PokéJungle Friend Code Database

Pokémon X & Pokémon Y introduced some great new social features to the Pokémon series, and we understand that our readers are keen on battling, trading and interacting with one another in the game. A week or so back we created a Friend Safari post so that our readers could swap their codes for one another to add. Since before X & Y released we wanted to create some sort of database that would work alongside a set of systems we would release after release, only now are we starting the project though. A mention to the Pokémon forum at GameFAQs must be made for the inspiration for the execution of this.

We’re launching this database in preparation for some of the future systems we’re going to release and us such it’s a very crude and simple version of what the final product would hopefully look like. While initially only the database will be available we’re hoping to launch several other features for X & Y, which will include a Battle Spot and Trading Post. These two will allow our readers (and hopefully anyone on the internet) to publish requests for battles and trades, much like the GTS in game, but with a more social approach. We’ll provide further details on those soon, so stay tuned!

To submit your details to the Friend Code database you simply have to fill out the submission form. When filling it out please use correct grammar and punctuation and follow the simple guidelines we have listed, this helps to organise the information and allows us to filter out any inappropriate content. In order to view and check both your own and details of others please view the Friend Code Database.

It is important to note that we are essentially launching this as a beta, in order to test the simple functions and scripts Google provides; it is not final. If successful the feature will become an important part of the site. If the project doesn’t take off we will reconsider our approach and make future decisions based on feedback and reception. As always we’d like to hear your feedback on this project, and any suggestions you have for other things you’d like to see us implement on the site in the comments. Feel free to ask any questions or raise any issues you have with anything site related and we will do our best to resolve them.

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