be called that. I’m expecting something along the lines of “X Plus and Y Plus”. Possibly even “New X and New Y”, because heavy New 3DS support is expected.

      1. Interesting idea, that could absolutely happen as well. What variations would you expect between the two? I’m thinking a Dragon/Fairy moth-like Zygarde for X with raised Speed and Special Attack, and a larger Dragon/Ground Zygarde for Y with raised Special Defense, Attack and HP. I don’t know, those are preliminary concepts.

    1. I personally disagree with the heavy N3DS support. Other than taking advantage of the cstick and processor, there’s nothing much they would change. Two games on a single generation of a handheld that just got going wouldn’t be great marketing skills either. Pokemon is supposed to be universal. I don’t think they’ll release a N3DS Pokemon game until more people upgrade. Even then is a maybe. I wouldn’t want anything unless its on a next gen model that’s HD or something.

      1. It seems like you’re talking about exclusively New 3DS Pokemon games. By “support”, I mean things like a 3D overworld and smoother gameplay. You’re right, it’s generally stupid to make a game exclusive to a half-generation system. In the case of Xenoblade, they had no choice because of the required processing power.

        1. Yeah. I get what you mean by the over world now. I didn’t think about that. Personally, I don’t care for the 3D over world when it is available, but it’s mainly because I can’t get comfortable with it. The N3DS was really just a last resort for profit, but I’m sure it’ll have some features in the future. Like no lag during sandstorm.

  10. I like @ReeceSohdi:disqus Idea
    Since they didn’t include a lot of elements of Emerald in ORAS maybe Z can be like a mix 6th gen with some missing emerald elements from ORAS (LIKE BATTLE FRONTIER!!!)
    But Yea I guess I am ready for a new game

    But GF has been lacking a good Postgame for a long time now
    Battle Frontier can fix that 😉

    I would like to see new megas too which would be cool (Mega Crobat and Druddigon, are my top 2)

    I would like if you could spectate battles
    Or a 6v6 battle finder

    Customization is needed as well

    Gym leader rematches (that actually have the gym leader growing a team of a party of 6)

    That’s all I can think of now

  11. Happy Johto Tuesday
    Johto Tuesday Question
    Which do you prefer
    Slowking or Politoed?

    1. I’ve always preferred Politoed. I remember my friend obsessing over my Politoed EX card in elementary school. Something about the simple design makes it cool!

    1. I want to know that too 🙂
      I saw thats nintendo gonna make a direct soon(yep vague like that)…. Maybe next month? Or may? What you guys think?

  12. I want a sequel but a single version, not X2/Y2..

    I want more in depth story about the war,AZ, and an explanation of Mega evolution.

    More Customization

    Post game story and BF

    6v6 battle finder, 6-man battle Royales(why isn’t this a thing?)

    Improvement in Rideable Pokemon more like Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs,I was extremely excited when i saw rideable pokemon in the trailer but it was horribly executed…

    Return of Soaring and DexNav..

    Better Characterization and story

    More megas(mega Arcanine pls)

    Less Framerate drops, and always 3D

    1. You forgot the most important thing.

      Bring shiny chances back to 1 in 8192. Improved chance is for chumps.

      Also, it would be cool if you could select different sprites to be used for Pokemon. Like, if you could choose between 6th Gen models 5th Gen’s moving sprites. I think I’m beginning to identify as a “Gen 1-5 ‘er”. Everything before X and Y appealed to me.

      1. No, shiny chances are still pretty low, I’ve only ever found 2 shinies, A basculine by chain fishing and Ho-oh By SRing for about 3 days, so the new shiny chances are great…

        and i don’t see a reason to have Gen 5’s ugly pixelated sprites over Gen 6’s 3D Model…. it would be cool if we could choose the style of sprites that are shown on the Box screens

  13. I personally hope we don’t get a game this year. With all the other games, a new pokemon one. But if we do, i currently will have to wait to get it.

  14. Happy Kalos Wednesday
    Kalos Wednesday Question
    Pumkaboo line or Phantump line
    They each have their own benefits
    But I think I like trevenant more even though Shiny Gourgeist is too cool

  15. Th GF and Sega Collaboration is Tembo, the badass elephant..

    I always keep my expectations as low as possible,but GF/Nintendo/Basically anything pokemon related STILL manage to go under them

  16. Z or X2/Y2 would be good. I personally would like a sequel that expands Kalos because it was based on Northern France. Kiloude City’s description and Volcanion’s event text info dump got me thinking about this because they make refernces to it. Why not have it appear? It only makes sense. I also would like some new Pokemon too in Southern Kalos, but I highly doubt it. But one thing I do want is more postgame. GF royally screwed us over with the post-games of X and Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (especially those games). They think that most of their fanbase is under the age of 13. It’s time they get their heads out of their asses and do something right for a change for older fans.

