Road to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: Pokémon Contests

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Over three weeks ago we brought you the first entry to the Road to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. A little later than we initially intended (due to issues with my internet) I am pleased to bring you the second episode, focusing on Pokémon Contests.

Once again this article has been written by the fantastic, close friend of mine, DefensiveBastiodon (who takes both full credit for it and once again my lovely profile.) Expect more from him in the future. Little does he know that I despise passing my ideas for article series on to others, but I can’t deny that he has does an excellent job thus far!

Road to ORAS: Pokémon Contests

The third generation of Pokémon introduced a series of mini games called “Pokémon Contests.” In these contests, a Pokémon was scored based on their condition on moves. They were held in Contest Halls scattered across Hoenn. In the show, characters would flaunt their well groomed monsters and take part in battles to show off fancy move combinations to win the hearts of the Judges. The original contests were eventually expanded in Sinnoh into Super Contests. It added three categories for the player to partake in: Visuals, Dance, and Acting.

Focusing on Hoenn, categories of the contests included Pokémon Conditions: Tough, Cute, Smart, Cool, and Beauty. You could improve the condition of a Pokémon by using Poké Blocks. Poké Blocks were created using various berries scattered across the region. Throw them in the Berry Blender and take off! The better you were about pressing the button on time, the smoother the Block would be. Poké Blocks also introduced new evolution method for Pokémon; Milotic could only be obtained by maxing out a Feebas’ Beauty condition and leveling it up. (This being after you find one of the elusive demons.) Aside from Blocks, scarves were also available to the player to boost the condition. You could receive these in Slateport City from the Pokémon Fan Club President.

The secondary portion of the contests was partially based on your results from the first round of conditioning. The more hearts you received, the higher the chance you had to be first the next round. Secondary judging focused on attacks. Different attacks had different levels of appeals from the audience. To go along with that, some of them even had secondary effects, such as lowering the appeal of other Pokémon or earning extra hearts for yourself. If you use a move that is in the wrong category, such as a Smart move in a Cool category, you’re not going to appeal to the audience well at all. This will lower your score.

There were four ranks to Pokémon Contests: Normal, Super, Hyper, and Master. The rank, of course, controlled the level of difficulty for each contest. You couldn’t move up to the next rank without collecting the ribbon from the previous rank. In Ruby and Sapphire, ranks were scattered (as previously mentioned) throughout the region; this, however, was changed in Emerald to where all four ranks were in Lilycove City.

The final feature of contests were the multiplayer options. Players could connect their copies of Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald to compete in the competitions. This was one of the big features of the third generation; the capability to play with three other players.

Seeing as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are getting closer and closer each day, and we are seeing new Megas appear. I would personally love to be able to use different Megas in contests for a boost in appeal. (Mega Milotic being better for Beauty, as an example.) To add to that, having online multiplayer for contests would be great too! I’m pretty sure that will happen considering they were a spectacular addition to the original games. If anything, they should make the contests more like the show: allow us to use different move combinations in battles for special effects! We already have the pledge moves, but to utilize that feature with contests would be amazing. I can see it being kind of like Super Training in all honesty…. What changes would you like to see in the contests for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? What are your thoughts about contests being revived? Leave any comments and discuss them!


Once again we now hand over to our readers to get discussing the hopeful comeback of Pokémon Contests and the ideas shared by DefensiveBastiodon in the article.

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