Dae asks: Which Pokémon Would You Be?

You stare at your computer. Still no updates from the Pokémon side of news. You guess it may still take a while before any news crawls by. Tired, you turn off the computer and get into your bed. “I wish things were more interesting tomorrow”, you think as you fall asleep.

When you wake up, you feel strange. Your head feels weird. Your arms and legs too. Scared, you rush to find a mirror. And when you look into one, you see a Pokémon staring back to you!

Which Pokémon would that be for you? If you could be a Pokémon for as long as you wanted, which one is it? Tell us in the comments! And keep the comments clean of insults or whatever, I can tolerate ‘spam’ but the only thing I hate are meanies! Happy commenting :).

~Daedardus~, wondering where the winter went in Europe (probably on a holiday in America)