Pokémon Get☆TV — June 1 – FINISHED

NOTE: We’ve had a few readers who are a little upset with the state of comments lately. Though we love seeing all of our readers talking and discussing, we’d like to remind you that we are a Pokémon site. We provide other platforms for you to discuss absolutely anything else, so please utilise them! Finally, we ask that all readers respect one another; we’ve seen multiple issues lately and will begin to issue bans for those conducting themselves incorrectly.


We’re back one again with our weekly Pokémon Get TV post. We will simply provide a discussion post this week, though we will be watching the episode should some news crop up. Please enjoy the show! Please remember we’re not expecting news this week, we’re simply providing a stream for those who enjoy watching the show.

Prepare to start an all-new journey tomorrow…


PokéJungle Chat




Live Stream

That’s all folks! Check back next week for the next episode! One of the shows MCs has declared that they have an announcement to make on the show. We don’t expect it to be related to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but tune in to see what they have to say!