JungleTalk — Festive Chatterings

News is coming in at an unbelievably slow pace lately, and we haven’t had any articles in the pipes for a little while so our activity has been fairly low. Regardless of that we thought it would be an excellent time to publish another JungleTalk. I actually copied the basic layout and structure of this article from an older one in which we asked you to discuss your predictions for the September issue of Corocoro and the English name for Ōrot. That was 64 days until X & Y was released globally, and it seems like such a long, long time ago!

In terms of X & Y those who already have the games are hopefully still enjoying everything they have to offer, and for those that don’t hopefully you’ll be picking them up over the festive holiday season! That brings us to the main purpose of this article… We want you to discuss your holiday plans. Do they involve Pokémon in anyway? Have you made any special arrangements?

If you haven’t made any plans then perhaps you’ve got some seasonal wishes you’d like to make? We’ve been asking our Twitter followers to tweet @pokejungle and use the hashtag #DearDelibird to share their wishes, if we get enough people on board we’ll make a post with out favourite wishes, so get tweeting, sharing and talking with others in the comments!

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