Pokémon Get☆TV — Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire World Premiere!

It’s crazy to think it’s been over half a year since we last gave live coverage of Pokémon Get☆TV! We’re incredibly happy to bring our coverage back, and what an amazing way to do so with the world premiere of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire footage! Below we’ve got our live stream, live coverage and our site chat. All being well we will also be providing the footage of the games shortly after it airs on the programme. So, please join us for our first look at Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire!

Live Coverage

  • The show has started!
  • Confirmation that we’ll get new game footage later in the show 🙂
  • Today’s rerun is “The Punchy Pokémon”
  • Anime is over, information time!
  • First they’re going over Pokémon Battle Trozei
  • Showing off some Pokémon goods
  • They’re battling in Trozei
  • Correspondent in the field is wearing a nice pink outfit today and talking about Mega Evolution
  • Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire news coming soon!
  • Remakes officially announced
  • Showing boxart of the new games
  • Groudon shown off in cut-scene!

Live Stream

Our stream this week if courtesy of ZephyrSonic. Please remember should the stream go down we’ll do our absolute best to provide a new one, though we can’t work miracles! Also, we understand it’s now a little more difficult to provide a quality stream than it was last year, so please allow for slight issues with audio and quality!

PokéJungle Chat



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