JungleTalk — You Spin Me Right… Off…

News lately is… There is no news. Pokémon Bank releasing in Europe and North America has been the biggest bit of excitement in the Pokémon World for a long while. There’s no saying when we’ll actually receive some substantial news, but hey-ho you can all be happily transferring your eternal friend the Shiny Flygon over to your copy of X and Y.

The last JungleTalk came before Christmas, and even that seems so long ago! This next JT is for everyone to discuss Pokémon spin-offs. What was your favourite? How about your least favourite? If you could see anything in a future Pokémon spin-off, what would it be? It’s almost certain some of you have got some excellent ideas, so we want to hear them! If you’re feeling extra brave, what do you think the Pokkén could become? It’s obviously some sort of fighting game, but will it be more? Or was it simply Nintendo teasing us with a Wii U tech demo?

So, yeah! Get talking!

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