Team Aqua’s Taken Over!

Zygarde’s reign of terror has ended, but the leader of Team Aqua, Archie, has now made his home at PokéJungle 🙂 This month, along with the new layout, we have wallpapers for you as well! There are two varieties and can also be used for your smartphones/tablets too. And fear not Magma fans, next month Maxie will be visiting and coating this site red… with blood (ok, maybe not blood; it’ll just be a fresh coat of paint).

jungle-aqua-wallpaper   jungle-archie-wallpaper

In addition, I spent a bit of money procuring a new theme for our forum as well! Mt. Moon Community now matches the main site’s theme 😀 I would love love love if more of you joined and discovered the great community of Pokémon fans that are there. The forum is actually 8 years old now! That is really crazy and I don’t want to think about it too much longer before I start feeling very old. 24 is still young right? Right?!


<3 PJ

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