E3 @ Retry Level

While we still put a huge amount of effort into making PokéJungle the best Pokémon site, we also spend our days trying to make the best gaming site we can. Over at Retry Level we’re covering all the latest and greatest from this years E3. There’s literally a tonne of video gaming related news dropping as you read this, and we’re providing live (or as near to live as we can, we’re only human!) coverage of it as it happens.

A small team of us from PokéJungle and a few others work on the site and we’d love for everyone to check it out and spread the PokéJungle Community. Our E3 coverage will run for the entirety of the expo, after which we will continue to provide gaming news until we grow into something truly special and unique. We’re also working on a HUGE redesign for Retry Level and we can’t wait until everybody can check it out.

Don’t worry though, as promised we will provide live coverage for Nintendo’s Digital Event here on PokéJungle tomorrow! So, what are you waiting for? Come join us on Retry Level!

Over the coming days for PokéJungle we’ve got tonnes of coverage of E3 and Pokémon news, the continuation of some of our articles series and updates for the PJ Tournament (possibly including the announcement of our Tournament Representatives ‘scheme’)

Stay tuned, and until ne- No.

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