Pokémania Round 2!

Pokémania Round 2!Test your knowledge of Pokémon, and brag to others about how much you know! This time a few of our questions come from Simkenno, a commentor for our site 🙂 Without further ado, lets get to the questions!


Q1.)What is the probability of getting poisoned by Smog?

Q2.) Apart from Eevee, which Pokémon has the widest choice of evolutions?( Not including alternate forms)

Q3.)Out of Pokémon with intimidate, who has the highest attack?

A.Gyarados B.Salamence C.Landorus(Therian) D.Stoutland

Q4.)Odd one out! Who can’t learn Freeze Dry?

A.Cryogonal B.Mamoswine C.Lapras D.Walrein

Q5.)Smeargle can legally learn any move due to its signature move sketch except for three, what moves are they?

Q6.)Arrange these moves from lowest priority to highest(some may be the same).

Rage Powder

Fake Out



Q7.)Name all Pokémon that decrease in speed after mega evolving.

Q8.)Which of these moves did not get changed in XY?

A.Overheat B.Sweet Scent C.Aura Sphere D.Shadow Ball

Q9.)Fire Pledge and Water Pledge! What effect will it have on the battlefield?

Q10.)Who’s that Pokémon?

HP: 60 Attack: 130 Defense: 80 Sp.Atk: 60 Sp.Def: 60 Speed: 70

And here are the answers:





A5.)Chatter,Struggle, Sketch

A6.)Rage Powder/Feint, Rage Powder/Feint, Fake Out, Protect

A7.)Abomasnow, Ampharos, Heracross, Garchomp

A8.)D.Shadow Ball

A9.)A rainbow; double the probability of getting secondary effects

A10.) It’s Breloom!

0 right: Pokémon Novice

1~3 right: Youngster

4~6 right: Average Trainer

7~9 right: Ace Trainer

10 right: Pokémon Master

How well did you do this time? I made it easier than the last one 😉 😉