  17. With everyone gone nows my time to shine……..

    Erm I don’t know what to say under pressure!!

    Eh Hi 🙂

  18. Earlier this evening I was with my friend who convinced me to buy my own 4GB Xbox 360 E, so that’s coming next week. He’s also buying me a 20GB memory
    card-device-thing and Destiny, so if any of you are also Xbox owners, please keep a friend slot open for me! 😀

      1. My friend showed me it and it looks fun, at least. At least I don’t have to pay for it. It’s just something to get my Xbox gaming off to a decent start.

  19. I was watching nappy battle and he was talking about how annoying rotom was. It reminds me of the days where everybody thought mega sceptile would be on every team to counter root wash and it would go down in usage, lmbooooooo

    1. Right!
      And Mega Sceptile is actually pretty low in the tiers (But I don’t play smogon)

  20. I would like to see a Pokemon Z. I see no reason for an X2/Y2. I would like to see the Battle Frontier in Hoenn Complete, New Clothes, and a Mega Luxray or Arcanine. I wanted GameFreak to make a plot with the Kalos Trio and Zygarde!

    Also, I’ve been working on a team for X/Y. I need to decide on one more Pokemon! Who should I use? My team so far is: Chesnaught, Pidgeot, Pyroar, Blastoise, and Gardevoir. I’ve been thinking about use either Tyrantrum, Mamoswine, or Garchomp. Who do you recommend for my team?

      1. It’s good to see you too. I come back to check out the site every so often. As everyone knows it’s extremely slow now; ever since OR/AS released. This happened with X/Y so I wasn’t surprised.

        Anyways, I was thinking about using him too. Due to Tyrantrum being part Rock; which easily KOs Flying-Types. But, I seriously wanted to use Garchomp due it being my second favorite Pokemon, and I’ve never gotten to use it in X/Y. I’m at a bit of a crossroad with this choice.

        1. Garchomp is also incredibly powerful (especially in its Mega form), but that Rock typing will really boost your team. Either one is great. I suppose Ampharos would be an interesting choice as well, with dual Electric and Dragon coverage.

          1. I’ve actually never been a Ampharos fan. I loved it when I was younger but I’ve never used it again. lel. It’s Mega Stone is obtain in the main game. I seriously have to decide. Garchomp sounds good but Tyrantrum is just good for my team. lel. #PokemonStruggle.

          2. Well in my opinion, Tyrantrum is the best way to go. Bulk, type coverage and awesome design. Go now, and turn Santalune Forest into Jurassic Park!

            (I had to look up the name for the forest in Kalos. I’ve been a very VERY inactive Pokemon fan).

          3. Yea. Your right. I’ve haven’t gotten a good chance to use Tyrantrum. I’m thinking about T-Tar. But, GameFreak was being a “douche” and they didn’t put it’s Mega Stone in Y. #NoMiiStruggle. I haven’t got to use T-Tar in sometime. But, you get it kind of late in the game. So, honestly it’s a bit on the annoying side.

  21. In terms of XY2 or Z, I have no idea. Don’t care much. I only care for the improvements and returning to Kalos. I definitely lean towards direct sequel(s). Want to see a Kalos post-XY period.

    Definitely want to see some more cool new Megas. Give us some more Gen 5 & 6 megas! I want some sort of battle video hub where we can share and view each others videos easily. More post-game content needs to happen. XY’s was mediocre and ORAS was great but I want more. I imagine the Frontier will finally show up. I want some more side stories with the legendary Pokemon. I don’t want some little event to happen at the pokemart or center; I want story. Some better customization for the male characters would be cool. I found the female characters to have some more interesting stuff than the guys in XY. I’d love some crazier or themed stuff too, like the Pangoro hat.

    is what I would say if a Pokemon Direct was announced today

  23. I couldn’t play through XY again unless I was really bored. I hope we get X2 and Y2 or XY

  24. Pokémon Z and Pokémon X2 and Y2 will feature 37 newer Kalos Pokemon plus a few more new Mega Evolutions plus two new forms of Zygarde. Also there is a new region east of Kalos. And also there is going to be updates on the Kalos Pokedex.

  25. More clothing, omg yes please. Or if we could just import outfits and designs using the QR codes like Animal Crossing, I would die of fangirl joy.

    X and Y were beautiful, but what really needed fixing – more new pokemon, and I mean actual pokemon, not stupid boring megas – can’t really be fixed with sequels or a third installment. Perhaps they could at least give us new postgame though?

    Oh and can the gym leaders please stop having only 3 pokemon please, it’s lame as all hell and I want a challenge dammit.

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