[UPD] Halloween ‘2spooky4u’ Tournament — Dates & Competitors

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We’re bring you this update a lot later than we initially planned, due to some personal events and other ongoings behind the scenes. Today, however we’re proud to announce the dates of the Halloween ‘2spooky4u’ Tournament. This tournament will not feature a Groups Stage and will instead start straight off with eliminations. Players will be randomly paired.

Round 1: October 12 – 18
Round 2: October 19 – 25
Round 3: October 26 – November 1
Round 4: November 2 – 8

If all battles are completed before the final day of the round, the next round will be started earlier. These dates are to provide a timeframe in which battles must be completed by. If opponents learn their opponents for the next round before the round begins, they may complete the battle.


Below is a list of competitors confirmed for entry in this tournament. Our regards to those who didn’t make the cut and we hope you sign up to our next tournament! If anyone no longer wishes to participate please contact us and we will remove you from entry.

Antonio Reveles // Antonious // Biancatite // Chaos // cherrierae // DefensiveBastiodon // Dicie // EarthenWarrior // Edgaroth // FrostByte // HeavyMetalFairy // Jellycent // King Phoenix // kylekottenbrook // Kyudeci // Lasgorndalf // Lissandra // Malachite Olaf // MapleDC11 // Marko XY // MasterSneasle // MenacingCascoon // Miniryu-Ninja // Mr Moomin // NLque // Pokeminion // Pokemoner119 // RIOspeedwagon // RocketClauncher // SilverRioluALPHA // Star Bits // TheSpectreKnight

Expect an update on match-ups soon!